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Hey I'm new to this and I don't really know how it works so um... ‘a man who can’t die is no tragic hero.’ centered around Vylad? Maybe?

‘a man who can’t die is no tragic hero.’ 

title: tea and cake

summary: A conversation over some tea during a stormy afternoon. Vylad-centric. MCD pre-season 3.

a/n: So, this is so… loosely based off the prompt, I’m so sorry??? It was supposed to be something deeper and Vylad-centric but I ended up writing him having a conversation with Isabel and threw in a bit of Vylance because I’m a sucker for that pairing? I hope you like it—I thought it was rather cute, even if it’s so… loosely based off such a good prompt jfc. I might take another shot at it on another date.

warning(s): fluff, tea, Isabel being a sweetie





Rainfall doesn’t bring melancholy feelings it once did.

As denizens scurried, seeking shelter in the nearby establishments or rushing home, he stood there in the street. His cloak, soaked. His hair, flatten against his forehead. The comforting rumble of distant storm this intense rain was bring only made him want to shut his eyes, listening as his breathed out even breaths and lulled into a fond memory which rain only brought now.

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vegas blurb 21? with trevor? (I'm saving the emotional one to read when I'm dying later btw)

20. It’s your 21st birthday

I cheer as I down another shot. “Woah there, you might want to take it a bit easy there,” Trevor says as he leads me away from the bar. 

“But why?” I ask. “Drinking is so much fun.”

“Just wait until you drink so much that you get a hangover the very next day,” he laughs. “I think you’ve had enough.”

“I’m just getting started though,” I whine.

“Apri, it’s almost one in the morning,” he tells me. “If you want to continue drink, do it in the hotel room please.”

“Fine,” I pout. I follow him upstairs to the room where all of our friends are now sitting and chatting. “Trevor, can I have a beer?”

“Of course you can. Anything for the celebrant.” He grabs two beers, handing me one of them. We open them and clink them together.

“To 21!” we cheer before chugging them down.

Here’s what I think Jake and Amy might be going for in Season 4 (or something like that)

First, let me present the evidence:

Season 01 Finale - “I kinda wish something could happen between us. Romantic-stylez.”

Season 02 Finale - “So, a lot of change around here, huh?”

Season 03 Finale - “We should move in together”“I love you, so much”

Okay, so as we can see the show has been consistent on giving Jake and Amy one big step at each season finale. First, s01 finale was Jake finally telling Amy how he felt, big step. Then, in s02 finale they shared their first kiss(es), big step. And now, s03 finale they’re in a serious relationship and decide to move in together, big step.

Now, following that ‘big-step-pattern’ what do you guys think they’re going for in the S04 finale?

Right now we don’t know where they stand because of the witness protection cliffhanger (I personally think Amy is not with him, but she knows why he’s away), but I’m sure that regardless of how this plot-line resolves, they will be (still or again) together by the end of next season.

So this might be a long shot here, but they will most likely take another big step by the end of next season and I think the logical way to go would be getting engaged.. Maybe even married already, since there’s also a pattern of big steps mid-season for them (s01 ”you’re not allowed to fall in love with me”“won’t be a problem”, s02 “did you [like me back]?”“yes, maybe, a little”, s03 “I love you”“I love you too”).

Anyway, this is one big ramble just to say that I firmly believe Jake and Amy will be either engaged or married by the end of next season, so brace yourselves.

ps.: sorry, gifs not mine, I just googled it.

Do you really want me?

Do you really want me? Jack gilinsky

I was so excited for tonight, it was Johnson’s twentieth birthday, and he’d invited me out to party with him and his crew. I knew that a ton of people were going to be there but I was excited to see my old now famous friend. He’d even helped pay for my flight out to la. I was ecstatic as I got ready for the night in their house. I kept dancing around listening to his music and skates, while getting ready.

The end result was straight hair black, parted down the middle that went down to the middle of my back, winged eyeliner, and light pink lipstick. I was wearing a white crop top, and white leggings that were high waisted. I matched it with a red jersey before I decided to wear red high tops. I made sure my nose ring was in before leaving for Johnson’s party.


It was already lit when I got there, and there was even a valet like, damn making it big sure had its perks. I had the uber drop me off while going inside, making sure to text Johnson that I was here. There were tons of people swaying around and drinking. As well as couples grinding or friends with benefits. I smiled and waved at people, hoping to spot people that I might recognize. The first was sammy, his blonde head and blue eyes lighting up once he spotted me.

“Holy crap is that you scar?”

He asks his eyes wide as he takes me in. I smile nodding before bringing him in for a hug, which he happily returns.

“I’m excited to see you sammy! Have you seen the birthday boy?” I ask biting my lip nervously.

He nods, taking my hand and leading me through the crowd to a different section of the house. When we get there I see a few more familiar faces that smile at me and wave. And then my eyes land on his. These big golden brown orbs, they light up, while I’m being stunned, and then someone blocks my gaze and I’m now looking at some ransoms dark head.

Blinking I look to see that sammy brought Johnson to me, he’s smiling and looks genuinely happy. I smile bigger and wrap him in a tight hug.

“Happy birthday Johnson!” I yell.

He smiles at me.

“Thank you thank you, it’s been quite an eventful night” he smiles.

“Oh yeah how so?”

“Well you see this huge party wasn’t planned by me, I thought I’d only have you know q few people, but jack took it to a whole new level” he laughs rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well he is your bestfriend” I laugh.

And then Johnson’s being taken away by two really attractive girls. I sigh deciding to go look for a drink, knowing I was going to need it to get through tonight. I found myself in the kitchen after wandering for a few minutes, and as I’m pouring myself a drink I feel a warm hand touching my shoulder. I turn, and am again assaulted by those beautiful big brown eyes.

“Gilinksky” I whisper.

And then I’m being engulfed in a hug. At first it takes me by surprise, before I’m hugging him back as he holds me tighter. I close my eyes tightly hoping that I don’t ruin my make up from the happy tears.

“Jack what the hell are you doing?” A slightly high pitched whiny voice says causing me to let him go.

He pulls away slowly, looking into my yes and then checking the rest of my face before pulling back. I grip his hand quickly, scared that he might disappear. He smiles at me, sending me a quick wink before I’m turning to look at the person who just interrupted our moment, yet again.

She’s cute. Her hairs long as she’s got a nice new nose, her boobs are huge, and she has long skinny legs. All in all she’s aright.

“Who is this?” She asks looking me up and down, before pulling on his arm so that he’s closer to her.

I raise an eyebrow, as he goes, I pull my hands back as she pushes her side age isn’t his and he wraps an arm around her waist.

“This is-”

“I’m Evie, long time friend, I knew Jack in highschool, and you?” I ask. Smiling.

“I’m Madison beer”

I nod my head shrugging the name means nothing to me. As if realizing this she huffs and rolls her eyes.

“I’m jacks girlfriend.”

“Oh damn” I say looking between the two.

Jack doesn’t meet my eyes while Madison seems smug. I quickly take a big gulp of alcohol before looking at the two of them again.

“So Evie, what do you do? Are you a performer?”

“Um not really”

“So then what do you do? Are you like a model?”

“Nah, but I do a few cool things”


“Yeah so what’s bout you Madison, what do you do?”

“I’m a singer”

“Really? What songs have you sung?”

“I’d love to tell you, but we have to get Johnson’s cake so if you’ll just exscuse us” she says dismissing me.

Causing me to clench my hands into a fist, the little twat.

Just then Johnson comes up to us, he’s smiling and his hair is ruffled as well as his clothes causing me to giggle. We all know what he’d been doing.

“Aye yo Evie, they brought out the karaoke machine, you still remember our song?”

“Of course, i might be a little rusty but let’s do it” I squeal taking another shot, before he pulls me away and atop the bar.

We’re handed two microphones, and a crowd circles around us, including Jack and his girlfriend who eyes me like I’m some chick who has no talent.

And then look at me now beginning rift starts up and Johnson smiles at me. Nate jumps up with another microphone, and starts singing Chris browns part while we joke around, and then it’s the busta rhymes part. I smile at Johnson before starting to rap while looking at my nails, and when it gets toThe part that says ‘and I know I can be a little cocky’ I flip my hair while winking at Jack who smiles at me.

And then I let Johnson take over, before finishing the last set of verses, earning screams from the crowd. And then Johnson’s bouncing around the made up stage earning a roar from the crowd, making his own verses and killing it. As he does this Nate makes his way to me and we dance together a bit before dancing around Johnson all the while laughing. But when I’m getting down from the bar, I see Jack making it with Madison, putting a damper on my mood.
As if sending my unease Nate’s there to take me away to the dance floor, his warm Hands slide around my waist as he pulls me closer, I dance with him, more to free myself from the feelings of unease. And he smiles joking with me, and teaching me new dance moves, then I’m being pulled away. I shoot Nate a sorry look before he gets lost in a crowd.

I’m being pulled, and then being slammed into a wall, after being pulled into a bathroom. I look up to see a very angry looking Jack, whose nostrils are flared.

“The fuck are you doing dancing on Nate?”

“Don’t worry about it Jack” I whisper pushing him away.

But he’s doesn’t move, instead he’s moving closer to me invading my space, and running his nose along my jaw. As well as his lips as they brush against my skin. Causing my skin to tingle and for me to bite down on my lip to keep in a whimper.

“Answer my question.”

“Fuck off” I whisper back.

He slams his hand against the wall causing me to flinch and for him to look into my eyes. I can see he’s pissed off, but I know he won’t hurt me.

“Evie, baby, stop playing. Don’t dance like that with other guys”

“Why not? I mean it’s not like I have anyone anymore that I should be waiting for.”

“You know that’s not true”

“Right tell that to your girlfriend” I laugh.

“You said never to talk to you again. You said to forget you because you were going to forget about me”

“And I see you took it to heart. That was me begging for you to fight for me, to chase after me. To fight for me harder, But i guess it never entered your head”

“Don’t say that. You knew how I felt”

“Did I?” I ask looking up into those fiery eyes, while tears filled mine.

And then I squeeze them shut as his lips were slammed into mine, one of his hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me up against him. He bites down on my bottom lip, causing me to moan, while he slipped his tongue inside of my mouth. I wrap my hands tightly around his neck kissing him back.

And then I hear a knock on the door.

“Jack are you in here” it’s the whiny voice of his girlfriend.

Part 2?

Hope you enjoyed 💕

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prompt: cas is ace and he's scared to tell dean, but one night after a few too many drinks on cas' part, he tells dean and lots of cuddling ensues

Dean and Cas have been best friends pretty much since the day they met in their Play Analysis class freshman year of college. Dean wasn’t out at the time, not even really to himself (he was attracted to girls after all), but he still saw Cas walk into the room and thought, “I hope that guy is into dudes.”

Three years, a couple of awkward kisses and a slew of awkward interactions later, Cas is finally opening up to Dean.

It’s their senior year, and they’ve been celebrating several nights a week. Cas has been drinking a little faster than usual tonight, and Dean notices he’s drunk before Cas realizes it.

“Dean, I really like you, you know that?” he says at the bar, leaning heavily into Dean’s side.

“Yeah, buddy, I know. You think you might want to slow down a little?”

Cas takes another shot. “I never told you–I probably should have, but I just…I’m embarrassed.”

“Cas, you don’t have to tell me any–”

“I’m asexual.”

Oh. Well that explains a lot. “You don’t like sex?”

“No, no, sex is fine. Sex is whatever. I just don’t–I don’t feel it. Yeah, that’s the right word. I don’t feel it.”

Dean’s still not really sure what he means, but he can always just look up asexuality later. Or ask Cas when he’s not hammered. “Why are you telling me this, Cas?”

“Because I like you. I want you to like me, but I’m embarrassed. If we had sex, it would be–it would be bad. You deserve good sex, Dean. You’re very attractive.”

“Thank you, buddy. But I like you, too. What if I wanted to be with you and have bad sex–or no sex–more than I want to be with anybody else and have good sex?”

Cas makes an adorably confused face. “I don’t understand.”

“C'mere, Cas,” Dean says before pulling Cas into his arms and giving him a strong hug. “I really care about you, all right? Come home with me tonight, and we can talk more in the morning. I’m not letting you go home by yourself in this state anyway.”

Cas still looks confused, but he nods and lets Dean lead him out of the bar.

It’s not the first time Dean’s taken care of a drunk Castiel, but it’s still somewhat of a fight to get him into bed properly. They’ve also never slept in the same bed before either, but when Dean tried to leave his room Cas grabbed his arm and yanked him into bed next to him.

He wrapped all of his limbs around Dean and held him so tight he couldn’t move.


“Shhh, sleep.”

Fine. They can work out whatever the fuck this is in the morning.


Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

Chapter 2

A/N: I don’t claim that any of the descriptions of drinking are accurate. I have been to zero parties and only had alcohol once before, so it’s all just a guess. The idea of the drinking is more important here.

“Shit.” Connor muttered, once he was sure he was far enough away from the room that Jude wouldn’t hear.  His elation at actually meeting Jude had faded the second he found himself lying on top of Jude just staring at his face. Meeting Jude had confirmed everything that he had been terrified of.  He anxiously ran his hand through his hair, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor. Somewhere along the line, between all their 3 AM conversations, Connor had let his guard down long enough to let Jude in through his walls, and Jude had managed to destroy every single one of them.  Connor had built them to protect himself from facing his sexuality, but now he was surrounded by rubble and staring two disconcerting facts in the face: one, that he was gay, and two, that he was super gay for Jude. The more he thought about it, the more his mind raced and the quicker his breathing got.  He needed to get out of his head.  Get drunk, maybe smashed enough to take a girl to bed. Maybe that would shut up the voice that was now nagging him, at least for a few days.

Just then, Connor noticed a boy walk past wearing a t-shirt bearing some greek letters Connor didn’t recognize. Guessing that this boy was part of a fraternity, Connor leapt to his feet, chasing after the boy.

“Do you know where I can find a party?” Connor gasped. The boy simply laughed.

“It’s the first night back on campus dude. You probably won’t have to walk more than five feet to find a party, bro.” he replied before walking off.

“Thanks.” Connor mumbled, walking out to his car to grab the rest of his things like had been intending to when he left the room.

“I’m going out tonight Jude, I’ll be late.” Connor told Jude when he made it back to the room.  He didn’t know why he felt like he needed to tell Jude, but if Jude asked he would just say it was out of courtesy so he didn’t get pissed off when he stumbled into the room at 3 AM.

“Really Connor?  You’re going to a party?”

“But I didn’t—“ Connor began to protest.

“I actually know you Connor, remember?” Jude reminded him.

“Oh. Right.” he muttered.

“But by that same token, I also know I can’t stop you so I’ll just tag along.” Jude continued.  This could work, Connor thought. See, his plan for dealing with the whole Jude thing had originally been to use starting college as an excuse to start distancing himself.  They only talked on the internet, so it would be pretty easy to do.  Just a couple of taps, and Connor could go back to happily denying his sexuality.  But now Connor had to come up with a new plan to drive Jude away.  He felt as if he wasn’t in a place to actually deal with his feelings, so instead he just wanted to get rid of the source of them. Sober Connor could never do anything to drive Jude away, but maybe Drunk Connor might be able to. He would at least try tonight, and see what happened.

They arrived at the closest party to their dorm around 8:00, Connor walking inside and immediately heading for the “bar” such as it was.  He grabbed a beer and a shot, quickly downing both in less than a minute before repeating the process.

“You trying to knock yourself out before midnight?” Jude exclaimed at seeing Connor drink so much so fast.

“I ain’t no lightweight Jude.” Connor replied, already starting to feel a little buzzed.  “C’mon Jude, have a drink.” he continued, pouring a double shot and handing it to Jude.  Jude just stared at it for a few seconds, before shrugging and quickly downing the whole thing.

“Seems like you’ve had a drink or two before, huh Jude?” Connor said, a giggle escaping his lips.

“My friend Taylor dragged me to a couple parties in high school.  I don’t particularly like drinking but I guess I don’t mind going to a party occasionally.” he answered, as Connor poured another shot, shoving it at Jude. He took it, figuring that it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of drinks.  He didn’t plan on going to any parties during the semester, so he might as well take this opportunity.  He quickly grabbed another shot, throwing all caution to the wind on what amounted to his fourth shot in five minutes.  Maybe if he got drunk enough, he’d forget about Connor and go home with some other boy. Speaking of Connor, Jude noticed that he’d already stumbled off, he guessed to find some girl to start sucking the lips off of.  Jude was already starting to feel tipsy, so he grabbed a beer and walked out into the living room to join the party.

Not twenty minutes later, it was obvious to any casual observer that Jude was already smashed.  He would grab any boy close to him, clumsily trying to get them to dance with him. One boy did, and before Jude could stop himself he was forcing his tongue into the other boy’s mouth, the other boy happily obliging.  Connor, not the lightweight that Jude appeared to be, saw this scene as he came down the stairs, and feeling the anger start rising in his chest, hurried into the kitchen.  He was far too sober to follow through with what he was considering doing.  So he poured himself two more double shots, drinking them both quickly before staggering out to find Jude.

Connor woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and someone in his bed.  That wasn’t unusual, since he normally ended up sleeping with some girl when he got as drunk as he remembered getting last night.  But what was strange was the fact that he was fully clothed, and his last memory was of pulling some guy off Jude and—Connor groaned inwardly, so as to not wake up the girl in his bed—kissing Jude.  So what happened after, he wondered.  He slowly opened his eyes, hoping that whoever was in his bed would provide more clues as to the rest of the night.  It took all of his self-control not to scream when he finally realized who it was in bed with him.  Jude. FUCK. Quickly, but carefully, Connor got out of bed, which he now realized was actually Jude’s.  Jude didn’t stir, and Connor breathed a sigh of relief. Jude wouldn’t remember what happened at the party, he was already black-out drunk by the time Connor kissed him, and now that Connor had got out of bed first, he wouldn’t know that they had ended up in the same bed.  Connor grabbed his jacket, hurrying out the room and trying to clear his thoughts. So much for Drunk Connor driving Jude away, all Drunk Connor could do was try and get in to bed with Jude, he thought bitterly, walking away from their room as fast as he could.