Have Caution Regarding Red Ash

I cannot honestly believe I am writing a post encouraging people not to give to a Kickstarter, but holy shit I have to bring this to people’s attention.

Firstly, Comcept does not develop games; every game they have ever made has had another developer pulling the vast majority of the weight. Comcept might do art and story design and music, but all the coding and the way the game will actually play. For MN9 it was Inti Creates, which is fine, since they made Megaman 9 and 10, so they were a pretty obvious choice for that sort of game.

The company that will actually be developing Red Ash? Hyde, Inc. (Link is to a list of their games.)

Hyde, Inc not only has never made an action game, they seem to primarily produce Otome games, Mobile games, and Browser games. They have no experience in any genre even vaguely similar to Megaman Legends.

Before you back this game, just remember it’s being primarily developed by a dev with no experience whatsoever in any genre relevant to the game they are making.

Like for real

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'sup?'-Beat II greets a creature or whatever thing it is.((okay with ocs?you can use any character you want))

Mighty Bomber was on his hover bike and noticed this person beside him. What were they doibg?! Were they trying to interfere with his mission?! The bomber shook it off though and he greated them back with a smile…err if he had a mouth that is. ((Yeah im okay with them))