might kill me one day

I don’t know how to explain to goyim that calling out anti-Semitism is not about hurt feelings or crocodile tears and everything to do with the fear of history repeating itself in the form of angry mobs hellbent on attacking Jewish people.

I don’t know how to explain that I am not calling Jay-Z out because I want to silence Black artists; I’m calling him out because I’m genuinely afraid that his false accusation about Jews owning all the property in America will result in people across the nation blaming Jews for the evils of the world and then inciting pogroms (violent mob attacks) against Jewish people.

I don’t know how to explain that I’m not calling out CDM because I don’t care about the liberation of Palestinians; I’m calling them out because I’m worried that if we allow non-Jews to police our beliefs and define for us what our ancient symbols mean, that it could ultimately lead to any displays of public Jewishness being deemed questionable or offensive, which could eventually end in violence against any Jews who are openly Jewish at public events.

I don’t know how to explain to goyim that nearly every Jewish person in the world either grew up with a relative who had to flee their home in the middle of the night because of this type of violence, or they actually experienced this trauma themselves. I don’t know how to tell them that this is an ingrained trauma in almost every existing Jewish family, and that it has been repeated every few generations across the globe since we entered the Diaspora nearly 2,000 years ago.

I don’t know how to explain that when people say almost the exact types of things that were shouted at my relatives by white Russian nationalists as they burned their villages to the ground that it doesn’t matter if you say you’re a progressive or an anti-racist, or you’re also marginalized in some way, because all I hear are the same words people have said to Jews for centuries before physically assaulting them, and I’m worried you’re going to eventually going to assault me, too.

I don’t know how to explain that if goyim read our history they might understand that we Jews have been used as scapegoats for the world’s evils everywhere on the planet from Lithuania to Ethiopia, and that regardless of our standing in society or our level of assimilation, that it’s always ended with our expulsion or murder or both.

I don’t know how to explain that I’m not trying to be petty or “take up space in the movement,” or draw attention away from other causes, but that I’m only asking for you to examine your words and actions now, while I still hope there’s time to pull out the seeds of anti-Semitism that have been planted, because I am literally afraid that if I don’t, you or somebody like you will ultimately be at my doorstep shouting “It’s their fault! Get them! Kill the Jews!”

I don’t know how to explain that I’m afraid you might believe the vitriol behind your words one day enough to kill me.

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If you listen carefully you can hear God Himself willing you to continue to educate us. Amen. (p.s: Im losing my shit in class and I blame you)

I thanketh thee for thy enouragement, but I also begeth thee not to putteth blame on me. Deus Vult, I shall carryeth on mine duties as his humble servant. Amen.

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I would give my right kidney up for you to write a wild and unruly epilogue 😭😭😭 Please! Do you think you might one day? It's killing me .

ahaha oh wow, it really makes me happy that you would still be interested in an epilogue after all this time.  thank you!!  

We won’t be writing one, though. Sorry!! 

Having said that, we did respond to a lot of asks about headcanons after the fic was first finished, in case you are interested.  They’re all in my wau tag, but it’s super disorganized, so i decided to give you some links because I would like to have it all in one place, too. :))

Some of those have two separate links because there was more than one ask. 

if you have any specific headcanon questions yourself, you can also always ask, but I cannot guarantee a quick turn around on a response lol.  

Argh I’ve been Absent and this isn’t even full colour (she’s half done but is currently buried somewhere in the mountain of stuff I have left to unpack) but HERE IS THIRA my special favourite queen being presented to the court of the Iron Hills when she was due to wed Dain.

@pilferingapples OK, I got super excited when I saw this one… I know it took me forever, I went a bit overboard, but I couldn’t resist. I really, really couldn’t.

First Time Again (11)

Well if anyone is still reading this I’ve got a few chapters done in the last few weeks and I have to say it might be pulling teeth to write, but I like where this is going…. every time i try to write my newest original piece I come back to this story.

PS I’ve also recently started watching Outlander and I’m obsessed. Like I want my very own Jamie Fraser obsessed

Previous Chapters 

Chapter 11

I woke up and something was tickling me. I flinched before I realized that it was a finger running across my skin. My eyes darted open, the room was still dark. Cassian’s brown eyes were open and he was watching me sleep. My heart soared as I took in the fact that he was awake, that he was breathing and he was here with me. His calm still couldn’t reach me, but he was awake.

“Cass,” my voice broke as I sat up and debated between hugging him and strangling him. My hands shook, “Cassian don’t you ever scare me like that again.”

He laughed as I made my decision and wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. I pressed a kiss against his shoulder, as I felt him take in a deep breath. Both our bodies sighed with relief as they found each other. It was slow and a little painful. Not as bad as the withdrawals we had suffered in the beginning, but it was enough to make me wince.

“I thought.. I thought I lost you,” my voice broke as I held on tighter, “I couldn’t begin to imagine a life without you. Because you were selfish and stepped in front of me. I can’t,” I pulled back and placed my hand on his bruised cheek, “I… you promised me a life together, that we fight together.”

I couldn’t get those three little words out, not yet. Because I wasn’t telling him the whole truth. Because I was scolding him for the same thing I was thinking about doing myself. Still I held his gaze as his thumb brushed against the corner of my lips and his dimples pushed out as he offered me a small smile.

“I will always protect you,” he whispered softly, “I would do it again, even though it hurts like hell.”

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So a terrible evil has wrought destruction upon your lands, and threatens the very survival of your people.

Lucky for you, you find a sword and the strength to fight back. Over time, you gain some facility with magic, too. You gain allies as you quest across Hyrule, slaying all who oppose you. You even gain the power of one of the pieces of the mystical artifact known as The Triforce.

At last, you stand triumphant.

Now: Am I talking about Link, or am I talking about Ganondorf?

I was thinking recently about how strongly function informs people’s perceptions of character. Even if very little in the narrative of a given Legend of Zelda game tells you that Ganondorf is fundamentally a bad person, his function as your nemesis colors your view of every new piece of information.

One can read the way he leaves Link alive in Wind Waker and Ocarina as clear-cut mercy; “You might one day kill me, but I’m not willing to kill you, even though you are literally swinging a sword at me right now.”
In fact, stated that way it seems obvious.
But that isn’t how most people I’ve seen playing read it. He’s the villain and you’re the hero, so leaving you alive suggests a haughtiness, and a malicious desire to humiliate his enemies.
That’s right: His decision not to kill a child gets read as more malice.

Imagine a “Legend of the Gerudo” game, where you’re Ganondorf trying to control and wield the demon power inside you long enough to bring vengeance to the Hylians who wiped out almost all of the Gerudo, and secure a new kingdom for your people. That sounds…like a pretty typical JRPG.

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questions for ya: ler or lee? Fav tool(s)? Fav teases?

1) Im the BIGGEST lee and it might kill me one day

2)Toolsss…honestly probably an electric toothbrush.


Did someone say kid!Crash doing martial arts?? 😅 Have a taunting cutie who can beat anyone up. I finally had enough diamonds to buy the quest and he’s just to precious. I wanted to take a quick break from requests and do my own thing. I haven’t drawn traditionally for nearly 3 weeks. It feels so weird but I’m gonna get back into my mojo one day.

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Well hello there! I'm just only a follower of yours and I'm just wanna say you're a cool artist and a great person!! When you post something on my dash It makes feel so happy! :D i hope someday we can chat :3

*I’M LATERALLY DYING ON MY BED. SEND HELP* oh god thank you so much???? ;_; 💚
You’re all too nice, it might kill me one day. Yet it would be the best death I could wish for.
Also, you can chat with me anytime B)c Only not when timezone is a bitch, and it’s too late for me to be on the internet OwO"

Tumblr & “Kingsman” fandom things that might kill me one day
  • “Kingsman” sets with that comic quote (”I’ve been very lonely over the years. Thank you for bringing some warmth into my life.”) Fuuu. I’ve read that so many times and I flinch every time it appears on my dashboard.
  • Dennis Severs (Taron Egerton) crying in “The Smoke” and talking about suicide.
  • The end of the church scene in “Kingsman”. Nope, he’s not dead but it’s still sad.
  • Eggsy’s reaction to Harry’s death.
  • Everything about Edward Brittain (his whole story hits me so much, but yes, played by Taron Egerton in the movie “Testament Of Youth”).
  • Hartwin AU during World War I aka Hartwin x The King’s Speech
  • Gif sets about George Falconer (Colin Firth) and Jim from “A Single Man” (it hurts).
  • Telling me that Harry and Eggsy touched each other JUST TWO TIMES DURING THE WHOLE DAMN MOVIE (the pat on the shoulder in the beginning and the pat on the shoulder in ‘The Black Prince’). Are you fucking kidding me?? TWO TIMES! Eggsy touched the door to the Kingsman shop at least THREE times.

“Once, after a nasty fight your dad drove me out into the middle of the desert.  You know, at first I was a little scared I’ll admit; but he built this huge fire to show me the passion in his heart.”

This is a quote from ‘Faking It’ when Karma is talking to her mom about how Amy is drifting away.  When I heard Karma’s mom say this I couldn’t help but think about a scene from another one of my favorite shows…

Getaways in the desert are so romantic. :)

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❤Day 22! Let's give it up for day 22 of your daily reminders of how much your shredding my heart and tossing each piece at a different guy for me to fantasize and read fanfics about! Your fanfics of course. Y'all writers be making even CRUSHES complicating! Now I don't know who I'm crushing on more! It's like 'Hey! You got a crush?' and I'm like *rolls out a frigging English parchment* 'Ahh, so glad you asked. You might wanna sit down for this' Like guuurl you gon' kill me one day. Sending love❤

❤Look who’s come back to annoy you for the 23rd day in a row! Because you’re gonna be responsible for mY FRIGGING DEATH JEZUZ, SERIOUSLY YOU’RE WAY TOO GOOD AT WRITING YA KNOW THAT?? Like holy hell, man! My emotions are all over the place! First I’m happy, then squealing, then whining and crying, then frigging staring at my phone looking like I’m about to burn holes into the poor thing bUT YOU KEEP ON FLOOFING AND ANGSTING AND STUFF, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU TOSS MY WAY NEXT! Lots of love!❤

❤Hey beautiful!! I’m gonna just start off with letting you know that- *deep inhale* Iloveyouandiwillsupportyouinanywaypossibleandyourstoriesarelifetheyareamazingandawesomeandjustperfectyouareawesomeandiloveyou. You. Are. The. Best. You deserve ALL THE SPARKLES AND RAINBOWS I CAN PROVIDE CAUSE YOUR STORIES/DRABBLES/SERIES GIVE ME LIFE. This is only your 24th day, and we gonna keep this going for as long as possible!! I must let you know everyday how much I love you and your stories!!❤

Thank you so much Sweetie!! <3 <3 <3 I AM SO SORRY that it took me so long to respond to these lovely asks. I was out of town and taking a break from tumblr for the weekend. So I couldn’t get to them sooner. But I can see you’ve been as kind as ever, and for that I am very grateful! Much love, Hon <3