mighty big change


In the two interviews I’m most familiar with where Peter talks about The Dreamboys, I’m not sure he ever actually says the name himself. 

So I think it’s pretty funny that in the space of about 25 seconds here he manages to say The Bastards from Hell three very emphatic times.  Yes, I think you can tell the name he prefers!

And it definitely IS a better punk rock name – which you can know for sure because Peter apparently wasn’t allowed to say it on Sunday morning television in 2013 lest Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells be shocked! SHOCKED! at such outrageous blasphemy or some such – although in terms of actual punk rock plausibility, I suspect tiny fluffy kittens with itty-bitty mohawks would in fact have been far more believable as BASTARDS FROM HELL than young Peter and his art school buddies.


My very favorite telling of the Malcolm Tucker origin story.  When Peter walked into his first meeting with Armando, Malcolm existed only as a name and a vague idea – he had no face and more significantly no voice.  There was no script for Peter to learn and no lines prepared to give him any idea what Malcolm was expected to sound like. 

But all it took was one single improvised scene (with Armando as the hapless minister) and Malcolm was THERE. I’m sure bits and pieces of him were tweaked before filming started, but the instantly recognizable *truth* of him came to life in that single instant when Peter first found within himself Malcolm’s words that turned Peter’s face into Malcolm’s face when he spoke them.