might post it individually later

Just a huge art dump of Sans’
Mostly a practice thing. I am TERRIBLE at posing but I tried. A lot of these I’d like to redraw but that’ll be for later! Anywayyyy. Yeh Might post individual ones. I am proud of my Outertale Sans, Ink Sans and Error Sans lol. Normal Sans doesn’t look too bad either~

I’ll tag the appropriate owners of these AUs later when I find out all the correct ones <3


If you don’t like slowpoke you must be that person who also doesn’t like babies because do you even have a soul? All kidding aside, I wish slowpokes were real so I could have a ranch of them and quit illustrating. This is definitely the coolest bandwagon I have ever hopped on. I might release these things as individual posts with fake Pokedex entries later. The story is, these are all Pokemans a slowpoke can be bred with in the game. We all know what happens in that day care, and I feel like I would be super pumped to bring home one of these babies. 

Pokemon is created and owned by Nintendo 

Special thanks to Anndorphin and Scook for artistic/emotional support also go check out their pages geeeze their art is so beautiful gogogogogo


I did it…I finished them all. I feel like this is my first time ever completing a set of anything so I’m really proud of myself for finishing even though it took weeks!

all the girls can be bought on one print from my society6 ! If people want them as individuals I might post them later??

revelations tarot~

I received a new tarot deck today - the Revelations tarot! <3

I wish my camera was better so I could really show you all how beautiful this deck is. I got it to try to help me with my reversals a bit - the art is different depending on how the card is oriented, and it communicates different (primary) messages based on whether it is upright or reversed (you can probably see this most clearly in the photo of the Two of Cups, below). I might end up posting one or two individual cards in an edit later…it’s just hard to pick one. They’re all so lovely!

Upright (Temperance, Lovers, Strength, Wheel, Moon, Five of Wands, Four of Cups, Two of Cups):


In terms of card quality: the colors are vibrant, the art is clear and communicative (and gorgeous), the size is nice for my small hands, and they have a lovely matte finish. I haven’t reviewed the book yet, but it appears comprehensive. The backs of the cards are a little boring to me, but that’s okay. My only realy concern is that the cards are extremely lightweight, and though it makes it easy to shuffle them and get a feel for them, I’m concerned that they won’t hold up well to wear-and-tear. Still, so far, it seems as if they are definitely, definitely worth it. I’m in love! <3