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Bail (pre-apocalypse!DarylxReader)

Hi guys! Since I’m so ridiculously obsessed with the idea of young Daryl before the apocalypse, I’ve made yet another pre-apocalypse!Daryl fic where he’s once again up to no good. I think I might make this into an AU series, but idk. Let me know what you guys think!

Characters- teenage!Reader, teenage!Daryl Dixon, and Merle Dixon.



When Merle takes Daryl out with the intention to cause trouble, the two get caught, but Merle gets away and Daryl gets thrown in a jail cell. Not wanting to get his brother in trouble, he takes the blame. He doesn’t want his father to bail him out as he knows that he isn’t getting home without a beating, so the only choice he has is to get his girlfriend Y/N to bail him out. Y/N is ridiculously angry, as this isn’t the first time that Merle has gotten Daryl into trouble and Daryl has just rolled over to protect him once again. 

Warnings- strong language, fluff, angst, a little bit of violence.

and also sorry Merle stans, but I made him kind of an asshole in this, but don’t worry, it’s all for the purpose of the plot and the Daryl feels



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“Who am I calling, son? Your parents?”

“No… no, God no.”

“You need to get someone to come and get you. You got a friend that drives? A girlfriend?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend drives. Fuck, I didn’t want her to find out.”

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Harry Styles Smut: Drunk Sex

This was N O T requested.

*this is a scenario brought up by my imagination lol*

I was going to write a christmas smut but I figured its sorta too late + I don’t think everyone that follows me celebrates christmas anyway, but mostly bc its late. probably next year ;P

-Before you read/Disclaimer/Warning: This imagine is going to have alcohol use in it, and a person under the influence, if this offends you or some how makes you uncomfortable please don’t read, but if you’re into that shiiiii, then please continue ;)

Quick update on SLR(sweet little Rosie), part 5 was delayed bc i had to rewrite part of it because I didn’t like the way it was going + I might make it into a full on fanfic (i really liked that series for some reason) but I have part 5 timed to be posted on Monday after Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Idk how many part this will be so please just sit back and enjoy :)



Harry’s POV

She’s kissing him, I can see through her window frame as I stand outside her house in the rain looking up at them.

She knows I’m there she makes eye contact with me.

“You miss this, Harry?” she asked in a sexy manner, licking the guys ear while keeping eye contact with me. I nodded.

“Well then you should’ve loved me when you had me” she said, her sexy voice fading into a depressed one.

“I-I always loved you” I barely whispered 

“Then why, Harry, why did you say the things you said” she spoke as her neck was still being sucked on by that guy. She was fully sad at this point.


“Why would you say that?” suddenly we are in my kitchen, she’s crying and has all the stuff she left at my house in a box, in her hands, ready to leave.

I didn’t speak.

“I will never love again Harry Edward Styles do you hear me” She screamed.

I didn’t respond 

“Wake up, Wake up, Wake up!” she cried.

I suddenly jump awake, sitting up in my bed covered in sweat. I can’t get her out of my thoughts when Im awake, and I can’t get her out of my dreams either. 

This morning Y/N took all her stuff from my house. It was the first time I saw her after our split two days ago.

I rub my face and get out of my bed.

I don’t bother taking a shower to clean all this sweat off, whats the use. I pull my jeans on and put on the top that was closed to me on the floor.

I need to just forget. 

I get into my car and drive to the nearest bar.

Y/N hated it when I drank. Its not that I’m a crazy drunk or whatever, but she just didn’t like alcohol in general.

I part my car carelessly and go inside.

Dried up low lives take the space in this bar. Is this what I’ve become.

I know I have purple, swollen under eyes and I know my hair isn’t done, and I know I smell like sweat and my mouth is about to taste like alcohol but I don’t care.

“Jack and coke” I said to the bartender taking a seat.

He nods and starts making my drink.

I shouldn’t be here, maybe there is still hope.

As the drink is set in front of me I contemplate whether or not I should drink it. 

“I will never love you again Harry Edward Styles do you hear me” I hear play in my head.

I ordered another drink after that, and another, and another.


Your POV

I haven’t been sleeping ever since I split with Harry. I’m not used to sleeping without him. 

Stop it Y/N you hate him! No man says things like that to you. You don’t let people treat you that way.

The box I brought back from Harrys house was still on my coffee table where I dropped it when I got home in absolute tears.

I was currently sitting in my living room attempting to watch this stupid documentary on fish. God sometimes I question Netflix.

I hear a knock at my door. 

Who the hell is selling stuff at this hour. 

I open my door and see Harry, well a version of him at least. His eyes where red and puffy, his nose was pink and his skin pale. He reeked of alcohol.

“Oh, Baby, you can’t do that” He slurred looking at me with hooded eyes.

“Harry you’re drunk” I exhale annoyed. I don’t want to see him.

“Oh, Baby, you can’t do this to me” He slurred again.

“What?” I question losing my patients.

“Oh, Baby, Have you lost all mercy on me” He went on again.

“What are you saying, and stop calling me baby!” I was angry at this point.

“Oh, Baby, how the hell do you expect me to get over you when you’re dressed like that” He said looking at my body.

“I’m in the comfort of my own home, and no one invited you here, so please leave. I don’t want to see you.” I said starting to close my door.

“Is he here?” He suddenly jumps to keep the door open and peeps into my house.

“Who?” I ask not knowing what the hell this boy was talking about.

“That guy, he was kissing you and you did that thing you did to him that you always did to me” His slurring eased but his voice in pain now.

My face soften just a little bit as I look at him. 

“Theres no guy, there never was. Im not sure I know what you’re talking about” I said honestly.

He just stands there and looks at me silently. 

“Your nipples are poking out your bra thing” he started slurring again looking at my chest. 

I cover my chest with the cardigan I was wearing.

“Harry its time for you to leave, plus stop looking at my nipples its cold” I scolded.

“I can’t leave” he said in pain. “Can I just stay here for 15 minutes, until the rain cools down” He slurs again.

I sigh, the rain is a bit intense and harry’s drunk. 

“Just 15 minutes, after that Id like you gone” I said stepping aside as he stumbled in.

I closed the door and turn around to see he’s stood there like a lost puppy.

“Harry just go and sit down on the couch” I said and he wobbled over to the couch and sat.

I sigh again sitting at the opposite couch. 

I play the documentary and continue “watching”.

“I-Ive seen this one” Harry mumbles “Male seahorses give birth, not the female ones” 

“Okay Harry” I said my eyes still glued to the screen. 

“Remember when I fucked you for the first time”

Aperture Desserts

AU where Aperture is a bakery

GLaDOS is the mysterious owner/baker whom customers have never seen bc she never leaves the back to come up to the front

The cores are the employees who work the counter/register but they’ve been there so long that they know how to bake everything

Chell is a part of a program that sends baker interns/trainees to Aperture so they can gain experience but when she starts working the owner is? never? there?

And Chell is just like “wtf how am I supposed to learn” but luckily the owner left her some handy dandy instructions

in the form of voice recordings

(It’s a habit she picked up from her dad who she inherited the bakery from)

So Chell just works every day with nothing but voice recordings and whatever core is working that day to help her out

Meanwhile she spends time trying to figure out what kind of person the owner exactly is bc wtf? Who runs a program for training bakers and refuses to be there for the training? And everyone does their best to help her out but all the cores are afraid of the owner even after so many years of working for her and for some reason no one can really pinpoint what she looks like?

Bonus: Black Mesa Bakery is their rival down the street. Even though Black Mesa specializes in bread and Aperture specializes in desserts so no one really knows why but it leads to crazy antics like Black Mesa starting to sell cinnamon rolls even though Aperture JUST added cinnamon rolls to their menu a month ago

writing-frenzy  asked:

Holy fudge, Sasuke couldn't have found the best person to test his stuff; not only is Naruto the number one knucklehead, most surprising ninja, but even before he became one he was always able to give actual ninja the slip and be the best Prank Master. Not only will this precious sunshine child always be able to think outside the box, he will eventually learn Kage Bushin... Sasuke might just have competition while the Uzumaki is so confused about why people suddenly like him.

Naruto in canon had so much potential early in the series that got glossed over in favor of two Big Abilities and I have always been salty about it tbh. So nerd!Sasuke latching onto him and the two of them becoming the Naruto version of, idk, the inventor and superhero duo just makes me so happy. 

Sensory Kits (Part 1)

This is the first post in a multi-post series about sensory kits. I figured a lot of you probably know about these already, but this might have ideas you hadn’t previously thought of? Idk. 

What are they?

As you may know/figure out due to the self-explanatory title, a sensory kit is a group of items that help mitigate sensory overload and its related issues. It can include comfort items, communication aids, and fidget/stim toys, to name a few. 

How do I make one?

This part is highly subjective and individual! It depends on how big you would like your kit to be and what occasion you will be using it for. 


For a small sensory kit, use a pencil case with a cool texture or pleasing design. It can be placed in a small bag if needed or carried by itself. These are good to leave by the door to grab quickly in case you’ve forgotten sensory items that might be helpful at your destination or during your trip there. You can also keep them in a car, locker, desk, or any random place.  

A medium sensory kit will have as many items as the small one, only with larger items such as a water bottle, medium-large sized stuffed animals, book/art supplies, or technology (such as a handheld game console or tablet computer). This kit can be kept in a drawstring backpack or small cross-body bag. Like a small sensory kit, it can also be placed in a larger bag.  

A large sensory kit will be kept in your living space. This one is not kept in a container and can include large/difficult to transport items such as a weighted blanket, balance board, spinny chair, or exercise ball. 

Items to include- 

When thinking of items to put in your sensory kit, consider all of the senses. For our purposes, let’s pick seven: (potential items to include for that sense are in parentheticals)

Visual- sight. (glitter ball, glitter wand, cellophane bubble stick, stim toys in pretty/soothing colors, mirror, colored flashlight, bubbles, sunglasses)

Auditory- noise. (noise reducing earmuffs, earplugs, acoustic filters, headphones (noise cancelling or other), noise-isolating earbuds, music player, tiny music box that requires you to turn the handle)

Tactile- touch. (virtually every stim toy- tangles, twiddle, stress ball, etc., soft fabric/ribbon, stuffed animal, soft art/makeup brush)

Olfactory- smell. (essential oils, scented lotions, coffee beans, tea bags, face masks, gum, mints)

Gustatory- taste. (food, chew toy, mints, gum, water bottle with iced tea/drink that tastes good)

Proprioceptive- sense of where your body is in space. (weighted/pressure vest, lap pad, putty, chew toy, exercise band)

Vestibular- movement. (This can be hard to fit in a little kit.) (movement suggestion cards- rocking, jumping up and down, skipping, running, flapping your hands/arms. Make a deck out of index cards/half index cards, shuffle, pick a card, and do the thing on it!) 

Other helpful items to include could be: Communication device or notepad and pencil, hand sanitizer, tissues, coloring book/art supplies, book/magazine, cell phone/computer, handheld gaming system, other comfort or distracting items, especially when the kit will be used in a stressful environment.

Hope this helps, and if you have any other suggestions for items please let me know! If you want to share your sensory kit you can submit a post through the main, I will be putting some of mine up soon. 

Apparently Not | Hansol | Ch. 1

AN: This was originally a one shot but I’ve decided to make it into a series

Genre: Fluff, awkwardness, a little angst

Word Count: 2,032

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 Final

Listen to the playlist here!

Summary: In a life full of responsibilities and stress, you liked things to be in order. Your one moment of solace was the quiet bus ride home, but a certain punk managed to screw that up.

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You sighed, leaning into the cool glass of the bus. Closing your eyes, you let yourself enjoy this simple moment. You had exactly eighteen minutes before you would be home, eighteen minutes of pure quiet before you would have responsibilities again. This was your favorite part of the day. After classes, you would go straight to your job as a waitress at the grill near the university. You usually finished around nine, and it was always guaranteed to already be dark out.

It was a routine, a circle of consistency. You liked things to be constant and exact, it made more sense. Your boring daily routine would be perfect, but there was always stress. You couldn’t avoid how overwhelming it was to balance classes, a job, assignments, and your mother. Your mother had just gotten out of the hospital, and even though you were extremely grateful, she was a lot weaker. Concerned for her well being, you moved back home since the university was in walking distance. She tried to act the same for your sake, but you took up her share of chores without being asked. You got a job to help pay for her hospital bills and the rest of the expenses she would have to live with from now on.

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I love how the King of Despair is like I’m bored with living so I’m going to end the world, and his friends tease him but they’re also like fucking go for it here’s what you need.