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How about heads w/ Tom Holland where you don't want to introduce your bff to him because you afraid he will fall for her as everybody in your surroundings did.

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  • First of all, I think Tom would feel kinda upset
  • He may say things like “why can’t I meet your friend? You know all of my friends, especially Haz”
  • And he’s like an annoying little kid, so he always bring it up the fact that he does want to meet your friend
  • Especially if she’s really important to you
  • But when you get tired of how much he bothers you with the subject, and tells him the truth, he will feel sad
  • And a little bit guilty, also
  • His first thought is that you might be joking with him, so he will laugh
  • But when you don’t laugh with him? That’s when what you said will hit him right in the face
  • “What? Like, for real?”
  • “Yes, Tom. For real”
  • Tom stays silent for a moment, looking at the floor, and then at you; at the floor, and then at you again
  • Then suddenly, he hugs you
  • Like, he gives you a bear hug, almost smashing your bones
  • “Oh, you fool. How could I ever fall in love with someone else?”
  • And you tell him that everyone did
  • You don’t even gotta mention how that always made you feel, Tom got it
  • He kisses your forehead, and then your lips
  • “Don’t think I will trade you for someone else, alright? The only person who still has a chance with me is Scarlett Johansson, but that’s just because I know Chris Evans has a chance with you too”
  • You laugh, and then you see his beautiful smile on his face
  • Tom kisses you again, saying that you don’t have to be afraid, he really just wanna meet your friend because she’s your friend
  • And like he said, you know all his friends
  • But it’s okay, he can totally wait until you’re comfortable with the situation
  • He won’t bother you anymore, he promises lol

Does anyone else think about how hard it is for Lance and Shiro to work together as the leaders of Voltron?

Like Shiro and Keith worked so well together because they’ve been together way before Voltron (well I assume…IM LOOKING AT YOU DREAMWORKS) so they had a system that seamlessly worked into the roles their lions played but like…Lance and Shiro never had that? Lance had to get used to really working alongside Keith instead of just being his subordinate and that might be difficult for him to change with a new black paladin?? Idk I think Shiro still sees him as this kid who worships him like a hero instead of the matured pilot that he’s becoming so I kinda want to see them clash a little in the next season?????? Haha or this could just be me

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I love how happy bendy looks with India and vicevers, it's just so heartwarming (english is not my first language btw;;)

(In that case you might wanna flee before things take a turn for the not-so-sweet. Of course I guess happiness remains pretty unchanged; and idk what you consider heartwarming. You can stick around if you want, they don’t mind. -HG)

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Could I request for headcanons about cute signs when he has a crush for Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou, Midoriya and Ectoplasm please?


⚪️ Stares. A lot.

⚪️ He smiles and grins at you. A lot.

⚪️ Honestly he just can’t help but look like a doofus when you’re around. No matter what you’re saying, it’s the most interesting thing in the world. His eyes are always on you and you couldn’t wipe the grin off his face even if you slapped him. Don’t actually do that though, really.

⚪️ He’s always trying to show off to you in some way or another. He wants you to notice how manly he is and he’ll do many ‘manly’ tasks in order to get your attention. He might flex his muscles a little or make a conscious effort to help you out with something.

⚪️ If you catch him staring at you, he’s probably going to look away as quick as possible, blush, and act normal. It’s obvious what he was doing though, and he starts to do it again whether he realizes it or not when you look away.

⚪️ He always tries to talk to you but even though he seems confident, you can devolve him into a blushing, stuttering, nervous wreck just by looking into his eyes for an extended period of time. All the while he’s still trying to impress you in some way or another.

⚪️ Tries so hard to make you laugh. Sometimes he ends up failing but, even when he fails he’s pretty cute so you still laugh. So win-win?

⚪️ Results: He’s so hopelessly adorable when he’s crushing.


⚪️ He stares too, but in his case it might be a bit more unsettling if you catch him doing it. Mainly because sometimes he just keep staring even when you make eye contact with him. A lot of the time he doesn’t realize he’s doing it though, so he’s kind of embarrassed when it hits him. He blushes and has to look away and lift a nervous hand to the side of his neck.

⚪️ He offers for you to sit with him more often at lunch or on breaks. If you ask him a question or for help, it’s very obvious that he’s going out of his way to give you the best advice ever. Usually Torodoki is pretty blase and blunt about things, but with you, he’s putting in an effort. 

⚪️ He loves being able to help you too, not only because it’s a chance to talk and be close but because he feels like he’s doing something for you better than someone else can. Maybe it’s a bit selfish.

⚪️ He learns how to stare at you without being obvious though, and uh… Todoroki is actually pretty shameless in where he checks you out. He’s just more subtle about staring at your ass than he is your face - but he does it. He definitely does. 

⚪️ His classmates notice that he’s extra protective or attentive when something involves you. If someone starts talking about you, his ears perk up and he’s listening without actually intruding on the conversation. 

⚪️ Very suave and charming without meaning to be. Somehow, no matter what it is, if something is going wrong for you he’s there to swoop in and help. The other boys in the class are jealous that he can be so unintentionally smooth.

⚪️ Results: Intimidating when he’s crushing on you and you’ll become quite the topic of conversation when rumors spread about you two. 


⚪️ Okay he stares too. Staring is just something most people do when they have a crush. He’s probably the best at hiding it though, since when he’s embarrassed it’s hard to tell.

⚪️ He really likes looking at you though. Seeing you smile, seeing you concentrate, seeing you look bored, seeing you work hard - you manage to look captivating no matter what you’re doing. It’s intimidating to him actually, since he wonders if he’ll ever actually be able to catch your attention.

⚪️ Isn’t super confident in just approaching you or starting up a conversation. He might actually seem pretty reserved and quiet and cold toward you, but that’s really because you make him so nervous. Don’t feel disheartened though, he actually likes you a lot and that’s what makes it so hard to be around you.

⚪️ He doesn’t want to say the wrong thing or anything, so he’ll often give you very short answers to any questions or keep conversations simple. Shinsou wants to talk to you, he wants to be friendly and flirtatious, but it’s hard.

⚪️ If you touch him in any way, whether it’s just a hand on his arm or a small hug, his heart jolts in his chest and lodges in his throat. He has no idea what to do but it feels so good that even after you pull away, his body and mind are still reeling. 

⚪️ It will probably take a more perceptive or outgoing person to be able to actually move to the next step with him, since it’ll be hard for him to approach you. However, once you notice the signs and all of his actions, it’s clear that he’s totally head over heels.

⚪️ Result: Don’t be scared by his apparent coldness. He’s even more scared of you than you are of him.

Ectoplasm (i’ll do my best): 

⚪️ He’s not nervous or shy around you so actually having a conversation isn’t hard. However, what he fears most is that you’re scared away by his appearance. He’s pretty intimidating but, really, he’s a nice guy. He likes karaoke. If you go to karaoke with him, you’ll see that he’s not so bad even despite his appearance. 

⚪️ He’ll definitely invite you to karaoke though, so beware.

⚪️ The type of guy who will purposefully be in the same area as you just to run into you, and when you finally do run into each other he’ll be like “Oh, you’re here? I wasn’t expecting to see you”

⚪️ He’s an adult so he doesn’t play as many games when it comes to someone that he likes. Doesn’t play hard to get and probably doesn’t chase after someone who plays hard to get either. 

⚪️ It’s noticeable how comfortable he is around you, especially when he realizes you aren’t intimidated by his appearance. He talks to you more than he does others, and about less serious topics than he normally would too. 

⚪️ He likes to see you smile. He also likes to show his bravery and fortitude to you however he can. He’s a hero after all, one whose deserved his title. He hopes that you can see that in him. The look of pride or adoration in your eyes that you get when he impresses you makes his heart race.

⚪️ Result: He knows that he looks scary but really he’s an upstanding guy who just wants to go to karaoke with you. 

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#96 maybe a different character watching Jarrich? Secretly or not, up to you.

It was probably illegal. Certainly immoral. He could have his lawyers look into it, if he cared enough to do that. Surely there was some exploitable loophole buried in that impenetrable TOS contract.

But then, Gavin reasoned, if they didn’t want him watching – if they and Pied Piper were really so much better than him – they shouldn’t have kept using Hooli chat.

Were they really fucking, he wondered, half-mad with a feeling he would never acknowledge as jealousy. Both seemed like the type who might like to get slapped around a little. Told what to do. Hendricks, especially – that little brat – he’d need something in his mouth to shut him up.

He watched them kiss each other. Gentle hands cupped around faces. Then moving down, slowly, to remove sweaters and shirts.

I love you, what was his name again? Dunn? Jared? mouthed into Hendricks’ neck as he laid him down, tenderly, against the mattress. That stupid, worshipful grin on his face.

“Boring,” Gavin mumbled, as he cut the livestream off.

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(Please dont be late!!) Can we have a gabe point of view when mccree's bestie s/o had a crush on him?

I think you’re referring to this one.

You weren’t subtle, Gabe though to himself as he picked at the meal you gave to him. You blushed and looked away, much to Jesse’s chagrin. He found it a bit charming to be honest, enjoying the person who took no attitude from McCree was so flustered from the sight of him.

Though despite that you didn’t take any of his attitude, when the two of you actually talk alone you are quick to sass the Blackwatch commander when he teased too much.

He figured he might actually try to have something lasting with you, getting from the hints you gave that you wanted that as well. He gently gave you hints that he returned your feelings, returning the box with some meals of his own for you.

He tucked the empty lunchbox to the side, wondering what to fill it up with when he returns it. Wondering how you enjoyed the other one, he thought with his head resting on his hands.

Ana was right, he eventually realised, he was becoming a big sap in his old age. What was better than to share that with something, he thought, life is too short to be lonely.

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All the hidden kidge moments make me squeal for joy also cant get over how cute your headder is i might want to do a haloween kiss pic with the idea.

Hidden kidge moments are subtle but if you look closely it’s easy to spot them, looking for that stuff is one of my hobbies lmao.
Also, thank you! Glad you like my header I just wanted to do something silly and spoopy scary for the Halloween, probably gonna do the header for Christmas as well! 

On the plus side, my Rey costume for TLJ is gonna look EPIC because I know my exact measurements now, tits to toes.

On the down side, I know my exact measurements now.


Not that they’re bad measurements, I firmly believe there are no bad measurements unless you’re literally dying because of it, but they’re not measurements I want, you know what I mean? Then again, everything about me disgusts me without remorse, so maybe I’m just being overly critical *shrugs*

If anyone is curious, you can know them if you like? I’m not sure who would be, but if it was me I’d want to know because I like knowing these things about other people. (Great for being nosy and comparison but also for presents in the form of funny tshirts)

kibou-dere / kibouravity callout masterpost

aka “stop reblogging this nasty fuck’s art”

since they apparently have no idea when to stop, even after getting called out a lot, here’s a collection of all the callouts and evidence on them, just so people have an easy way to find out all the nasty stuff they’ve done.

tw for pedophilia and incest, mainly. (they’ve done some transphobic stuff too but that’s not in any of the linked posts - it’s on this blog, though, if you want to see it.)

i strongly encourage spreading this around, so people know to avoid them. also, if you have a post you’d like added to this, or if you made one of the posts on here and would like to have it deleted, please let me know. thank you.

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hey! citizen colds glasses are based off an indigenous culture so its not good to make jokes about it. not trying to be rude but, yea

oh, i wasn’t aware of that! do you have an information, since that is a very vague place to start looking on google? i know it’s based off the comics but aside from that i am unfamiliar with them.

we’re laughing bc the glasses and the whole get up look poorly made, and very. not like the leonard we’re used to. as well as them translating this look that works in the comic into real life. and that does not work.

i get that that might not be an excuse, so i just want to get some info. and i apologize for the the inappropriateness of it all.

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Widow, Sombra, and a character of your choice dealing with a female reader who really loves the grotesque part of Halloween and trick or treating/scaring people but Widow, Sombra, and [your choice] are busy with work and have reader trying to drag them into their shenanigans

when i read this ask my immediate choice was symmetra and i stand by that


  • Widowmaker might get way too into it, in terms of concept. She really wants to help you, sure, but she doesn’t have time. She’s got people to kill and missions to carry out. She always glances at her phone when you have something new to share with her, though. She likes seeing your progress on your personal projects.
  • She smiles whenever you send her something. Even if it’s something that doesn’t look scary at all with the lights on (but will look HORRIFYING in the dark), she’ll roll her eyes and smile. Truth be told, she thinks your love for the horror element in Halloween is kind of cute. It’s rare for anyone to look past the candy. (Who can blame them?)
  • She’ll try to help when she can, but it’ll be incredibly difficult to balance her work and her want to help you. She worries about you and hopes that you don’t end up staying up too late looking at scary stuff and ending up having difficulties sleeping. She cuddles you close whenever she gets to sleep with you, in case you have nightmares or anything.
  • She’ll work really hard the week before Halloween and come home late every night so she can spend Halloween with you! She’d love to scare people with you. She might even get a costume for herself and shoot an air rifle near people. She’ll do pretty much anything for you, you know. She sits next to you and watches everyone gets scared, amused at your reaction. As if any of them have seen anything scary.


  • Sombra wishes she could help you. She can work from home, but she can’t hack properly and help you with your Halloween planning at the same time. She finds it interesting that you like the more realistically scary parts of Halloween. She smiles, and soon frowns to herself. She hopes you never have to see anyone really hurt.
  • She decides to surprise you one day and learns how to do horror movie makeup. She walks into your room with her face looking like she was in an awful accident. Babe… She faces her computer. Can you get me a blanket? When you come back with the blanket, she turns to you. Thanks, babe. She apologizes and comforts you if you freak out.
  • She chuckles whenever she sees you get very interested in something new, maybe trying to help you if she can. She’s not very good with arts and crafts and things, but she also really wants to make you happy and help you out! The only thing she’s really Good at is the scary Halloween makeup. She’s amazing at doing her own and helps if you want.
  • She’ll spend Halloween with you no matter what. She has no real inhibitions against anything you might want to do. She’ll make the both of you look as scary as she can. She looks at herself in the mirror and shivers when she’s done with the two of you. Looks a little too realisticShe’s seen really bad things, and this is a little too reminiscent of those things. Let’s go scare some kids. She grins.


  • Symmetra doesn’t want to go trick or treating. She’s more into the whole she dresses in a sexy way and spends the night with you, drinking wine, and probably having sex later. Still, she takes great interest and respects you and your likes. She’ll try to see what she can do to help you out. Whatever you want to do, she goes with it.
  • She wants to support you however she can. She acts like she isn’t interested, but she is secretly trying to mimic anything that you find interesting with her hard light. She wants to see that if she can paint her hard light, then you can use it somehow for props or any kind of decoration. She wants to be helpful, somehow.
  • She helps you decorate and raises her eyebrows at you if you try to scare her, or if a scary decoration is a little too close to her. She might chuckle if you try to scare her. You can’t scare me, dear. She gently kisses your cheek or pats the top of your head. She takes great pride when decorating with you. She’ll make things perfect and exceptionally scary. She could run a haunted house if she wanted. She only does it for you.
  • She’s hesitant when you want to scare people or go trick or treating. Still, she can’t stand to see you unhappy, even if you try to hide it. She’ll relent and do whatever you want. Perhaps I might as well enjoy this. She plays a little prank, where she gets a hot pack and hides it in a pile of melted, flesh-colored plastic. She directs her turrets to the pile, making it melt the plastic more. She calls to neighbors. Don’t get too close.
You planned this

Warning: Swearing ( ya know Richie )

Mini Fic: Bill x Y/N

Y/N’s Prov:

“What the fuck”!

“Oh hell no, give me that back”!

“Oh fuck you”!

I hated coming to the arcade with my brother, Richie. All he ever did was play the same damn game, Street fighter. But at least we were not alone. Bill was here too.

“Yuh-Y/N, wuh-want a drink?

I looked behind me at Bill and nodded. I had asked him politely to get me a coke. Once he walked away, I returned to watching my brother get his ass beat.

“ You know he likes you right”?

I snapped my head up and looked at my brother like he had lost his head.

“What the hell are you talking about”?

“ It is so obvious that Bill has a crush on you, Y/N”!

I was shocked. He might be messing with me. I know he is the only one to know about my crush on bill, but this would not be funny to joke about.

“Richie are you fucking with me? Cause that would be so fucked up! You know how much I like Bill”!

Before Richie or I could get out a reply, I heard a voice behind me.

“ I like yuh-you too”.

All my friends are so much more vocal about their troubles so I think I get overlooked when I’m down but like….I feel so so self conscious right now? Like I have four more shows to go and I literally loathe every aspect of myself and don’t want to exist?

A couple of nights ago at a show I freaked out and literally had to go stand in a dark corner where I knew nobody would look at me lmao

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The emotion I feel they want to get from you out of Jinder vs. Brock is "Guys look how strong Brock is, he's Universal Champion forever now. He will eat the universe, he will grow even redder." But I think that might be a little lost in translation somewhere.

‘‘he will grow even redder’‘ LMAOOOOO

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Hey, I love what you are doing with this blog. Thanks. So I’m a senior in high school, so that means applying for college. This is something that I want to do but the whole process frustrates me and I put it off. Could I please get some advices from Tonks or Luna? Thanks again. <3

Thanks, love. I do my best every day to make someone’s day a little bit better.

Luna is excited to hear that you are looking towards your future education! She understands that the process can seem long and arduous. To feel more prepared, she recommends contacting anyone you know that has been through the process to hear about their experience with college applications and any advice they might have. It might relieve some stress and maybe make it seem more exciting. Then, find a time and place that is free of any distractions and simply start.

Tonks suggests breaking up the process into smaller parts. That way, you can focus on a smaller task rather than the larger task at hand. Set deadlines for yourself, if it helps to motivate you. She reminds you to keep in mind that the more effort you put into your applications, the more success you will find! By staying organized, motivating yourself. and keeping a positive outlook, Tonks know that you will be absolutely fine, and wishes you the best of luck!


Everyone: Andraste gave you that mark on your hand! You’re her Herald, a miracle sent by the Maker to aid us!
Lavellan: I am Dalish so I do not believe this.
Cassandra: Can’t you find room in your pantheon for one more god?
Lavellan: Since the entire point of the Maker is that he’s the one and only god, I don’t think the compatibility issues rest on my end.
Josephine: The people want to know what Andraste said to you in the Fade.
Lavellan: I did not see Andraste in the Fade.
Sera: But you have to believe in the Maker since you’re the Herald of Andraste!
Lavellan: I have literally never agreed with that title or anything it implies.
Trespasser: So about your entire belief system-
Lavellan: PLeASe fUCk oFF

there are few places to be that are more dangerous than between me and fresh pizza

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Hyun Ryu, aka Zen, deserves so much better? A lot of people talk about how good looking he is or that he’s a narcissist, but they forget that it’s a crucial point in his route is how self conscious he really is? And don’t even get me started on how people ignore that his mother emotionally abused him during his childhood. Who the hell calls their child ugly? To protect them? Instead of just teaching them that people might take advantage of them because of how they look so they should keep their guard up? Suuure. I, for one, am proud that he still manages to be so confident after all that. And he’s still going after his dreams despite the fact that he was told he wasn’t going to make it anywhere. He joined a gang and got out of it to make his life better. And he’s doing it on his own, too, wow. People also give him crap for hating on Jumin, which is understandable, but making up with Jumin is also a crucial part of his route. He lets go of projecting his the image of his brother on Jumin and they actually become friends who just have banter? There is no reason to hate this boy? He’s such a sweetheart that gives really useful advice when it comes to handling life and tough situations. He’s very comforting and willing to go above and beyond for the people close to him. He’s willing to drop everything to run over to MC or take in Yoosung. He cares about Jaehee’s health and really just wants her to take a break? He a Mom Friend and a big brother but he’s also such a cute dork? Especially when it comes to things like technology and romantic gestures? The boy even wants to let MC meet his parents before they get married and they won’t let him in the door? And the fandom portrays him as this salty, kind of violent, self-absorbed, character? And don’t even get me started on The Beast™ because? He doesn’t even bring it up that often? And when he does bring it up, it’s after he meets MC in person and even then, it’s only briefly before he changes the subject. Cause this boy would literally wait as long as MC wants him to. I could literally go on, but the main point is that Zen deserves so much better and I will love him enough for the whole fandom if I have to.