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long live the power rangers


So I made a Spongebob Comparison meme based on Power Rangers. I’m sorry but I had to. Do you get it? x}

I’m sure this has been done a thousand times already but it’s something I’ve wanted to draw for awhile. An ambulance theme and the color yellow just seemed like something that made sense to me as a progression from the previous games. I threw in defibrillators because I felt they fit the theme, and that since 2 featured water as it’s primary weapon, the hypothetical 3 in my head could feature electricity as it’s weapon of sorts.


Saban’s Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premiered 23 years ago, on August 28, 1993.

Video Games Soundtracks I Like

People keep asking for the soundtracks I like or am inspired by so here are the ones I can remember. If it’s not on this list I either forgot it, haven’t played it, or it’s too obvious (mario/zelda).

If you’re a video game music enthusiast you might enjoy looking up soundtracks you haven’t heard of before.

This list isn’t complete. Not sure if I’ll update it though.

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Monster Growth Methods

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