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Ivonne’s 12 Days of Deadpool, #7

Deadpool x Reader: fluff, nicknames, fourth wall breaking.  Mad references, okay just two. Hope you get them!

Opening present on Christmas Day with Wade and your son Logan.

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“Shh, she’s asleep,” a low whispered woke you up from your sleep, but your eyes remained shut. A shift on the bed indicated intruders, so you peeked through the covers. Sure enough, there was little Logan, his brown hair fluffed up from sleep.

“Daddy, don’t wake her up!” Logan tried his best to whisper, but the sternness in his voice came out loud. So you pretended to stir in your sleep, flipping around onto your side.

“Kiddo, you’re going to blow this. Just like I blew up those dozens of-”

“Wade!” You sat up quickly, throwing the blankets off your body.

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