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Do you think Hillary is taking notice of every democrat who's tried to denigrate her after the election

she might be but i’d like to think she’s not paying any attention to the dumpster fire that is american politics and is instead planning a nice long vacation while she continues to write her book and drink her chardonnay, taking breaks every now and then to watch cat videos.

and even if she is taking notice i doubt she cares all that much. she’s never really been one to wallow in what sad bitches like chuck schumer have to say about her.

Since I started posting my doodles for Pink Diamond’s (and recently White’s too) design, followers have been popping like daisies 0_0

I’m almost reaching 150, planned to do smth for my 100 followers but was in a family trip so ended up doing nothing

Meanwhile here are MOAR Diamond Authorithy doodles and sketches to thank you guys! (people can ask me too or suggest me which one of these would like to see finished ^^)

In this first one I like to think that the diamonds are all of differnet heights (WD being the tallest, then followed by Blue, Yellow and finally Pink being the shortest) I headcannon YD being the 2nd shortest mainly because a lot of people that I know in RL that have a strong temper are all short people :P

Playing around with WD’s design, have seen a lot of great drawings of her online! (atm I’m liking better the 3rd design here)


Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens, Parade’s End.

Sepia coloured Pigma Micron 01 and 05 with a bit of Sepia Pigma Brush on Strathmore Toned Tan Paper, (9x12)

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what if white ink just makes him emotionless and extremelly rational

that too! or it just straight up makes him feel devoid of like any kind of emotion in general. not necessarily rational just straight up apethetic.




[on “Captain America: The First Avenger”] Right now in America, how we handle ourselves in political and global issues is up for questioning. (He) might wear the red, white and blue but I don’t think this is all about America. It is what America stands for.

“_______ can’t be lesbian/gay! they were in a relationship with the opposite sex!” you do realize people come out as lesbian/gay all the time even after being in heterosexual relationships for years, even after getting married and having kids.. it’s called living in a homophobic society where lgbtq+ people are under the threat of violence and murder for simply existing so yeah a character can be lesbian/gay even after a relationship with the opposite sex find another excuse to be homophobic lmao.