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I’ll just start this off by axing off a HUGE group of characters right off the bat: the traitor is not a teacher, has to be from class A and cannot be from any other class, and is not a “minor” member of class A, such as Mineta or Sero. I am assuming that those characters who have been somewhat involved in the main plotline of the story are those that have the potential to be the traitor. After cutting it down from that, I’ll just run through specific instances.

Of course it’s not Midoriya, or the story would make no sense; same with Bakugou due to having been kidnapped. I’m cutting out Iida, Todoroki, and Momo for their involvement in helping to rescue Bakugou in the AfO arc, and also because they all have a family history in heroics.  Froppy I’m cutting out more because of the way the story is written makes her a really awkward fit as traitor. Denki is one of the theories I’ve seen floating around, but I think that from the most recent arc, there’s a little too much leaning away from Denki having the capacity for being a traitor.

Kirishima, although I definitely wouldn’t be too surprised if it did turn out to be him, still doesn’t fit the bill for me. My initial reason was that Kirishima obviously wants to save Bakugou from the villains during that particular arc - he initiates the entire thing. While even despite on that, I was open to the idea of Kirishima being the traitor, but thinking on it there are two other reasons I can’t sink my teeth in. The first is that Kirishima is just… so honest?? and also Bakugou’s kinda-probably best friend? If the villains really wanted Bakugou to join the villain side, Kirishima probably would have known, and also he could have easily spoken to Bakugou about STUFF and weeded out whether or not Bakugou was really villain material. He also strikes me as honest enough to bide his time with Bakugou and then when the time came, literally just saying ‘hey, Bakugou join me on the villains’ side.’

My second reason is crucial: Kirishima is just not AS close to Midoriya as pretty much every other main character. While I’m sure Midoriya would be upset if Kirishima was the traitor, it wouldn’t have the same effect as a lot of the other main characters in the series. The shock factor for Midoriya, appropriately, would be more like “oh no, how could you?”  and I don’t think that’s what Horikoshi wants. Good traitor reveals are big, painful, and close to the heart. They’re someone who the main character trusts, and a lot of the time, a character who’s been there from the start.

So who is left?

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haikyuu!! pixiv tags

fashioned after this excellent reference post for yowapeda, i put a similar one together for haikyuu! i don’t have pixiv premium so it’s kinda difficult for me to look up stats, but i figured i could share the tags.

please let me know if anything needs to be fixed. i only included the more popular characters/ships (meaning more posts on pixiv) but will add others upon request (i’m using this so i know what to tag ships as on my blog tbh). note that if you want the ship reversed (i.e. hinakage instead of kagehina), you just have to switch the order of the kanji. quite a few are just as popular reversed so you might not be alone in your preference!

日向翔陽 hinata shouyou
影山飛雄 kageyama tobio
澤村大地 sawamura daichi
菅原孝支 sugawara koushi
東峰旭 azumane asahi
西谷夕 nishinoya yuu
田中龍之介 tanaka ryuunosuke
月島蛍 tsukishima kei
山口忠 yamaguchi tadashi
武田一鉄 takeda ittetsu
烏養繋心 ukai keishin
孤爪研磨 kozume kenma
黒尾鉄朗 kuroo tetsurou
及川徹 oikawa tooru
岩泉一 iwaizumi hajime
縁下力 ennoshita chikara
清水潔子 shimizu kiyoko
谷地仁花 yachi hitoka
青根高伸 aone takanobu
夜久衛輔 yaku morisuke
灰羽リエーフ haiba lev
木兎 光太郎 bokuto koutarou
赤葦 京治 akaashi keiji
牛島若利 ushijima wakatoshi

影日 kagehina - kageyama/hinata
月日 tsukihina - tsukishima/hinata
研日 kenhina - kozume/hinata
ひなやち hinayachi - hinata/yachi
及影 oikage - oikawa/kageyama
月影 tsukikage - tsukishima/kageyama
影菅 kagesuga - kageyama/sugawara
大菅 daisuga - daiichi/sugawara
東西 azunishi - azumane/nishinoya*
月山 tsukiyama - tsukishima/yamaguchi
月田 tsukita - tsukishima/tanaka
うかたけukatake - ukai/takeda**
黒研 kuroken - kuroo/kenma
クロ月 kurotsuki - kuroo/tsukishima
黒大 kurodai - kuroo/daichi
岩及 iwaoi - iwaizumi/oikawa
灰夜久 haiyaku - haiba/lev
あかぼく akaboku - akaashi/bokuto
 牛及 ushioi - ushijima/oikawa

烏野 karasuno
青葉城西 aobajousai
音駒 nekoma
伊達工業 datekougyou
梟谷 fukurodani

you can just copy paste these into pixiv’s search box! please always remember to source and make sure the artist is okay with you sharing their work. here’s a helpful faq for doing so (◡‿◡✿)

*the kanji for azunishi are especially common (they mean ‘east’ and 'west’ respectively) so there’s a bunch of other stuff in their tag and that goes doubly so for their reversed tag :x

**no idea why this ship is written in hiragana aha


It has come to my notice that a lot of this artist’s work is being reposted here on tumblr. Above is part of the artist’s profile on her pixiv that she updated in September (2014). Some translations below:


Blue Underline: She’s recently added a warning in English that specifies that she does NOT want her artwork to be posted on websites INCLUDING TUMBLR.

Yellow Underline: ※Recently I have been receiving messages asking “Did you give this person permission to repost?”, but I have not given anyone permission to repost anything whatsoever. 

(In red: her sites / accounts and the name she goes by).

She is one of the most famous Kuroko no Basuke and Haikyuu!! artist / doujinka, I’m sure you have seen her wonderful artworks before. What bothers me is that despite the fact that she mentions (IN ENGLISH) that she does not want her works to be reposted, I’m seeing them everywhere here on tumblr.

I’ve seen her works translated and posted here, including full doujins, posts claiming that they’ve received permission to share her artwork when she clearly mentions that she has never given permission before, and so on. It’s really starting to get out of hand. 

Things that we can do:

  • Do not repost her or any artwork without permission. If the artist didn’t provide you direct permission to share their artwork, credited or not, it’s considered stealing. (Unless they specifically say somewhere that they are okay with it.)
  • Do not reblog the artist’s work. Show love by Retweeting their art and bookmarking her work on pixiv instead! If the reposters don’t get attention, they’ll most-likely stop. Plus seeing your work reposted with thousands of notes is heartbreaking.
  • If you see someone reblog their reposted artwork KINDLY ask them to delete the post. KINDLY. A lot of people simply aren’t aware of which artists gives permission to repost and being rude will make them defensive.

I know this might be asking for a lot, but please reblog this post if you care for artists and your followers. A lot of people are respectful but aren’t aware that this artist does not allow her art to be reposted. If this post prevents even one person from reblogging or reposting her art, it might start making a difference. 

hello folks. important post about stolen Transformers artwork.

general reminder that there is a form you can fill out for stolen artwork here. it might take a bit of time, but I hear in most cases, it works and the artwork is taken down quickly. there’s also a specific email address you can send an email to if your stolen artwork was originally posted and thus stolen from tumblr itself (instead of from an external site like DA).

i’m sure there are several blogs that could be mentioned, but the person in question this time around is optronixprime. they are posting unsourced TF artworks, some of them originally from pixiv I think, and definitely some from tumblr - and they know they’re not supposed to, but they just don’t give a shit. so if you see your art there, please message and report them. if you follow them, consider unfollowing immediately. we need to stop this kind of bullshit.