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Favorite actress series | Gillian Anderson: “The Fall is a superb detective series. It’s dark and edgy, built on character. Anderson is sensational in it. Her Stella Gibson is a woman to whom the adjective ballsy simply doesn’t apply, she’s subtle and feminine: soft voiced in silk blouses, killer heels. When she makes a pass at a female colleague in episode three tonight, half of the women in the country, let alone the men, will probably think: I would.But the model performance of restrained, unshowy television acting that Anderson gives as Gibson is not the only weapon in her armoury. Her recent emotionally raw Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire(ironically the classic role about a woman failing to cope with her fading beauty) at the Old Vic suggested that there is much more to come from this actress.” - Chris Harvey


Written for @jokerxharleyweek.

January 9th, Day 1: Pride.


It happened like this:

Doctor Harleen Quinzel was young, successful and beautiful. But the Joker had abandoned her on the side of the road.

Harley Quinn was feral, fearless and just a touch suicidal. She had gotten what she wanted in the end.

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Someone, who’s opinion is understandable: Seeker is a mary sue


He doesnt – years pass
and not a single day
has he loved you
more than
I do.
He never will
and it breaks my heart.
I always wanted you
to drown in love; I
wanted to
have you spoiled relentlessly, 
completely smothered in love.
I wanted to set alight every
torch in your heart.
How mighty the wind would have blown;
how cruel that we spend our lives apart.
—  The elements, by M.A. Tempels © 2016

Stiles & Derek indulge themselves in a much needed day filled with relaxation, laughter, and love.  


[[ @magicnotmiracles pointed out to me (or, well, made me realize) today that I can use the Black Emporium and get scruffy Dom shots from ANYWHERE IN THE GAME rather than just at the beginning like I did a while back.

So I’m gonna mess with that tonight but beforehand here is some crack. :P ]]

“Hey, Ludger! How much do you love me?”

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