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@hernyart ,@ mightyworld and I  are starting a Lets Play channel. Where we play bad video games and make funnee screams.  Grab your bargingos and have a boy it’s time to slime. 

Disclaimer: This is actually a really terrible idea it would honestly just be me and Herny talking about cartoon boobs while Mighty yells at me and calls us fa**ots. If you actually believe that this would happen you need to seek help.

How 13 reasons why helped me

I’m seeing a lot of people posting about how you shouldn’t watch 13 reasons because it’s triggering and that some things shouldn’t be in it because it can cause more harm then good. As some one who has taken 126 pills and has balled her eyes out holding a rope and staring at the pillars in the basement ceiling. Who has visited a mental ward 3 times and has seen numerous counsellors and has been on medication this is how the show helped me

1. It shows that I’m finally not alone in having these feelings

2. Not all counsellor are helpful but they do care

3. Some one cares even if they can’t say it or won’t say it some one does

4. If people watch the show they might watch their actions and words next time

5. People will miss you

6. If your assaulted sexually it’s not something to be embarrassed about sadly it happens more then it should

7. Most times (not always sadly) your parents do care, more then you think.

8. Suicide is a thing and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to reach out if we feel that way

9. Be kind. You don’t know what demons others are fighting

10. They made feeling nothing sound less insane then it feels

Unfortunately some people are more triggered then others and if this is the case 13 reasons might not be suitable for you. Unfortunately I still feel like I need to post this anonymously so people don’t think I’m doing it for “attention” but I think people should watch this. For me it helped. I think the things they deal with should be brought to light. If your feeling this way don’t stop, get help even if the first time doesn’t work try again.

We love to believe that even though Charmy is the youngest of the team, he has a great relationship with his brothers (Vector, Espio, Mighty and Ray).

In addition that Vector is a great big brother to all the Chaotix and is protective of all of them since he pretty much raised them when they were all little.