mighty boosh quote

  • Kuroko: I don’t pick stuff up, I knock stuff down!
  • Aomine: Where’s all this coming from, Tetsu?!
  • Kuroko: It’s coming from deep within. I’m a punk now.
I’m a reformed chav. I was the world’s first goth chav.
—  Noel Fielding -
Teenage Cancer Trust Comedy Night, Albert Hall.
The Mighty Boosh - Hitcher
  • Vince: Do you want something to eat?
  • Howard: Yeah actually, I'm quite hungry.
  • Vince: I've got it all in here. Ultra violets, flying saucers, strawberry bootlace. Come on, get involved.
  • Howard: Have you got any food?
  • Vince: Yeah. Saturn zingers.
  • Howard: No, like real food.
  • Vince: Neptune fizz.
  • Howard: Have you ever heard of rice?
  • Vince: ... I've heard of rice crispies.

I mentioned yesterday I’d be selling a sketchbook soon that has some unposted fan art; here’s a taste of a couple of many sketches that will be in it. It’ll be on Gumroad for PDF download as Name Your Price. I’m not asking for a fortune, but I’m currently unemployed so any money is good money, even a dollar.

Been rewatching The Mighty Boosh and a few quotes suited Bog so well, my hand slipped.