mighty boosh intro

Mighty Boosh dvd commentary intros...

The Call of the Yeti:
Julian - Hi, my name’s Rich Fulcher and I’m 8 feet tall
Noel - I’m Rich Fulcher
Rich - I’m Rich Fulcher and my name is hinky juice

The Priest and the Beast:
Julian - Welcome to the priest and the beast, my name is Rich Fulcher
Noel - My name is Steve Bendelack
Rich - My name is carrierparrierpushpushpushpushpushpushpush

Julian - Hello, my name’s Doctor Rubenstein
Noel - I’m Doctor Choices
Rich - I’m Doctor Feelgood

The Legend of Old Gregg:
Rich - I’m Steve Pemberton
Mike - I’m Rickety
Julian - Rickety tick tick
Noel - And this is Judd Nelson
Dave - And my name’s Tickety Rickety

The Nightmare of Milky Joe:
Noel - I’m James Mason
Rich - I’m James Mason
Noel - And joining me in the booth is James Mason
Julian - James Mason