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09x02 “Devil May Care”
10x14 “The Executioner’s Song”

“Come Down Off Your Throne” - Like Mother, Like Son

How does the saying go about history repeating..? I guess Crowley might not have entirely understood it yet, but he is experiencing it right now. While one season ago he was the one locked up in the bunker with a front row seat to study the Winchesters and prey upon their insecurities and vulnerabilities that would later come in handy in getting Dean to work with him, taking on the Mark of Cain and taking down Abaddon, this time he is on the receiving end, who holds someone captive, who is an expert in studying him, reading him and manipulating him the way he usually does: his mother. And he seems powerless, unable to put up any fight against it. Rowena’s words to her son mirrored what Crowley told Kevin pretty perfectly. Crowley might have howled at the moon with Dean. For him it was something he had craved for a long time, but for Dean it didn’t mean the same. Dean isn’t acting indifferent towards Crowley, but it’s obvious that Crowley cares about Dean on a much deeper level than the other way around. So everything Crowley said to get under Kevin’s skin he experiences himself now. And isn’t it kind of sad? He just wants to be loved. But he is looking for love in all the wrong places and tries to force it when emotions like that just cannot be fabricated but just have to evolve and grow.

Ever since Crowley was close to cured in the season 8 finale, he hasn’t been the same. The reconnection to his human side has had profound lingering effect on him. In 8x23 “Sacrifice” he said to Sam and Dean

“You know why I always defeat you? It’s your humanity. It’s a built-in handicap. You always put emotion ahead of good, old-fashioned common sense.”

And that very thing I believe is going to be part of his demise and downfall, because what Crowley said to Sam and Dean here is what’s happening to him now. Sure, he is the king, but his mother is right. He doesn’t really care. He craves something else. Friendship. Company. And most of all: Love.

And interestingly enough Rowena echoes Dean’s words from that episode as well. See…

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Went gym and you know what it was the best workout I’ve had in a while😁😋 I think my body loved me for taking that rest day yesterday because fuck, I felt strong, I felt focused and driven despite some shit going on in my head. I upped my weight on shoulder shrugs, side bends, tricep push downs and a couple more exercises!

Oh and I took some videos of me working out + these two pics in the gym. I realised I’ve never shown (I think) myself from the side. It’s a view I hate with my belly and chest sticking out but oh well, I’m working on it. I might post the videos out later I’m undecided yet 🙈

Time to chill for an hour before I get ready for work. Just remember, fuck the haters and keep being yourself everyone 😘

Just a heads up:

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You will recognize the photos because they have a watermark that says 2011 on them. This is a serious invasion of privacy so please keep these personal photos from getting spread around. Please be respectful of Park Jimin and don’t save/post/reblog the photos!