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Modern Dregs AU #7

The Dregs as roommates

  • let’s say that the Dregs have graduated high school and as they move on to college, agree to rent apartments together in the same complex
  • Kaz and Inej live together
  • and while they get along for the most part they have their tense moments
  • Kaz stays up CRAZY LATE at night
  • he might be hacking a gaming server
  • he might be looking at pictures of puppies
  • you never know
  • but occasionally Inej gets up at 4 AM just to see his bedroom lights still on
  • “do you ever sleep?” “sleep is for the wEAK”
  • and yet she usually catches him passed out on the couch at noon
  • luckily she tries her best to stay quiet when he’s snoozing
  • ESPECIALLY when it comes to the microwave when she makes her morning tea
  • when it hits one second, she turns it off
  • to this day, she’s never woken him up on accident
  • sometimes, when Inej plays a video game (c’mon, she’s def a gamer, and a good one), Kaz will sit down to watch her and he’s always so impressed and in love with her
  • she’s also the only one of the group who has seen him with his glasses on
  • he’s never gone outside with them, even if he doesn’t have contacts in
  • he’d rather be blind than have Jesper try them on all day
  • or take them away and go
  • “how many fingers am I holding up?” “i dont know, but i’ll break them all if you don’t give me back my fucking glasses”
  • Jesper and Wylan also share an apartment and have separate rooms
  • but when it comes to go to sleep, they usually sleep in the same bed
  • Wylan likes being the Big Spoon™
  • and Jesper talks in his sleep
  • Wylan has woken up to some weeeird shit in the past
  • “aaron burr, you podge” “wtf jes”
  • sometimes it makes Wylan blush
  • “why, hellooo gorgeous” “why cant you say things like that when you’re AWAKE
  • jk, Jesper always says nice things to Wylan
  • sometimes when Wylan’s vacuuming or doing dishes
  • Jesper will swoop in and hug him from behind, nuzzle him and shit
  • “adorable as always, Van Sunshine”
  • ofc he helps him with the chores too
  • they also make like three pots of coffee a day (mostly for the smell, it brightens up the place)
  • Nina, Matthias, and Kuwei share a third apartment with two rooms
  • Nina and Matt share one room, Kuwei gets the other
  • and thin walls do not always make it a great living situation for Kuwei
  • just give the kid earmuffs
  • and no, not for the reason you’re thinking
  • Nina snores like NO TOMORROW
  • Matt can’t even rival her
  • not that he minds, usually he’s just impressed
  • though Matt sometimes hogs the blankets
  • once Nina tried to rip them away from him
  • and he was so wrapped up in them that instead of freeing the blankets off of him
  • it just sent him rolling off the side of the bed onto the floor
  • *thud*OH MY GOD, MATTY, ARE YOU OK” *wheezing noises*
  • Matthias is the kinda guy that lives by “early bird gets the worm”
  • Nina and Kuwei, well, not so much
  • luckily for Matt, he doesn’t have to be super quiet since both of them are very deep sleepers
  • Kuwei probably wouldn’t wake up if the fire alarm started screeching
  • *beep, beep* “shut the hell up”
  • Kuwei also hogs the shower in the morning and uses up the hot water, so Nina gets to freeze in the morning (Matthias takes his shower before the others because his crazy ass gets up at 5 AM)
  • other living arrangements have been made in the past
  • Nina and Inej used to live together
  • the only issue they faced was cooking
  • Inej is good at some things (like pasta and veggies) but beyond that, she’s hopeless
  • Nina straight up would set the kitchen on fire
  • during this time, Kaz and Jesper were roommates for like a month
  • they also had thin walls, so Jesper talking in his sleep always sent Kaz into fits of laughter, thus waking up Jesper
  • “dude, i was asleep” “and trying to seduce wylan, too, or so it sounded like”
  • Jesper would pull pranks on Kaz to get back at him
  • the favorite of the group was post-it notes on EVERY SURFACE IN KAZ’S ROOM
  • just walked in and BOOM
  • needless to say, Kaz nearly throttled him
  • they will never live together again

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How would the chibis (Italy romano HRE prussia russia America and Canada) deal with having their first crush?

How Chibi-talia handles having their first crush


This sweet baby would do anything and everything to gain the attention of his crush. He would offer to eat pasta with them and might even draw a portrait of said crush as a gift. He could also be very shy around his crush and might avoid them sometimes, but once he comes to terms with having a crush he becomes very confident and friendly. He doesn’t care if their crush doesn’t return their feelings, as long as they can remain close friends that is enough for him.


The classic “If a boy if mean to you, he likes you”. Romano has troubles processing and understanding his feelings as it is, having a crush now makes it worse. He would tease his crush at first, but then once he sees how hurtful his behavior is, he would have a change of heart. As an apology, he might offer to make them pasta or eat tomatoes with him while blushing. However, once his crush returns his feelings he becomes more romantic and friendly.

Holy Roman Empire

Similar to Romano, he can be sometimes mean to his crush because he doesn’t know how to process his emotions well. He might follow his crush around, just to observe them and study their habits so he can know more about them. He really tries to give them things he thinks they might like, such as picking a couple flowers or ‘attempting’ to draw a nice picture for them. In the end, HRE is just a complete blushing mess around his crush no matter what.


He is too awesome to become flustered over a crush! Everyone likes him anyways, right? So he will just assume they already like him. However, once informed his crush doesn’t feel that way yet he will try his best to win their heart the traditional way. He, in fact, loves someone who is different and can challenge him. However, he might have trouble trying to woo his crush and might seek counsel from France.


HE IS SUCH A SWEETHEART. All Russia wants is someone to love him and give him attention. If someone catches his eye, they must be special. Since he is chibi, he is still somewhat innocent and kindhearted, so he wouldn’t demand them to “become one”. He will simply pick them sunflowers and give them to his crush as a gift, and might even offer his jacket on a particularly cold day.


America could announce that his crush is now his heroine, because he is the hero of course! Every hero needs a sidekick, and that is what they will be. He will always be there for his crush. If they fall and scrape their knee, he will be there to make it better with a bandaid and flower in hand. He will be very shy and flustered at first, but he eventually becomes more confident around them.


If someone noticed the sweet child, he immediately likes them already. However, a crush is something completely different. He will always try to gain their attention to maybe play together or just simply stare at the clouds. He is very kindhearted, so he will go about this the traditional shy way. He will stutter a lot when talking to his crush! LOVE HIM

Reaction (BTS and Got7): When you want to become a Victoria's Secret angel

Mark: *when you’re doing your first VS runway show, you make a face at him* “That’s my jagiya. Sexy and dorky at the same time.”

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Jackson: *excited cinnamon roll* “Do it, do it, do it.”

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JB: “This girl is trying to kill me, isn’t she?”

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Junior: “I would just looooooove it if you became an angel.” 

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Yugyeom: “Oh god, my hyungs will all want you if you do that. How about you just model the stuff for me, okay?”

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Youngjae: “I think this might be your best idea yet.”

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BamBam: “Girl, those panties are so sexy. Do it, so I can say I’m dating an angel.”

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Jin: “Don’t blame me if I can’t contain myself around you baby.” 

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Namjoon: “I must have saved the world in the past, to deserve this.”

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Yoongi: *when you tell him you want to be a model* *thinking about all the things they could dress you in*

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Hoseok: “I’m way better at modeling underwear. I should become an angel instead.” 

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Jimin: *pictures you in VS underwear* “This is going to be amazing.”

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Taehyung: “Oh my god, can I see you in all the lingerie they give you?”

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Jungkook: “Go right ahead baby. I’ll be at all of your runway shows.”

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Testing my Piccolo car decal on a Dodge Charger (got the joke?)
-First of all it’s a “muscle” car. 
-Second thing, just think about Gohan and Piccolo training together. aka. “Dooooodge!”
-Oh, third but minor thing, he doesn’t even have a driver’s license.

Well, it’s a WIP yet. Still need to work on the other arm you can’t see here.

I’ll probably share my decal on the Forza Horizon 3 download library for everyone to use. Just put “Piccolo” into the search bar and you’ll find him and the additional text I did for fun. :)
It’s my VERY FIRST paint I did so be kind. :D
•Last picture shows the current progress. The single parts are movable so I might adjust them a bit to get the best result as possible.

“Piccolo” by me
“Piccolo’s Dooodge!!!-Mobile” text by me
(Dragon Balls are not my creation I just put them there)


There’s a certain aura of prettiness in the flaws, like a blurred picture, maybe it failed to capture the moment perfectly but it still did, right.

Like us too, spending our lives seeking perfection, trying to be perfect too, yet failing to enjoy every second that passes, failing to acknowledge all the miracles that happen in our lives each day.

Isn’t waking up a miracle in itself, or did you never think so? For if it was meant to be, you might not have woken up from your slumber.

The picture tried to capture the setting sun, but the camera shook just at the moment the picture was taken and it became blurred.

How many times we have planned our lives, planned it to the very best we could, thinking this time it will be perfect, thinking, telling ourselves that we’ve got all loopholes covered, that we’ve got everything figured out and yet, just when the moment arrives something or the other happens and we are left stranded, crestfallen.

Why? Because, we are weak, we are not meant to be perfect. Our imperfections make us who we are, our flaws make us unique, and a wise man once said, “There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others, let others be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

In case of the picture, it maybe blurred, even so I don’t find it any less beautiful.

- DG

Picture courtesy : @winnyaisyahaa

Hurricane Harvey photo proves chivalry is alive and well in America

“Men are the stronger sex, and crises such as these offer men the opportunity to put their strength in service of others. Moments such as this give even the most ordinary of men the chance to become valorous, to become heroes.

But the AP photo also captures the sacrifice that women make. Connie Pham heroically gave up her body in order to bring new life into the world. No doubt she put her own safety at risk to stay behind with a vulnerable child. Escaping a flood of Biblical proportions is quite a bit harder to do with a 13-month-old in tow. In the picture, she grasps her baby with an intensity familiar to any mother.

…The AP photo is important. In it, the man and woman each do something the other cannot. They are co-equal contributors who in their own way have given of themselves so that someone more vulnerable might live. And all of this points towards what’s at the center of the photo, a child. Men and women are different, and we help each other be our best selves by helping direct our focus towards those who are more vulnerable.

It’s just one picture, and yet it’s so much more. It’s the inarguable reminder when things get real, and get real fast, we men and women are very much not the same. And yet we love it. We love it, because when men and women work together, unthreatened by those differences, it is a beautiful sight to behold.”

100 proofs that Sheldon Lee Cooper loves Amy Farrah Fowler.
  1. He said it. And Sheldon Cooper does not lie.
  2. From the very beginning, he felt something deeper than just friendship for Amy.
  3. From the beginning, he wanted to procreate with her.
  4. He went with Amy when she had to make a quick stop for feminine hygiene supplies.
  5. He communicates with her on a daily basis.
  6. The first time he lost her, he bought 25 cats in order to fill the void.
  7. After their first argument, he accepted to take 65% of the fault.
  8. He was jealous when Amy felt aroused by Zack.
  9. The first time she held his hand, he let her do it despite hating physical contact.
  10. Same when she first kissed him. He found this kiss, “fascinating”.
  11. He danced with her.
  12. The night she kissed him when she was drunk, he stayed with her until she passed out on her bathroom floor.
  13. He folded a towel and put it under her head as a pillow that night too.
  14. When Amy went to a wedding with Leonard, he judo-chopped him and proclaimed : “She is not for you” twice.
  15. He knew he wanted to be with her before she even became his girlfriend.
  16. He is worried when he fails to contact her through the various means of technological communication.
  17. When she was sad about the girls going dress shopping without her, he agreed to cuddle to make her feel better.
  18. As soon as he felt that he was going to lose her in “The flaming Spittoon Acquisition”, he caught her back and asked her to be his girlfriend.
  19. He could not stand to lose her and see her with another guy. He still can.
  20. He has a relationship agreement with her.
  21. He always goes to the zoo with her.
  22. He bought her a tiara. A tiara !
  23. He once spent his vacation working with Amy at her laboratory.
  24. He has “girlfriend-boyfriend sing-a-long night” with her.
  25. When he left his place in the middle of the night playing bongos, her apartment was his first choice destination.
  26. He agreed to sleep on her couch that night. (the guy who once kicked Penny out of her own bed because he did not want to sleep on a couch)
  27. He let Penny cut his hair only with the persuasion of Amy.
  28. He trusts Amy.
  29. He plays doctor (Star Trek style) with her.
  30. He surprised himself having feelings and thinking about her at inappropriate times.
  31. He reached her hand for comfort when they watched Howard’s rocket launch into space.
  32. He agrees to held her hand when they’re at the movies.
  33. Couple costumes !
  34. He defended her honor when she got into an argument with Wheaton.
  35. He thinks she’s part saint and part squirrel.
  36. Despite being germaphobe, he takes care of her when she is sick.
  37. He applies vaporub on her chest.
  38. He sings “Soft kitty” to her.
  39. He cares about her well-being.
  40. With time Sheldon gets more and more comfortable when it comes to touching Amy.
  41. He liked it when she held him when he was upset because of Kripke’s work.
  42. He has not ruled coitus with Amy.
  43. Amy is his emergency point of contact at Caltech.
  44. He considers their relationship to be a serious one.
  45. He considers intimacy.
  46. He takes her opinion into account.
  47. He agreed to experience a form of virtual intimacy with her when they played D&D.
  48. It seems like he doesn’t mind when she is in his bedroom.
  49. Once, while they were eavesdropping, her head is touching Sheldon’s shoulder. He did not push her away.
  50. He shares his favorite movies with her.
  51. He has a baby called “Fun with flags” with her.
  52. He watches French movies with her.
  53. He loves her for who she is, quirks and all.
  54. Once, he could not sleep because they had an argument.
  55. He actually does not mind having her around at work.
  56. He apologizes to her when he does something wrong.
  57. He looks at her in a very special way. Same when he smiles at her.
  58. He thinks she is great.
  59. He thinks she is brilliant.
  60. He thinks she is a wonderful girlfriend.
  61. And a wonderful neuroscientist.
  62. She is one of his screen savers.
  63. When he was in Texas for his nephew’s birth, he missed her and wished she was there with him.
  64. He kisses her.
  65. He always puts his arms around her when they kiss.
  66. She is the only person he has initiated a kiss with.
  67. He once let her rest her head on his shoulder in the middle of a shop.
  68. Once, he woke up hungover and his first thought was : “Where is Amy ?”
  69. When he came back after his trip around the country, he was afraid that she might think less of him.
  70. He does not want to disappoint her.
  71. He cares about her opinion.
  72. Sheldon will take suggestions and criticism from Amy and will apologize to her.
  73. He brags about his relationship with Amy because he thinks it’s the best one.
  74. He’s proud to be with her.
  75. She is his only exception.
  76. He thinks she is pretty.
  77. So much so that it gave him a panic attack once.
  78. He celebrates christmas. Just for her.
  79. He hates Santa Claus and yet, he took a picture with him. For Amy.
  80. He treasures her.
  81. He thinks her and him are smarter than anyone else.
  82. He looks at her eyes when she watches old French movies.
  83. He knows her very well.
  84. He enjoys how harp music causes her fingers to dance as if she’s playing along.
  85. He got jealous when she helped Kripke with his work.
  86. Amy is the only one he does not act condescending to.
  87. He regularly break his rigid rules for her.
  88. He wanted to buy a pet for him and her.
  89. He wants to live on Mars with her.
  90. He loves the idea of having kids with her on Mars.
  91. Once, on a date night Sheldon was having such a good time that he wanted Amy to extend the parameters of date night.
  92. He had a sleepover in a fort with her.
  93. He makes out with her.
  94. He has an engagement ring.
  95. He wants to marry her.
  96. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her.
  97. He wants to start a family with her.
  98. He wants to live with her.
  99. Losing her is driving him crazy.
  100. He loves her. Period.
Fic: One Compass Guides [Pike/Vex]

[AO3 | FFNMore Fic]

In the aftermath of the Sunken Tomb, Pike knows there’s a conversation she and Vex still need to have. She’s not really sure what to say or how to say it, but she’ll be there, and she figures that’ll have to do for now.

One Compass Guides

There’s a strange energy about Vex, afterwards, a crackling wildfire of emotion that seems an awful lot like fear. Pike knows the feeling, a bit, so she’s been hanging around as much as she can. It’s not much help, but she figures it’ll have to do for now.

“You were brought back at the whim of the deity of second chances and redemption,” Vex says one day, a propos of nothing. “That seems about as poetically perfect as you could ever hope for.”

“Yeah,” Pike says, swallowing a giggle at the sheer weirdness of the situation—hanging back a little while their friends march on ahead so they can chat amiably about their more-than-near-death experiences. Just another totally normal day. “I mean, it makes sense. And I guess I did have a feeling through the whole thing that I just wasn’t done, you know? So I came back to do more. Which had its own set of problems, because I keep feeling like I haven’t done enough.”

Vex smiles, but she’s clearly distracted; Pike finds herself actually having to slow down to keep pace with her, which takes some doing. “Well, I can’t say I have that problem,” she says, in a tone of voice that seems about as brittle as a thin sheet of ice over some fathomless depth. “I don’t remember a thing about being dead. And it’s my understanding that I was brought back at the behest of the Raven Queen and… and Vesh, the horrific deity Kashaw’s terrified of. So that’s about ninety kinds of reassuring.”

“Was he really that frightened of her?”

Vex shrugs. “I had to corner Grog for the details because everybody else either changes the subject or changes the subject by leaving the room, so take it with a grain of salt and all, but apparently Kash almost didn’t carry out the ritual because of the potential consequences.”

Pike mulls that over, searching for an appropriate response, and finally settles on, “Yikes.”

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I’ve seen some discussion on here about FPs and photo posting. I have some feelings about this, as a mom who left the hospital without her baby. M wasn’t in foster care. M was with my mom. But still, the photo issue brings up a lot of shit for me. Not that it matters in the context of this issue, but I felt that M had been removed unfairly. From my hospital bed, I didn’t put up a fight whatsoever when a caseworker came on New Years Day to interview me. I answered every question and told her of course yes I agree M won’t be leaving with me. I hadn’t spoken to a lawyer and I thought being nice and easy to deal with would make them like me. I thought maybe if they liked me they’d change their mind. I was in a methadone program. We tested positive for opiates, when I got to the hospital and peed in the cup. By the grace of god she didn’t suffer any withdrawal. I was under arrest, for charges that were later dismissed when I pled guilty to a lesser charge. The neglect case against me was also ultimately dismissed. Though I a thousand percent believe that had everything not happened, had I not been forced into treatment, she would have been in danger of a lifetime of neglect.

She left the hospital with my mother. I left the hospital and went to an arraignment then inpatient treatment for a month in the hospital where I’d given birth. I had to sign every consent form for caseworkers and law guardians and district attorneys to get updates on my compliance. I felt like I couldn’t speak in any group about how I was really feeling and that I just had to be above all else “compliant.” I decided to do whatever was asked of me and tell people whatever they wanted to hear, and I’d get “real” therapy later. There wasn’t much deep discussion in the groups anyway, because most of the people were in acute crisis; my roommate had bitten her tongue off while drunk, the guy down the hall thought he was a vampire and threw ice chips at everyone, etc.

I’d wait on line for the pay phone to call my mom. Our relationship is fraught but she desperately wanted me to have custody and was telling anyone who would listen what a good mother I was. Still, subconsciously, I felt like she was trying to steal my baby, like she wanted to be her mom, that she was getting to be her mom and I wasn’t. I’d interrogate her through the phone about what kind of bottles was she using and please put her in a crib she’ll suffocate in your bed and please please put her on the phone I want to hear her breathing.

Almost daily, my dad dropped off photos for me with the security guard. My mom would text him pictures and he’d print them from his office. I kept them under my pillow but I couldn’t look at them. It made me sick, seeing my mom’s arms holding M at her pediatrician appointment, seeing her hands feeding her instead of my own, seeing this life she was having with the baby who was mine and that more than anything in the world I wished I was in too. Seeing my mom smile while holding her made me feel like she was taking pleasure in the worst moment of my life. I was grateful that M was being cared for by someone who loves her, and who loves me, but no amount of gratitude erased my quiet rage that it should be me taking care of her, not someone else. I was scared M would bond with her and never bond with me, that no matter how long I did whatever was asked of me for, I would always be like a big sister to her instead of her mom and she’d always love my mother more, because that’s who was there with her in the beginning.

My mom brought her to visit me twice a week. A caseworker came to the first visit and I wanted to show her how normal and sane and reasonable I was, I wore a pink sweater set and a bun like I was going on a job interview, but the whole time I argued with my mom about everything she was doing wrong. My mom brought M in a taxi without a car seat, because that’s not illegal in NY. One of her friends had given her a Bjorn and I told her if she ever dared to wear my baby again I’d never speak to her for the rest of my life. She had my newborn dressed in size 6-12m fancy pink clothes, instead of the white 0-3 onesies I’d wanted her to wear. She wasn’t using the swing I told her to buy. Instead of having the organized diaper bag I would’ve packed, she had giant tote bags overflowing with tons of shit, shit I wouldn’t have bought. Nothing she did seemed right to me. It felt to me like no matter what she did wrong– and it was all wrong to me, because she wasn’t me– the system thought she was perfect and I was horrible, like everyone would rather have anyone else in the world taking care of my baby except for me.

I haven’t made M a baby book. I’ve bought packages online then never used them. I have piles and piles of photos of her, photos of her up all over our house, but I can’t bring myself to make the baby book because it’s too painful to remember the moments of her babyhood that someone else got to experience when it should have been me. I still get mad when my mom posts photos of M on her Facebook. Why get mad, I post tons of pictures of her. I don’t get mad when anyone else in the family posts pictures, but it drives me nuts when my mom does– she writes “my girl,” and I panic that she, and everyone, still thinks or ever thought my child was hers. She posts a TBT of M as a baby, and I feel horrified that she’s laying claim to her, yet again, when in reality her taking care of M at that time was the only best possible solution in a terrible situation. If, while I was in rehab, I’d had access to a computer and knew that she was posting moments of the life she was living with my child without me, no matter how rationally wrong it might be for me to feel this way, it would have made me berserk. I’m not saying FPs shouldn’t post pictures– just putting out a birth mom’s perspective on how it feels for someone else to mother your child when you’ve been told you can’t.


First batch of photos from Shinsuke Nakamura’s first new book, The Rising Sun.  My copies of both books got here today so I’m just taking pictures of the pictures, just to show people some of the neat stuff therein.  As best I can, because it’s harder than you’d imagine to take pictures of a book that don’t come out all wonky.

I think, but am not 100% certain, that The Rising Sun might possibly be a sort of compilation of some of the more recent Kaminoge articles dealing with the last few years of his NJPW career and his debut-present with WWE.  I haven’t started translating any of it yet so I can’t be sure (I’m still on chapter three of his first book lol).

The Rising Sun’s introductory page is a Michael Jackson quote: “I changed.  People change.”

(part 2 is here)

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This video isn’t just Lainey and Greg yet that’s the thumbnail they went with. Even with the really awkward crop which shows a shoulder and a hand that clearly doesn’t belong to Lainey nor Greg. The reason I actually checked the video out was because I was very confused as to whose hand that was.
Also I don’t know why they’re kissing in this thumbnail. There isn’t any kissing in would you rather. I’ve seen strip versions but that makes sense because it’s a punishment to the loser (when is kissing your partner a punishment?). Obviously there isn’t anything wrong with kissing your partner, but here it seems forced and the only purpose of it is kinda sad clickbait. It tricks you into thinking Greg might be nice but the moment the video starts you get Greg just being a big douche who clearly doesn’t want to be there as shown in picture 2, taken the moment the video started.
Well at least Greg likes the picture where his apparent friend and his wife are cropped out so much he feels it’s Lainey’s “best” thumbnail yet

of promises and coffee shops; jerejean au

of promises and coffee shops; for the @tfcsecretsanta exchange! 
for: @rikomoriyamaofficial! i loved your prompts. happy holidays! ps: i’ve tried or 50 years, but it wouldn’t let me tag you rip 

pairing: jeremy knox/jean moreau
rating: general audiences
words: 2639
notes: coffeeshop au, so little to nothing is related to the actual series’ plot

Jeremy sighed as he punched in the order of the last customer, also known to be one of their more known regulars, and a taxing one at that. Well, for Jeremy at least.

He let himself linger amongst his co workers for a while, though he knew that they were capable enough to not need his supervision anymore. Instead, he let his shoulders slump as a response to the usual stress his barista gig brings, and as discreetly as possible, let his eyes wander to the boy sitting in the far left corner of the café.

The first time Jeremy saw him, he had been ghostly pale, with sunken eyes and a sort of rigidity to his posture and his movements. Now, however, he seemed tanner, his shoulders broader and gait freer. The California sun seemed to be doing him wonders. He looked up suddenly, as if noticing Jeremy’s prolonged gaze, and offered a small smile.

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Short-Term Love - EXO - Chanyeol - Part 1/4

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three[Part Four]

[MASTERLIST] [Breakup Scenarios Masterlist] [Fake Texts]

Word Count: 5437

Genre: Super Slight Angst but really FLUFF, Some Humor

Concept: College AU, Study Abroad, Homesickness

Additional Characters: Baekhyun and (briefly, by mention) Junmyeon, Jongdae and BTS’s Seokjin

Warnings: Some Language

Description: When you are far from the comfort of home, sadness hits you a little bit harder.  That is why Chanyeol decides to become like ‘home’ to you when he recognizes that you are going through a hard time & are having trouble coping while on your own and so far away.  

[From one student to another, here are a few life-saving (ok ok) really important tips I can pass along to you about study abroad]

[One, pack weather-friendly shoes that can be stretched, muddied, and torn straight through to the soles.  A sturdy pair of shoes that will give you the least number of blisters whenever you get lost while you are travelling will serve you best]

[Two, upon arrival, scout out the streets surrounding your accommodations for the nearest market/grocers. After dropping off your belongings, head back out as soon as you can for toilet paper (and dinnerware and food).  But while food can often be ordered for takeaway; there aren’t many toilet paper delivery services, and you’ll be pretty sore (haha…sorry) if you don’t manage to buy some in time.  If you are living with a host family, please reconsider before you follow this advice.  Bringing them toilet paper as a welcome gift will probably come off strangely.]

[Three, and most important…do not, I repeat, do not start up a romance with anyone while you are abroad.  Save yourself the heartbreak and hold off on the romancing until you are back home.  Save those ‘Flings with a Deadline’ for summertime, where they belong]

-          Your best friend, Kim Seokjin

-         If you miss me already just get off the plane now; I don’t think you’ll handle the separation well, after all.  

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I’ve got so many questions on Finn’s past, since they haven’t really given us much. I know there’s a book out there about a little of Finn’s time as a adult stormtrooper (well, I think so, I’m not sure), but what about before that? What was he like when he was little and going through training? Considering they had baby pictures of Finn (which were sooooooo cute), I’d imagine they took him from his parents early in his life.

Finn being the kind of person he is, I can imagine him being A. one of the best students despite being reluctant to learn these things and B. very kind to the other trainees and maybe even making a few friends. Now I want a story about Finn growing up learning to be a stormtrooper, yet feeling the light call to him over and over again. I might just write a short story about it.

Best One Yet [Sherlock Holmes x Reader]

Author’s Note: Found this sitting in a folder and decided to share since I haven’t had time lately to write. Been working on a project for my writing class that’s taking all my creativity. Maybe I’ll share some pictures here of how that’s going(: 

Cookies if you can guess what episode this is set in hehehe. 

Word Count: 319

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Second batch of photos from Shinsuke Nakamura’s first new book, The Rising Sun.  My copies of both books got here today so I’m just taking pictures of the pictures, just to show people some of the neat stuff therein.  As best I can, because it’s harder than you’d imagine to take pictures of a book that don’t come out all wonky.

I think, but am not 100% certain, that The Rising Sun might possibly be a sort of compilation of some of the more recent Kaminoge articles dealing with the last few years of his NJPW career and his debut-present with WWE.  I haven’t started translating any of it yet so I can’t be sure (I’m still on chapter three of his first book lol).

(part 1 is here)

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cute prompt: Harry doesn't know what he could buy for Draco as a gift for their one year anniversary and he is really nervous about it because he thinks Draco won't like his present. Also, I hope your sadness evaporates as fast as Harry falling in love with Draco. Love you.

Thank you!!

My Writing

Harry was panicking. He was already going to be late to his and Draco’s anniversary dinner, and he still had to get Draco’s present. He quickly ran into the shop in Diagon Alley, where the gift was waiting for him to pick up, paid the man that was working, and apparated to the restaurant they were eating at. He was already nervous about whether or not Draco would like the gift, and he was sure being late would have Draco in an immediate bad mood, therefore making it even more likely that he won’t like it.

Harry quickly spotted Draco sitting at a table and hurried over to him.

“Draco, I’m so sorry I’m late, I had to-”

“Harry it’s fine. I’ve only been sitting here for a few minutes,” Draco said with a smile.

Harry let out a sigh of relief and walked around the table to give Draco a kiss before sitting down.

“Happy anniversary, love.”

Draco grinned and gave Harry his gift, which was a variety of Harry’s favorite sweets and some quidditch stuff. 

“I know it’s not much, but you always say you like simple things, and well, it’s all your favorites,” Draco said confidently. He knew Harry would like it.

“This is wonderful, Draco, thank you!”

“I’m glad you like it. So, why were you late?”

“I had to get your gift.”

Draco gave him a funny look, and Harry quickly corrected himself.

“I mean I had to pick it up! I ordered it ages ago. It had to be made, and was just ready today.”

Harry then held out the small box to him.

“I-I hope you like it. I wasn’t really sure what to get you b-because you’re just perfect, and I knew everything would just seem inadequate. And I thought this might be nice, but you also might hate it, and if you do, I’m really sorry, and I can get you something else. I just had no idea what I could possibly get to show you how much you mean to me.”

“Harry, stop,” Draco mumbled as he opened the box.

There was a golden snitch inside that had an engraving on each side of it: You’re my best catch yet on one side and Happy One Year Anniversary on the other.

When Draco picked it up out of the box, the snitch opened up, and there was a small picture inside. Draco took out the picture, and it magically enlarged to a regular size. It was a picture of him and Harry from when they first started dating.

“I know the engraving is kind of cheesy, and I know the gift in general isn’t anything spectacular-”

“Harry,” Draco said, cutting him off. “I love it. This is…so nice and thoughtful. It’s perfect.”

“Are you sure? Because I can get you something else. You can pick it out this time.”

Draco got up from the table to give Harry a kiss.

“I’m positive, Harry. No one has ever given me such a lovely gift before. Thank you.”

Harry smiled and kissed him one more time before Draco sat back down.

“This has been the best year of my life,” Harry said, staring fondly at Draco.

“And there will be many more.”

Remember Me

Summary: After a fight with Louis, Niall goes to the store to make his boyfriend happy, after several hours Niall still hasn’t returned home. Nothing will prepare the boyfriends for what is to come.

Word Count: 3,300

Warning: Swearing

Disclaimer: I do not own One Direction or the name. This is pure fiction.

Enjoy Guys :) xx


            “Are we really going to watch Batman again?” Louis states adding in an eye roll, “we’ve watched it like a million times.”

            “It’s my turn to pick, and batman is my favorite so you don’t get a say,” Liam teases bopping Louis on the nose.

            They boys were finally off for three full months until they were needed back for Where We Are tour rehearsals, and they were planning on getting as much time to themselves as possible.

            Zayn settles in the couch right next to Louis, “be nice,” moving in to press his lip against Louis ear, he whispers, “I’m not happy either, but it’s his turn.”

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Hey Mars. I'm not really a selfie / picture person and I'm not super secure with my self image just yet, but I've been kinda inspired and might want to participate in Blackout. Any suggestions? (Also a skinny boy with nappy ass hair so haha, yeah)

I’m glad you’ve decided to join us. My best suggestions are

1) wear something you feel real comfortable/confident in because it makes taking selfies easier
2) do not be afraid to take a bajillion photos.
You probably won’t like the first couple but it gets easier
3) put on some fun music and chill, there’s not pressure to get pro-photo shoot pictures!
4) don’t be afraid to change your mind. If you decide not to post, it’s okay! You’ll work your way up and will eventually be ready.