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Fandom Sorting Hat

Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): SLYTHERIN

Slytheirns value cunning and ambition. Even in her earliest days as an apparently ‘mousy’ novice, Willow demonstrates a penchant for both . Remember in the very second episode, she leverages her knowledge of computers to trick Cordy into deleting a project? Under the polyester, scales have always lain.

For Willow, knowledge means power, a means to an end. There’s a reason they call it witchcraft; Willow is interested in magic predominantly for the power she creates for herself. Possibly only next to Buffy, Willow’s arc centers the most on her relationship to power. 

Futhermore, Slytherins are also fervently protective of “real” friends, to quote the Sorting Hat itself. From s4 onwards, it became a season staple for Willow to go on a rampage of some sort fueled by the loss of someone dear. 

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Hi! I really like your art style, it's just, sooo pleasing to the eye (also this rhymed, haha) I would love to see how you'd draw crowfeather or leafpool. Sorry if you already have, but i couldn't seem to find them in your tag. Thanks! :)

Here they are! I might redo my crowfeather one later, its kinda old now. And glad you like my style!

The Altmer

It’s taken me quite a while to do this again, I wasn’t happy with the quality of a lot of the ones I had already done, and needed to get out of that slump.
But here we are! I’m not saying this is all that good either, but its good to get back into it. (I might even redo some of the old ones eventually)

[The Imperials] [The Dunmer] [The Falmer] [The Bosmer]

(Dragon Age: Inquisition inspired)


(A Caitlyn review)

Well it’s no mystery I’ve been feeling very low and disappointed at life, art and everything lately and I did some therapeutic shopping with the scraps of my last month’s salary and there’s nothing more therapeutic than adopting a sexy sheriff.

The package Cait comes in is super nice and it’s SO. SHINY. I’m all about the symbol of Piltover in golden paint on both sides.

The statue is really really good! It’s super light so I guess it’s plastic casted and not resin casted but still, what a babe! The pedestal is ultra wide and the cherry on top of the cupcake is… well, literally the cherry on top. The body is shaped nicely and the whole figure is very detailed, her pose is super cool! Every belt has the line of the hems and FINALLY it shows that her dress is not a full dress but a skirt and corset combo. Cosplay reference yay! I might finally redo my dress and sell the old one. The only thing that makes me sad is the lack of the big silver cog she had on top of her hat. Unfortunately, the face is not that pretty and the painting job could have been done way way better mostly on the eyes, but when on display her hat covers most of it and only shows her lipstick, so it’s good, we’re even.

HER SHOTGUN IS FUCKING LONG DAMMIT. Okay she’s a pretty shortie BUT STILL it’s like over 5 feet of shotgun I’d think twice before pissing her off even in a close range fight.
It’s super creepy that she has no hand when the shotgun is off. But I really like the way it’s built - again, better cosplay reference!

But on a more intimate note…
…she wears an ultra sexy white laced violet see-through culotte.
Jayce approves.

…this has been a review.

I’m still sad and disappointed but at least I have a sheriff to share thoughts with.


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