might make a part 2 of this or all of them!

1: Ignore every thought of them until you have convinced yourself that they were never real and any feelings you had were misplaced. Remind yourself they were never yours to begin with, therefore the feelings you have are invalid so you can justify ignoring all thoughts of them.
2: Be fucking selfish as hell. Spoil yourself, who gives a shit. Go out and buy a shirt you never thought you could wear and wear it. Don’t feel bad about leaning on people when you need help. 
3: Don’t reminisce on what could have been, they don’t deserve a second thought. You might think romanticizing your feelings are harmless daydreams but they will bite you in the ass and leave you only wanting them more. Day dream about the steamy waffles you will buy for yourself later.
4: Remind yourself you are a strong person, like them, but only better. 5: Busy yourself with other things and people. Come home at 5 a.m. wasted, remind yourself that there are other people willing to give you the fucking time of day. Take up yoga, get a hobby, invest your time in that and in the process prove you can commit to things and accomplish great tasks. 
6: Protect yourself, never let your heart find itself in this situation again. Think back and try and pinpoint all the red flags you noticed, then try and apply that knowledge to future relationships. But don’t spend too much time analyzing where things went wrong. 
7: Remind yourself of the person you were before they came into your life. You have not changed, they have not destroyed you. Put effort into returning back into that person. 
8: The most important part is to keep telling yourself that you are wanted. Do not forget that you will get through this; this is temporary just like the short happiness you shared with them. Just because they do not want you does not mean you are unloveable or unfit for relationships.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1202 // how to get over someone who was never yours // excerptsofstories 
Why people get trapped by Emotional Abusers & Why it’s not their fault

(these apply to platonic and romantic relationships)

1. Attachment

The Emotional Abuser gives you attention: they make you feel flattered, loved and important. You start to believe that they genuinely care about you. They might even think that they do by themselves since they internally justify all their doings. Normally this kind of attachment would lead to a healthy bonding and a closer relationship. With the Emotional Abuser it leads to some levels of addiction and dependency on the victim’s part which is never their fault. Emotional Abuser’s behaviour exploits normal emotional bonding to another human being.

2. Guilt

In some point in the relationship you notice that it’s all about their needs. The Abuser might do something that hurts your feelings and bringing it up leads them to reason why it’s actually your fault and why you have to take responsibility for it. They make up convincing excuses why it’s not their job to do it, why it’s absolutely unreasonable of you to ask for it and so on. In other words: they Guilt-trip you. The Emotional Abuser believes they have no responsibility for their behaviour or feelings. If they feel uncomfortable by something in the relationship they will manipulate you to take the blame instead of trying to work things out. Guilt-tripping makes the victim submit and erodes their sense of emotional and physical boundaries since they are made to believe it’s their job to cater on Abuser’s needs.

3. Cognitive dissonance

After the idealization pace the Emotional Abuser will move to a devaluing pace. Catering to their needs is not enough anymore and you feel you can’t do anything right no matter what you do. The pace starts when the Abuser feels you are getting emotionally too close and/or you are trying to hold them accountable for something they have done. Emotional Abusers are afraid of responsibility and in some cases intimacy so they will try to push you away. They use manipulation: Gaslighting and Guilt-tripping to force you into silence and to take all the responsibility for the relationship. They give you Silent Treatment which is justified by some clever excuses. Emotional Abusers believe they are entitled to absolute emotional comfort even when it means abusing other people.

Because you remember how well they used to treat you, your mind has a hard time accepting they are not the person you thought they were. In fact you might start to make excuses for them in your head because they have manipulated you to think nothing is their fault. It is extremely difficult to get away from the Abuser’s emotional trap because they take advantage of the victim’s emotional bonding to them and give false hope that the relationship could be “fixed”. You are misled into thinking that if you just learn not to be so “needy” and “selfish”, the Abuser will reward you with the loving behaviour they demonstrated in the beginning.


The Emotional Abuser has no intention to take responsibility for what their abusive behaviour has caused you because they have normalized and justified it in their head. Not all of the Abusers are so sure of themselves but need a lot of internal convincing and validation from others so that they can feel good about themselves which is their goal: not having to deal with responsibility or emotional labour. After all Emotional Abusers are not Disney villains but people who are so selfish that they lack of motivation to learn how to not hurt people.

There are two ways how the trap can break: the victim quits all contact with the Abuser or the Abuser leaves the victim. The latter one occurs if the Emotional Abuser feels they have to deal with too much because of the victim. The Abuser might feel threatened by the victim if the victim is making the Abuser feel bad about themself by calling out their abusive behaviour. The Emotional Abuser thinks that they are actually the victim in the relationship because the real Victim is making them feel bad and scared. The Abuser is genuinely afraid that they would have to deal with negative emotions that taking responsibility would require.

In the end the Emotional Abuser ends the relationship with some dramatic note in which they project all their feelings into the victim: you are the abuser, you have harmed them, you have threatened them. This is their way of securing their own emotional well-being as they refuse to acknowledge the reality. Just remember that it was NOT your fault and you are not responsible for their horrible behaviour. While mutually harmful and violent relationships can exist abusive relationships are based on a power imbalance and therefore there is no such a thing as “mutually abusive”. You are nothing like your abuser.

26 Reminders for Going to School Like a Badass

1. Your attitude dictates your experience, so start finding things to get psyched about.

2. Stock up on healthy snacks in your house!!! You’ll be glad you did when the study-munchies roll around (and they always do).

3. Invest in a good planner. Especially if you take part in multiple extra-curriculars, I can’t stress how helpful it is having a place to check back on deadlines and big events.

4. Write down all your teachers’ names and emails as soon as you get them, so you’re not searching for them when you’re absent.

5. No one is having as much fun as their snapchat story makes it seem.

6. Don’t believe what your peers tell you about tests they take before you, study how much YOU need to.

7. Be nice to your math teacher. Partial credit on math problems might save your grade.

8. Don’t throw out syllabuses/first day handouts!!!! Theres a good chance they have information on the late policy and a gazillion other helpful things.

9. In fact, try to hold on to as many papers as you can for when finals inevitably attack.

10. No one knows you wore those jeans yesterday.

11. Be conscious of how you smell. Don’t be B.O. kid, but also try not to suffocate your lab partner with the scent of artificial fruit/flowers.

12. That cookie in the cafeteria is probably not worth 95 cents. Pack snacks from home to resist overpriced school treats.

13. If you’re carrying around a travel mug of coffee, people will usually leave you alone. 

14. Don’t spend more time planning your study schedule than actually studying. Just get your books out and do it.

15. Never underestimate the amount of motivation you can get from watching Legally Blonde (movie or musical). 

16. Try to attend at least one school sporting event per season, even if thats not really your scene. Some teachers even offer extra credit for going to big games!

17. Don’t be that kid that asks the teacher when you’re getting your tests back. They have like a gazillion to grade. You’ll get them when they’re done.

18. Have a pump-up playlist for the ride to school and the walk to your first class. Nothing feels more badass than walking through crowded hallways while listening to Halsey’s “New Americana”.

19. Set up a back-up study zone for when you need a change of pace.

20. Don’t put off creative projects because you think they’ll be less time consuming. There’s nothing worse than glitter gluing a scale model of the U.S. Senate at 3 AM because you thought it would be quick and easy.

21. That extra 10 minutes of sleep is not worth the risk of oversleeping completely. Get up, splash your face with some cold water, and get this show on the road.

22. Find a school inspiration, whether it be a really hardworking friend or a studyblr you follow. Check their progress whenever you need motivation.

23. If someone only ever talks to you when they need to copy the homework, they’re using. Don’t indulge them.

24. Doing your own work is so SO important. Plagiarism can destroy careers.

25. Creative outlets can be so refreshing, like a diary, a private tumblr, a sketchbook, whatever floats your boat.

26. When all else fails, remember how lucky you are to be getting an education. School isn’t a punishment, its an opportunity for you to create a kick-ass foundation for the rest of your life. 

Tips for Overcoming Shyness

1. Make a list if the types of situation that trigger feelings of shyness.

2. Think about 4 or 5 specific occasions. Analyse who was there, how they were behaving, what they said, and your own self talk, to try and identify some common shared factors.

3. Based on this, identify what might help (For example, would it help if you stood near a friend and had them talk “just to you” sometimes; or do you need to work on changing the way you think and talk about yourself; or do you need to pace yourself so that you can escape and be by yourself every 10 or 15 minutes?)

4. Keep reminding yourself of your different strengths. They are a central part to who you are - yet we tend to forget all our positives once we feel anxious, self conscious or shy.

5. Watch the way other people behave - and try and act your way to change. Notice how they tend to behave, interact, and the kind of topics and jokes they use. These are mainly skills that you can copy and acquire. Observe other people – to see if that could help.

6. You may find it helpful to remember that, in most situations, people can’t tell how you feel. That means you can simply pretend that you feel confident – even if you feel shy and anxious inside.

7. Also, most people are too busy thinking of themselves to think about the way you come across to them. Thus, they many not remember you as being very shy, and they may think you’re fun and are great company. It’s just that you remember your powerful emotions, and were judging how you seemed from your point of view.

Jungkook One Shot Recs

Since the last fic rec post i made went down pretty well, i thought i may as well make another but this time for one shots. Just a quick disclaimer, this is only a few of the one shots i love (honestly if i listed all of them we’d be here all day). Hope you enjoy! Masterlist

Tinder 2.0 by @tayegi 

Photographs by @helloblamebts

Beneficial by @jiminables

Get Under the Car by @deerguk

The Boyfriend Shirt by @taehyugme

Sweeter than Sugar by @jungkxook

Orange Tulips by @kainks

Blue Orchids by @inktae

Lost Stars by @tahyungs

Killer Kiss by @an-exotic-writer

Officer Jeon by @park-jimeme

It’s a War Zone by @chokemejimin / @the95liner

Pathways // Yoongi

Part 1/ReflectionsPart 2/Flashlights ⇎ Part 3/Pathways ⇎ Part 4/Shadows

Originally made based on this request: Yoongi + “How could I ever forget about you" + Angst | for anon

Word count: 2,536 words

Character: Yoongi x reader

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Icing has Bittynapped them All TwT whelp, finally posted it:Part 3.1 This was supposed to be the last part but i didn’t anticipate that part 3 of the comic would be long hahah😂 so now there’ll be like 2 more? huhu & it might be awhile for me to post them(I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m making this up as I go) Credits, Disclaimers belowww:
fell!Palette(Icing) & Palette @angexci
Goth @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
library!Goth @bunabelldraws
Gloom Pibby& ct!Goth @blogthegreatrouge
sadly, Cupcake aint in any of the panels TwT he’ll come later.

Comic Art & Pot!Eve by Me @butterflypea

Bucky Barnes Imagine; Drunk Confessions Part 1.

Hi everyone!! Back with another imagine about Bucky! Anyways, thanks for the idea anon! I really appreciate all of your requests and i’ve been tried to make them these past days! Be patient please.


Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Alcohol.

Word Count: Lots.

Request: I thought I could give you a Buck imagine idea, where Nat drags you to Tony’s Party cause she knows you have a crush him. Then you see him talking to some woman and you decide to get drunk. Later at night you’re pretty drunk but Bucky finds you, helping you and trying to take care of you (he also has a crush on you). Then he carries you to his Apartment in his bed & you blurt out your Feelings for him. In the morning he tells you he feels the same and surprises you with breakfast in bed? :)

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

“I’m tired, Nat. Just go with Clint.” you said, your fingers scrolling down the section of series in Netflix, your body hidden under a big blanket.

“I can’t believe you’re going to spend your night like this, Y/n. Let’’s go! Besides, I know for fact that Bucky will be there.” she grinned and lifted her eyebrows at what she just said, looking at you.

You stopped scrolling down Netflix for a moment, giving a glance to Natasha as she started grinning like a maniac. “I knew that for sure was going to gain your attention, now go and try on some dresses so you can leave Bucky’s jaw on the floor.” 

You thought it for a moment, you really wanted to talk to Bucky, to see if he at least reciprocated the feelings you had for him. You just sighed before placing the laptop on the bed and then standing up. “Alright, alright. You win.”

She clapped as you walked towards the closet and rummaged for a nice dress, you picked out three dresses that you had stored in the closet and that you’ve never used cause there wasn’t any occasion for them. 

“So, which one?” you asked at Natasha as she looked at the three dresses on your hands, inspecting them for a moment before she gestured the red dress on the right, you chuckled and rolled your eyes as it was the tightest dress between the rest, you left the other dresses on the hangers and then walked out of the closet and changed into the dress, then picking out some heels from the closet as well before sitting in front of your vanity mirror and letting your hair loose, then after doing that you applied some makeup. 

Minutes later, you stood up from the chair. “Well, let’s go.” you said to Natasha, she just smirked before walking outside the room.

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10 facts every woman should know:

1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.
2. When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, believe them. They aren’t lying.
3. Sometimes we all wake up with breath that could kill a goat.
4. For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them.
5. You should definitely have more confidence. And if you saw yourself the way others see you, you would.
6. Don’t look for a man to save you. Be able to save yourself.
7. It’s okay to not love every part of your body….but you should.
8. We all have that one friend who seems to have it all together. That woman with the seemingly perfect life. Well, you might be that woman to someone else.
9. You should be a priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a backup plan.
10. You’re a woman. That alone makes you pretty damn remarkable.

-Austin Blood

Gonna write out some of my Ninjago headcanons:

- Kai is always warm, he never gets cold no matter what the weather is. His emotions also change his body temperature

- When Kai is mad his body gets too hot to touch

- Jay shocks anyone he touches unintentionally. It has lead him to avoid physical contact because people always get angry when he shocks them

- Zane goes on walks by himself in beautiful locations all around ninjago so that Pixal can see them since she no longer has a body of her own

- Cole asks Zane for cooking lessons. They meet occasionally when there isn’t trouble in ninjago. The rest of the group taste tests the dishes

- Lloyd usually doesn’t get much sleep during the night. Most of the time its because of nightmares, but other times he just lays in bed for hours and can’t fall asleep for no apparent reason. This leaves him with dark circles under his eyes

- Some nights if Lloyd can’t sleep he will go out and train 

- Jay loves to braid hair. Usually he braids Nya’s or Cole’s because they have the best hair for braiding

- If any of the ninja has an especially bad nightmare they will go into one of the other ninja’s bed and sleep with them. All the ninja are very understanding and know that the life can be frightening at times

- Zane and Jay share a love of birds. Jay is fascinated by the fact that they can fly and Zane just likes birds a lot 

How To Delist from TER

A lot of people are (rightfully) pissed about TER’s changes. I personally find it to be a powerplay on TER’s part and this will come to bite them in the ass. Delisting has been a growing trend and this might tip the scales.

Anyway, here’s how to delist:

1.) If you don’t have access to your account, get it. Basically make an account with your work email as the contact email. Message support requesting your account to be merged with your profile/reviews. They will send you an email and you need to respond to it confirming you are the provider.

2.) Kill all your links/ads. You MUST do this or they will not delist you. Plan accordingly because it needs to be down for at least 24-36 hours. You can make your P411 profile private so no one can see it. Eros does not offer refunds on ads fyi. Your personal website must be a dead link so take it offline. Issue DMCAs to sites like Sugar Nights.

3.) Once you do this, message support and request to be delisted. Once they have reviewed your dead links, they will remove you.

4.) When you put your site and ads back up, clients can reactivate your profile by reviewing you. Put a disclaimer on your website that you don’t accept reviews. This may or may not work but you can threaten blacklisting if a guy violates your rule.

Another way you MIGHT be able to get permanently delisted is to violate the rules like self reviewing. This is not 100% effective and can land you on their ‘providers with something to hide list’ but you could go that route if you wanted.

Barebone Pt.2

Yay part 2. ALSO. 478 FOLLOWERS!!!! OMG THANK YOU ALL.  Alright lets get going

So there will be a part 3 and i have some other requests too so if you request something it might be a while but i will try to get to all of them.

Entering this case is one of the best decisions i have made. As soon as i entered the case, a look of utter amazement appeared on my face. The ginger man smiled at me,

“May i ask your name miss” He asks awkwardly, “Its Y/N L/N, and you?” “Newt, Newt Scamander”.

Newt shows me around his case, introducing me to every creature and explaining how he managed to lose some. Every new creature he shows me makes me feel more attached to Newt. It sounds so cliche but, seeing him so passionate makes me want to get to know him more.

“Um, y/n, its a quite warm, w-why dont you take off your gloves”. With that i freeze. “U-uuh im okay, my uh hands are cold so im okay, thanks for the concern Newt.”

He eyes me suspiciously but before he could say anything Jacob comes running in. “Uh newt, The niffler stole my watch and refuses to give it back” “Ill be right there. That little…Ill be right back y/n”.

Smiling slightly i continue to wander around in newts case. Everything was normal, well as normal as a suitcase full of magical animals can be, that is until i stumbled upon something, It was like black smoke trapped into a bubble. Stepping close to it, I was entranced by it.

“y/n. Step away” Newts voice entered my mind and i slowly backed away from the mysterious smoke. Newt took my hand and dragged me away back to the little shed. After moments of silence, i spoke “Newt, what was that thing”. He was silent for a moment “A-an Obscurus, well the essence of one, t-they are children, who suppressed magic until it ate away at them and they exploded into a dark cloud” “credence” i murmur. “Whose credence?” my head shoots up, he heard me. “M-my brother, twin brother actually”. “Ah yes, you’re the barebone family right” “unfortunately” He looks at me confused.”My mother is horrible, she-she hates me and credence because well…” I hesitate. “Because my parents were magic, and so am I, im not sure about credence.” His eyes go wide “y/n thats amazing! You-you can learn magic, I heard there’s a fantastic school in america, although Hogwarts is much better.” Newt begins to get overexcited.

“NO!” His smile falters. “I cant. Our mother despises magic. I- This- I cant” I look away “Newt, i want to help you and I will but, I wont learn magic,” “but y/n-” he starts. “No newt, I wont learn”. Newt looks distraught as he knows of the chances of me becoming an obscurus but i dont care Credence and I dont need that in our lives. We both silently leave the case. Its morning. I head home knowing that i will be punished for being out. Walking in I was instantly greeted with yelling and a belt to the hands. Credence passes by me with something around his neck, I try to go talk to him but he walks away before I have the chance.

Not wanting to make matters worse I go to my room. A few minutes later and i hear our mom speaking. I walk out of my room. Seeing Credence with a wand in his hand, Its a toy but mother looks furious. Belt in hand she looks ready to strike, until, the belt flies from her hand. Credence’s eyes grow dark and he starts to become smoke. “CREDENCE” I yell, trying to get him to stop but it’s too late. My vision grows dark and i get thrown into the wall blackout.

Newts POV

Finally getting that demguise was a challenge but it was the last beast. Tina, Queenie, Jacob and I heard a horrible crash after walking out of the store. Running to the noise we discover a crumbled house. I see a familiar face, Y/N! I rush over to her and check her pulse. Shes alive, thank god. I carefully scoop her up and bring her in my case.


I shoot up breathing heavily. I take in my surroundings, Im back in Newts case. Newt comes running in and runs up to me. “Oh thank merlin you’re okay” He puts his hand on my cheek but quickly takes it away and looks down “um Queenie made you some soup, Tina patched your wounds and Jacob made you some baked goods”  

I smile and put my hands on his, “tell them thank you for me, please” He gives me his small smile. Suddenly, Tina comes running in “Newt! Graves and Credence, they are at the train station.”  Newt turns to me with a serious look on his face. “Y/N, I need you to stay here, please, I care about you too much to put you in this. Before i could answer he disappears. I try getting out of the case, i mange getting one lock open but it clicks back. Ugh, stupid caring newt. I keep trying and finally escape the case when everyone was distracted and sprint to the train station.

I was too late.

I run down the stairs in time to see wizards, murdering my brother. “CREDENCE” I scream at the top of my lungs. Newt sees me and runs over. I collapse in a ball of anger and tears. My blood begins to boil and i cant feel anything. I hear newt shouting but i ignore him. I open my eyes, i slowy look at my hands and see my hands and arms radiating a black smoke. I look over and see newt and Queenie with pleading eyes. While Tina and Jacob were talking to MACUSA. 

I want. To hurt the men who murdered my brother. They. Killed him. I send a wave of black smoke everywhere and run. Running away from the group of people who try to help me. Running away from Tina, Jacob, and Queenie. Running away from Newt






Anyone feel like some Olicity? (Part 2)

Part 1 

And somehow people think that they’re not getting back together. For those people, here’s a picture of them in season 5…

And a picture from season 4. Spot any differences?

Look at that smile. This man knows. He might not be able to see the future, but he can see their future. He took one look at this beautiful woman and saw the light in her eyes, and that makes his eyes brighten. (And he can also see all the babies they’re gonna have.)

Speaking of eyes….#HEART EYES

And more: (and people think she doesn’t love him) 

Last but not least, let’s all remember that Oliver was dying, Felicity held his hand because she wanted him to know - to feel - that she was there. Because he’s not alone. 

The Fallout of Anakin Skywalker’s Knighting, pt. 4

Alright, here we are: the fourth and final part of the fic! Thank you all for reading. I hope this makes up for all the angst in the first 3.5 parts. ;)

The rest of the fic is here:  part 1, part 2, a snippet of Obi-Wan’s pov, and part 3.

“I’d like an audience with the Council,” Anakin tells the Temple Guard at the door to the Council chambers. The guard just nods and gestures for him to take a seat among the others waiting to speak with the Council. Most of them, he knows, are Knights and Masters with their Padawans waiting to either be briefed on an upcoming mission or debrief from a mission. A few might be present to make a request of the Council, like him. 

He’s never done this; he hasn’t had the kind of relationship with the Council where he could or wanted to ask them for anything. But this he wants enough that he’ll risk the Council’s criticism to formally ask.

He waits patiently through the Council’s private session, then through the others being called in one by one in the order that they had arrived once the Council’s open session starts. He keeps himself occupied practicing what he will say once he is in the room, the speech that Padme had helped him put together.

Finally, he’s called in and it’s his turn to stand in the center of the Council chamber.

“Knight Skywalker,” Mace starts. “I presume this visit is in regards to your request to be transferred back to the Third Systems Army?”

Startled, Anakin glances over at Obi-Wan whose eyes shift to Master Mundi. The Cerean gives him a slight nod. Anakin turns back to Mace and says, “Yes, Master Windu. I am eager to find out if my request has been granted.”

“Before I give you our answer, I’d like to hear from you why you want to be transferred back.”

Anakin licks his lips nervously. “Masters, I’m afraid that I unintentionally gave you the wrong impression about Obi-Wan during my Knighting. Obi-Wan was a fine teacher, an excellent mentor, and an admirable Jedi. I could not have asked for anyone better to learn from. I have never been a strict observer of tradition so my withholding my braid was not intended to be a slight against Obi-Wan. I am not repudiating him and I do not wish to be separated from him. Furthermore, I feel that given the current state of the Republic and the Jedi’s role in the war, I would be able to serve the Order best as a partner to Obi-Wan, rather than as a subordinate to Master Mundi who, though I’m sure is an good commander in his own right, is not someone whose style I am familiar with. Obi-Wan and I work well together. We know each other, we complement each other on the field. I believe the two of us together would accomplish far more than either one of us alone.”

Master Windu stares at him for an interminably long time and Anakin starts to wonder if he’s in a silent debate with the other Councilors. Mace’s lips twist as if he’s bitten into something sour. “We agree, Knight Skywalker. Master Kenobi has agreed to the transfer. You are hereby reinstated as the General of the 501st Legion, under the command of High General Kenobi of the Third Systems Army." 

Mace’s expression suggests that he himself had not agreed but Anakin doesn’t care. It’s not Mace whose opinion he values. He doesn’t dare look at Obi-Wan though. He’s afraid of what he’ll see, though he knows that Obi-Wan has one of the best sabaac faces.

He’s relieved at the verdict and doesn’t care if it shows on his face. This isn’t all there is to it, he knows, but it’s an important step. He next has to figure out how to truly make amends with Obi-Wan. But at least they’ll be able to work together again while he does that. He bows. "Thank you for your consideration, Councilors.”

Then he leaves before he can mess anything else up.

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So it’s Negan Smut Week next week and I can’t decide what to write...

Originally posted by marythenurse

1- Part two of Nerdy Girl and if I did that I was considering making Nerdy Girl a virgin. Maybe.

2- Negan being submissive. I love this idea and have been wanting to write something like this for a while. I guess I enjoy the idea of him being King Dick in front of everyone then controlled by ‘You’ in the bedroom/behind closed doors. If I went for this then what kind of things would you want me to include?

3- Negan/Male reader. I had an idea of a male reader seducing Negan when they were caught together in a hotel room or something along the lines of that.

Anyway I can’t choose because I like them all!! So I thought I’d let you guys decide over the weekend for me to write next week. You can tell me which one you prefer and any ideas you might have on this post, PM me or send an ask. Most popular will be done for @negansmutweek the others I will probably do anyway but not for next week lol. I wish I could write that fast! xoxo

1. & 2.  Ohhh…  hmm… Lots of people have asked me this but I haven’t given it much thought. Let me think about this one.
Meanwhile, take a look at the fanfics based on Professional Amateur. Some of them cover this part and do it really well! Link to fanfics

3. I have a feeling the changing montage would be Viktor’s goal while Yuuri just puts him in even more protective gear including kneepads. XD 

4. Ahahaha! That’s an awesome mental image you gave me. That makes me so happy to hear <3 Thank you! And I will definitely continue this AU.

5. Thank you!!!

6. Yurio might actually make an appearance soon. ;D

7. Awww, thank you so much! 

8. Omg! I didn’t even know those exist and now that I do I kinda want to be put in one myself! I used to do figure skating as a kid and still know how to do small, small jumps but I’m too afraid to jump higher because I don’t want to die. Hahaha! Maybe I really should put Viktor in one! Thanks for the idea!

Skam Recap - season 3 episode 8 (Part 1 of 2): I’m in love with a Starboy

So something called real life caught up with me this week and I fear, it might take me a while to recap the entire episode 8.  I’m aiming at two parts now and that should do.  I really need to cut down on the rambling.   

Previously:  Isak took more steps to Make Life Better and told Mahdi and Magnus about his thing with Even.  The bros now being in on this led to a wonderful scene of them giving Isak some genius advice on how to move along things with said Even.  It worked beautifully and gave both of them, I’m guessing, a super fun night.  Because, let’s face it:  beside all the drama and feels, they’re also two horny teenage boys.  I’m pretty sure Even wasn’t counting the moles on Isak’s body after the end of last episode.  Ahem.

Another morning after a seksi night before, and Isak is asleep, showing off his perfect eyebrows and lashes. Damn, boy. When he wakes up, we and he can see that he’s all alone, no Even around.  Oh no.  Please don’t tell he’s once again taken some me-time because that would be such a downer.  Isak immediately checks the pillow for another drawing/message (I’m guessing he was not actually checking if Even was hiding somewhere underneath the pillow), but nothing.  He grabs his phone, only to see a message from his dad, who has bought tickets to a church concert and would like to see Isak there, along with his mum.  Isak’s got no time for that now and, as per usual, rolls his eyes.  He’s got that down to a T, by the way.  Isak gets out of bed and I think he’s almost accepted that he’s been played again.  But when he opens the bedroom door, there’s laughter and voices coming from the kitchen.

Isak and I can hardly believe our eyes: Even is actually in the kitchen, cooking and making some new fans friends in the shape of Noora and Eskild, who are way nicer to him than they ever are to poor old Isak.  When Even spots Isak, he greets him with a cheerful Good Morning and a kiss in a pretty domestic bliss kind of way and Isak looks as if he’s doubting that he’s really awake.  Noora thankfully gets that those two probably want to spend some alone/quality time and makes up an excuse for her and Eskild to get the hell out of the kitchen.  Eskild of course doesn’t want to leave but finally checks himself, so both exit, telling Even they’re off to some do bathing yoga, whatever that might be.  I’m afraid of googling.  Still recovering from the Russian escort blog that followed me last week.  *shudder*

After they’re gone, Even says he didn’t know what Isak likes (oh, I think you DO know what he likes, but whatever you say, Mister) for breakfast so he made everything.  Is it sad that I got that reference immediately?  Probably.  I’ve seen Pretty Woman quite a few times in my lifetime already.  Isak however, hasn’t.   

Even feeds him a spoonful of the scrambled eggs he’s made, letting him in on the secret ingredient.  Oh, this scene is going to be good, I can tell.  Isak is still kind of shocked that all of this is happening, that Even is actually here and acting as if this is the new normal.  I think Isak’s heart has been broken severely enough recently to question if this is real, so he admits hesitantly that he thought Even had left by the time he woke up.  Even is all “Whaaa…? Why would I ever do that? Nah, I was here, making your flatmates falls in love with me, because I’m just that fucking irresistible!”   Even, do not make me come over there and slap some sense into you, Isak is not completely wrong for having thought you were gone.  This has happened before, you know?? 

Heartbreakingly, Isak dares to ask if Sonja knows where Even is.  Oh Isak.  Even  doesn’t give a flying fuck about what Sonja thinks and claims they broke up.  Hm.  Isak luckily says the right thing here, pointing out that the last time Even said it was over, he made out with her two days later.  It’s not easy for him to just forget about Sonja. Go, Isak.  I love that he says what’s on his mind and heart here.  He’s afraid of once again being hurt. I don’t blame him. 

Even then rants that the thing with Sonja is, that she’s in control and that Even often feels that she knows him better than he knows himself, because everything she says is true.  Even is tired of that because obviously she can’t really feel what he feels or thinks.  Ok.  I get that and so does Isak, probably.  But…something feels off here.  We know nothing about their relationship apart from the bits that Even let Isak know before.  And here is Even, with his back turned to Isak (and us) during this entire monologue, basically saying that Sonja controls him.  All of that might be true but I feel there’s a lot more to that.  

Isak, bless him, agrees that “only you can feel what you feel”.  It’s true of course, but I don’t think that he has fully understood the relationship between two people who have just spent four years together as a couple.  Because we just don’t know enough about what went down between them.

Anyway, Even walks over to him know, they Eskimo kiss and he tells Isak that he has never felt quite like this ever before.  It’s a super tender declaration of love/crush and Isak says that he hasn’t either.  Awwww.  I have no reason to doubt either of them here.  Isak looks like he’s literally weak with love and about to collapse into Even’s arms.  They kiss and stay as close to one another as you can possibly get to another person’s body.  A song comes on the radio and while Isak seems ready to get a thousand more of those Even kisses, Even announces his enthusiasm for the song by someone named Gabrielle.  The song is a harmless dance number and Even, Mr “You never heard of Nas?!”, looooves it.  Lol. Isak can’t believe it and thinks his life has become the hashtag “”When you’ve found the man of your dreams and it turns out he likes Gabrielle.”

Now, two things I’m interested in:  is Gabrielle some kind of super popular singer in Norway that the cool boys would never admit to like, and is this an actual hashtag?  I don’t think I’d get an answer if I’d check now, because by now it’s probably a fully Skam related hashtag.  

Anyway, Even practically leaps into the air when Isak refers to him as the man of his dreams.  It’s incredibly cute and funny, and Isak tries to play it off as “Yo, I was just talking about the hashtag, dude”, but Even makes him say it again, which he does and they kiss.  But Even is clearly also interested in singing and dancing to the song (that I kind of dig, by the way) and the scene becomes even cuter when he does exactly that while Isak cringes but is also utterly charmed by this display of sheer sexiness/cuteness, of course.  We watch Even trying to get Isak to join him and they make out some more and look so happy, it makes me cry for the first time this episode. Sigh. 

It’s Tuesday now, 12.55 and we see Isak at his laptop in the biology room, totally working on some homework I bet he was supposed to have already finished, hee. His phone beeps and it’s another message from his dad, who seems pretty pissed off at the fact that Isak has simply ignored all his recent messages.  He writes that he knows Isak is mad at him for leaving, but that he just couldn’t help Isak’s mum.  He hopes that one day Isak will understand that he was trying his best. We see the messages on the screen when Isak scrolls up to confirm that he has indeed pretty much ignored every message his father has sent him in the past few weeks.  

Isak wouldn’t be Isak if he didn’t manage to be annoyed even via text, so he sends a curt message back, saying that fine, he’ll go to the concert and will bring his boyfriend Even.  Dad answers that he doesn’t get if Isak is joking or not (adults are stupid, y'all), but that if he has indeed a boyfriend, then that’s very nice and he would love to meet him.  For some reason, he adds that Isak’s mum though gets easily stressed.  Now….Isak knows that, right?  No need to point it out, dad of the year.  Isak types “whatever”, the most teenage word in the world, but doesn’t press send.

Sana arrives and Isak returns to typing his homework, being quite short with her when she asks if he’s forgotten to do the homework.  Her face softens though and something seems to be on her mind when she asks if he got the link she sent him.  He didn’t.  Turns out that it was a link to an article about evolution and homophobia.  Sana is not just smart, she’s also ready to acknowledge that maybe she was wrong back when they had that particular discussion.  Let’s also not forget that she, like probably everyone else at school, knows what is being said about Isak and Even. Not to mention that Isak himself brought up the topic of homosexuality and religion in front of Sana.  

When she now admits to being wrong, Isak finally looks at her and stops typing.  She tells him that homosexuality did indeed play a part in evolution. There’s a lot of new and interesting research on that topic. She was wrong, she again admits.  

A few seconds later Isak asks her “What about Islam?”  He wants to know if there is anything new and exciting on that part too or if it is still the same.  Oh I love him for asking this; he’s not being provocative here at all.  He probably knows that Sana is one of those people who MUST be right all the time and she has just not only admitted that she was for once wrong about something, she’s also basically signaled her support for Isak.  So he wants to return the favor by asking her something she’ll definitely know the answer of.  Sana says that Islam is the same as always: everyone has the same worth and nobody should be spoken about behind their back or be violated, judged or mocked.  So should Isak ever hear anyone use religion as an argument for their hatred, he shouldn’t listen. Hate doesn’t derive from religion, but from fear.  I fucking bow to so much truth and wisdom.  Isak looks touched and grateful, and they share a long look before the teacher asks for the homework to be send to her e-mail. I hope Isak has managed to get it done in time.  But who cares about homework when you have such an awesome friend like Sana?!  She’ll be in your corner forever, Isak!

It’s Thursday now, 14.50 (2.50 pm) and Isak and his band of wizards are walking through the school towards the stairs.  The boys want Isak to skip his last lesson to go have some pizza with them instead.  He doesn’t want to because he has a test on Friday and actually wants to spend some time in class.  The others argue that it’s  not only the best pizza, but also the cheapest pizza, and that it’s just one lesson he’d miss.  He insists on staying behind though and claims that research has shown that you learn more by attending classes.  Lol, Isak.  I bet you just don’t have time at home to get some school work done because you’re busy doing someone something else.  

Right in the middle of all this, Isak freezes when he sees Even walking up the stairs, right towards him and the boys. He casually joins them and everyone is waiting for Isak to introduce him.  Which he does and it’s all around cute politeness as he shakes everyone’s hands. Mahdi and Jonas look totally stoked. Even wants to know what’s up and of course, Mahdi tells him that Isak can’t go have pizza with them because he’s got one more class.  Even just grins at this and is all “Sucks to be you, Isak”.  Magnus’ brain has finally joined the conversation and he now gets who Even is.  He is mega excited and introduces himself all over again.  He can’t believe it’s actually Even, hahaha.  Then, to embarrass Isak some more (seriously, people on this show love doing that), Magnus and the others start talking about Friday night when Isak threw them all out as soon as he saw Even standing outside his house. Oh my God, this is funny.  Poor Isak tries to play it down and claims they all had a party to go to, but they point out that he was supposed to go with them and ditched them in order to spend some time with this tall hottie here.  Isak looks like he’s about to die with embarrassment in front of Even, who smiles at all of this but then says that it was probably for the best that the boys weren’t there.  Oh WOW, go Even!  There’s a moment of silence before it sinks in for everyone what he’s just said and they laugh (slightly nervously).  Magnus decides that this was fun and all but it’s time for some good, cheap pizza.  He, Mahdi and Jonas leave but not before Magnus sweetly hugs Even goodbye.  Wuaaahhh, this is so cute/funny/awesome!!  Best episode ever, what could possibly go wrong now?

Right after the bros have left, Isak’s phone rings with an unknown caller and when he answers it, it’s Sonja.  IT’S SONJA? Whyyy?  What does she want?  Oh my God.  Isak is just as confused and whispers to Even who it is.  Even immediately takes the phone out of Isak’s hand, tells Sonja not to fucking call Isak and hangs up.  Whoa, this escalated quickly.  Isak is even more confused now and asks why he did that.  Even doesn’t want him to talk to Sonja, and when Isak wants to know why not, he says that she just wants to control him.  None of this makes any sense to Isak and he wonders how she would do that.  Even’s answer?  Sonja doesn’t like people who live freely and are real.  Okaaayyy.  That doesn’t make sense at all.  Is he really shit-talking his (ex-) girlfriend of four years?  What the fuck is going on?  I’m confused.  And so is Isak, because he can also tell that something’s not right. Has he gotten himself right into the middle between two fighting ex-lovers?  Or is something else off here? Even tries to distract Isak from this unpleasant Sonja business by kissing him.  As he walks away, he tells Isak that he’s fucking hot.  Well, yes, Even, but your boyfriend here isn’t all that stupid and I’m not sure you got away with whatever it is you’re trying to hide.  

Part 2 is coming soon!  (I hope)  

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About that last post... What with people who feel really uncomfortable around certain genetials? Who are just unable to get aroused around a vagina or penis? What if sex is an important part of a relationship for them? Is that wrong?

I feel like a broken record

1) consider why certain genitals make you uncomfortable because it’s entirely possible that it’s an implicit bias in your mind that was planted there by growing up in a cissexist society. that’s super difficult to unlearn but the first step is contemplating it.

2) there are a lot of reasons you might like or not like sex with a partner, but eliminating all of the options you think you don’t like immediately without even considering it is ridiculous. just imagine if you were like “I only have sex with tall people because short people make me uncomfortable” but then a short person comes along and you find yourself attracted to them but you’re like “nope sorry you’re short can’t do it.” that’s ridiculous. no one is saying have sex with someone you don’t find attractive, but if you do find someone attractive there’s no reason you couldn’t give their genitals a chance lol. but a blanket statements like “no short girls” or “no girls with penises” are just arbitrary because maybe it’s not the thing you always find yourself attracted to but it’s not impossible (and one of those things is probably rooted in transphobia lol).

3) if you love your partner and love having sex with them and somehow their genitals change overnight, if your first reaction is to immediately leave them without even seeing if you could still enjoy having sex with them, yeah that seems pretty fucked up to me. there are a lot of ways to have sex with any kind of genitals and they probably shouldn’t be the thing that makes or breaks your relationship. (nor the ONLY thing since what we’ve mainly been discussing in these recent posts is lesbians saying that they’re only attracted to people with vaginas which is not what a lesbian is. if you’re bi or pan or whatever but just tend to like a certain kind of genitals more that makes a lot more sense to me.)

Glad To Be Wrong (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Request: Drabble for Bucky please :3 Reader has a small crush on Steve, but sees him with Sharon, and tries to make him jealous by kissing Bucky in front of him. Turns out Bucky is great at kissing, she gets to know him and falls for him. But he finds out about the crush and all that and some shit goes down? XS Do what feels right with it, thank you :3

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Quite a bit of kissing, less than 1000 words – I suck at kissing scenes – but that might be a lot for some people :)

Word Count: 2,164

A/N: So I kind of made it that Steve walked in on them kissing instead of her wanting make him jealous, although he does become jealous but not on purpose, hope that’s okay :) I’m going to do a second part and that is where the shit is going to go down XD Hope you enjoy this part and as always feedback is welcome.

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Training was the toughest part of your day but not because you couldn’t handle the amount you did, most people were hesitant to train with you since you didn’t exactly hold back. It was the toughest part of your day because whenever you got a small break you would see Steve training and oh was that a sight to make your mind wander. By now you were sure you had memorised every line of his body, the shape of his torso, his legs, his shoulders. It was obvious to a few people that you had a crush on him but who wouldn’t catch at least a few feelings for the man? He was the perfect gentlemen, he could make you laugh on occasion and the looks were definitely a plus.

Hiding everything you felt was no easy task, especially having to work so closely with him. Sometimes you swore you had slipped up, revealed everything but at the last moment everything would go your way. It would be easier if he knew but then again there was Sharon.

Sharon Carter. Agent 13. Whatever you wanted to call her, the fact was that she was the only one making it even more difficult to try and let Steve know how you truly felt. You wouldn’t have minded being a little more brutal and harsh if it weren’t for her kindness and personality. To top it all off, Steve really liked her too and being rude to her certainly wouldn’t get you anywhere.

All in all that was the only bad part about your current situation. You loved being an avenger and you wouldn’t change it for the world, your only wish was that you hadn’t fallen in love with the star spangled super soldier…

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