mighty boosh gifs


“There’s two songs that we used to play at the start of Boosh gigs, actually. We used to play that Led Zeppelin song, “I come from the land of the ice and snow…” you know that one? And we’d have wolf masks on, both of us, and we’d be in raincoats, ‘cause that was the first scene of the show. and we’d be sort of…[dances]. The raincoats were really really hot, often we’d just be no top on, trousers, because we worked in a post office in the show and wolf masks, and Julian on one side and me on the other and that song would come on and we knew that was the song just before we started the show and we both sort of be sort of dancing, topless, with wolf masks on. And that… I can’t listen to that song as a song on it’s own right anymore without thinking about Boosh shows… It’s not that it’s a horrible experience, it’s just like, it killed it for me, because I listened to it about three hundred times and it just makes me think of Julian, with his tits out and a wolf mask on…” - Noel Fielding, on the song I can no longer listen to (aka, when my heart broke)