might see if my sister wants to drink with me or is she too sophisticated

Roommates - Prologue

Genre -romance, angst (in future chapters), humor?, smut (in future chapters)

Summary - After Jungkook’s younger sister moves in with him, Jungkook’s friends and neighbors - Jimin and Taehyung who have been friends for as long as they can remember and roommates ever since they moved out of their parents’ houses - become interested in her and their long-term friendship is put to a test.

Word count - 2363

A/N - I’m sorry about how short this was, but to compensate for that next chapter is coming out on the next three days hopefully. Also, as always, all feedback is very appreciated! 


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Taehyung woke up feeling like shit. His head hurt and he knew that he was most definitely hung over since he couldn’t even remember what happened the night before which lead him to believe that he must’ve drank way too much. An annoyed groan escaped his lips when the sunlight entered the room through the blinds and he pulled the covers over his head trying to go back to sleep, but his headache didn’t allow him to.

He sat up in his bed with another groan, looking around the room and trying to recall what happened the previous night. Taehyung remembered going to that party with Jimin. He remembered trying to flirt with two girls that - if his memory wasn’t lying to him - were definitely not interested. And he also remembered drinking. A lot. Too much.

Jimin probably had to drag him back home, because he was too drunk to even walk.

“Shit…” Taehyung cussed himself quietly. He promised his friend that he won’t get too drunk so both of them can have fun and Jimin wouldn’t have to feel like he’s there just so Taehyung had someone to drive him home. He felt bad. But then again, it was always like this with the two of them - Jimin was the more quiet one. The one who never really got drunk, the one who didn’t enjoy one night stands and the one who - Taehyung thought bitterly - was most likely to be in a good relationship, because girls seem to like his calm, collected personality more than they liked Taehyung’s loud, obnoxious one.

Taehyung was the type of guy who almost everyone found attractive, and almost everyone liked because of his confidence. Jimin was the more quiet, but sophisticated type. He was good at making compliments in ways that stuck with people. Girls thought he was cute. And guys thought he was funny. After all their years of friendship Taehyung had come to the conclusion that he was the type of guy people wanted to fuck and Jimin was the type of guy people wanted to be loved by.

Taking his phone from the nightstand Taehyung layed back down, rolling over on his stomach. He turned on the phone and checked the time. It was 2:30 PM. Why hadn’t Jimin woken him up by now? He usually doesn’t let Tae sleep past noon. Was he still asleep? Or did he officially give up on Taehyung once and for all?
Yawning, the boy stood up and walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. It was empty. Where the hell was Jimin? He checked in his bedroom, but again - no sign of his friend.

Jimin usually never left in the morning without at least telling him. And Tae knew that he must’ve been here earlier because there was still a half-full bowl of cereal on the table.

That’s when he heard it from outside the door - a laugh. Jimin’s laugh and then an unfamiliar, feminine giggle.

“Huh?” Taehyung groggily raised an eyebrow, rubbing his eyes sleepily before heading for the door.

This was strange. Most people in their apartment building were cold, closed off and sometimes flat out scary people. As far as he could tell they weren’t the type to laugh at jokes. Especially not Jimin’s. At first, he thought it was their friend Jungkook. Jungkook was their friend, his apartment was right across from theirs and he was just a year or two younger than them. A nice kid. Taehyung and Jimin would occasionally invite him over to watch a movie or something, but they were never really best friends.

But he had heard girls giggle enough times in his life that he knew that this couldn’t be Jungkook unless he has inhaled helium…

Taehyung opened the door and saw Jungkook, Jimin and a girl who he has never seen before, happily chatting about something surrounded by about fifty boxes, neatly standing against the wall.

Three pairs of eyes turned to look at him and he suddenly felt kind of awkward being the only one who was standing in only his pajama pants. He looked at the girl, all four of them now standing in awkward silence as if Taehyung had interrupted a very important conversation. She was pretty. Really pretty! Sometimes - Taehyung had noticed - you find someone attractive when you first meet them even if they really are not, but because you’ve never seen them before you might find them more good looking. But she really was a good looking girl.  Her face was shaped nicely, her hair neatly pulled back in a ponytail and a small smile gracing her lips even though no one was talking.

“Hi!” Taehyung finally broke the silence, flashing the girl a wide grin. “I’m Taehyung. And you are….?”

She opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by Jungkook.

“This is my baby sister, [Y/N]!” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders protectively and Taehyung could see a sigh escape her mouth as the girl rolled her eyes at her brother’s overprotective personality. “She’s moving in with me because she has nowhere else to go…”

“Oh!” Taehyung nodded, smiling. “So I’ll see you around very often then!”

“Yeah!” She nodded with a wide smile and before he could say anything else, Jimin interrupted him.

“Before you came here, [Y/N] was just telling us that she broke up with her boyfriend and moved here so she can start anew and get over him!” Jimin gave him a stern, meaningful look. He had seen Taehyung talk to girls enough times to know what his intentions were…And even though Jimin did like the girl a lot himself, he wasn’t going to be that asshole who tries to hit on someone while they’re in a vulnerable after-breakup state. And he didn’t want Taehyung to be that asshole either.

“Oh, I’m sorry…” Taehyung turned back to [Y/N]. “It must’ve been painful…”

You idiot! He mentally facepalmed himself the moment the words came out of his mouth, Of course, it was fucking painful! She broke up with her boyfriend!

She nodded and looked, the smile that seemed to not leave her face until now was replaced with a slight frown.

Jimin gave Taehyung a judging look before reassuringly putting a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay… “ He said softly. “I’m sure you’ll find someone…”
Taehyung glared at Jimin before resting a hand on her other shoulder, mirroring his friend.

“Yeah. And if you ever need help with anything we - especially me, because Jimin here’s kind of lazy - are always willing to help!”

She looked up at him and chuckled. “You’re funny!”

Taehyung gave his friend a victorious look, but then the girl turned to Jimin and pecked his cheek. “And you’re very sweet!”

He grinned, returning Taehyung’s look of victory from a few minutes ago. And the entire time Jungkook stood silent, observing the conversation as if deciding whether he should interrupt or not, raising an eyebrow at his sister’s actions.

“Okay!” He said finally, opening the door to his apartment and gently pulling on her sleeve. “We have to go now! We’ll talk to you later!”

[Y/N] gave both of them one final smile before turning to go inside with her brother.

Just a few months ago everything was perfectly fine. You had just started college and you were doing great with your studies. You managed to meet a lot of new people. And most importantly you were in a happy relationship. Everything was fine. But at one point everything went downhill all at once. First, you started arguing with your parents, then your friends. You started having trouble concentrating because you were losing sleep. And then your boyfriend of 3 years decided to break up with you and you decided that was the last straw! You weren’t going to keep pushing yourself with college when you couldn’t even concentrate in your classes. There was time for you to finish your education in the future if you wanted to. But for now, you wanted to move out of your parents’ house and get as far away from your ex as possible.

Jungkook - being not just your older brother but also your closest friend - agreed to let you move in with him as soon as you told him what happened. You knew that living with your brother would have its pros and cons. For example, Jungkook was very protective of you. Especially now that you have had someone break your heart he felt the need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. And you liked that about him. You liked that he cared about you. But this meant that you would also have to deal with his constant glares and lectures on how you have to be more careful around boys and how he didn’t want to see you crying because of a guy again.

Jungkook was acting like that again now. You

had just met your neighbors - Taehyung and Jimin - and even though neither of them seemed very impressive they managed to spark your interest. Of course, you weren’t the type of girl who would sleep with the first guy you meet after you had just broken up with your boyfriend, but you still wanted to get to know them better. But Jungkook didn’t seem to like the idea of you getting to know his friends.

“Look…” He sighed. “I know those guys - they’re my friends. Jimin doesn’t like getting too close to people and Taehyung treats women like items. I don’t want you to end up dating an asshole again…”

You rolled your eyes at him. “I’m not going to date neither one of them! I’m just trying to make friends. What’s your problem? I just moved here and I don’t know anyone…”

Jimin sighed again and paused to think for a moment before nodding. “Fine. Okay. I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t be that harsh on you…I’m sorry.”

He gave you a small smile and kissed your forehead before going out to bring in the rest of your stuff. You smiled to yourself and stood up, looking around the apartment. You felt that maybe moving in with your brother and starting anew was a real good idea…

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Jimin yelled angrily at Taehyung who was sitting on their counter with a careless smile on his face. “The girl said that she moved here so she can forget about her boyfriend!! Are you even capable of empathy!?”

Taehyung rolled his eyes at him and sighed.

“What do you want?! She said she wants to forget about him - one night with me can make girls forget many things…” He smirked to himself.

Jimin groaned in annoyance. “You are an actual animal! She told you that she had her heart broken and you were thinking about fucking her?!
“Well… By the looks of it you seemed pretty interested in her as well…” Taehyung raised an eyebrow at his friend.

He paused, trying to stay calm, before replying. “Yeah! I mean…She’s a pretty girl. But even if I am interested in her, I won’t use her state of weakness to get her to sleep with me! Because, unlike you, I AM NOT A FUCKING ANIMAL!”

Taehyung groaned and stood up. “Stop calling me that! She’s an adult, and so am I! You can’t tell me what to do and how to talk to her…”

Jimin was boiling with anger. He knew his friend could be an asshole sometimes - especially when it came to girls - but he never thought that Taehyung can be so inconsiderate of someone’s feelings. And it annoyed him. A lot.

“Fine, then!” He sighed, shaking his head. “Do whatever you want! I’m not going to stop you! But just know that next time you get fucking wasted at a random person’s party I WON’T drive you home and drag you to your bed! And I will also make sure that [Y/N] knows how you treat women and everyone else around you. I’m sure then she won’t even think about sleeping with you!”
Taehyung nodded. “Okay then! But just so you know without ME you wouldn’t even be at those parties so shut up! Also, not every girl cares about emotions and not every girl likes weak crybabies like you! So I guess at the end we will see who [Y/N] is going to choose!”

“Fine!” Jimin replied angrily. “I guess we’ll see! But don’t come crying to me when she rejects you!”

He stood up and stomped out of the room angrily, slamming the door shut behind him. It was rare for him and Taehyung to get so angry at each other. They were just used to each other’s annoying qualities so the usually just dismissed them with an annoyed sigh or an eye roll. But this was different. Jimin did not give a shit about all the girls he took home and fucked once before never even speaking to them again. They most likely knew what they were getting into when they first met Taehyung. He wasn’t the type to like relationships. But [Y/N] was so different. She was still young. And she didn’t seem like the kind of girl to like on night stands, although you can never guess that by just looking at someone. And Jimin felt the strange urge to protect her. He remembered the way his heart scrunched when she told him about her break up earlier that morning. He could just imagine how awful it must’ve been for her. And he wanted to make sure that she never feels that way again. Jimin knew she deserved better. But he also knew that Taehyung cannot possibly give her that.

Oh, players! | Joe Sugg fanfic | Part 02

Synopsis | Previous part

A/N: Caspar has his own house and lives by himself.

Part 02.

Joe pressed the doorbell and waited for someone to respond it. Gabi was leaned on him, leaving Joe uncomfortable with the situation. Reviewing the whole thing now, he realized that previously he lead her to believe they would go out on a date. They definitely weren’t on a date.

For some unknown reason, the front door wasn’t unlocked how it should be at a party, therefore Joe and  Gabi were left out there waiting for Caspar to show up. Joe sent a lot of messages and, when he called 7 minutes before, Caspar said he was “on his way” to receive them. Seemed that it wasn’t truth.

It was possible to hear the party that was happening inside the house in the whole block, the music was loud and the conversations were even more. Joe was getting impatient, he was freezing. Finally, the two guests heard the door be unlocked.

“Hey dude!” Caspar said cheerful, showing he probably had more alcohol than he should. “Sorry, I guess someone locked this.”

“Hey.” Joe gave Caspar a handshake, laughing as he realized the joyful state of his friend (and believing that Caspar himself locked the door and forgot about it). He introduced Gabi, suddenly not minding the wait.

As he entered the house, Joe pretended he was hot and took off his coach, because Gabi still was leaning on him and it would make her go away being not so rude (although Joe knew it wasn’t nice of him doing that). He noticed that some of those who were in there, he never saw before. Maybe they were friends of Caspar’s sister.

“This is almost your home, you can show around to her.” Caspar said as giving little slaps in his friend’s backs. He turned to Gabi. “And you: make yourself comfortable. Drinks are on the kitchen, it’s this left door.”

“Thank you” Gabi said, following the host to the dining room.

“Guys!” Caspar called the attention of his guests and showed how drunk he was. “Joseph Sugg is here, now the party will begin!”

The group cheered up as answer, even those who didn’t had a clue about who Joseph Sugg was and how important he was to the spirit of the party, which wasn’t Y/N/N’s case.

Y/N saw the guy as soon as he stepped in the residence. Go and talk to him even passed through her mind, but she realized that her brother was with Joe so she prefered not do that, sparing herself of the work. Besides, Y/N/N noticed a girl with  him, what she thought it was weird. Juliet made very clear that Joe wasn’t the kind that settle down with one lady only and Y/N/N brother’s stories confirm that. Well, the stranger and Joe could be just friends… It didn’t matter, Y/N turned backwards and ignored her brother calling her to meet his best friend.

She spoke with a few people, everyone seemed to be really excited to have Y/N Y/L/N back in town. Being sincere, she was too. At first, she wasn’t really happy about it, she hated London’s weather, but as soon she had her friends around again, she remembered she missed this place.

Y/N/N headed to the stars, where Joe was talking to the girl, but Joe didn’t notice she walking downstairs and going to Caspar’s basement. Thanks gods, this would be awkward and Y/N wasn’t ready to face him yet.

The basement was something to be proud of calling Caspar her brother. It was an enormous room with a beer pong table full of disposable cups and people around it. There was also a pool table and a poker one, both of them no less funny than the first one. There was a bar too and a few sofas so people could sit and talk. All the walls were on dark grey, with black furniture and it had plants to help decorate it. It was aesthetically beautiful and had a false air of sophistication, something that pleased the girl even more.

Y/N/N finished her drink (vodka and something else that she didn’t know what it was) while talking to people and she went back to the kitchen to take another drink with a worrying amount of alcohol (the magnificent bar on the basement was too crowded).

She had crazy nights in Sevilla, however nothing could be compared to the nights she had in London. She believed that no one could possible had something similar to the her nights in there (she and Caspar could tell a lot of stories about those).

“Hey stranger.” A guy’s voice was heard behind her.

Joseph Sugg hoped he could see Juliet’s friend at the party, but he didn’t really expected to found her in there (Juliet didn’t usually bring friends to parties), also he didn’t really thought that much about the girl he just met. In spite of that, he was glad to enter the kitchen and find her looking to the table full of bottles trying to choose what to take.

He didn’t remember her name anymore, on the other hand he realized that night looked good on her. Day time made her seem lovely, night, however, suited her better, the girl was covered in silent promises. This was good because dark hours were Joe’s favorites.

“Hey!” Y/N/N smiled and let Joe kiss her cheek.

“I didn’t see Juliet yet, I didn’t know you would come.”

Y/N wanted to laugh with his naivety. Now that she knew who was Joseph Sugg, seemed pretty stupid that she didn’t realise that before, she had seen him on her brother’s Instagram more than one time. Also, she knew they constantly were filming together, although she wasn’t used to watch Caspar’s videos (gods, one per week was a lot to her to keep up).

“Surprise.” Y/N/N said, choosing not revealing who she was because it might scared Joe away. No, she wanted him and he wouldn’t see her as a little girl before seeing her as a woman. She knew Caspar told already the “not my little sister” conversation to Joe.

For Y/N/N’s luck, Joe didn’t had pure intentions with her either. He took two beers from the fridge and offered her one.

Urgh, no.” She turned down. “Beer is horrible.”

Joe showed the smile he used to be nice with people. “You don’t like beer?” he asked, pretending he was impress.

Y/N/N giggled (because it was what Joe expected to hear and she knew that) and threw her hair over her shoulder.

“No! I like myself and I don’t do nothing that is bad to me.” She teased, hoping that her little sentence would activate Joe’s dark thoughts.

“Were you born in England?!”

“Yes.” she rolled her eyes as a joke.

“Okay then.” Joe leaned to the kitchen counter. “Let me see what are you going to drink.”


“You talk like beer is really bad and like you’re over it. Let me see what you’re choosing.” Joe raised his shoulders.

Y/N/N laughed, it wasn’t even that hard to be interested in Joe, something that he could agree about her. Joseph couldn’t stop thinking how pretty she was.

“Fine!” Y/N clapped and turned to the drink options. She did that with such a grace that her hair flew, touching slightly Joe’s arm. “Let me see…”

Y/N/N pretended she needed to be closer to the bottles so she could read the labels, what made her butt go up as she got down. She knew exactly what was inside of every bottle in there, but where was the fun in just take what she needed?

Even if that was all an act, Y/N/N wanted a drink for real. She and her brother liked cocktails and she never felt so happy by the diversity of things available in front of her.

Joe watched her making a Melon Lemonade with maestry, something he never saw before unless by his mate, Caspar. By the way, he was the only one until now that did this drink in that way (and it was one of Caspar’s favorite drinks). Maybe Y/N/N knew Caspar and taught him.

Joe got closer to the girl and annoyed her through all the process. Something that was accept with sympathy and light mood. He didn’t remember anymore about Gabi or the beer that was getting warm in his hand, the only thing he was focus on was getting Y/N/N.

Ta-daa!” She said happy as she finished what she called her masterpiece.

Ok, Caspar could make all the Melon Lemonades he wanted to, even if it was the same recipe, Caspar never would be able to make his drink be as well finished or as pretty as Y/N/N’s. Caspar always ended with at least one third of his drink out of his glass.

Y/N/N took the glass and put the straw in her mouth, looking to Joe and watching him swallow her with his eyes. She blinked, taking the straw off, and offered him:

“Want some?” She asked in the most provocative innocent way possible.

Joe was a little dizzy with the situation. Y/N/N saw his striking blue eyes go blurry and then darker.


She smiled and took another sip of her drink like nothing was going on. That was it, until the end of the night, Joe would search her (if her next step went as planned and the girl who was with Joe wasn’t his girlfriend),

“Sorry, I’m holding you back, right?” Y/N/N asked. “You probably were taking this beer to someone.”

Joe looked the bottle he was drinking and holding in his right hand and the closed one he held in his left hand.

“Oh, yeah, Gabi…” He grumbled and then turned to Y/N/N. “I gotta go… Sorry.”

Joe turned around and left, making Y/N/N sighed (she didn’t know that the whole way to Gabi, he was cursing himself because he didn’t remember the name of Y/N). Her attempt of trying to find out if that girl with Joe was his girlfriend had fail miserably. The way he spoke to Y/N/N… She didn’t doubt that the stranger was related to him, however Y/N wasn’t letting this be the last time they spoke to each other. She wasn’t that happy in hooking up with a guy who had girlfriend. Of course, it wasn’t her problem if the boy was or wasn’t a cheater and it wouldn’t stop her, but it wasn’t the ideal situation either.

Joe was her brother’s best friend, if she messed his life, it would be different than hooking up with a stranger who had a girlfriend, it was a well known who had a girlfriend. Technically, however, Joe and her were introduced for the first time that day, so…

“Y/N/N!” A tall ginger guy said excited and she turned to the person who called her, finally getting out of her own little world.

“Josh!” She threw herself in his arms. “I missed you!”

“Yeah, I know you missed.” Josh said. Y/N/N rolled her eyes to her friend. “So… You found somewhere to stay already?”

“Hum… Mom said to live with Caspar for now, actually” she shook her shoulders “this place is huge and, since he miss me, he didn’t argue”

“Yet.” Josh pointed out.

“Yes, yet.” they both laughed. “Soon the sparkle will go away and he will kick me out through that door.” Y/N/N pointed to the entrance of the house. Josh, laughing, noticed Joe next to it.

“Hey, that is Joe. You don’t know him yet!” Josh soon took Y/N/N by her waist and leaded her to Joe’s. “He is the only one of us that you don’t know!”

“Actually, Josh…”

“Joe!” Josh called, making Joe see him.

“Hi Josh.” Joe said, giving his mate a hug and realizing who he was with, getting confused. Since when everybody knew that girl? “This is Gabi.” Joe introduced without interest (as Y/N/N noticed).

“Hi Gabi, how are you?” Josh asked. “Nice to meet you.”

“Same.” Gabi forced a smile, realizing how complicated it was to get a moment with Joe.

“Joe!” Josh screamed, remembering Y/N by his side.

“Josh!” Joe made them laugh by screaming back.

“This is Y/N/N, she is…” before Josh could finish the sentence, Y/N/N stepped in his foot. “Ouch!” he looked to her.

“Y/N/N!” Joe exclaimed, more excited than he should be for not having to pass through the “I forgot your name” thing. “Yeah, Y/N/N…” He cleared his throat. “It’s good to see you in less than 20 minutes.”

Y/N/N laughed and Josh frowned.

“Wait, you know each other?”

Joseph opened his mouth to speak, but Y/N/N was faster.

“We met sooner today, I was with Juliet and…”

“Josh!” some guy called and Y/N/N’s smile grew bigger. “I didn’t see you, buddy. How are you?”

“You are getting all excited about Josh and not even saying hi to me, Oli?” she asked.

Oli finally realized who was the girl with his friends and couldn’t contain his joy. “Y/N/N!”

Y/N didn’t see the bear hug coming and let a scream out when Oli got her up. Laughing she said: “Yeah, I missed you too.”

Wait… Y/N/N? A girl called Y/N/N that all his friend seemed to know except him? A beautiful girl called Y/N/N that did the exact same drink as Caspar? A spectacular girl called Y/N/N that was in the welcome party of Caspar’s sister that just came from Spain who was called Y/N? Oh, no…

“Oli!” Caspar showed up, saying hi to the friend. “FInally you came! Jack, Conor and Mike are downstairs, it means that we’re all in here!” Caspar cheered. “Anyone saw Y/N/N?”

“Right here, Casp.” she lift her hand and smiled, Joe unconsciously grimaced, thinking he was extremely stupid.

“Oh, hello!” Caspar said laughing.

“Where’s Maddie?” asked Y/N/N, looking to Caspar’s girlfriend (and caretaker when he was drunk).

“Bathroom.” the older sibling answered. “What I have to say now is too important to wait her.”

So he called all guest in the living room to the basement and, when he was downstairs, he got up in the pool table and called everybody’s attention.

“Oh my God.” Y/N/N complained, forgetting about Joe and all her interest in remaining anonymous. “He is drunk enough to make speeches.”

Joe knew every level of Drunk Caspar and also knew that his speeches were awful, however he was busy thinking that his friend would kill him if he knew that Joe were about to hook up with his sister.

“I just want to thank you all to be here tonight!” Caspar raised an arm and everybody screamed in celebration. “Finally my little sister, Y/N/N, is back after admitting Sevilla was a mistake.”

Y/N/N laughed. “I never said Sevilla was a mistake, Caspar!”

“You didn’t say…” his words were slow “but you thought it for sure!”

“I never…”

“Shh, shut up, Y/N Lee!” Caspar ordered.

Joe saw those two only thinking that, fuck, he didn’t had the opportunity to at least kiss her! Not even a quick kiss… When it was about friend’s sisters, Joe met the girl knowing she was forbidden territory, but he didn’t had a clue about Y/N’s relatives before.

“Caspar, I’m not a Lee!” Y/N/N couldn’t stop laughing with her brother’s scene.

“Just because I didn’t adopt you yet, sis!”

Y/N gave up and decided to join Casp in the pool table, something that made her ass look bigger from  where Joe was.

“Yes, come here, disciple.” Caspar passed his arms to Y/N/N’s shoulders and she rolled her eyes. “Come and never leave me again because Y/N Lee is ours again!” Caspar raised his drink up and everybody followed his movement.

A big choir of “Y/N Lee, Y/N Lee, Y/N Lee” was sung while the girl laughed and protested “My name is Y/N Y/L/N!”. The only person who wasn’t on a festive mood was Joe…

Joseph Sugg just needed a few shots of tequila in that moment.

at first sight

Snowbarry // AU - College/Pride & Prejudice

Description // Literature student Barry swears he hates everything about the privileged side of Central City, including one leggy, doe-eyed, bon-mot tossing, label-worshiping vortex of girly vapidness Caitlin Snow. Until, as these things go, he doesn’t, not even by a small measure, and not at all.

AN // Sappy goodness with a lot of influences here, especially Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice’s hate/love dynamic, Gossip Girl’s Dair, and probably a slew of others I can’t really recall.


Neither Barry nor Caitlin will deny loathing each other at first sight.

Though, as it turns out, and in most cases, first impressions are never as they seem. In fact, as much as Barry could help himself in the beginning, he completely rejected the idea of Caitlin Snow. That is, until one day, as if all at once, in an overwhelmingly clean sweep he realized he didn’t hate her. Not really, and truthfully not at all. 

But, it did begin this way, when he truly believed that she was the absolute embodiment of everything he had hated about the privileged side of Central City distilled into a leggy, doe-eyed, bon-mot tossing, label-worshiping vortex of girly vapidness. 

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A Long Way From Home

A Christmas Everlark One-Shot

It was hot. Ridiculously hot - sweat pearled across her brow, ran a shaky line down her spine, made the thin shorts she wore stick to the back of her thighs like a second skin. For the ten billionth time, she asked herself if coming here had really been the smartest decision - then, looking over at her sister, answered it the same way she had every other time. Yes, of course it was.

Except…right now, Katniss Everdeen was hot, bothered and felt like a complete fish out of water. And she was a very, very long way from home.

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Don't Choke on Those Bitter Butterflies

Aye transcendence-au i did the thing. 


Goddamn can those two idiots throw a party, Pacifica thinks as she surveys the scene like a drafted solider would a battle field.

All the people of Gravity Falls need is a little push in the right, wrong, direction and they let loose, they go wild. They have fun. They step back and take a deep a breath. Pacifica is finding it a little hard to let go of her anxieties at the moment. Even with three already empty cheap red plastic cups. 

Sure her heads a bit fuzzy, but only a little. 

She is defiantly not as shit-faced as some of the more seasoned patrons. Speaking of which, Dipper just hiccuped and turned a pool-table into a apple tree. Branches sprawling out from the trunk into the ceiling, roots digging into the floor, buds blooming on the branches, dozens of apples ripening in seconds.  

When she arrived, ahem, after she had been kidnapped from her sensible, sophisticated, party at her own home by her demonic aquantince, Dipper had dropped her from his shoulder and dumped her into the middle of the dance floor. He’d smiled at her wickedly with his dumb, cute face and had flown off to wreck havoc elsewhere. 

Now he glided up to where she stood off to the side, trying her hardest to hide from the loud crowd of rowdy party animals.

“Hey,” he said swaying a little in midair.

“Hey,” she said, hiding her grimace with a weak smile.

She sipped her drink and he raised an eyebrow.

“Alright, spill what wrong?”

“What? Nothings wrong, everything’s fine,” she said defensively, quickly, not wanting to divulge too much into her own personal life at the moment.  

He gave her a withering look that clearly read ‘i can see straight through that baloney, you ain’t fooling no one sweety.’

She huffed and looked away.

It might be nice to talk to someone right? Get it off her chest? Confide in someone?

Except she wasn’t completely sure Dipper was trust worthy with such a… delicate subject. He was a demon after all, and she had seen him be pretty demonic, especially a few weeks ago when a manticore tried to-

“Pacifica,” he said, genuine worry leaking into his voice.

She snapped her eyes back to his rather abruptly. She looked into his eyes, really looked, and what she saw made her chest squeeze painfully. Dipper was her age. She was a little older, only by three months, but they were still the same physical age. So why did his eyes look so old? It wasn’t that they were filled with cataracts or were dull like her grandmother’s glazed gaze. His gaze just carried this weight and experience that meant something. 

What had he seen that gave his eyes that tint of knowing, like he’d seen all and knew all, and was displeased with what the crystal ball on his mantel had shown him. Like he had read every book ever been written, or would be written, and each and every single one had ended unjustly and tragically. What had he seen that gave his eyes a hue of understanding grief? All his favorite characters had died pointlessly and alone. He looked like he saw the beginning, the middle, and the end, but didn’t know who to tell; or if anyone would be willing to listen. 

She found herself think how she would be willing to listen. 

“My parents,” she said giving into the temptation of a shoulder to at least lean on, “They’re fighting again.”

He nods his understanding, signaling for her to continue.

She bites her lips, and closes her eyes tightly. Unable to hold his gaze any longer. 

“They’re using me,” she spites, “they using me as a bargaining chip. As a weapon against each other.”

“Im sorry,” he says “is there any way I can help?”

“No,” she says shaking her head. Pacifica doesn’t want to talk about herself anymore. How Freaky Friday is that?

“How are you doing though, Dipstick?” she snaps at the genuinely concerned look he’s giving her, wanting and not wanting to insult him at the same time. How dare he show her sympathy, how dare he show her pity. He’s the one who should be pitied. 

“As shitty as ever,” he says with a too wide grin, pulled aggressively across his lips and cheeks. He bares his shark teeth at her, he caught her insult, this is his response to her little angry jab. His smile unnerves her like it always does when he gets like this. He hiccups again and the plastic cup she’s holding turns into a goblet bedazzled with rubies and emeralds, the cheap rum and coke turning into fine red wine. 

Oh my god he’s so drunk, she thinks a little mortified. 

“Must be hard,” she says avoiding eye contact by sipping her drink smiling at the taste of cherries, not that he notices.

“Yeah…but its getting better,” he watches Mabel wrestle the microphone from Manly Dan so that she can sing the chorus to their shared duet, his smile turning goofy and relaxed. She looks toward him, her colors flux for a moment from violet to mint green. He turns his head back toward her to see whats wrong. 

“That’s good. I’m glad,” she says quickly looking away for a second to where his sister was causing a ruckus on the karaoke stage.

He follows her gaze to the stage and then looked back to Pacifica and couldn’t fight the grin that spread across his face. Her colors were genuine and warm. All the tension that had suffocated and twisted her before was gone. Like the soothing feeling you get when you drink a warm cup of hot coco and you can feel the warm liquid rush into your stomach. Her colors were sweet like chocolate on a cold day and warm like a sunrise. Brining to light affections he barely had the mental capacity to comprehend at the moment. She seemed happy, really and truly happy.

Despite what she might have ever said tonight, or any time since she’d met the twins, she was genuinely pleased to be there. With him. With everyone who actually gave a shit about her. She was happy he was here too.

And it was most likely his blood to alcohol ratio at the moment but he was rather overwhelmed by the influx of emotion and caring he was receiving from Pacifica Northwest at the moment. He was such a sap. A sappy pine tree. The irony was delicious like the keg of ale he had chugged ten minutes ago. And this burst of affection turned him into a complete, emotional wreck.

God, he just loved everyone here so much. His chest felt tight and light at the same time.

He knew he was a touchy-feely kind of drunk. He knew that he would cling to the people he cared about possessively and sometimes burst into spontaneous tears and/or giggle fits because he cared so much and they were so vibrant and alive in this moment. He could feel everything so acutely that it always seemed to overwhelm him. And that was just when he was sober. Generally he had enough presence of mind to keep himself in check and not let his sappy ‘huggy wuggy’ emotional urges control him. But when he’d had a little to much to drink, meaning the whole liquor store and the winery down the street, that carefully constructed “socially acceptable grace” dam broke.

His chest gave another tight, warm, pleasant squeeze as it filled with affections and happiness. She gave him a curious look. Lifting one platinum blonde eyebrow past the hair line of her bangs. His smile widened, his head far too fuzzy for logic and reason to kick in any time soon. He saw the beginnings of a blush tinting her cheeks but dismissed it rather thoughtlessly.

There was a part of him. A small nagging voice that knew, that just knew how she felt; how she really felt. But the rest of him was ignorant. Maybe ignorant on purpose. It was better, easier, for him to ignore it. Rather than confront it for what it really was.

The poor girl, a twisting voice said, you’ll break her heart without even trying.

He barely heard that voice’s cruelly  ironic words through the buzz in his head and the numb warmth in his belly.

He reached forward, placing his open palms onto her cheeks. Cupping the sides of her face in his hands, a giddy grin breaking and stretching out over his face. Running the pads of his thumbs over her cheeks. He wanted to express to her how much he appreciated her presence and her soothing colors. And, as many a relative or friend had told him, he got very affectionate when he was completely shit-faced drunk. He leaned forward, sensing no negative colors, only encouragement.

That’s a nice change, he thought absently.

He pressed a delicate kiss to her left cheek. His aim was a little off of course. He ended up kissing the corner of her mouth too, but only a little. Not a big deal. Her skin was warm and soft anyways. 

There was a burst of color. An explosion of magentas, reds, pinks, blues, greens, and gold. It poured from her with such vigor and surprise. Like the stuttering heart beats pounding into her chest.

He pulled back and laughed, hiding his face in her hair, some part of his mind recognized the smell of jasmine on her hair and though it was nice.

He wrapped his arms around her neck, burying his face into her shoulder. His shoulders shook with giggles. It took her a good long moment to accept and respond to the drunken gesture. His shoulders shook with mirth, he swayed from one side to the other. Losing balance easily and floating absently from right to left, her arms locked around his waist were the only thing keeping him from floating up into the ceiling and staying there like one of the party balloons.

After her initial shock faded, and the gravity of what he had just done sank in, she turned seven different shades of flustered. 

But, as has been proven, Pines’ laughter is infectious. Pacifica found herself chuckling along heartily with the boy in her arms soon. Suddenly feeling the affect of all the rum and coke and the cherry red wine she had previously consumed. She actually giggled. If she’d had the presence of mind, Pacifica would have blanched at this absurd display of…affections. But he seemed happy, and he was really warm, and his fair was really soft and tickled the side of her face. Ugh. One sided crushes on dream demons were the worst.

Pacifica Northwest was not pinning for him, pun unintended, nope defiantly not.  

“Hey, Hey, you know what?” he said pulling away a little with his arms still resting on her shoulders.

“What, what?” she replied not even bothering to fight the blush that creeped up her on her face. Curse her affections for this dumb adorkable idiot. 

“We should go sing a karaoke song,” he laughed, the tips of his pointed impish ears tinted pink. 

“Together?” she laughed.


She gave him a skeptical look and he actually pouted at her, Goddammit

It had to be illegal to be that cute, especially if one is an all powerful demon of destruction and terror. 

Fuck it.

“Well c’mon then loser!” she said grabbing his hand and not giving herself a moment to second guess herself. 

She looked though the binder with the list of songs available on the karaoke machine as Dipper wrestled the mic from his sister; materializing another microphone out of thin air into the palm of his hand. 

On a whim she picked a song she knew she would regret in the morning, whatever, she was going to live right now and not give a damn. Not about her parents. Not about the divorce hanging over her head. Not about her social life in shambles. Not about all the eyes always on her. 

Dipper tossed he a microphone and she pressed play. 

Can’t count the years on one hand. That we’ve been together. I need the other one to hold you. Make you feel, make you feel better,” she sang, letting the music speak for itself. 

It’s not a walk in the park. To love each other. But when our fingers interlock, Can’t deny, can’t deny you’re worth it“ Dipper joined in, he shouldn’t sound that naturally good, he was totally cheating. 
”’Cause after all this time I’m still into you,” she sang. 

I should be over all the butterflies! But I’m into you. I’m into you. And baby even on our worst nights. I’m into you. I’m into you.” They sang together. Laughing their asses off. 

Let ‘em wonder how we got this far. ’Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all. Yeah, after all this time I’m still into you.”

Recount the night that. I first met your mother. And on the drive back to my house. I told you that, I told you that I loved ya,” she sang loudly as the crowd raised their glasses and danced to the song. 

You felt the weight of the world. Fall off your shoulder. And to your favorite song. We sang along to the start of forever. And after all this time I’m still into you,” Dipper serenaded. She had to compose herself, laughing enough to almost miss the chorus. 

I should be over all the butterflies. But I’m into you. I’m into you. And baby even on our worst nights. I’m into you. I’m into you. Let ‘em wonder how we got this far. ’Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all. Yeah, after all this time I’m still into you,“ they belted out in unison. 

Some things just, some things just make sense. And one of those is you and I,” she sang closing her eyes with a smile that actually reached her eyes, ”Some things just, some things just make sense. And even after all this time,”she warbled unable to not laugh at the end. 

I’m into you, baby, not a day goes by, that I’m not into you,” Dipper picked it up where she left off, hitting a rather impressive high note.

I should be over all the butterflies. But I’m into you. I’m into you. And baby even on our worst nights. I’m into you. I’m into you. Let ‘em wonder how we got this far,” by this time the whole crowd was singing along with them and Pacifica couldn’t remember the last time she was so happy. 

”’Cause I don’t really need to wonder at all. Yeah, after all this time
I’m still into you!
I’m still into you!
I’m still into you.” ~~~~  The next morning Pacifica woke to the obnoxious buzzing of her phone on her bed side table. She groaned, hiding her face under her covers trying to ignore the nuisance. For some inexplicable reason she had a raging headache. Finally she couldn’t take it any more, she groaned as she dragged herself out of bed to answer her annoying phone.  As it turned put no one was calling her but her friends were freaking out and sending her a constant streams of messages. One of the messages, from her friend Gabby, was a link to a YouTube video.   She tapped the link with her index finger as she closed the shades, sighing in relief as the room darkened significantly. Hangover headaches be damned. Why did she have a hangover anyways? Odd.  As the it loaded Pacifica noticed the title of the video.  Live Karaoke with Alcor  She creased her brow in confusion for all of two seconds before the video fully loaded and she saw herself through the lens of a shaking iPhone catching a microphone and smashing the play button on a karaoke machine.  Oh shit. It all came back to her, the whole night, even the water gun fight afterwards. The words she had said, the fucking kiss.  She looked at the number of hits and likes the video had. It had gone viral. Shit

anonymous asked:

‘we got caught by this awful storm and now we’re waiting for it to calm under the roof of a café, want to go inside and have a coffee in the meantime?’ au

Hi anon! Thank you for the prompt. I hope you don’t mind that I amended it a little :)

The sky was dark and heavy with clouds pregnant with rain; thunder rumbled overhead in an ominous warning and a crack of lightning echoed in the distance. Katniss Everdeen took a quick glance skyward, inwardly crossed her fingers and hoped she’d be able to make it home before the storm that had threatened all afternoon finally hit.

Half a second later, the clouds burst open and dumped a weeks worth of rain onto downtown Panem. And what felt like directly onto her, soaking her from head to toe.

Katniss began to stumble down the sidewalk, her flats slipping on the wet pavement, wiping at her face as water dripped into her eyes. Around her, some people scrambled for the cover of the subway, others ran down the street with handbags or opened newspapers held over their heads. But as of this moment, Katniss’ eyes were trained solely on the black and white striped awning that loomed at the far end of the street. If she could just make it there, and take shelter until the worst of it passed, she’d be happy. Because the last thing she needed right now was to slip and break her leg or something - and knowing her luck at the moment, that’s exactly what would happen.

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One Drink - One Shot

TITLE: One Drink
AUTHOR: peacelovejoysami
GENRE: Romance/Fluff
FIC SUMMARY: This blind date wasn’t what she was expected…..it was better. :)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Just a little fluff piece that was inspired by this picture:

One drink. That was it. I was meeting my friend for one drink, and then I’d leave. It had been a hard day, and I really didn’t feel like dealing with Tasha. She was overly perky, over ecstatic about life, and occasionally a little slow with the wit, if you know what I mean. On most days, she was great. She helped me remember the simple goodness of life when I felt dark and gloomy, and she taught me to do the same for her when she was feeling down. All in all, it was safe to say she’s one of my best friends.
On any other day, I’d be more than happy to have an excuse to get all dressed up, meet her at some exclusive club due to her surprisingly well associated brother, down expensive drinks thanks to men who barely looked past our chests, giggle the whole way home after convincing one of those men to call us a cab (and if they were really nice, a car), then have a sleepover at either of our apartments, and try to sober up while talking about fears, hopes, dreams, etc. similar to what we did when we were younger.

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