might just start making them lol

Yet another project, maybe?

Somebody stop me, lol.

So to make a long train of thought short and sweet, I might start another story project. It’ll be small. Even smaller than Area 27. With just occasional posts. But I want to make a story based on my parents lives, leading up to how they met. Both my mom and dad had such weird lives, and I have always been fascinated by their stories.

And I would love to have an excuse to talk to them about it more, and also have a written record of sorts of it. :) Naturally, I would also love to translate that into sims. lol. 

Communicating With Deities

How do I communicate with my deity?

How do I know if a deity is trying to reach me?

How can I tell if my deity accepted my offering?

How can I receive messages from my deity?

The topic of communicating with deities is the question I get asked the most so I figured it was time to give it its own post. Especially because this question doesn’t have an easy answer.  It’s not as simple as learning to give an offering or how to devote yourself to a deity. There’s no step by step, made for everyone and every deity, guide to communicating. Its ultimately something you have to figure out yourself, though I can offer some help in ways to go about figuring it out. But first I want to clear some things up about communication with deities. I feel there are a lot of misconceptions that surround it and I also need to explain WHY it’s a topic I can’t give you an easy answer to. So let’s get to that!

  1. Faith- So I’ll admit that the obsession that a lot of people have with communicating with their deities confuses me. When I started I didn’t really think much of the hows of interacting with Aphrodite because I, just like with any other religion, assumed that I had to have faith that Aphrodite was listening. I feel like a lot of people are missing that, like being a Hellenic Polytheist means you have constant, consistent, and direct messages from the gods, but that’s not the case. Faith is still an element and honestly it remains an element even when you have been devoted for years. You’re not always going to get confirmations on things you do or ask, actually most of the time you don’t. You just have to have faith they are there and listening
  2. Tumblr - This point is directly related to the first point. I believe that a lot of the misconceptions of communicating with deities and even the obsession with it has a lot to do with our community here on tumblr. I’m not here to accuse anyone or point any blame. I’m not even saying that people are lying or exaggerating. I just think because of everyone sharing their wonderful experiences it’s creating an image of communicating being a natural part of a devotee’s everyday life with their deity. I mean maybe it is for some, but not all. Honestly, a lot of what you are looking at on tumblr are snapshots of worship. Maybe that devotee received an AMAZING sign or message from their deity but perhaps that was the first one in a few months. The truth is, just like with most aspects of our lives, we like to share the fantastic on social media, so don’t take everything you read as the “normal” or the “standard” of devotion. The truth is there really isn’t one and definitely not one for communicating with deities.
  3. Skills - It’s important to keep in mind that communicating with deities can be seen as a skill. And just like with any skill there are those who are “naturally gifted” and others who have to practice practice practice in order to see any results. This is also a reason why you shouldn’t look to others’ experiences as the way it works for everyone. They could be one of those naturally gifted people who are just born tuned into the god frequency or they could also have been practicing and doing a lot of work to get the point where it’s easier to receive messages. So those of you starting out shouldn’t automatically think you will begin getting signs and messages right away, it most likely will be something you have to work towards.
  4. Deities Communicate Differently - A big reason it’s nearly impossible to say how or if a deity is communicating with you is because they do it in different ways. The way Aphrodite and me communicate may not be the same way she communicates with another devotee. A lot of it depends on the devotee. We each have a way of communicating that we will be more receptive to, whether you know it or not. Your deity might know that and choose to use that form, even if you haven’t exactly figured that out yet (fun, right? lol). A deity also may choose a way to communicate depending on the message they are trying to send you. They could also pick a way simply because they find it amusing and/or ironic (i’m looking at you, Hermes). It’s really hard for someone on the outside to tell you for sure how your deity is going to interact with you specifically. I can’t speak for the gods and I can’t speak on your personal relationship with them. Again, it’s something you have to journey through and find answers to yourself.

Now that the bad news is over with, how about I give you some good news? As I said above, I can give you some advice/tips on ways you can figure out how to communicate with your deity yourself. Remember this is a process, a journey, it’s not a faucet. Doing one of these things isn’t going to automatically start the flowing of messages. Just keep that in mind! Now onto the list!

  • Divination - Probably the most popular form of communication with deities is using some form of divination. There’s A LOT to choose from so do your research and see what calls out to you and give it a try! Some examples are tarot, oracle, runes, pendulum, scrying, bibliomancy, shufflemancy, just to name a few.
  • Meditation - I strongly recommend everyone try meditation because there’s a ton of benefits to it and one of those benefits is connecting with your deities. Not only can you receive messages and signs while mediating, the act itself opens you up to be more receptive in your everyday life!
  • Astral Travel - This is another popular method used to communicate with deities. Many people talk about not only receiving messages from their deities, but also full on interaction with them. Make sure you do your research before attempting it! It also may help to practice meditation first.
  • Dreams - Okay so this is one of the easier ones on the list to do. Basically start recording your dreams and see if you notice anything either popping out at you or that’s repeating. Sometimes your deity may just simple show up like “hey, what’s going on? You dreamin?” but other times they aren’t that obvious (why would they make it easy on us?). Recording your dreams is a great way to notice patterns because sometimes it can take multiple dreams to get a message. This applies to the universe as well. Like it took me a good chunk of my life to realize that when the universe wants me to pay attention it throws an abundance of something in my dream, where I’ll be like “shit thats a lot of elephants!” and then another dream years later “What is with all these fucking spiders!?”. Keeping a dream journal makes it easier to notice things like that. You can also ask your deity to appear in your dreams if you so choose (of course whether they do or not is up to them). Also if you’re into it you can use herbs and stones to better receive messages in your dreams and to remember them when you wake up.
  • Journaling - Anyone who has been a follower of me for awhile can probably tell you that my answer for most things is “Keep a Journal” and they are probably eyerolling me right now, lol! But I really believe in the benefits of journaling because they are abundant! I won’t go into all of them because we are talking about communicating with deities and damn it I WILL stay on topic! Just like recording your dreams, recording your waking life can help you spot patterns and possible signs that you might miss otherwise. If you’re like me and interact a lot with your deity through emotions and feelings, journaling is truly wonderful! You can start making connections between actions and your emotions that could help you better understand your deity. I also recommend doing this even if you choose to do one of the other ideas listed above. Recording your progress and your emotions is great for looking back on and seeing how far you come especially in those moments when you feel like you haven’t done much. So yeah, everyone keep a journal!
  • Open Yourself - So those of you who are witches don’t really need much explanation on this and honestly you might have already started on this one, but for the sake of those who might not know let me explain. There are different ways you can better open yourself up so receiving messages can be easier. Using certain stones, burning certain herbs/incense, using oils, casting spells, doing rituals, etc. There’s a lot you can do to help open yourself up to the universe! And these aid a lot in the techniques above!
  • Talk To Others - I know what you’re thinking “Wait, didn’t you say that looking at what someone else does is part of the problem?” Yes, i did, but it can also be helpful as long as you find the balance! Seeing how other devotees of your deity interact with them can at least give you ideas and a direction to go in. The key is not to compare and to not see their devotion as the “one true way”. Think of it more as a brainstorming session!

I just want to add that this post is my own personal opinion and personal reasons why I feel I can’t answer questions of this topic. I hope this post was helpful to those of you who took the time to read it!

Meme credit goes to my hilarious, wonderful and talented wifey @nerdywitchmomma 

anonymous asked:

Would you mind explaining your love of Shance? I feel like I'm missing out on something that I missed during the seasons. I'm usually a horrible multishipper lol but I just haven't been bitten by this bug yet! Please enlighten me :3

I’m not even sure I can explain it in a way that will give them justice! 😭 But I will try!

To be honest, I just really, really love their interactions, few as they are. It might not be as obvious as Shiro and Keith’s or Lance and Hunk’s friendship, but it’s the small things in Shiro and Lance’s connection that makes me really fall for them.

I think to most shance shippers, it all started with Lance saying Shiro was his hero. The indignation in his voice here, the way he shouts “hero”, you can tell it’s a very personal thing to him and he’s confused as to how 1) Shiro is alive, 2) the garrison knows and 3) the garrison is holding him captive.

Lance regards him high enough that he wanted to stop Keith from saving Shiro just so he could be the one to do it. It’s a silly thing to do because what matters is that Shiro is safe, but it just goes to show how much he really admires that guy.

When Shiro finally introduces himself to the team, it’s Lance whom he extends his hand to first, and there’s a heavy focus on their handshake, whereas there isn’t with the others. Shiro acknowledged Lance’s efforts in rescuing him and thanked him for it.

Others have already also pointed out how Lance hesitates a bit to hold Shiro’s hand here because of his galra arm (in this scene in particular, the noise of the metal arm is really prominent too), but does it anyway. Lance doesn’t care what happened to Shiro, he is still his hero.

When Sendak attacks the castle in 1x4, Shiro is the one who rushes to Lance, and also the one who stays behind to tend to Lance’s injuries while the others are busy helping the arusians and grabbing a new balmera crystal for the castle.

Shiro really cares for him. After everyone was gone he stayed behind to take care of Lance. It’s a good thing he did, because otherwise Sendak would have gotten to him. I don’t even like to imagine what would have happened then.

Lance has his one sided rivalry going on with Keith. When it comes to Hunk, Coran and Pidge, they’re good, close friends. Allura is someone he is constantly flirting with, though I don’t think anyone takes it seriously, not even himself. To Lance, Shiro is “their awesome leader” (2x10) and Lance always trusts him with respect, even when he doesn’t agree with Shiro’s dicisions (2x2, Lance disagrees with Shiro that they should trust Ulaz and in 2x8 he wants Shiro to take him to the Blade of Marmora, not Keith and he confronts Shiro about it).

And Lance may not think much of himself, shown by the way he second guesses his worth to the team constantly. But Shiro is always there for him, either tending to his injuries, making sure he is fine and trusting him with the important missions, like the Beta Traz prison escape.

Those tiny moments, very subtle connection between them is what really makes me love their relationship. Lance trusts Shiro, but not so blindly that he won’t voice his own opinion. Shiro trusts Lance just as equally, and believes in Lance’s potential.

To me personally, I like that subtlety in their interactions because it’s easy for me to fill in the gaps. That’s why it’s so dear and important to me.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that what really made me start seeing the shance and falling for it was Josh’s tweet about it, which is also the tweet that gave the ship the name ‘shance’


@sssekhmettt: one of my favorite youtube channels is this is dan bell. who has a series exploring dead/abandoned malls. the music he uses in it is very similar to the sample you linked. it evokes a very specific feeling that i have no idea how to describe. your stuff is incredible. if interested maybe try submitting some music to him to use in a video? idk just an idea xoxo 

Funny you should say that, because This Is Dan Bell was one of my inspirations for the dead mall effect. I highly recommend anyone who’s into that sort of thing check him out because they’re incredibly interesting. Unfortunately, I think he already has a few sound editors helping him out. :’)

@lysettesantiques:  Is there any chance you could release a tutorial or something for these other effects, like you did for f.a.r?

There is! I just need to find the motivation to compile them all lol

@t-rre:  should post more edits of different effects like this!

Someday perhaps, I might make another blog or rehash this one to include other effects.

@idontdrawshitanymore:  Being able to create a certain feeling with sound is such a magical thing, and it seems to be a really under appreciated art. I’ve started to pay attention to sound design in games and movies, and I think hearing “songs from another room” helped me appreciate how good sound design can make or break an audio-visual work.

Exactly!! And that’s really awesome. Some people say that paying attention to the technicalities of art “ruins” it for them, but for me it just makes it more engaging. Thinking about how the designers produced a certain result, etc.

squidmiku  asked:

Hey do you mind drawing hirokis hair flow? I'm trying to cosplay him but don't know how to start out the wigs shape

OMFG IM SO EXCITED!! I cant wait to see how you manage to style the wig for his hair!! (you might need to use multiple wigs and do big wefts because he has a LOT of poof LOL) but i assume you know what youre doing!

i drew it out for you, for his bangs feel free to improvise a bit - you can have his pomp sticking out of the middle of them  - i just draw it to one side when doing the ¾ view because its clearer aesthetically. i hope that makes sense lmao

(if the image seems small just right click and go to “view image” to see the full size, i think that works)

this might even be useful for people to draw him as well. i decided to have fun with it and give him some silly expressions lol

amaizingyanchan  asked:

Can you do head cannon of the 104th kids reacting to Snk memes? Thanks! <3

Ooh, this is interesting! I’m mostly going to be doing memes about themselves, because those are the ones they’d have the most reaction to. 

Eren would be really angry that everyone portrays him as nothing but a stupid ball of rage, and would probably start World War III over it. It also might affect the poor cinnamon roll’s self esteem because everyone talking about how much of a failure he is in some of the memes might actually make him start to believe it (which is why I kinda want to protect this poor baby from the internet lol). 

Mikasa, not being a Spanish speaker, wouldn’t understand the whole “mikasa su casa” thing. Plus she’d probably kill whoever started up the trend of portraying her as obsessed with Eren, if she could find them. 

Armin would probably be just done hearing about him screaming being a meme, but also downright flustered. Not his proudest moment right there. At the same time he might be pretty offended, because he did think his best friend was dead right in that moment, and yeah that shit shouldn’t be joked about. 

Jean would be angry with the horse-face memes, and would blame Eren for starting it, leading to some insane argument. 

Marco would probably side with the people crying over his death, and feel bad that everyone was joking about it and making everyone sad. But he wouldn’t really take it personally, I don’t think. Jean, on the other hand, would. 

Annie just doesn’t understand what the big deal is about her nose. But she doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on it. Also…”Is my laugh really that creepy?”

Reiner knew that nobody was going to let him live that ass joke down, but he didn’t expect it to be ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

Bertholdt honestly doesn’t know why him sweating is suddenly a big deal, but is glad that people at least acknowledge the stress he’s been put through. 

Connie honestly doesn’t know why he’s either always next to Sasha or being compared to a different character entirely. But he does want to know who these characters are. 

Sasha unironically finds the thing with the potato funny. She is also fine with the nickname “potato girl” so long as it’s not used in a derogatory and/or patronizing tone. 

Ymir is glad that everyone understands that Historia is hers. And of course will rub it into Reiner’s face a little. 

Historia wonders why there’s so few memes about her (seriously I couldn’t really find any fml) 

Backstage (Ken smut)

Originally posted by jaehwanshik

Genre: smut

Length: 2.4k

Pairing: Lee Jaehwan (Ken) + reader (female)

Summary: Jaehwan seems to be different when he comes off stage and Y/n tries to find out was wrong. However, she got more than she bargained for when Jaehwan initiates a dangerous activity in the dressing room.

All of the smuts that mention Vixx’s comeback I actually planned before any teasers came out it just takes me so long to get them done that it seems like I came up with the ideas recently. By the time I finish all of them it’ll be their next comeback lol. 

I had just started writing this smut when I got the request in for Ken smut luckily I felt blessed. I’ve been having so many Jaehwan feels lately so I enjoyed writing this. Here you go @kensprincess or other Ken stans or people that have been personally targetted by Jaehwan (eg me)!

ps not proof read, please let me know of any mistakes i might have made

(Support Shangri-La !!!)

As you stumbled around backstage you could hear Hakyeon giving everyone a pep talk, encouraging them to make this comeback stage ‘their best one yet’. You jogged into the area where they waiting before they were called to go on stage and saw the 6 boys stood in a circle with their hands in the centre. Vixx were in their new stage outfits for their comeback and you must say Jaehwan pulled the look off pretty well.

Jaehwan’s eyes lit up when he noticed your presence, but he couldn’t come and greet you due to Hakyeon’s never ending pep talk. He mock-rolled his eyes at Hakyeon and you had to stifle a giggle to prevent him from being caught. Your boyfriend smiled brightly at your response and continued making silly expressions at the leader when he wouldn’t notice. At one point Hakyeon noticed Jaehwan just as he was crossing his eyes and sticking his tongue out at him. Giving him a disapproving look, Hakyeon continued his motivational speech to the rest of the boys, although it didn’t seem to appear that any of them were actually listening.

It wasn’t long till the boys were called up on stage to perform. Jaehwan gave you a small wink which made you weak at the knees before disappearing on stage with one final look over his shoulder. Your heart fluttered as you watched the members take their place on the stage. It was their first performance of their new song and you couldn’t be prouder of Jaehwan and the rest of the boys.

Keep reading

Badass Princess

 Anonymous said:

Can you write an imagine where the reader is a princess who lands on the island but like she’s all tough and Peter finds out and is surprised?

Warning/s: nothing?


Summary: you’re a badass princess

Princess Y/N wasn’t allowed to leave the castle because of safety purposes but she was never the one to follow the rules so she left anyways. She leaves the castle most of the time to play with the other teens in the village. When her father found out about it, he freaked out. It’s a good thing that Y/N’s mom is a nice woman because she convinced Y/N’s father to just get her a teacher to teach her how to fight for herself and so he did.

Y/N’s father got her a good teacher named Mulan. Mulan taught her how to use a sword, a dagger and a bow and arrow. Y/N was a fast learner so she mastered everything in just a few weeks. Though, Y/N regretted breaking her father’s rules when a bunch of pirates surrounded her when she was currently out the castle.

“Looks like we got the princess” the captain motioned for them to get Y/N. Though Y/N tried to fight, the pirates overpowered her. One of the pirates hit her head, making her go unconscious.

Y/N woke up and realized that her hands were tied and there’s a cloth around her mouth, preventing her from speaking. “Oh look. The princess has awaken” a pirate mocked as he removed the cloth from her mouth.

“There will be no pirates left on this ship when my father found out about this” Y/N growled. The ship erupted in laughter as Y/N said that. “Oh princess, you’re quite the joker aye? Look around you. Does it look like we’re still in your kingdom?” the captain smirked. Y/N looked around and gulped when she saw that they were in the middle of the sea. The captain laughed when he saw Y/N’s nervous face. “I don’t think your father’s little minions can come all the way to Neverland.” He boasted. Y/N made a confused face. “Neverland?” she asked.

Before the pirate could even answer, the ship was raided by a bunch of teenage boys. When one lost boy walked towards Y/N, she smiled. She was about to talk when a bag was placed over her head.

‘Great’ she thought. ‘Kidnapped again’

“I swear when I get out of this, you all will be lifeless corpses” Y/N spat through the bag on her head. She only got chuckles in response.

After a while, the bag was taken off of Y/N’s head as her sweaty face became visible again. The one who looks like the leader grinned. “She’s got the looks”

Y/N gritted her teeth as she muttered ‘pig’. 

“Oh. Feisty too. I’m Peter Pan by the way.” the guy slyly smiled. Y/N responded with a bitter smile. Pan walked over to her and held her hands.

“Now I’m gonna untie you. Don’t try anything, alright?” Pan looked at Y/N as she nodded. As Pan untied her hands, Y/N kicked Pan where it hurts and attacked the other lost boys one by one. Slamming her elbows on some faces and kicking them on the stomach.

When everyone was laying on the ground, she turned around to run but was met by a chest. Y/N looked up to see a smirking Pan.

“Well that was new. Who knew a princess could fight like that?” Pan chuckled. Y/N glared at Pan. “I just want to go home alright? Let me go and no harm will be done.” Y/N stood proud, showing off her royal blood.

“Was that a threat?” Pan chuckled.

Y/N took out a dagger that was hidden in her dress and pointed it at Pan making him chuckle.

“You know, you quite amuse me.” Pan started.

“I think I’ll keep you”

note: writer’s block. sorry this was short but I’m really dumb rn xD. For those ‘Part 2′ requests… I might post them .. not so soon. lol so sorry

anonymous asked:

I wonder how the guys would react to finding all the fics about them xD

Leo: He would be like “there is no honor in this” but when those “urges” arose you KNOW he’d be reading our smut lol. It would be like his guilty pleasure. Tumblr is an endless library of porn so I think he’d uh find every kink he has in one of our fics. And obviously it would surprise/confuse him to think their are people out there willing to just accept them as regular guys because his whole life has been in the shadows and he’s been told/telling himself that that sort of stuff will never happen to them.

Mikey: oh y'all already know Mikey would go crazy. He would probably immediately make a tumblr and start commenting on all his favorite ones and he would probably read his brothers fics too just to make fun of them. He’d also be like “I totally knew chicks would be into me, that’s why they write about me more then anyone else.” Idk he might become arrogant/ cocky. He’d also probably message a lot of girls, I’m sure he’d get into all sorts of shenanigans. Although I don’t think he’d masturbate to the fics, I think Mikey is more of a video guy lol.

Raph: Raphael I think would first of all just plain out not believe it. He’d be like “oh it’s probably just some 50 year old pretending to be a 15 year old girl.” But as he dove deeper into the hole that is tmnt Tumblr, he’d be like all of these ? About me? I think he’d read a couple but wouldn’t be able to get through much more then that, just because it’s so dirty and he’s never allowed himself to have thoughts like that. He would think about his favorite fics a lot though. Like when he’s “taking care of himself” he’d think about the way we describe a person underneath him, or the dirty talk. Mikey would keep Raph up to date about all the newest stories and he would constantly be chasing Mikey to get him to shut up about the latest fic

Donnie: I think Donnie would be super embarrassed about people thinking about him that way at first but he would also be interested in diving deeper into the fics. He’d probably prefer fluff because he’s a romantic but bet that he’d also be coming to tumblr to take care of his urges. After a little while of reading I think Donnie would start his own blog but under a pseudonym, and holy shit he’d blow up because obviously he’s amazing with words. Donnie would also be surprised because he doesn’t see himself as the object of someone’s sexual attraction he just sees himself as regular old Donnie, so he would still stay humble I think.

anonymous asked:

To be honest I don't know anything about making a game, despite the fact that someday I really want to make one myself. Where do you go to buy game creating programs like RPGmaker or something like such? What are the best websites or programs to download while making a game? (This might be a stupid question lol) Is there game makers you can download to make a 3d platform?

Some of this is covered in my FAQ buddy if you haven’t read it yet!  No worries, I’m pretty sure you can’t see it on mobile, so I’ll just answer you here. c:

Where do you go to buy game creating programs like RPGmaker or something like such?

From the Official Site, Steam, or Humble Bundle (which gives you a steam key).  Steam has a general category of game development software you can check out as well.

What are the best websites or programs to download while making a game?

For RPG Maker in particular:

  • RPGMaker.net - one of the oldest communities on the web.  Full of nerds & tutorials that can answer all your questions you have.
  • Any RPG maker forum or site to be honest
  • Game Character Hub if you’re interested in XP, VX, or VX Ace and don’t sprite that well
  • The manual that comes with the editor
  • Google.  What?  Have a problem, type it in! 

If I’m spriting, I’ll have Pinterest open as well for reference pictures (that’s how I roll).  

General Programs:

  • Music Editors - here’s a list of Free to Use ones if you don’t have money or are cheap like me.  If you don’t feel like learning how to make music or need some sound effects, check out my music tag for some sweet free sounds to use for your projects!
  • Image Editor/Art Programs - Photoshop, Clip Studio, Paint.net, all good things to have open, especially if you’re making parallax maps (maps that are one big background image rather than made up of small tiles).  Free ones include Paint.net, Krita, Gravit Designer, Fire Alpaca, Medibang Paint, and Gimp (if you hate yourself).  If you don’t want to or can’t make your own graphics, check out these groovy free to use graphics here.
  • Pixel Art Programs - If you like having your pixel art separate from your regular art program/image editor, get yourself a pixel art program to work with.  Aesprite & Graphics Gale are popular choices, but there’s many tools that specialize in pixel art you can grab.

Is there game makers you can download to make a 3d platform?  

Yes, here’s some of them!

(This might be a stupid question lol)

This blog was built to accommodate first time questions my dude.  There’s really no stupid questions when you’re starting out making games - you just don’t know :0   The only stupid questions we have are shitpost.  :p

anonymous asked:

Hi. I really like to draw and I want to learn how to do fanarts/digital drawings/etc... Can you give me any tips? Did you made any art course/degreed?

Hi there Anon, yes I did graduate with an Art degree! As for digital drawing tips (you may take anything I say with a grain of salt, I’m still learning too haha), I’d say start by getting used to taking advantage of “layers.” With, I think, most digital drawing tools like Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, Corel Painter, and more, you can draw on individual layers stacked on top of each other therefore making it very easy to do line art on one layer and color on another. This lets you not mess up your lineart/guide while coloring or vise versa. ALSO, because it’s so easy to fix/adjust your drawing on the computer, make sure to experiment with different brushes and textures! What’s nice about digital drawing is that you can easily jump from an oil painting brush to pencil to marker depending on the style you want. But it’s good to always keep practicing with traditional mediums as well. You pretty much translate everything you learn about drawing and painting by hand to a digital software, which imitates traditional tools but adds “quick and efficient” methods to adjust and enhance your drawing. Since you mentioned you like to draw I’m sure you will have no problems transitioning into digital :) just take your time and play around with all the tools and brushes so you can get a better understanding of how the software works (I’m not sure which one you are planning to use?). Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do fine ~ I apologize if this wasn’t extremely helpful ;A; I really can only recommend you to try everything and to always keep doing traditional drawings as well.

Answering all ASKS (in a batch again ahhhh) here! 

Hi there guys! @masovince @you-can-be-yourself Reposting anywhere that isn’t Tumblr or DeviantArt is 100% ok with me so long as there are credits (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ As for proper crediting, I think I would prefer if you included a direct link to my tumblr or deviantart so that there’s a connection to my accounts <3 thanks so much, it’s not a stupid question at all! And thank you guys for asking! 

HEH. LONG HAIRED YUURI IS MY NEW THING. hahah thank you Anon <3

Hey there! I use Photoshop ~ and oh man brushes. This is hard because I modify them so much from the originals. The base brushes I used are the standard default ones that are already in Photoshop5 but also a couple from Darek Zabrocki (http://daroz.deviantart.com/art/FREE-PHOTOSHOP-BRUSHES-DAREK-ZABROCKI-BRUSH-SET-431393487) and Aaron Griffin’s (http://aarongriffinart.deviantart.com/art/BRUSHES-609357781) free brush sets. 

Ahhh thank you so much, Anon! ;A; 

;___; Thank you so much! You’re making me blush ahhhahsgd I hope you had a fantastic new years as well! <3 

Oh my ~ thank you so much >///< it makes me so happy to hear you like my drawing enough to set it as a wallpaper !

@takaratime Ahhh thank you so much for your kind comment! I’ll keep working hard ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

@andifbyyes (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Omg you’re too nice! Thank you so much ahhh! I’m so glad you like those pieces and noticed the little details and everything. I think one of the things I appreciated the most about YOI was how human the characters, and especially Yuuri, were. I always aspire to properly translate that into my fanart so it makes my day to read your comment ;__; thank you again <3

@luchile Hey there! Thank you so much <3 and ahhh thank you for your interest in my drawings! Unfortunately I do not have a shop set up. I never really draw fanart with the intention of selling them, but I’ve had quite a few people ask about this now so I may possibly open a print shop/commissions in the future :)) I will let you know!

@rennomus Ahhh thank you so much! >///< I might one day continue it but considering that I’d want to color every panel it might… be a while.. hahaha. And as for the Yule Ball idea, 46Gohan already drew them dancing together <3 and it was actually that drawing that inspired me so much. It’s so lovely and endearing! Please go check it out http://46gohan.tumblr.com/post/153315272616/so-ive-been-rewatching-the-hp-series-lately-and
 and the second part http://46gohan.tumblr.com/post/155186441091/more-yoi-hp-au-drawings-part-1-yurio-and-chris I absolutely adore this AU :)

@vergoftowels Ohhh yeah. That happens. And I guess there’s only so much one can do about reposts. Tumblr still hasn’t gotten back to me about the first one… lol. But thank you for letting me know :) I hope you have a great rest of your week ~

@foxnewsanchor Hi there! Ohhh man I’ve really seriously been wanting to participate in a zine (especially a YOI one) for a long time but I honestly don’t know if I have the time to commit to one. My online courses start in less than a month and I’m not sure how much time I will have to draw new YOI fanart. 
。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。 BUT thank you so much for the offer! I’m sure your zine will go well!

@ichigokeks Nooo omg thank YOU so much ahhh! (ಥ﹏ಥ) It’s really the greatest thing to hear that my drawings give other people joy. I’m so happy you like them, thank you again for your kind words, and I will keep practicing hard! <3 Much love!

@scarilypsycho *stalks you back* Ahhhh your comment makes me so happy! ;___; It is the biggest compliment to hear when your work affects people. Emotional atmosphere is something that I struggle with all the time so reading this gave me such a boost of energy <3 thank you so much!


Thank you to everyone who sent in ASKS! Also for future reference (and I’m so sorry about this) I will NOT be answering any more asks that are not a question, BUT I will respond via private message if you are not anonymous! :) You guys send in the sweetest comments and it makes my day to read them, but it’s just really hard doing screenshots over and over and then manually cutting out asks to do this in batches haha

I hope everyone had a fantastic new years ~ I’m super excited for my online courses to start! Have a few personal projects coming up too. Dabbling in animation lately so I MIGHT… Have something fun for ya’ll in the future depending on how it goes hehe. As for YOI week… Here’s what I’ll probably be doing next week lol.

so a teeny update -

about two weeks ago i was eating popcorn when a kernel decided to sneak in and make his home in the back of my mouth. for whatever reason i was chewing very angrily and bit down hard on the sneaky kernel, which chipped a tooth way in the back, I think it was the very last tooth on the upper side. i went to the dentist about a week later once i realized i could not live off orajel forever, and apparently a nerve was exposed when the tooth was cracked, which got infected cause the bacteria decided to move in after the kernel got evicted. so dentist guy decided he would remove it next week. that happened a few days ago, and the aftermath sucked, but i’m feeling a lot better now.

i’ve mentioned before that i used to struggle with addiction. i was not taking proper care of myself during that time and it messed up my teeth, which were already stained thanks to some sort of ear drops i used as a kid?? BUT anyway dentist guy told me that my teeth are nowhere near as bad as i thought they were, and that he can fix them with just some filling. so that’s gonna happen in a few days, the day before my birthday in fact. i just wanted to share that because my teeth have taken such a huge toll on my self-esteem, probably one of the bigger causes, and knowing that i’ll be able to get them fixed has already started to make me feel better. and my mom is pretty happy too cause now she can take a bunch of family photos that actually include me.

I bet you didn’t think that by “incredibly soon” I meant about a day later, huh? Truth be told I felt kinda bad about the previous chapter because it was mostly just a filler chapter to speed the plot along and show some time passing, but this one and the next couple chapters deliver some seriously flirty vibes and drama (at least in my opinion) and the words just kept coming so I decided to seize the opportunity and post this ASAP.

I also found this chapter rather cathartic to write because I am still incorporating a lot of myself and my experiences into Rae and the story overall, so I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! This chapter is at about 2,994 words, which is right on track with my goal of making each mini-fic 3,000 words or less!

Wanna get caught up on the updates leading up to this one? Look no further!

Feel free to let me know if you would like to be added/removed from the tagged list and I’ll be happy to oblige! As always: each and every one of you that read my writing, like, reply, reblog, etc. are amazing people and inspire me to keep writing! :)

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  • Yako's character development: is shocked out of complacency and decides she wants to have an active role in crime solving before realizing it's not so easy. responds to Neuro's criticism by no longer putting herself in danger and instead finding what talents she already possesses and making them grow. becomes more thoughtful and less easy to scare. gains lots of friends due to her open nature and gift with understanding people. is a human being and runs away when the going gets tough, but realizes her mistake and that she should be trying to make the situation better. uses her own strength to stop X and saves Neuro with the rest of the humans. evolves into a wonderful young lady who travels the world to stop bloodshed before it even starts.
  • Neuro's character development: realizes he JUST MIGHT have fought to the death because he LIKES humans. MAYBE.

it wouldve been SO much better if the twin had gone to habitat 7 with the rest of the team.

i mean. can u imagine how much more connected you would feel just by going through one mission with them side by side? even if they immediately fell into the coma right after habitat 7. conversations and banter, interacting with them, having little conversations like with cora and the other crew ppl, walking to the bridge, getting ready, the shuttle crash, all that. wouldve been 100x better with the twin.

mb they just didnt want to mislead us into thinking the twin would be a squadmate so they just decided to never have them be a squadmate at all? alright fine but they still didnt have to just be asleep from the start, we could still interact with them before shit goes down, talk with them over comm’s, anything. ffs it’s just such an awkward narrative choice for them to be asleep from the very beginning.

only other reason i can think bioware didnt want to go there was bc they wanted to make it extra clear that the almighty player is the one that alec intended to be pathfinder lol??? even tho its still p much an accident either way??

i guess it might also in a way maybe lessen the impact how bioware kindof plays it as a reveal that alec rlly does care about his family and the whole aspect of his sacrifice (which is lost anyway imo since we dont get enough interaction to properly establish that about him in the first place) bc if both the twins were on habitat 7 then for him to clearly sacrifice himself for one kid / give the pathfinder position to you, it would be taken as him choosing one over the other and i can see how that might mess with that thematically. and things could get awkward especially if the twin may even resent you for it i mean god forbid we have complicated questions and character building moments where ppl might express anything other than blind adoration for the player character. seriously do ppl really prefer everyone to lick ur boots or am i rlly the only one who finds it more rewarding to have characters who actually challenge or question you bc i dont think so

Rajigaze Leader’s Birthday

Reita (reading mail): Since the theme of this month is “Your Manifesto,” I would like to propose “No more increasing taxes.”

Kai: “No more increasing taxes,” ah ok.

Reita: “As the leader of leaders who has 3 trillion yen, Kai-san might not be able to relate to this, but this is really a matter of life and death for us regular people.”

(*Kai doesn’t actually have 3 trillion lol it’s a reference/joke from last week)

(Or does he)

Reita: “We don’t have money so we have to work, and then whatever money we make we have to pay taxes on it – is there any way to break this vicious cycle? Are you guys for or against increasing consumer tax etc? We rock! …Are the rumours true that Leader isn’t subject to taxes?”

Kai: (laughing) What do they mean “not subject to taxes”? …I wonder what they’re talking about…

Reita: You guys have really got it all wrong. You’re probably all thinking like, “Leader does pay taxes, but he’s rich so it doesn’t really affect him” – but that’s not it! All the taxes that we pay go to the Leader!


(Kai laughing)

Reita: So Leader doesn’t pay taxes.

Kai: (laughing) Oh, is that right?

Reita: Is it not?

Kai: …Nope, that’s right. Something like that.

Reita: Yeah, another word for Abenomics is Kainomics.

(both laugh)

(*Abenomics is what ppl call Prime Minister Abe’s economic policies)

Reita: I’ve heard rumours that you control everything.

Kai: No, that’s not true ~

Reita: Rumours that you called up Prime Minister Abe like, “hey isn’t it about time you increased taxes?”

Kai: (giggling) Ah, I see.

Reita: But actually, what do you think about consumer tax?

Kai: It’s rough man…how much was it back then again? Like when we were in elementary school?

Reita: Well when we were in..maybe kindergarten? That’s around when consumer tax started.

Kai: Oh yeah, yeah, that’s when it started, huh?

Reita: Yeah, I remember not knowing, and taking 50 yen to go buy ice cream. But then with the consumer tax it was 51 yen. But I only had 50 yen, so I handed it to them like, “Oh, I only…” and then they explained to me that there was tax on it and it was 51 yen now, and they were like, “This time we’ll let it slide, but next time tell your mom [you need 51 yen].” I remember that really well, being like, “oh wow, I can’t buy it with 50 yen anymore…”

Kai: How much was [the tax] at first – 3 percent?

Reita: 3 percent.

Kai: Oh, okay – but you know, Japan is the only country that’s this cheap. (*it’s 8 percent now) If you went to like Europe or something, it would be way more…but I guess it’s more balanced in other countries…and people in Japan are saying it’s really not…

Reita: So if Japan – as a country, you know? If they don’t want people to be against increasing taxes, they have to get rid of the mindset that paying taxes is a waste of money.

Kai: Yeahh, that’s true~ I mean, it might not really be something to talk about here, but…all the stuff on the news recently is pissing me off, seriously.

Reita: Tru tru tru tru…it’s ridiculous, the Parliament is just trying to buy time and it’s costing money.

Kai: They’re so full of shit…

Reita: Seriously, these guys…

Kai: For real…

(*I have no idea what they’re talking about lol)

Reita: Those people are always out of line, you know?

Kai: Yeah, seriously. They always start by making some excuse…What’s wrong with them?

Reita: And they’re always bringing up irrelevant shit to make [other ppl in the government I guess??] look bad, like, instead of saying they disagree with their policy, they’ll start talking about some scandal that they had…I mean, they’re messed up.

Kai: Ahhh~

Reita: Ye…

Kai: Tru…

Reita: So…? You gonna run for Prime Minister, then?

Kai: Sh-should…should I do it? (giggles)

Reita: If Leader ran…well actually, I probably wouldn’t vote for you…

Kai: Nah, I don’t have the money to do that anyway…

Reita: Yeah…I guess not, huh.

Kai: (laughing) Ye ye ye

Reita: But it wouldn’t be to do something for the people, just for yourself.

Kai: Well, yeah…I mean, it’s me (giggles)

Reita: Yes. So, there would be a country in Japan called Kai…

(Kai laughing)

(buzzer goes off)

Reita: Of course.

((I'll be answering only RPs from now on until tomorrow, I am taking a flight tomorrow evening so I won't be able to answer asks for 24+ hours starting when I fly, though I'll be answering some asks on the plane.))

((Speaking of asks omg y'all have no mercy on KAITO the poor boi lol, so many questions on his past. I might just make a huge post explaining everything maybe. But otherwise sit tight!

If I get any similar sounding questions I will be answering them in bulk! Also for the next three weeks I’m working on cosplay projects so I might not have all that much time to answer asks!

Thanks for understanding! <3))

beingjapanese  asked:

Hello! I wanted to ask you what i have to do to become a character designer like you. It is my dream job! I've been searching college courses for this but nothing would come up. Would you have any advice for getting into that career? Thank you!

Hmm… First of all, thank you for the question- I hope that I can do your query justice! I will answer your question in two parts: highlights in my personal journey to Cali, then a list of advice that may be able help you.

I think I took an atypical route (or maybe not) into animation…


  • I did not go to school for animation. I actually went to school for industrial design with a focus in automotive styling. Yes, automotive styling is a thing, a real thing! See my capstone project! We did pitches for cars, but i’ve never done a pitch for a show or anything like that. I’m constantly amazed at what I’ve seen interns do because I never did that stuff.
  • I went to the University of Cincinnati. You know who else went there who is in animation now? That’s right. NO ONE. Actually, everyone is a little surprised when I tell them that I’m NOT from California, so I don’t know if that tells you something. I will eat my shoe if I ever met someone from in animation who went to the same school as me.
  • I did not initially PLAN to go into animation. I went to UC because it was close, cheap, and convenient; I didn’t start thinking seriously about animation until I started my internships. Animation was never a dream job for me, since growing up, I didn’t know it was an industry. Looking back to my college days, I was lucky. As aimless as I was somtimes, I was fortunate enough to have landed in a major that allowed me to explore my options.
  • I had internships in California. However, none of them were in animation (seems to be a recurring theme!). They were all toy design. But wow, it did help that when I got my job at CN, that I wasn’t completely new to the area (CA). It also helped too because my experiences in toy design allowed me to help out with prop design, not just character design.
  • I posted my work everywhere. And that got me a lot of contacts. Deviantart was my jam!
  • I was hired during college. I had done some freelance for CN for Ben 10 Omniverse during the beginning of my senior year, which was only a month long gig. As it was approaching graduation time, probably about 3-4 months before, I sent everything I had portfolio wise to the line producer of the show. I also reiterated that I was set to graduate in a few months. About a month or two before graduation, I got an offer for a character design position that would begin a month after I graduated.
  • I said goodbye to Ohio. I packed up most of my belongings in my hatchback and drove 2000+ miles to start the next chapter in my life. I found my place on Craigslist, a studio apartment that I currently live in. Doing this is a lot easier if you know that you have a job, especially if the area where you’re moving in far away.
  • Went from CN to Nick in a span of 3 years. Spent almost two years on Ben 10: Omniverse, just celebrated a year at Nick on TMNT. There was a few months between CN and Nick, but I did a few freelance gigs in between. We just got picked up for a fourth season on TMNT, so I estimate that I will be employed until spring or summer of next year. I have only been in-house at two studios, but I’m hoping that with Nick, I can break a two year mark, lol.


There are a multitude of factors that can determine your trajectory into the animation world, but my basic advice is below:

Drawing is not just a visual game, it’s physical and mental. Physically, you practice those hand movements so that over time, it becomes second nature to draw a face correctly, or understand how to pose a character. Mentally, you have to steel yourself for frustrations within yourself and against other people. You’re probably going to have those periods of when you don’t feel too good about your work, but that’s expected, and that’s just part of the process. You have to practice, and sometimes just by practicing, you can really get into a groove! You can begin to create a workflow.

I honestly don’t think that you need to go to college to become proficient artistically. I went because at the time in my life, it was an expected option that turned out to be a fun and fulfilling experience. But just to let you know, any design work that I post on my blog/dA were done outside of my actual major. So what that means is that on top of my regular classes, I took the time outside to work on those designs, etc; I was very committed and dedicated to getting better. But that’s not to say that college didn’t help me, because that’s not true. It did help me, as I met a lot of interesting people, and through that experience, I was able to network relatively well. Again, having two out of three of my internships in California GREATLY helped.

So breaking it all down, here’s what I can offer you, in no particular order. I’m sure there are others, but these were the ones that popped into my head…

  1. Practice your craft.
  2. Advertise your work. You ain’t gettin’ hired if no one sees your work. Tumblr, Blog, dA, online portfolio, webcomic, business cards, conventions, art shows etc…
  3. Network. Being a designer more than likely involves talking to people. REAL people. If someone who potentially can help you get somewhere e-mails you, you e-mail them back within a day.
  4. Prepare to fail. A lot.
  5. Be decent. Don’t be a butthole, guys, don’t do it!
  6. You’re gonna get criticized. It’s inevitable.
  7. Build a thick skin. Your boss and teachers are not going to like everything that you do. And they’re gonna let you know it. LOL It’s how you respond that might make or break a career.
  8. Take opportunities as they come. Let’s say that you’re in school, and suddenly you are offered the dream job. The job starts NOW; what should you do? My advice to you is to just take it. If you’re not gonna take it, there are hundreds of other people who are waiting in line.
  9. Be truthful to yourself and be better. There are always people who comment that they didn’t have time to do something. The truth behind that is that you didn’t make the time. There are extenuating circumstances of course, but at the end of the day, your potential employer is not interested in what you can’t or didn’t do.
  10. Find enjoyment in what you do. I think this is what really helped me. I love DC comics, and I drew a lot of DC stuff in my younger days. Finding something that I loved and that I loved drawing is very important in building up your style.

Whew, lots to tread, but hopefully helpful. Good luck! (and work hard!). The points above are a bit bare boned (and based on my own personal experience), so feel free to add a comment or a photo reply if there is something that you guys would like elaborated on.

anonymous asked:

Hi Lissi, I've been in recovery from anorexia for a while now but still have a problem with using laxatives. It's not that I use them to lose weight anymore but my digestion is now really slow from being unwell for so long and it's difficult for me to go to the toilet without laxatives. Do you have any recommendations for improving digestion and 'toilet issues' naturally? I've tried increasing my fiber and water intake but that doesn't seem to do much except make me bloated. Thanks heaps!

I had constipation issues during my ed/recovery, too. But for me, increasing my fiber (basically just started using flax seeds) and overall intake did the trick. Prune juice is known to help with constipation issues, too, and for me, dried fruit (especially dates) always makes me have to use the toilet (lol tmi I know but I just want to help). Your body/digestion might be damaged and not working properly anymore due to your taking laxatives, and continuing to take them probably won’t help. Obviously that is just an assumption since I am not a doctor and I think you should consult a doctor anyway!