mighty boosh quote

Meanwhile on plastic beach...

2D: How’re we gonna find Noodle? She could be anywhere!

Murdoc: An old Comanche Indian saying: “the best place to hide a leaf is in the forest.”

2D: …you think she’s in the forest?

(Original: The Mighty Boosh)

Incorrect Gorillaz Quotes #4

Murdoc: Don’t mess with the occult.

2D: I thought that was good for you?

Murdoc: What?

2D: You know, good for your digestive system?

Murdoc: …that’s Yakult…

(Original: The Mighty Boosh)

  • Shadow: Who are you?
  • Wednesday: I go by many names.
  • *pause*
  • Shadow: Well, what are they then?
  • Wednesday: I'm getting round to that in my own good mystical time. Some call me Shatoon, bringer of corn. Others call me Mickey Nine, the dream weaver. Some call me Photoshop. Others call me Trenu, the boiler...
  • *fades out; then back in*
  • Wednesday: Some call me Marjorie Keek. Others call me Captain Margaret...
  • *another fade out; then back in*
  • Wednesday: Others call me R-R-Rubbady Pubbady.
Incorrect Gorillaz Quotes #5

Murdoc: Russel, you are looking good today. You been working out? You’re looking taut, fit and svelte.

2D: We love you, Russel. I don’t know if we mentioned that.

Noodle: Love what you’re about, you know, all the aspects of you.

Murdoc: You’re a powerful character.

Russel: Have you been going through my stuff?

The 3 of them: …no? 

(Original: The Mighty Boosh)

I’m a reformed chav. I was the world’s first goth chav.
—  Noel Fielding -
Teenage Cancer Trust Comedy Night, Albert Hall.