//So literally no one asked for it, and Eileen isn’t part of the Strex Family, but hey! Have some Stripper!Vale Eileen anyway! For the record this is an old dance costume I promise I’m not actually a stripper…Also ignore my hair, I’m too lazy to take it out right now :P Inspired by goddess-in-green’s amazing Stripper!Vale AU//


I cried watching Chris’ new video.
Not because “oh my god he’s uploaded asdfgvwib” but because he’s so honest, he’s so drained. He’s come back to youtube for a reason…because he feels he’s not good enough.
He doesn’t understand how incredible he is and that’s not fair. He needs to know how many smiles he’s put on people’s faces. He needs to know we love him, no matter what his videos are about (and ofc if he doesn’t make videos, that’s okay too, he has a life)
Yes he may take months to get back into the swing of things, but don’t you dare think you have the right to tell him “you owe us” or “what happened to posting every week” blah blah because you don’t. Don’t you see what he’s going through right now? I don’t know how to conclude this so….guess I won’t?

...doodle of.. smooches...?

Errrr.. okay I’m a tad hesitant to post this cause I know some people are gonna freak out. So just… read below the cut okay. If you don’t like undertale/don’t like sans, and don’t care to see stupid smooches then please don’t click below ><;;

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