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The Devil Wears Feathers

Summery: Nygmobblepot - Devil Wears Prada AU:  Edward Nygma is a bachelor living in a big city, and finds himself with a job at the biggest fashion industry, Iceberg Fashion, owned  by the infamously famous and drop-dead gorgeous fashion magazine editor, Oswald Cobblepot

Rating: PG- 13 (for now)

Authors: @endless-nygmobblepot | @mrgoldsdearie

Note: Here’s is the first chapter of this little idea Ella came up with and I loved it. When she asked me to write it with her, I wasn’t going to say no. Like WTF? This is my first AU for this pairing and first multi-chapter fic as a co-author. I hope those who check it out enjoy. Happy reading!


    Part One: Spellbound  

    Edward wasn’t going to allow this particularly groggy morning to pull him back into his slumber. It was 5 a.m. and he had to prepare for his new job interview at Iceberg Fashion Magazine by 6:30. God, he couldn’t remember the last time he had awoken this early. His body feels like it’s against him.

         He slipped out of the dark rust-colored covers and peeled himself off of the bed, standing on his feet in his (debatably undignified) birthday suit. He staggers to the dresser, rubbing his eyes, and slipped into a clean pair of black boxers, tight black pants, and a green sweater that was already lying on the hardwood floor. It wasn’t like he had any other article of clothing that looked professional and he wasn’t going to seek out anything else that might possibly be shoved into the back of his closet. It didn’t get much better than an old green sweater anyhow.

         He lived in a top floor shabby loft style apartment just outside of the Fashion District in Gotham. He loved his loft for what it was and the view of the city made his $900 rent worth the price each month.

       Upon looking in the full-body-mirror hanging on his closet door, he wasn’t actually ashamed of his appearance, he rather thought he seemed quite charming. Perfect for an assistant job interview.

      He stands in the bathroom, squeezing out the remaining gel that was in his cheap dollar store bottle of hair product, and made sure his hair was slicked back enough where it wouldn’t fall over his eyes. Gazing back at upon his reflection, he wondered if it was truly possible to get this job. To be honest, being the assistant of the biggest fashion magazine editor in Gotham, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, sounds a little overbearing, but Edward thinks he has the confidence to handle the task and he’s going try overcome whatever challenges lie in his wake.

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“Do you admit defeat, Kaiba? My ‘shades’ are much cooler than yours.”
“I would never fall to your goggles, Pharaoh. At least mine are practical and actually stay on my face when I’m riding.”

Riders-Style Yami || Riders-Style Kaiba

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Non-Fiction (Namjoon)

a/n: this is the fluff version of @rapmontrashqueen birthday smut. I”m not gonna post the smut cause it’s specifif for her but you guys get to enjoy this fluff trash masterpiece. ALSO. My requests are still open guys. -Gabby

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,235

Masterlist - Mobile Masterlist

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]


That might possibly be one of my very favorite moments in the entirety of the movie because seriously look at Loki’s face.  It’s better in full view, where you can see that that is the face of someone who was often spoiled when they were a child.

That is the face of someone who was entirely precious and precocious when they were young and they knew how to use their adorable “I’m a stinker, but you love me, right? :3” face to melt hearts.  And that is exactly how I see Loki as a child and why he has a lot of the problem he has later in life.

Namely, that he was spoiled rotten, that he never had really solid boundaries set up for him in the way he needed, that his parents saw him as such a precious little squish that they couldn’t hardly ever say no to him.  Add in that Odin was not a very communicative sort, while Frigga probably had her heart bleeding every time she picked her little snuggle bunny up, remembering that he’d been abandoned and unwanted, she loved him so much and wanted to give him everything.

Thor is spoiled as well, of course, but in a different way.  He was also a charmer, someone who was used to getting his way through sheer force of personality, will, and determination.  He was like a dog with a bone when he wanted something, completely tunnel-visioned and bull-headed about it.  While Loki was the kind who tried attacking from every angle, always a new argument for what he wanted, always a new wheedling tactic, until his parents finally gave in, because they loved that little pumpkin.

I think his parents went the opposite way, they didn’t starve him for affection, but instead overfed him.  They praised every little thing (always remembering that he’d been abandoned, unwanted, so they unconsciously made up for that), they built him up and up and up, never really giving him the tools to deal with something major falling apart under his hands.

He still felt overshadowed by Thor, of course, largely because Thor’s strengths seemed effortless to Loki, because Thor’s strengths were ones that won him friends and approval of everyone in Asgard, because Thor was the type who could make friends anywhere, while Loki sniped and snapped and was jealous.

And because of that, because I don’t think Loki dealt with much hardship at all, he was woefully unprepared when real hardship hit him and that mixed together with all the other shit going on with him (ie, I think he has some fucked up brain chemistry going on—possibly depression or bipolar) and you get… everything we see.

But that precocious look, that “I’m a little shit, I’m a cute little shit, right? :3” look remained, because that’s how Loki was used to getting his way and winning people over.

(I’m pretty sure he did it with Thor as well.  ”Thor, don’t you want to give me your new hunting knife?”  ”No, Loki, you’re just going to break it trying to crush those dragon scales again!”  ”But it’s really important to me, Thor, I’ll get you a new one (no he won’t) next month when we go to Nidadvellir.  :3  :3  :3”  ”……okay, fine.”)

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Hi! As it is Hermione's birthday during the romione shipweek, do you think you could write something about one of her birthday's? Maybe the year she is back at school, with Ron sneaking up to visit her? Or just anything really, I'm sure it will be lovely :)

I don’t know about lovely, bit it is birthday flavoured, so I hope that’s okay :). AO3 

If she added up all the birthday cards and gift she’d received for birthdays one through eighteen, she wouldn’t come close to the total number of cards she’s received today for her nineteenth. She stares at the mailbag she’d dragged up to the Common Room, knowing that the only one she wanted was inside there, somewhere, buried beneath all the ones from total strangers. It was a very strange sensation.

“Perils of being a celebrity, huh?” Ginny said, appearing suddenly and moving an enormous stack off the armchair so she could take a seat.

“Harry didn’t receive this many cards for his birthday! He didn’t get any from people who weren’t close friends or family. Why have I got so many?” she asked, throwing up her hands after opening another which contained best wishes from all at the Society for the Protection of Unicorns. At least this one was educational—she hadn’t known there was such a society until just now.

“He did, but they mostly went to the Ministry because no one knew he was staying with us. Everyone knows your current address is Hogwarts, so they’re writing to you. Like I say, perils of being a celebrity. Oh! What’s this?” Before Hermione could stop her, she’d pulled a card out that was stuffed behind the cushion of the chair. When she opened it, a fanfare went off at such volume that Hermione was almost sure she felt the windows of Gryffindor Tower shake. Ginny merely raised an eyebrow, closed the card, and sat on it. “Makes my card look kind of boring, huh?”

“Yours is more special than any of these,” Hermione said truthfully. “And more memorable, too. I’ll be washing glitter out of my bedsheets until at least Christmas.”

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Hogwarts AU Quidditch Captains. Bahorel is a beater for Gryffindor and Montparnasse is a Seeker for Slytherin and yes this is meant to be innuendo of course lol. Atheltic sexual tension etc.

Anon asked me who I ship Montparnasse with well here is your answer. It was born from rp and rare pair yes I know but aggressive good-natured guy with a sense of humor + cold hearted pretty boy bastard = yes I like it. Dedicated to malfaux who was waiting for this.

(and just because people might wonder, Courf is Hufflepuff captain, Musichetta is Ravenclaw captain)

on “teen” porn

full offense: I’m pro porn, pro sex work and definitely here for women expressing their sexuality in any chosen way (as long as it’s legal and doesn’t harm anyone), but I am absolutley disgusted with and shocked by the fact that PornHub’s (etc.) most popular and most viewed videos almost exclusively display women with extremely child-like bodies, the more “petite” the better; bodies that look so fragile they might break from the tight grip of whoever’s holding on to their waist as they brutally fuck them. Flat chested, skinny, short bodies.

Having been both overweight and dangerously underweight due to my eating disorder, I neither want to criticize skinny bodies as whole, nor shame women whose bodies are thin and small by nature. This isn’t another dumb “real women have curves”-essay as some might expect it from a woman with thighs like mine. Real women have curves or not, real women are thin, real women are fat, real women have a flat chest, real women have huge boobs, real or fake boobs, real women are skinny, short, tall, thick, fat, muscular; real women are all women who identify as female. The following text is no parol against thin and child-like bodies, they exist outside of porn and they’re just as beautiful and perfectly fine as any other body type. This text is solely a parol against their fetishization for the male gaze and how they’re being used to stage sexual intercourse with minors.

Just as fetishizing fat women in porn, which leads to a harmful oversexualization of big women whilst simultaneously reducing them to their bodies and turning them into objects one could fuck solely due to a “secret fat fetish” at most, but never fall in love with, fetishizing extremely thin women whose bodies resemble a young, barely developed girl’s body, leads to a normalization of sexual activity at a low age and also sets unattainable attractiveness-standards for a fucked up society that’s already trying to maintain eternal youth anyway. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be sexually attractive, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be “hot”, but how can you obtain what PornHub and other porn sources consider “hot” when you’re an adult woman and no longer a “super petite x-tra small teen”? You could either develop an alter ego according to Humbert Humbert’s taste, braid your hair and play coy or just starve yourself.

See, all types of porn reduce women to their bodies. That’s no secret. It’s degrading, it’s ignorant, and to be fair, it’s fucking disgusting when you look at it from somewhere else than your bed, with your phone in your left hand and your right hand between your legs. Yet, I’m sure that a lot of women find a job in the industry to be extremely liberating and actually enjoy being a porn actress. There’s nothing wrong with that. Like I said, I am pro porn, I just wish that “female friendly” porn would not be a special category, but a precondition and a fucking requirement. Either way, there’s no need to discuss that most videos you find on the internet is definitely misogynistic and immoral. And it becomes a thousand times more immoral when those videos have titles like “SUPER PETITE TEEN TAKES IT IN HER TIGHT VIRGIN ASS” or “BARELY LEGAL XTRA SMALL BLONDE WANTS 3 COCKS AT ONCE”. In those videos, women who, in many cases, don’t look legal at all, are being fucked, hit, abused by much older men, sometimes they even claim it’s their first time. Yes, it’s staged, it’s not real, but what except the quiet voice in the back of your head that reminds you it’s fake is there that reminds you that actually, the sexualization of child-like bodies is something people go to jail for?

Even women whose faces tell you their teenage years are long ago are being labelled as “teen” when their bodies are child-like enough to contribute to the illusion of having sexual intercourse with a minor.

Hebephilia and pedophilia are caused by personality disorders and no amount of “teen”-porn will turn a mentally healthy person into a pedophile, just as video games won’t turn you into a school shooter, but in both cases, the viewer’s/player’s threshold is being lowered, lowered, lowered, and they’re being confronted with a twisted alternative reality to which they might get so used they’ll transfer their delusional views onto actual reality. The viewer’s expectations become unrealistic and the viewer’s partners might feel pressured into applying to a nearly unattainable standard of child-like beauty.

Usually, what’s popular among the majority of people is popular for a good reason, but in terms of porn, considering staged sex with minors, I highly doubt there’s a good reason as to why that’s so popular.

Please click to full view because tumblr’s obscuring this picture’s glory

I have never worked so long and hard on one drawing, but I’m finally done! I’ll be selling this as a print at Anime North, so look forward to it! Once I figure out how to mail prints I might open online orders too.

Edit: Replaced with a fixed, better  sized version.

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#18 for Dean and #46 for Sam, please!

You all ask for these so nicely!! 

I present you with this offering. This is a little bit of both worlds, but the Sam fluff was definitely fun to write and I’ve decided to post it early, but also have some Dean angst. So enjoy y'all!!! 

Drabble Games reference post here

Originally posted by natalie-bennington

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” Dean x Reader

Originally posted by acklesjensen

You stood in front of the mirror looking up and down at your reflection. You certainly looked ready. Gun on your hip, knives tucked in your boot, holy water flask, angel blade. There wasn’t anything else you could think that you would need in your kamikaze run at Lucifer. Dean walked up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder. You tilted your head against his, closing your eyes tight.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay. Okay? I promise.” You opened your eyes and looked up at Dean, turning so you were facing him in his arms.

“Dean what if I’m wrong, what if this just ends badly? What if something goes wrong? If anything we haven’t anticipated happens, who knows what the consequences will be…. Maybe you shouldn’t come. If anything happens to me the impact will be minimal at best, but you and Sam. Dean they’ll have you just where Lucifer wants you.”

Dean looked down at you, brow crinkled in concentration as he took in a long breath before speaking. “(y/n), this is without a doubt the stupidest idea you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Okay? Lucifer isn’t going to win this one. We’re going to walk away from it. I promise.” You buried your face in his chest, breathing in that Dean Winchester smell of whisky, leather, hotel soap, and a subtle spice that only Dean Winchester possessed. You nodded slowly at his words, and he held you tight against his chest rubbing your back slowly until Sam came to tell you it was now or never.

Pulling out of his arms you looked up at him, smiled sadly, and kissed him gently on the lips. “For luck.” A smile tugged at his lips and he leaned down, kissing you with an eager passion you quickly reciprocated.

“For luck.”

46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” Sam x Reader

Originally posted by spnfans

Sam paced through the bunker tossing and turning everything left and right. The main help line phone was missing and if he didn’t find it soon Dean was going to be pissed that they had not only lost a lot of the contacts they used (not that they didn’t have backups, its just this phone already had everything in it) they would also have lost the number that they gave out to people across the country in case trouble came up. And if something happened and they weren’t there to pick up, Sam would never forgive himself for loosing the damn thing.

He paused after turning the whole library over twice. Think Sam, where did you last have it. After some deliberation he started to retrace his steps from the moment that he last remembered physically holding the thing. They had all gotten home from a hunt. Dean had stayed in the garage to clean up the Impala, he and (y/n) has gone into the main bunker, he’d had the phone in his pocket. His jeans. They were in his jeans pocket. SHIT it’s laundry day! He raced down the hall to (y/n)’s room, praying that she hadn’t put the clothes through the wash yet.

Bursting into the room he slid on the floor a little as his socks slipped when he tried to stop. “(Y/N)! Have you seen the….? Oh.” (Y/n) was standing in front of a full length mirror that Dean and Sam had bought for her as a moving in gift. But it was her apparel that caught Sam’s attention, or really her lack thereof. She was wearing nothing past a matching set of lace lingerie that Sam had certainly never seen before.

She turned casually to face him, an eyebrow raising cooly as she smirked, presumably at the red blush that was working its way up Sam’s face as he turned to look down and away from her. “It’s rather unorthodox of you to come bursting in here like this Sammy. I trust it’s important?”

“Uh… Um. Yeah. I mean, yes. I’m I’m, looking for the, the um the main help phone.” Sam stumbled through the sentence, stunned by the now full frontal view that he was getting of (y/n). She smiled gently, and walked across the room past Sam to her bedside table, picked something up and walked back to Sam, choosing to stand within a few inches of the younger Winchester.

“Yes, I thought you might be looking for this. I found it in your jeans when I went through the laundry this morning.” She grinned from ear to ear, as Sam desperately did his best to maintain eye contact with her instead of perusing her body. “You should really keep a better eye on that.” The words came out in a suggestive whisper, her body leaning in towards him, her hand slipping the phone into his pants pocket. Sam gulped hard and he moved a little closer to her, blushing furiously as she closed the gap, planting a quick kiss on his lips. But then he found that she was pushing him back towards the door of her bedroom, and out into the hall. And just like that the door way closed on his face. As he slipped away feeling guilty about walking in on her like that, he could her riotous laughter echoing from her room.

(I’m going to very casually tag theperksofbeingginny so she’ll see this tomorrow, or tonight, after all it’s only like 10:40 in Texas)

One day, one rhyme- Day 886 'The Universe on the Floor'

Was searching for the perfect word
When an almighty crash I heard,
And so into the house I dash
Asking; “What has caused such a clash?”
“I’ve dropped… Well, everything really.”
A tall story, I thought merely,
While rushing through the kitchen door.
But sure enough, upon the floor
Was absolutely everything!
Plates, cutlery, a ball of string;
A car, a mat, a swimming pool;
A regal court, complete with fool;
Shoes, windmills, brooms, faux plants in pots;
Puzzles where you connect the dots;
Matchbox cars, socks, a baseball team;
Clocks, crocodiles and the Gulf Stream;
Biscuits, skateboards, a merchant brig;
From very small to very big!
Solar systems in quite dire straits,
Planets shattered like broken plates;
Bright stars like jewels stolen by thieves,
Scattered about like autumn leaves.
As I looked at this tragic sight,
Instead of tears, I felt delight
Seeing that, as things often do,
They recombined themselves anew,
Until all had become once more
Whole universes on the floor.
Although everything had been dropped,
Things can be fixed, we can adopt
A different view, we might find
Some things are better recombined.
From half empty to half full cup,
You only need to pick things up.

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I just thought of the most heartbreaking Adoribull prompt: Dorian has only one book to remember Felix by, a old worn copy of basic conjuring forms, giving to him as a gift by Felix and Alexius during his time studying. During the events of your fic "It's all fun and Games", someone scribbles lewd drawings all over the inside of it. Queue Bull discovering a heartbroken Dorian in the library, trying desperately to undo the damage, to no avail. I would give you ANYTHING if you could write this.

I might lengthen this sometime?? Kinda a WIP still. There wasn’t a clear resolution yet, but I tried to make it appropriately heartbreaking.

Dorian had promised Bull to meet him in the tavern tonight for dinner, and when Dorian being a few minutes late turned into the mage being an hour later, Bull decided to seek out the other man. He knew he’d been the butt of a lot of jokes lately, the others not quite accepting of him yet, trying to take him down a peg. Bull had given Krem and his boys a warning about it all, and they insisted it was just a bit of something to initiate him into their ranks. From the looks Krem shot Dalish and Skinner when they thought he wasn’t looking, Bull doubted their motivations. If things reached a tipping point, he’d intervene then. The Chargers might not be happy about him giving a order like that, but it was better than them completely ostracizing the poor ‘Vint.

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