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Behold the official architect of olympus and her sloth boyfriend.

I’m a self-taught artist from London, UK (originally from Russia) and I will be more than happy to draw your favorite singer or actor! I do prefer to draw rock musicians, YouTube stars, mighty boosh characters and so on. I do not draw portraits of people who order or their friends/lovers/partners/pets. You can look up my small gallery at http://marikagrig.deviantart.com The price starts at 20 pounds. Please do not hesitate to contact me here: marikagrig@gmail.com or on tumblr. Xx 

I made a slight edit to this wcw photo that seems to be posted a million times a week. Even though I wasn’t really a MMPR fan, I do remember answering “the pink one” when people would ask who my favorite ranger is.😂 So yeah, I was mega gay even as a kid. Crazy to think that all these years later she and I are friends!💕


Gryffindor Piper Aesthetic

Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means that you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed.

Some pain shouldn’t be wished away so easily. It had to be dealt with, even embraced. Without the agony of the last few months, Piper never would have found her best friends, Hazel and Annabeth. She never would’ve discovered her own courage. She certainly wouldn’t have had the guts to sing show tunes to the snake people under Athens.

She let the fear burn inside her, making her voice even stronger. She sang for the snake people, for her friend’s safety. Why not for Gaea too?