The fight (part 1) // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn an Y/n have a massive fight resulting in Shawn leaving when he’s about to go on tour the next day.

Authors note: so excited for this *screams internally*

Requested: yesss

I slammed the front door shut, making Shawn know I had arrived home. I chuck my bag on the couch, storming into the dinning room where I find him with his laptop, papers messily arranged on the glass table.

“You think I wouldn’t find out,” I seethe, my hands angrily twitching at my sides.

“Hello to you too,” Shawn snaps, not looking up from what ever was on his screen.

“Do you even care?” I ask, walking closer to him, now with my arms folded across my chest.

“Care about what?” Shawn murmurs, eyes still locked onto the computer screen.

I let out an angry huff, turning away from him completely and walking out the room.

“Y/n?” I hear his voice call but I continue, walking into our shared bedroom, the bed that he hasn’t slept in for around 5 nights. He hadn’t bothered coming home as he had spent so much time at the studio recently, he thought he might as well sleep there.

I roll my eyes at the thought. It felt like we weren’t even properly together. We hadn’t talked, hadn’t seen each other for way too long for it to be healthy for our relationship and then for me to find out he was going on tour tomorrow from one of my friends, it made my blood boil. 

I shrug my jacket off my shoulders and hang it on the coat rack in the corner of the room before moving in front of the dresser to take my earrings off in the mirror.

I place them in a box, returning my gaze to the mirror, Shawn’s figure reflecting in the mirror of him standing by the door frame.

“Yes?” I ask, my tone clipped.

“What do you mean I don’t care?” He asks, folding his arms across his chest like I did previously.

“I know, Shawn,” I say, glaring daggers at him. 

“About what?” He asks, chucking his hands up, desperation creeping into his voice.

“About tour. Tour that starts tomorrow,” I say, my voice breaking at the end as I feel the weird sensation of tears filling my eyes.

“Oh… that,” Shawn mutters, turning away from my gaze. “I was going to tell you,’

“Really? Were you?” I ask, feigning hope.

“Of course,” He says walking over and sitting on the bed.

“Thats so sweet of you to tell me that you were leaving for 3 months just as you were walking out the door,” my tone is sickly sweet as I shoot him a fake smile.

He groans, flopping back on the bed.

“Do you know who I heard it from?” I screech, anger fueling my fire.

“Who?” he says, almost as if he was bored with the subject.

“Andrew. He goes ‘are you excited for Shawn’s European leg of tour’?” I give him another look of fury. “’Of course’ I go ‘when is it?’ Then I receive the look of pity when he says tomorrow. TOMORROW SHAWN!” 

He winces at how loud my voice is in the quiet apartment.

“I can’t help it if tour takes me away from you. You knew what you were getting into when you first started dating me,” He tries to reason.

“Of course I knew what I was getting into Shawn, what I didn’t know is that you wouldn’t tell me about when you were leaving, if you were actually coming home for dinner some nights or if you were actually still in the same country as me!”

A tear slips down my face and I wipe it away angrily, hating to show weakness when he didn’t even seem the least bit affected.

“I get that you have to tour, I understand, but god Shawn seriously, not even a text saying hey I’m staying at the studio tonight- not coming home for dinner, don’t bother cooking me anything otherwise it will just be wasted and I’ll have to chuck it away,” My point seems to change, now attacking his lack of contact with me.

“I was busy,”

“You’re always busy!” I sob, my voice rugged as I try to get the air flowing into my lungs which feel like they’re being constricted. “I go to sleep at night wondering if I’ll wake up and you’ll be there. Surprise, surprise, You’re not,” I laugh, the sound harsh against my ears.

“I can’t do this right now, I have to get ready for tour,” Shawn mumbles, never once meeting my bloodshot eyes, walking straight out the room

“Well hey, thanks for at least telling me that this time!” I yell out to him, exuding fake happiness. 

“You’re welcome!” Is shouted at me, the slam of the front door being the goodbye. For how long, I didn’t know.

“Marigolds”, ML Reveal Week - Day 1: Fluff

Day 2 >>  Day 3 >>  Day 4 >>  Day 5 >>  Day 6 >>  Day 7 >>

(AO3 / FFnet)

Marinette was almost sure the two most important boys in her life were simultaneously and independently trying to kill her.

For example, there was her former crush and dear friend, Adrien Agreste, probably possessed by some supernatural powers. He was acting very strange lately, especially in her presence. His sudden fascination with black clothes and silver accessories wasn’t maybe that surprising – everybody has a right to a Goth phase, and Marinette would be the first to admit that he absolutely rocked motorcycle boots and leather jackets. But his facial expressions were getting odder by the day.

First came the winking. It took Marinette two days to gather the courage and ask if he had conjunctivitis and if it wasn’t high time to see a doctor. Adrien mumbled something about new contacts and at that the winking stopped.

But then he started with the grins. Whenever it was adequate or not he would shot Marinette with one of a wide selection of grins, smirks and smiles, all hitherto unseen on his handsome face. There were half-grins, lopsided grins, grins so wide that if it wasn’t for his ears the top of his head would be in serious risk of falling off. Toothy grins. Beamy grins. Marinette was surprised his cheeks could stand all that smiling. To her (and everybody else’s) relief the grinning phase ended abruptly with a painful case of lockjaw.

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The Paladins First Kiss With You {Headcanon}.

This is for @hotemotionalmess. I hope you like it!


  - Your first kiss with Shiro would probably be so planned out it’s not even funny.

  - Not planned out by you. By Shiro.

  - From the moment you said yes to being his s/o, he’s just been plotting how this moment is going to work out, and yet when he finally does it, it goes to complete shit.

  - Like, he thinks he’s being swift by leaning in all of a sudden and pecking your lips, but he’s too fast and your heads end up slamming together.

  - “Shiro, what the hell?”

  - “I’m sorry. I tried to kiss you.”

  - Upon hearing this, you, of course, grin and pull at his lapels, dragging him in for a good kiss that catches Shiro off guard so much, but he loves every moment of it.


  - Kissing??? What is this???

  - Honestly, Keith is just glad you said yes to being his s/o. He doesn’t even know there’s other things he should do.

  - So about three months into your relationship, he still hasn’t even showed interest in kissing you so you have to take things into your own hands.

  - I can imagine it just being quick. Barely even comprehended for the first few seconds of it. Like, you literally just lean in, peck his lips, pull back and go on with whatever you’re doing.

  - And he’s just standing behind you like “….” because what just happened?

- He’s super surprised that he liked it. He never saw the appeal towards the joining of mouths, but it’s different when you do it.

  - So he grabs your wrist, spins you around and kisses you again this time – sloppy and unpracticed, but it’s Keith so you let him off with it.

  - “I like doing that. I like doing that a lot.”



  - This bitch is so god damn slick.

-  Honestly. Kissing you is probably the way he asks you out in the first place.

  - You’re just standing by the counter trying to make a sandwich and Mr Worldwide slides up beside you, wraps an arm around your waist and presses a kiss to your lips.

  - He winks when he sees your reaction – just complete confusion. Not exactly the reaction he expected.

  - He tries to play it off, but he starts to think you didn’t like it because you’re just staying silent, and he’s like Damn, misread the signs again.

  - Genuinely acts like he didn’t do a thing. Like, he just starts eating food and is like “What’s wrong with you?”

  - But then you pull him towards you and kiss him yourself and you know he’s gonna be smug af because he’s Lance and the people love Lance.


  - Baby boy asks permission.

  - Like Shiro, it’s probably all planned out and he’s probably gushed about his plans with Pidge and Pidge has been giving him top notch advice on how to get his lips on yours.

  - So he takes you out. On a date. A real date.

  - In the castles kitchen, because you’re floating through space.

  - But it’s nice nonetheless. He cooks you food, sits you down, even wears a suit even though he’s literally sitting in the dining room of the ship.

  - He’s nervous the whole time.

  - And then he just looks you in the eyes, stops speaking and just stares at you.

  - And then he’s like, “Can I kiss you?”


  - Keep in mind, when he pulls away and asks if it was alright, his voice if gruff af and you’re just like Hunk? Because damn.


  - I always imagine hers being so simple and nonchalant.

  - You two are just sitting down somewhere and she goes to get up and leave, but before she does she leans down and pecks your lips like it’s no big deal.

  - She leaves and you’re just like ??? What?

  - Because she just left. Like, there was no explanation or no after speech about why she did it, which is weird since it’s Pidge.

  - When you pull her on it later, she looks at you like you’re crazy.

  - “It’s our first of many, Y/N. Might as well get the ball rolling early.”

  - And it was the first of many. I can see Pidge liking kisses a whole lot.

Title: Not a Victim
Pairing: Minor Paperhat
Summary: Flug wasn’t a damsel in distress. He really wished the heroes would stop treating him like it.
Tag: Blood, gore, violence. Evil Flug


For the past few weeks the heroes had gotten rather bold. They’d targeted the mansion several times, even tried to break in a few times. Flug didn’t know why they decided to be idiots and target them, but he didn’t really care. Though it had started to get annoying. It certainly had started getting on Black Hat’s nerves. At first the villain had found it amusing, but as the heroes continued their assault, the eldritch became annoyed. So it wasn’t a shock when he gathered Dementia and Flug and told them that they were going after the heroes.

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Red: What’s your MBTI type?
Yellow: Have you ever typed family/friends? What are their types?
Green: What is the thing you love most about your type?
Brown: What do you hate most about your type?
Scarlet: What stereotypes about your type are true?
Black: What stereotypes about your type are wrong?
Ochre: Have you ever met someone of the same type? What was your relationship like?
Peach: When did you first start identifying as your MBTI type? How did you figure it out?
Ruby: Would you change your type if you could?
Olive: Advice you’d give to a younger person of your type?
Violet: Which characters do you type in the same type as yourself?
Fawn: What do you think contributed to developing your type?
Cream: What form of MBTI do you use most (Jungian psych/cognitive theory, myers-briggs, etc)?
Crimson: Which types do you get along best with?
Silver: Which types do you get along worst with?
Gold: Are there any types you tend to admire?
Azure: Do you ever talk about MBTI outside forums/blogs/etc geared towards it?
Lemon: Which cognitive function (non dom/aux) do you wish you had better control of?
Russet: Do you ever mix psychology or personality tests, like the Enneagram or horoscopes?
Grey: Are there any other types you think you might have developed into when you were younger?
Purple: How is your relationship with your auxiliary and tertiary functions?
White: What function are you currently developing?
Pink: What color do you associate with your type?
Orange: Favorite MBTI blog?
Blue: What is your relationship with your inferior function?
Ivy: What do you think of shadow functions?

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the leak that had Archer Da Vinci also had a Jeanne Lily Rider who used the same ID as Columbus in the game files, so it's almost certainly fake. They also posted later on that they lied about it too so...


I made a post a while ago about the time duplicates of the TMNT 2012 kids turning into Space Pirates(!!!) and I was thinking about that again so here are some headcanons I’ve come up with so far:

  • -the original person to suggest it was Raph in a very sarcastic tone because Donnie had gotten arrested for stealing again, and this is the eleventh time they’ve had to break him out of jail why not just make it official already
  • -and then Mikey in a very not sarcastic manner wouldn’t let the idea go and essentially one by one they all ended up on board with the plan to become Intergalactic Space Pirates
  • -their original timeline selves had already accumulated plenty of enemies and bounties on their collective heads, might as well roll with the roles they’ve been given.
  • -Leo was tempted into it because SPACE ANYTHING is always tempting to him.
  • -also because typically they only steal from ‘bad guys’ and have a sort of Robin Hood thing going on.
  • -except when Donnie/Casey/Mikey/Raph/April absolutely have to have that one thing and laws be damned.
  • -Fugitoid was already a fugitive anyways so he’s just going along with things at this point.
  • -he has six kids now and apparently they all want to be pirates and he won’t disappoint them by saying no.
  • -Donnie is scary good at manipulating shit on the digital Black Market, and has actually held fake auctions for the ownership his siblings when he gets pissed at them. he only ever lets his brothers get a little kidnapped after they’re sold off. just until he’s got the money, alright?
  • -if there’s fire or fighting or a combination of the two anywhere in the area they’ve landed for the day it’s probably the direction Casey and Raph have gone.
  • -April gets a bigger gun than the pea-shooter she’s given by Fugitoid almost immediately, and then proceeds to keep collecting various guns as they go. she’s breaking twelve universal possession laws just by having a quarter of her collection.
  • -Leo isn’t always sure how they get into the situations they do but he’s basically just resigned to shenanigans and being chased by space police at this point.
  • -Mikey has caused more intergalactic incidents than one being should be able to feasibly cause, and has the highest bounty on his head.
  • -his wanted poster is him smiling widely at the camera and giving a peace sign because even though they’re light-years from earth he’s still a weeaboo piece of shit.
  • -Mikey might have the highest bounty but April has the biggest rep for being fucking terrifying and she loves it.
  • -Mikey’s bounty is only higher because of the sheer property damage he causes. April just scares everyone she meets into comas. it’s much less messy.
  • -Casey and Raph have a running tally of who can get into and win more bar fights.
  • -April is currently winning that tally.
  • -there are no legal drinking age laws in space and long story short they all got smashed one night and woke up with matching tattoos on their shoulders.
  • -the nonsense symbol was then assumed to be their flag sign and now they can’t escape being associated with it, even though it was originally just a half-assed drunk scribble courtesy of Mikey and Donnie fighting over a pen.
  • -it looks cool enough though so they’re rolling with it.
  • -Space!Donnie and Earth!Donnie eventually figure out how to contact each other and proceed to become each other’s best friend/worst enemy. they either hate each other’s guts or agree on literally everything together and there’s no in between for those moods.
  • -their conversations typically end with them either storming off and yelling “WHY AM I SUCH AN ASSHOLE?!” or them saying “Why can’t you be more like him?” to their family.
  • -Leo has way too much fun monologue-ing villain speeches at the ship crews they rob, and maybe kind of practices said monologues in the bathroom mirror before using them.
  • -Earth!Leo sometimes asks if they can switch places, and Space!Leo always says no.
  • -the Earth!Kids are maybe really jealous and want in on the Space Pirating shenanigans.
  • -it ends up being where they spend their vacation time.
  • -also everyone is gay in some manner because Space Is Gay and they’re in space so they are all gay and there’s no way around that.

Feel free to add your own hc’s!!!

“This is the time when the part of you that is music overcomes the part of you that is silence.  This is when music rules the fools.  It’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans, ladies and gentlemen, and the good times roll, and you might as well roll with them because there is only music to hold on to.” –Andrei Codrescu, New Orleans, Mon Amour, Twenty Years Of Writing From The City

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okay now i will tell you something that i personally love and have used in my stories: apparently there used to be this myth that vampires could be delayed by throwing mustard seeds in front of them and they will stop and count them all until the sun rises. another fun fact: sesame street's count dracula is based on this myth. MOM, HOW COOL IS THIS?

Ah yes, the vampiric affliction of arithmomania. It’s comforting to know that even the dead have issues like OCD, it makes me feel like less of a fuck up, knowing that not even death could free me of this so I might as well just roll with it and live my life.

Happy Accidents

Also gotta give credit to our main girl @stylesbabygirls for the post that started everything. Here:


#1 of the “Things @stylessemantics and @harrycarryme Talk About” Series of Rants


You wake up, and your feet hit the cold hardwood. Then you’re on your way to your kitchen when your phone alerts you of a text message. It’s Harry, and you open it as you pour the milk into your cereal. What you read makes you almost drop the milk. His message reads “I woke up horny.” Just a simple statement that had so much behind it. Why did he send that to you? His best friend and only his best friend? This had to be a mistake and you had no response. You put your phone down, trying to get the blush in your cheeks to calm down. Then the phone rang from a phone call. You answered and the apologies started.

“Didn’t mean to send that to yeh, fuck, I’m sorry.”

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Chloe: brooke and i are the only “confirmed” couple, so we’ll just answer this one.
Chloe: we call each other honey, love, babe, bae, and a lot of typical other stuff.
Brooke: i call you berry sometimes!!
Chloe: right, and i’m pink. it’s an inside joke.
Chloe: #2: i was definitely being sarcastic. we’re adults and weed is legal in california. how could i resist that offer?
Chloe: #3: yeah, we’re acting in veronica’s short film and our lunch break is over so might as well roll out now. we’ll definitely promote her vid when it’s out.
Brooke: bye guys!! love you all!!

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Can I ask for Jeddy 31?? :)

Kiss me

It had been three days since they’d last spoken. Well, technically three days and two hours. James had figured it all out as he stared at the dorm ceiling, the 2:00 AM moonlight only just lighting up the designs on the ceiling.

James wasn’t even sure he could call it a fight. It had felt like so much more than that. Teddy was in his seventh year. He was busy. He had things to do, a future to prepare for… James understood that. He’d assured Teddy that he understood that. But that didn’t stop him from slipping up and lashing out.

They had been in the library, three days and two hours ago, Teddy’s nose deep in a book. James had wanted to tear that book out of his hands and toss it out the window. He remembers thinking that was something Teddy would have found funny a few years back. Even the year before.

“T, please. I’ve barely seen you all year and- and it’s almost summer holiday and then I’m really not going to see you because, y’know, your auror internship- not to mention my mum and dad. We’ll have to sneak around even more than we do here… C’mon we can just find a cupboard. Ten minute tops, I just want to see you.“

Teddy had sighed in a way that reminded James way to much of the way his father sighed when he was exasperated with him or stressed, and looked up at James with tired eyes, a forefinger and thumb rubbing at his temple,

“James, I thought we’d been over this.”

He said it in such a exasperated tone that James involuntarily shrunk back some in his chair, “I- I just didn’t think-“

“I have to know all this. I need to pass exams I can’t just take a break every time you get bored.”

James felt his chest squeeze uncomfortably, “I’m not bored. Excuse me if I want to spend time with my boyfriend.”

Teddy cut him off with a shush and a hard look, “Don’t say that here! Jesus James, do you want someone to catch us?”

James was silent for a beat, heart falling into more and more pieces with every moment that Teddy shot him a look, then shook his head and returning to his book. Like he was some immature child who’d done wrong.

Finally, James swallowed thickly, “Do you?”

Teddy just huffed at his page, “What’s that suppose to mean?”

“What does it mean? Oh, well let’s think about it shall we?” James felt heat rising up his neck, “You won’t kiss me in even a deserted public place, at home you won’t even let our hands touch…” James bit his lip, the anger spreading, “You won’t even look at me if there are too many people in the room. You won’t let me say the word-“

Teddy jumped, his hand shifting like he wanted to reach out and cover James’ mouth. James’ heart dropped from its place in his chest. He sat back in his chair, eyes hard and on Teddy.

He watched Teddy try to recover, try to play off the movement, but his eyes were already guilty and he sighed again. He sighed that awful sigh that seemed to be new this year.


“Don’t. Just-“ James slid his chair back from the table, grabbing his bag, “Just don’t.”

As James turned to leave he felt fingers close around his wrist, yanking him back around.

Wait. Just-“ Teddy, despite having barely moved, seemed out of breath, “Just wait.” He pushed his fingers through his hair, “I don’t- I don’t mean to. I- James, you have to understand.”

“I don’t understand!” He felt a bitter laugh escape him, “Fuck, how could I understand? I thought we were… We use to be… us. You use to kiss me every chance you got…” James’ voice dropped, the old memories flashing painfully behind his eyes, “You use to squeeze my hand when you knew no one could see…” He watched emotions flicker across Teddy’s face. He desperately tried to read them, “You use to say it was just because people wouldn’t approve but… God, we’re older now, T. It’s- I…” He swallowed thickly, eyebrows drawn together.

“What changed?” James breathed.

“Nothing.” Teddy pleaded, “God, nothing has changed. Jamie, I-“

“Then kiss me.”

Teddy stuttered, “W-what?”

“Prove it.” James said shortly, “If nothing has changed, then you would kiss me right here, right now.”

James looked him in the eye, trying not to let it show how desperate he was for Teddy to obey. But as the seconds ticked by, he felt his face crumbling.

Because Teddy just stood there, looking around at the bookshelves where you could only just see students immersed in study. Finally, Teddy looked back at James, eyes desperate and pleading.

“Please, James…“

James felt his shoulders sag, his heart tumble lower and lower. It might as well be rolling across the floor now for someone to walk all over. The weight of the truth hung heavy on his shoulders.

“Kiss me, Teddy.” He whispered.

The older boy stood there. He opened and closed his mouth a few times but other that he remained frozen to the spot. Only his eyes flitted around, searching James’ face. They were guilty and sad and conflicted.

“Teddy…” James’ voice broke.

Because was this it? James wanted to plead with him to not end it this way. Fuck, he would do anything not to have it end this way.

But Teddy just stared at him.

And James adjusted his bag on his shoulder, send Teddy one last pained look, but then had to turn away and hurry out of the library to hide the stinging tears rapidly forming.

It had been three days and 2 and a half hours.

And James wasn’t sure how he would make it to three days and three.

(my boys :( :( )

Four Weddings and a Blizzard: Chapter 3

My (very late) entry for Day 4 of the Jonsa Season 7 Summer Challenge (sorry!).  I chose the “Summer Nights” theme.

It was a fine summer night on the third of July when Sansa Stark and her fiancé, Harry Hardyng, flew from Pittsburgh to Milwaukee to celebrate the wedding of Sansa’s brother Bran to Meera Reed.

They were both welcomed warmly by Sansa’s entire family, including Bran’s fiancée, whom he had met in medical school.  Sansa teased Bran about upsetting the Stark family’s gender balance by bringing in another girl, but he looked pointedly at Harry, and raised an eyebrow, which caused even Sansa’s normally strait-laced fiancé to chuckle.  Meera, gracious as ever, chimed in by asking Sansa about her own wedding plans for the following June.  “Now that the hardest part is over,” she said, and, seeing Sansa’s confusion, added with a conspiratorial grin, “Picking the groom, of course.”

Sansa had to agree with her: Harry had been an easy choice as a future husband.  He had everything a girl could wish for: Ken-doll good looks and the cool charm to match, a Harvard degree, a burgeoning career at the top finance firm in Pittsburgh, and excellent taste in flowers.  He had showered Sansa with gifts from the moment they had begun dating and waved away her protests when he had sent her three dozen roses on Valentine’s Day less than three months into the relationship, telling her he would be an idiot to let a good thing go when he found it.  Sansa supposed the same applied to her.  Harry may have been a bit of a workaholic who chided her on getting too emotional at times, but he was calm and logical, nothing like the petulant bully Joffrey had been.  Besides, he was one of the only men she’d met over the past few years who would give her a second date upon learning that she was working as a secretary while she earned her teaching credential.

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The Triplets at the Zoo

Triplets at the Zoo Part One.

A Milo Murphy’s Law Fanfiction
[In the Mission: Murphy and Attention and Acceptance Universe that’s right, my two stories? They are in the same universe.]

“I cannot believe,” Cavendish grumped, crossing his arms in disgust, “That we are at the zoo, yet again!”

“Lighten up Cav, there’s no way it can end as badly as the last time we were here!” Dakota said, not even looking at Cavendish– as he was far too busy looking at all the animals through his binoculars, “I mean, even that wasn’t so bad, I got to see those giraffes and the monkeys.”

Cavendish leveled a considerable glare at Dakota, “Yes, thank you Dakota… for reminding me.”

“You’re welcome.” Dakota aimed a pleased grin at Cavendish, “Though I do wonder, why those monkeys were wearing shirts?”

“I already told you Dakota, ‘Murphy’s Law’, best not to question it.”

“Speaking of Murphy, aren’t we supposed to be –protecting him?”

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Thoughts based on the BATIM Merchandise Descriptions

Boris- Creepy awkward-dork who just needs a hug cinnamon roll

Alice- (Depending on which “star crossed lovers” got jilted) Crazy but might mean well sinnamon roll

Sammy- Man needs some cake. Also, he was decent once upon a time ago.

Bendy- Holy Hell Joey, WTF?!

Henry- Please let this man have a good ending. And a nap that isn’t followed up by kidnapping/sacrificial rituals.

And finally,

Joey- His business practices are actually as bad, if not worse, as Fazbear Entertainment’s business practices.