might make a new blog

Sometime this summer I might make a new blog and either abandon or delete this one. Or I might leave tumblr altogether. Whichever does better for my mental health.

It might be pretty dang hard to let go all that I’ve built here and the friendships I’ve made over the past 5 years though (I’ve been here forever lol)

Anyone who wants to keep in touch (primarily mutuals) please message me so that I have a list of people to either share my new blog with or contact info when the time comes.


🌷 Mayor Petal 🌷


  • Lottie’s Bun
  • Tortoise Specs
  • Dottie Denim designed by @bramblescrossing
  • White Socks
  • Brown Pumps


  • Shy & Sweet
  • Very serious
  • Always working
  • Loves flowers
  • Best friend is Maple the Normal bear

Here he isss, the poor guyyyy, he’s kinda like a lost soul. He’s got nowhere to go and no where he belongs.He’s corrupted in a why.

I forgot to put this on there but he's a bit over 8 ft, taLL-


Some Danny!! These are a couple of the first things I’ve painted using an app that I got on my tablet. I actually have photoshop now, though, so I might flip-flop between using this program and that one… and traditional art.

I’ve been wanting to start putting my art online for a while now, but it seems like such a major undertaking that I have yet to do so. The only things I’ve posted to this blog so far have been event-related, but that might soon change. Most of my art isn’t fan-related, though, so I might make a new blog for non-fanart or just use deviantart or something.


So I’ve lately been looking at the changes made by the YGO DM ship list blog, and I feel like the GX list could do with a similar overhaul. 10+ years of fandom is great, but the messy side of it isn’t as great, so I think some cleaning up is needed. The old blog, however, isn’t active, so it might be time to do something new.

This would involve making a new ship list blog and doing the following:

- Checking for ships that have absolutely no proof of shipping online and removing them from the list

- Checking if any ships need renaming for any reasons (eg. tag being used) - though I seriously doubt Rivalshipping will be changed!

- Merging together needlessly separate ships (eg. I feel there is no need to have separate ships for some characters and their Society of Light versions)

Everything above would, of course, first be voted on, and I would really like to encourage the whole fandom to get involved. I’d also like to preserve elements of fandom history through this blog and maybe even add a little trivia about the ships’ naming process in fandom history. Maybe it’s a good thing it’s called Rivalshipping and not 10000shipping…

It’s your ship list, so let’s make it a good one!

I’d really like GX fandom’s opinion on this - so please reblog/signal boost if you would want a new ship blog and a fan-driven overhaul!


SOLUTION - issues with theme problems, pop-ups, scripts etc.

okay - this  little solution is courtesy of the super eagle-eyed ku-tte (

well - it just so happens that ku-tte is a new blog… and now tumblr has taken to turning on SSL by default.  you’ve possibly never noticed it before - but it’s a switch in your settings that looks like this, and has this description…

‘if you’ve modified your theme it might cause problems.  Try it, and if it makes your tumblr look funny, just come back and disable it.’

well, thanks tumblr.  or maybe, y’know - don’t go ahead and pre-select options for me but… whatevs.  ANYWHOO.  this is the solution.

it’s very likely the problem isn’t with your code.  and that your theme-maker is scratching their head trying to solve a problem they can’t see.  if they paste their code into an old blog of theirs to test it, likely that little switch wouldn’t have been available/default, so they still won’t see it!!!  grr…

TURN OFF THE SWITCH - and all of those nifty little scripts and codes in your shiny theme will work just fine!

nb/ this is mainly an issue with NEW blogs where tumblr has changed the defaults in settings!

**THEME MAKERS** - if you’re using scripts, it might be useful to make a note that new blogs will need to switch off the SSL encryption!

lots of love from -

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