might look better in full view.. or not

on “teen” porn

full offense: I’m pro porn, pro sex work and definitely here for women expressing their sexuality in any chosen way (as long as it’s legal and doesn’t harm anyone), but I am absolutley disgusted with and shocked by the fact that PornHub’s (etc.) most popular and most viewed videos almost exclusively display women with extremely child-like bodies, the more “petite” the better; bodies that look so fragile they might break from the tight grip of whoever’s holding on to their waist as they brutally fuck them. Flat chested, skinny, short bodies.

Having been both overweight and dangerously underweight due to my eating disorder, I neither want to criticize skinny bodies as whole, nor shame women whose bodies are thin and small by nature. This isn’t another dumb “real women have curves”-essay as some might expect it from a woman with thighs like mine. Real women have curves or not, real women are thin, real women are fat, real women have a flat chest, real women have huge boobs, real or fake boobs, real women are skinny, short, tall, thick, fat, muscular; real women are all women who identify as female. The following text is no parol against thin and child-like bodies, they exist outside of porn and they’re just as beautiful and perfectly fine as any other body type. This text is solely a parol against their fetishization for the male gaze and how they’re being used to stage sexual intercourse with minors.

Just as fetishizing fat women in porn, which leads to a harmful oversexualization of big women whilst simultaneously reducing them to their bodies and turning them into objects one could fuck solely due to a “secret fat fetish” at most, but never fall in love with, fetishizing extremely thin women whose bodies resemble a young, barely developed girl’s body, leads to a normalization of sexual activity at a low age and also sets unattainable attractiveness-standards for a fucked up society that’s already trying to maintain eternal youth anyway. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be sexually attractive, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be “hot”, but how can you obtain what PornHub and other porn sources consider “hot” when you’re an adult woman and no longer a “super petite x-tra small teen”? You could either develop an alter ego according to Humbert Humbert’s taste, braid your hair and play coy or just starve yourself.

See, all types of porn reduce women to their bodies. That’s no secret. It’s degrading, it’s ignorant, and to be fair, it’s fucking disgusting when you look at it from somewhere else than your bed, with your phone in your left hand and your right hand between your legs. Yet, I’m sure that a lot of women find a job in the industry to be extremely liberating and actually enjoy being a porn actress. There’s nothing wrong with that. Like I said, I am pro porn, I just wish that “female friendly” porn would not be a special category, but a precondition and a fucking requirement. Either way, there’s no need to discuss that most videos you find on the internet is definitely misogynistic and immoral. And it becomes a thousand times more immoral when those videos have titles like “SUPER PETITE TEEN TAKES IT IN HER TIGHT VIRGIN ASS” or “BARELY LEGAL XTRA SMALL BLONDE WANTS 3 COCKS AT ONCE”. In those videos, women who, in many cases, don’t look legal at all, are being fucked, hit, abused by much older men, sometimes they even claim it’s their first time. Yes, it’s staged, it’s not real, but what except the quiet voice in the back of your head that reminds you it’s fake is there that reminds you that actually, the sexualization of child-like bodies is something people go to jail for?

Even women whose faces tell you their teenage years are long ago are being labelled as “teen” when their bodies are child-like enough to contribute to the illusion of having sexual intercourse with a minor.

Hebephilia and pedophilia are caused by personality disorders and no amount of “teen”-porn will turn a mentally healthy person into a pedophile, just as video games won’t turn you into a school shooter, but in both cases, the viewer’s/player’s threshold is being lowered, lowered, lowered, and they’re being confronted with a twisted alternative reality to which they might get so used they’ll transfer their delusional views onto actual reality. The viewer’s expectations become unrealistic and the viewer’s partners might feel pressured into applying to a nearly unattainable standard of child-like beauty.

Usually, what’s popular among the majority of people is popular for a good reason, but in terms of porn, considering staged sex with minors, I highly doubt there’s a good reason as to why that’s so popular.