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“Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore!”


Tate x Reader


You flopped on his bed. “I hate this!” You mumbled. “Yeah” he said lying beside you. Your school was forcing everyone to go to prom. Of you didn’t go you’d be failed in all your main classes. Tate had already made romantic plans for you and him. A movie and then ‘cuddles’. “I have to buy a dress now” she complained. “I have to get a suit” Tate replied. “Right….let’s go” she whispered and stood. “We might as well make the most of this” Tate looked at you and smiled.

You went to get his suit first. Hand on hand as you walked down the street. In the shop you let him do his own thing. Wanting for him you watched as he came out of the changing room in a black tuex. It was plain and simple but made his blonde hair stand out and made him look more gorgeous. You smiled and he nodded. Taking it off and buying it.

Next was the dress. You hated dresses but went shopping anyway. While in the thrid shop, Tate said “here. Try it on” putting a black dress in your hands. You sighed and nodded. Going in and trying it on. Looking and yourself in the mirror, you liked it. It was a black skater dress. It stopped about mid thigh and showed just enough up top. You came out of the changing room and he smiled. He face lighting up. “I should become a fashion expert” he chuckled. “Shut up” you replied as you got changed and then brought the dress. Loving him even more for picking it out.

Player/Team: Matt Duchene / Colorado Avalanche

Prompt: Something Different


Author’s Note: Something a bit different for someone a little special. I tried my best and hope you like it. It’s a bit…long. Oops? Thanks for being cool. ;) 

(gif never mine)

WARNING: very sexual content ahead as well as language! you have been warned!

It’s been seven months since Matt Duchene came into your life. Five months of you guys actually dating officially, but you’d like to count seven months of him changing your life (for the better, of course). Seven months of wild adventures and new things. Seven months of new troubles and new doubts, of new love and new intimate. Seven months of something different.

You’re amazed you guys have made it this far and how good it has been. You are almost afraid it wasn’t all real for he’s been almost too good to be true. What you two have is something different, something you can’t put into words. You connect in ways you’ve never connected with a person before and it’s scary in some ways and in others exhilarating. Matt has truly been a charmer, a romantic, a good boyfriend.

The thing is, Matt has been patient unlike any other man before him. It’s been seven months of just cuddles and kisses and love. Innocent, affectionate love you wouldn’t ever want to take back. He understood when you said you wanted to take things slow at first after how bad things went before him. He understood your need for time and he has still loved you through it, never pushing you into something you haven’t wanted to do.

But now, it’s been seven months. And you want something different. Not different in a bad way, but in a good way. In a very, very good way. That’s why when you went to Victoria Secret today you were more excited than any other emotion. That’s why when you picked out the black lace which clung oh so perfectly to you with the help of the workers you grinned rather than blushed. That’s why when you got home at five you planned everything out and set it all up perfectly (Matt just so happened to have a rare early game at seven so it was pretty perfect). And that is why now as you lay on your king-sized bed in nothing but said black lace under your Duchene jersey with a pair of black knee-high socks were you perfectly calm and at peace.

At a quarter past ten you heard the front door open, “Baby? (Y/N)? I’m home.” Matt calls out. You can hear him kicking off his shoes and with almost a smug grin call out the typical, “Upstairs babe!” one might see one do in a movie or read in a book.

“Why is it so dark in here?” he calls out confused, yet laughter in his voice. You don’t answer just leaning on your hand watching the door smiling, waiting for him. You hear him make his way up the stairs and soon enough he’s walking into the bedroom. “Seriously, why so dar-” Matt goes to say, a grin on his face until he freezes as he spots you on the bed.

“Hey babe.” You smile at him, turning so your lying on your stomach, arms folded under your head. You kick your legs up and let the jersey ride up so your legs are fully on show.

“H-Hey,” Matt says before clearing his throat, “Hi. What’s all this?” he says eyes watching your legs before turning and meeting your own. You tilt your head, almost satisfied by how obvious he is, “Oh, I thought we might do something different tonight.”

You sit up onto your calves as you watch a smirk break out onto Matt’s face, “And what exactly might be ‘something different’?” he says finally coming to the bed and standing at the edge where you’ve scooted to. His hands immediately go to your hips and yours to the collar of his button up. 

He wore your favorite that night, a baby blue button up with navy colored pants. But he seems to have gotten rid of the coat down stairs and rolled up his sleeves three-quarters just making him even hotter. Matt’s hair was still wet from sweat and the quick shower he took at the stadium making one curl fall into his eyes. His green eyes were bright in the dim light and you leaned into him.

“Well, I was thinking maybe you could lose some of your clothes and I could lose some of mine and we could see where that takes us.” You say lowly as if it wasn’t just you two in the room looking between his lips and his green eyes that seem to get darker with every word you said.

He just hums in agreement as you already started to play with the top buttons of his shirt. With one last look into his eyes, you lean forward and he does too. His lips are soft and warm and you just want more and more. A sweet quick turns heated quickly as you nibble his bottom lip and he takes you in closer, wrapping his arms completely around you. Your make out lasts long enough for you to unbutton his shirt, but not long enough. You have to break for air, which leads Matt to just carry on kissing down your jaw to your neck with playful nicks and open mouth kisses.

Matt finds your sweet spot and you can’t help but let out a moan. “Matt, please.” you gasp as he leaves his mark thoroughly. You bury your fingers deep into his hair, the wet strands like silk in your fingers as you sigh as he lays more marks to your collar bone. You play with his hair, pulling and teasing as he makes his way back up to your lips. Sweet kisses are exchanged until finally Matt decides to change things a bit.

Matt strips of his shirt as you lay back onto the bed. He climbs on top of you and the kisses begin again. You let your fingers run through his hair and down his back. Teasing him with light scratches and just feeling his muscles move beneath your hand. Little moans break from your here and there as well as from him and soon all this little play isn’t enough. 

Matt takes control and without breaking eye contact he sits up. His hands have been playing at the hem for awhile and now he lifts it over your head. For the first time that day/night, you are self conscious and look to side to avoid his reaction as he takes you in. You can feel his hand on your cheek, “(Y/N), look at me.” his voice deep and yet gentle insists.

You look at him, almost afraid of what he might think and you see him smiling at you lovingly, “You’re really something different, (Y/N). Beautiful isn’t good enough for you.” The genuine sentiment behind his words warm you, no one has ever said something like that before to you. You lean up and kiss him deeply, words unable to express how you truly feel.

Sweet turns into hot quickly. Your hands are on him, his back, his chest. Anywhere you can grab. His hands roam you like a blind man feeling a sculpture for the first time. He grasps one boob in one hand and the other is on your ass, squeezing, cherishing. Matt moans as you pull at his hair as he moves down on you, trailing kisses in his wake. You try not to moan too much, but you can’t help it with his lips on you.

Soon he makes it past your naval and has released your boob just to play with the thin lace of your panties. Matt looks up at you smugly and you glare at him frustrated, “Matt, can you just take them off, please? And for the love of god, I swear, if you rip them off me-”

“Baby calm down, relax. Tonight we are going to take this slow and cherish every moment. I promise not to rip them..At least, not tonight.” he says grinning widely now, making you blush and roll your eyes. He kisses the inner sensitive skin of your thigh making you sigh a bit as he watches you intently. You watch as he slowly pulls them down your legs before tossing them to the side easily, eyes not breaking from yours.

He spreads your legs slightly and starts to kiss up your thighs. One kiss on the left, one kiss on the right; one kiss on the left, one on the right. You bite your bottom lip watching him, watching his back muscles move with every kiss and watch as he never looks away from your eyes. You can’t help, but to moan a little bit at just how hot he looks doing such. His hands grip your thighs tightly as he teases as he gets closer and closer.

Finally, he breaks contact to look at what he’s doing. Next thing you know is all you feel is his wet tongue and pleasure. “Oh god, Matt.You gasp, throwing your head back, eyes rolling, and hands in his hair. You feel him moan from you calling his name as he continues to lick up and down, up and down. You can feel him tease you as he licks around your entrance at times and also play with your clit. It’s heavenly torture that’s for sure.

For a good five minutes (feels like thirty) he does this, teasing you, playing with you. Letting you call out his name several times, leaving you short of breath. He took too great of a pleasure of the whole thing until finally he decided teasing was enough. Matt sits up, letting you catch your breath for a moment as he grabs a condom from the nightstand on his bedside.

You look up at him, a bit disheveled from all his playing around. He cusps your cheek in one hand and leans down and gives you a sweet kiss as he rolls the condom on. You two sloppily, slowly make out as he grips your thighs and lines up with you. The nerves in your stomach are there, but the want is enough to overrule them.

Matt breaks the kiss first, both of you out of breath. “Are you sure you’re ready?” he asks, looking you seriously into the eyes, searching for any sign of a no. You grip his face into both of your hands, “Matt, I’m more sure than I think either of us would ever be again.” This makes him grin and kiss you once more, just as he pushes in slowly.

You admit, it hurts a bit the first time. Matt makes sure your OK the whole time until he is fully in, but once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. “You sure, you are all right?” “For god’s sake Matt just, just make love to me already!” This makes him laugh and soon he is slowly pulling out of you before pushing back in. As he continues to do so (slow as molasses though), the less it hurts and the more pleasure there was.

Soon you were practically begging for him to go faster. He was worried at first, but when you gave him the look, he gave into your demands. God, was he good. He knew just the right way to hit you as he moved faster and faster. He grasped your ass for most of the time until he leaned forward to make out. You grasped onto his back as he broke to bury his face into your neck and move even faster (god bless hockey players for their speed) all while he gripped your hips.

Your nails dug into his back as you raked him and he slammed into you.You felt the pressure building in the bottom of your stomach and wrapped your legs around him. “Matt, I-I think I’m gonna-” you got out (making him go even harder) just before you came. You screamed his name as your high reached it’s peak. He was panting and kept going for another minute before finally he shuddered above you and grasped your hips tightly. You groaned your name as he came, riding it out until he was done.

Slowly he pulled out of you and collapsed next to you on his side of the bed. You both were still panting, exhausted from your first time. “That was…” you began as he pulled you into his side. “Something different?” he said amused, a smirk on his face as he looked down at you. “Something different for sure.” you say yawning and resting your head on his chest.

He pulls the covers over you two before wrapping his arms around you tightly and resting his chin on your head, “I like something different.” he says quietly. “Me too, babe, me too.” you mumble into his chest. He kisses your head, “Goodnight, I love you.” he whispers into your ear making you smile and whisper back, “I love you, too.”

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