Hi guys, I really need to address something that keeps happening.

Please don’t re-post my gifs on Twitter / Tumblr or any other SNS unless you give credit / have my permission!

When I say don’t “re-post”, it doesn’t just mean on Tumblr. I keep seeing my gifs on Twitter!
Just because I don’t post my gifs on Twitter, doesn’t mean that you can!

Gifs are things that creators spend time making. You have to download videos, extract frames, time the frames perfectly in an animation, color the gifs, translate things, etc. etc.

It might seem like “just a gif” to you, but that’s because you didn’t put all the time into learning photoshop and creating the perfect gif to share.

so please stop reposting 🙁 

update: all my gifs will be watermarked in the future because of what happened on twitter

BNHA cuddle week day 3: With friends or family

This is from the family AU I’m working on with @chibichibisha in which Katsuki and proto!Katsuki are twins, and Deku and Yamikumo are cousins. We love this AU and have many ideas for it, so expect to see more in the future.

Dear Future Wife...#664

That moment when we’ve been making out and we pull back to take a second…to check in or catch our breaths. The way you look at me and you’re not really smiling, but your eyes are sparkling and I get lost in how many colors blend into each other…I feel you holding my face or scratching up my sides softly. You might laugh at my hair sticking up or just sigh like you’re the most relaxed and happiest person in human existence…That moment wraps me up in a safe bubble and nothing else matters but how warm you are against me and how perfect it feels to be with each other.


   A year ago Neil had been a scared nobody, hating himself for signing the Foxes’ contract and counting down days until he moved in with Wymack. Tonight he was the starting striker for the first-ranked team in the NCAA. In two years he’d be captain, and in four he’d graduate from Palmetto State. Neil would find a professional team first and then fight tooth and nail to make the cut for Court. Neil could already imagine the weight of an Olympics medal around his neck. He didn’t even care what color it was so long as it was his.

    Better than that bright future was what he already had: a court that would always be home, a family who’d never give up on him, and Andrew, who for once hadn’t wasted their time denying that this thing between them might actually mean something to both of them. Neil hadn’t even noticed the silence at first, too distracted by his dizzying thoughts. Now he couldn’t help but smile and pull Andrew in.

    This was everything he wanted, everything he needed, and Neil was never letting go.

So in the @pkmncreatives chat, I noticed that a new friend of mine (@bluwiikoon , hi!) seemed to have created a variety of avatars for the various members of the chat. Feeling a bit left out, I decided to try to create my own avatar of sorts using a similar style. However, upon thinking about it, I thought that their art could be well-suited for Vector graphics, which are something I’ve been trying to get better at as of late, so I decided to create this piece in Adobe Illustrator. (This image isn’t a vector, but I would have certainly posted it as one if I knew how!)


(This is part two! Make sure to read part one first, linked below!)


Yeah this…might continue on! This was just going to be a one-off, but then I kept thinking on “what if Frisk and Flowey learn about Dr. Gaster, and decide to try and save him…but without resetting the timeline?”

So yeah, if you are really into it and want to see more, then please let me know!

(Sorry for the lack of color, but if this does continue and gets as long as I’m suspecting, then I definitely won’t have time to do full color.)


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ


This is a Collab between the amazing @fairdahlia-art and myself! She did the gorgeous lines and i threw some lame colors on them!

This is the first time i do something like this and i can really say it was really really fun! Might try it again in a near future! 

Also last Artwork of 2016! Yeah!

Here, Anon! First time drawing this version of Toshinori!
(I have another version of him lying around somewhere as All Might)
I’ll try to do more colored drawings in the future!

I can imagine Shouto being embarrassed after he’s conscious again (not that he should be~!)

I’m still taking request regarding the expression meme I reblogged!