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[Trans] 170906 Jimin on RM on Serendipity


내가 자랑하려고 했는데 왜 먼저 얘기했어 ㅋㅋㅋ
모니형이 좋은곡 만들어줬어요
많이 들어주세요 ㅎㅎ

What is this

I was going to brag but why’d (he) say it first ke ke ke
Moni-hyung made me a good song
Please listen to it a lot haha

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Hongbin vs. Makeup 💄

Jay Chou

I kissed your hand, even leaned against your head, let you lie on my chest – but the person doing those things now is no longer me. All these little things are known as sadness to me; oh, grief. The days, they start to pass; without you, time still continues on. It’s not that bad. I will silently endure it all. It was enough that we were once happy because we’re together. My warmth and your coldness have created fog- when a heart is drawn on such fogged up glass, is it blurred or does it become more clear?

What kind of man are you? Silently watched her walk away without asking/saying anything. How naive can you be? Quit pretending… She waits for you to pull her back, but instead you politely stepped aside. What kind of man are you? Still in love with her, but to scared to tell her, “wait (don’t go).” Okay, fine, keep doing what you’re doing. (But) she’ll meet someone better. 

Sagiri Seina ties up sayonara performance together with Sakihi Miyu and their Yukigumi Pose

“Lupin The Third”, “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Roman Holiday”: she has starred in many widely-discussed productions and established a unique Top image. On the 29th, Takarazuka Top Star, Sagiri Seina’s sayonara production had its final day at Hyogo Perfecture’s Takarazuka Grand Theater. Alongside her musumeyaku partner, Sakihi Miyu, with whom they formed a famous combi, they bid farewell to their home ground, and tied everything up at the end with the regular, since Sagiri became Top, “Kizuna!” Yukigumi Pose.

Since her Top inauguration on September 2014, all 5 of her shows which run in the home theater have achieved an audience attendance of over 100% capacity. Hailed as “Takarazuka’s New Century Strongest”, this “Chigimiyu” combi’s sayonara show included consecutive duet scenes. With 6 curtain calls in a row, it ended with the now established Yukigumi custom routine, “Kizuna!”, where everyone pulls in both fists at their waist level.

Immediately after this “Kizuna”, Sagiri and Sakihi appeared together in front of the curtain. When Sagiri threw the ball to Sakihi with a “I’m the only one talking, so say something too”, Sakihi responded “The name of the one I love begins with an S… It’s Sagiri Seina!”. She expressed her love, referencing their final revue’s theme song(*). Sagiri replied “Thank you very mu~ch”, very bashful.

Takarazuka gives otokoyaku absolute priority, yet Sagiri sought equal footing for Sakihi, and Sakihi in her intent to follow Sagiri, kept walking alongside her in all earnesty; thus, the popular combi “Chigimiyu” was born. Fans call the interaction between the two of them “public flirting”, and have been enjoying their top run for around 2 and a half years.

“Sakihi and I have been like this for 3 years. 3 years of her wrapping me around her finger… Even if I said I don’t want her to, she still followed me, and I am full of gratitude for that. Ah, I guess I’ve got an earful coming for this“ Sagiri said, inducing laughter.

Sagiri joined the Revue in 2001. Taking on acting stoically, she distinguished herself for her outstanding acting spirit, and with her excellent athletic abilities, overcame the handicap her petite and slender build posed her as an otokoyaku, making sharp dancing another of her assets. Since she became Top, she took hold of Takarazuka’s 2D adaptations, starring in plays such as “The Count’s Daughter”, “Lupin The Third” and “Rurouni Kenshin”.

Sagiri, Sakihi and co, will be grauating the Revue as of 7/23, the final day of “Bakumatsu”’s Tokyo Takarazuka Theater run, which shall begin on 6/16.

(*) 「私の愛する人のイニシャルはS」 is an actual lyric Miyu sings in the Dramatic “S”! theme song.


His will, we’ll be the ones to inherit it! <- first page

The word Sabo no longer exists in my vocabulary, Luffy said it too many times.

Also I didn’t translate the first page because do you see how pretty it is? Do you see where it is located? If I put the translation it would be all mucked up and unpretty.

From here~!

161108 RM’s Last Broadcast FC Post // Trans

Last Broadcast Rain.

Bangtan had their last broadcast. We had the last broadcast, and it’s raining.
It’s almost feels like the rain was waiting to come down.

Since I learned a bit of what loneliness is, or whenever it was I don’t really remember but, I’ve ended up really liking the rain. Even though no one would know, I would often do things like go around by myself chasing the rain without an umbrella. (Honestly, I still do sometimes.)

Rain is very similar to music. Depending on the background, the situation the expression changes and the nuance can be different. Sometimes you definitely feel the perfect sadness and sometimes it’s a complete opposite, and other times it’s purifying, rest, a bitter smile, and other such things.. But my likeness for the smell of rain is never changing. Maybe it’s because the dust is being cleaned down.

In the last few years, I’ve always wanted to write a song relating to rain (we do have ‘Rain’..but a version is that completely my own). Although I haven’t really thought it through, of the songs I like, a lot of them are about rain. Epik High hyungs’ Umbrella, Let it Rain, Younha noona’s Sound of Rain, X-Japan’s Endless Rain, FreeTEMPO’s Rain, Razah’s Rain, Teacher Kim HyunShik’s Like Rain Like Music, etc..it’s really a lot. That’s how much rain has gladly become someone’s muse.
And the world is a little bit more liveable thanks to the rain.

The contents we learned as a child from a science book - that fact that, the volume of Earth’s water is constant and it can become the sea, become the river, become the rain and so the Earth continues to spin - was so so fascinating. The idea that the rain droplets that are tapping against my window could be from the far Himalayan mountains. Ever mixing and being shared..I would think I too want to live like a rain droplet, but I also wonder what would happen if rain droplets understood loneliness.. It’s a bit sad. I keep going back and forth.

Anyways, Like the falling rain, a lot of things passed by like a panorama in one month. I still can’t believe, as much as I try, that we already had our last broadcast. I know it’s cliche but it really was like that this time. For you and me, it was a 4 weeks where the rain came down like none other before.

The world calls that rain ‘Korea’s Best Rainfall in Years’, ‘The First such and such Rain’, ‘_00mm’* and with words similar to these people will record and of course this is a very happy thing but, we can’t simply use such numbers to represent our rain. This is something just we know. Before this rain, there were a myriad of other rains that fell and in our eyes, in your eyes, whenever we’re standing on stage, and on my body rain is always falling. In every moment the floods and waves are collectively hitting.

In this moment I’m not at a faraway place, but I really like that I’m here with you guys mixing and falling together as rain droplets. And so I just really wanted to say that I didn’t want us to be remembered just by several numbers.

They say singers follow their song titles. As the song title says, this rain contains mine and all of your blood, sweat, and tears.

Listen carefully to the rain sounds right now!
What is it saying to you

P.S. Sorry of this was a bit cheesy. But since it’s the last broadcast! Here was my last broadcast thoughts.

Trans by @bangtoori

My Dear Princess

1. ‘I’m Afraid of Losing You’

“Inigo, you need to let go.”

“A few more minutes, love.”

“Inigo.” Lucina groaned as she tried to tilt her head back. Both hands held his arms that were wrapped around her stomach. Fingers gently squeezed on the skin, silently asking him that he should release her anytime soon.

She received another grumble as a response, and her back only pressed closer to his chest as Lucina sat between his legs.

“Dear, morning is at its peak.” She tried to glance over her shoulder. A giggle was stifled by pursed lips to feel his face childishly nuzzling the top of her head. “Furthermore, I have a sparring session with Father in about an hour, and I really appreciate it if I don’t miss- Inigo what are you- A-ah Ini-!” 

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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Novel - Chapter 7

Cuddlogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Afterword

This is actually the final chapter of the novel (the afterword just has some comments by the author etc). Hope you enjoyed - still can’t believe this translation actually happened!

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2015-08-14 23:20:41

I haven’t written here in a while, so here am lol

Whenever I think about writing something, I post it to twitter first, so I don’t really have anything to put on my blog…

Because of this, I’ve decided to about something that is too long for twitter!

It’s become my daily routine to read the replies everyone sends me right before I go to bed.

Everyone is doing their best with work and studying
I think about how admirable you all are while I’m reading.

When I read everyone’s replies I think it’s really nice to have all of these honest people cheering for me. I’ve been thinking lately that I also want to become one of those people.

How can I put it.
Everyone believe’s in me even though I know nothing about singing or dancing or acting. Everyone is cheering me on, making sure to send me replies every day, sending me letters, and even sending me presents….

To respond to this feeling, right now I’m doing what I need/have to. That’s the mood I am in.

When things doesn’t go well, if I don’t do well… of course there are lot of these things when I go to my lessons, and not being able to do things is unpleasant

But because of everyone, I keep thinking I want to do my best.

Thank you so much.

Through all the good things and the bad things, overwhelming days and days when things don’t go well, even though I think there are many things that could happen, may tomorrow become a better day than yesterday!

That’s what I think.
Please rest easy today.

Goodnight  ☆