hey~ so as some of you might know, mod rii has left tumblr! so, we are making this post to:

  • ASK FOR NEW ADMIN APPLICATIONS (form below read more), for those who are interested in becoming an admin ^-^

  • ASK FOR PROMPT IDEAS (form below read more too~), for those with creative ideas and wanna share! 

> don’t be afraid to try and apply!

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PSA: Don’t ignore fellow roleplayers!

If you see a roleplayer (new or not) who’s struggling with getting interactions or trying to get threads going try helping them out. 
If you don’t want to rp with them yourself that’s fine–but you can always try to do something to help:

You can promo them, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even if they don’t have a graphic made you can still just make a simple text post linking to their blog, perhaps which muse(s) they have, etc.

You can link their open starters to others (make sure they’re okay with that first though.)

You can even find out what fandoms they’re interested in and perhaps mention them to someone you know who’s also in that fandom. (as they might be too nervous or shy to go ask themselves). If you know someone who might be a good match for them–mention it!!

If you happen to roleplay with the person yourself perhaps promo your thread to a fellow roleplayer. A reader is a nice thing to have after all. (Again make sure your partner is okay with you doing this) Sometimes someone’s own enthusiasm can really help other people get excited too.

Remember; these things might seem small, but they could end up being a big help to someone.

And for heaven’s sake–if you’re a roleplay blog and you follow another roleplayer tell them at some point if you want to write with them or not. Tell them if you just want to read their threads, or if you’re just interested in learning about their muse(s) for the time being.
Make yourself known at some point and do it clearly.
It’s a huge let down (not to mention confusing for some) to have a lot of roleplay blogs follow you that never interact with you—or worse, give you the impression that they will/want to and never follow through. There are plenty of ways to approach someone if you’re too nervous or unsure about doing it publicly–and honestly the worst you can get is a ‘no’ from the other and the effort and interest will still be appreciated, even if they can’t write with you right then.

Roleplaying does not have to be a clique centered thing. Everyone deserves a fair chance to have fun and to interact with others.
Remember that communication is always key.

anonymous asked:

Hi again :) Yes, technically Merlin is copyrighted, but the graphic battle is a non-profit and non-commercial event, so we are fine to post snippets of Merlin. I was just asking if you personally have any problems with us using other copyrighted material. It doesn't matter that it might technically be copyrighted because we aren't using it in means of making money. Sorry if I confused you, my brain just got a bit technical on the matter. I cant wait for the battle :3

ok, thanks for clarifying!

i can’t wait for the battle too :)