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“Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore!”

Hey guys? Finn and Rey are still co-leads. They reunite and it’s been heavily implied that they work together to take down Snoke’s SSD, and almost certainly end the movie together.

As for Finn’s journey, remember, Rian Johnson invited John Boyega to sit down so they could discuss Finn’s character growth and finding his strength as a person.
Now though we don’t know exactly how it will play out, would John be as excited for Finn, and constantly reassuring us of Finn’s epic role if it wasn’t something he was thrilled about?
And even more, would Rian Johnson go through the trouble if he didn’t care that much about Finn in the first place?

As for finnrey, RJ referenced Finn and Rey as “not ready for a relationship  yet” at the end of TFA. Why would he specifically mention FINN AND REY in terms of romance and not other characters? He’s set them up to be separate for a majority of TLJ in order to grow them more as individuals characters before reuniting them again. 

As for ReySky, RJ’s said that Rey and Luke’s relationship is the beating heart of the film, and that the mystery surrounding Rey’s parentage has a connection to Luke’s story as well. And also that the answers that Rey seeks might be found with Luke. Basically comparing Luke as a puzzle piece to Rey’s past. Duh

As for Kylo Ren, RJ simply describes Kylo Ren as the leading pov for the dark side journey in contrast with Rey being the main pov for the light side journey. He’s the “protagonist” from the evil point of view.
His comments on Kylo not being Vader “yet” and his other references to Kylo’s mental/emotional state can be see as more of a hint to Kylo’s growth as a villain, even if he’s not at Vader’s level yet when it comes to power. 

And even on the off chance that Kylo is eventually redeemed, it won’t play out as him being automatically forgiven by Luke and Rey and Finn and everyone else in the Resistance, and treated like a hero, that’s for sure. Pablo Hidalgo wouldn’t even go for that, and he’s part of the story group. I HIGHLY doubt Kylo’s gonna straight up be woobified in this movie. He might try to tell his side of the story and try to justify his actions, but that’s about it. 

And don’t forget that Rose Tico’s character and story was RJ’s idea to begin with, and he’s the one who fought for KMT to get the role. 

I know that we have our reasons to be concerned about representation in films, but I urge you, as difficult as it is, to 


“Finn will be fine.”

And that’s probably all I’m gonna say on the matter from now on ✌ hope this helps morale around here

also thanks to @hanorganaas for also sharing my positivity on the matter :P

Imagine date night with Chris.

A/N: Chapter 8, Part 5 of ‘Beginnings’ ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 8: ‘Beginnings’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4)

Thanksgiving brought your little family back to Chris’ big family in Boston. The holiday schedule was worked out a while back, after you and Chris had to spend three big holidays apart. Because last Thanksgiving was spent in LA, this year’s would be spent in Boston. Your parents were a little bummed they weren’t going to be there for Jack’s first Thanksgiving, but seeing as they had Jack for his first Christmas- they couldn’t really complain. Lisa did invite them out to Boston too, but her invitation was politely declined as the rest of your family would’ve gotten upset if your parents weren’t around to host their annual Thanksgiving dinner party. You agreed to FaceTime them before dinner so your whole family could see their grandson; not everyone in your family had met Jack yet, so the video call was highly sought after. You had also promised to call the Stan family so you could exchange holiday pleasantries. It’d been a long time since you last saw them, in person that was. You scheduled a FaceTime call at least once a week so your babies could familiarize themselves with their godparents and each other.

The four of you to flew into Boston on a Wednesday afternoon. Scott picked you all up at the airport and took you back to Lisa’s where you settled in Chris’ childhood bedroom as the house he’d bought thirty-four minutes away was still unfurnished. You celebrated Thanksgiving on the Thursday with Chris’ family and friends. Lisa threw a huge dinner party that really started at lunch time, giving you and Chris a chance to introduce Jack to everyone who was yet to meet him. The crowd was slightly overwhelming for your little one, halfway through being passed from Uncle Scott to Uncle Matt- he started bawling, forcing you and Chris to take him and hide out in the bedroom for a while. Dodger padded after the three of you because everywhere Jack went, he followed. Chris had to pace the room for a good ten minutes before Jack calmed down and dozed off. The two of you stayed and made sure Jack was off in dreamland before rejoining the party; Dodger stayed even after Chris asked if he wanted to come with the two of you. Chris pouted as the two of you made your way downstairs, grumbling “looks like he’s found himself a new best bud.” You laughed and gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

Friday was spent at Carly’s. You and Jack hung out inside with Shanna, Carly, and Lisa; Chris and Dodger ran wild outside with the boys and men, tossing a football around. All the while Chris was running around with Miles and Ethan, getting tackled by them- he thought about Jack and how it wouldn’t be long until his son was going to be able to join in on the fun. He was excited, like really excited. It was trivial, but it was also a right of passage for every father and son so who could blame him? He got excited every time football Sunday came around and Jack wore his little Patriots jersey. He’d take a dozen photos while he rambled on about how great it’d be when Jack was old enough to attend the Super Bowl with him. Those photos were added to the scrapbook labeled ‘Jackson Christopher Evans’, along with mementos. Basically anything and everything involving Jack was added to the scrapbook. Your iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks were also chock full of Jack’s photographs. Why wouldn’t they? The two of you were first time parents who had a ridiculously adorable son.

There were many things to get excited about when it came to Jack and his milestones, like his first word: ‘dada.’ He was eight and a half months now, learning to repeat sounds you and Chris made. He didn’t know what he was saying, but it didn’t stop what came out of his mouth from melting your hearts. Chris cried when Jack sounded something close to ‘daddy,’ and you cried because you clearly didn’t spend enough time with him to let his first word be associated with any variation of the word ‘mother.’ Chris felt so bad that he spent the two weeks after Jack said ‘dada,’ trying to teach him ‘mama.’ It was so sweet that you got over not being Jack’s first word. It wasn’t like Jack knew what he was saying anyway, and even if he did- Chris deserved being Jack’s first word as he was the one putting in the time while you were busy at work.

Saturday was your last night in Boston before you flew home Sunday afternoon. Chris asked Lisa to watch Jack and Dodger so he could take you on a date night. Since Jack was born, the two of you had barely had any time alone; date nights did not exist, especially after you started work. The idea of date night became completely nonexistent after you signed the contract making you director. So no, Chris had not had time to celebrate you and your acceptance of an amazing offer. The best he’d done so far was on that same Sunday you signed the contract, after you put Jack down. He made lasagna, you made tiramisu, and shared a bottle of your favorite white wine in front of the fireplace. It was nice; the two of you just sat and talked. But Chris felt like he could do one better, which was what he was doing tonight.

“Ooo,” you sniffed the air, “do I smell pizza?”

“God, you are like a dog with that nose of yours.”

“Shut up,” you giggled. “Can I take the blindfold off now?”

“Just a second.” You heard the door close behind you and felt Chris take your hand again, leading you. The heels of your boots clicked against the hardwood floor as you followed Chris; you stopped when he did. “Okay, now.” He said, helping you take the blindfold off. You smiled when you realized where you were, and that smile widened when you saw the superbly romantic scene Chris had setup in the unfurnished living room of your Boston house. “Fun fact, Scott and I used to camp out in the backyard in that tent.”

Chris had snuck out while you were still asleep to prepare for tonight. He got his old tent, blankets, pillows, candles, roses, and a burner so that s’mores could be made. He got wine, and also ordered pizza from Leone’s that was prepaid and delivered moments before the two of you arrived at the house. Chris would’ve taken you camping properly except he did that before and it didn’t sit well with you. You gave it your best effort, but it was obvious it wasn’t your thing. He knew this, there was proof of it not being your thing even as a child. He’d tease you every time you watched home movies of your childhood, calling you a princess. The one of your family camping out at the beach when you were two was his favorite. Your dad was filming you and you were begging him to pick you up because you claimed the sand was dirty.

“No way,” you gasped dramatically and Chris laughed, pulling you into his arms; he knew what was coming. “I must be dreaming.” You hugged him back as you teased him. “You’re telling me I’m going to get to sleep in the same tent Chris Evans slept in as a child?” You giggled and squirmed when Chris tickled your sides.

“You can never just say something sweet, can you?”

“I wouldn’t be me if I just say something sweet, would I?”

“No you would not,” he released you with a smile. “C’mere,” he beckoned you to follow him as he walked over to the tent. He kicked his shoes off the same time you removed your boots, settling on the ground. He shuffled the cushions and reached for the folded blankets inside the tent, unfolding one to cover his legs. The other remain folded until you curled up on the ground with your head on his lap; he flipped it, covering you. “Jack and Diane, back at it.”

“If you want me to focus on us, you probably shouldn’t mention our son’s name.” You said then giggled, patting his smiling face. “Where’s the pizza?” You asked and he leaned forward, reaching for the box and flipping the lid open. “Gimme!” You grinned, grabbing the slice he was holding out for you and stuffing it into your mouth.

“Maybe you should sit up,” Chris chuckled, pulling a strand of your hair out of your mouth. “I don’t want you to choke.” You took another bite as you sat up. “Still the best pizza ever, right?” He quizzed as he pulled a slice out for himself, taking a bite. “I could easily have Leone’s all day every day when we move back to Boston.”

“All day every day might be a bit much,” you disagreed. “But once a week, maybe.” He nodded in agreement. “Hey,” you lowered your slice onto the lid of the box, sweeping the crumbs off your hands. “If you’re saying that, does that mean we’re open to talking about moving back to Boston again?” The last time being when you were still pregnant; it didn’t go well then, you were hoping it’d go better now.

“You want to talk moving to Boston when you’ve got a movie to direct in LA?”

“I’m not saying we move right away, I’m just- I’d like a timeline,” you told him and he sighed. “I’ll take that as a ‘no’ to my earlier question then.” He chuckled, nodding as he took another bite of his slice. “Just out of curiosity, is it still because you’re worried I can’t handle being a mom in a new place?”

“No, darling,” he shook his head, smiling. “You’re a natural when it comes to parenthood, I don’t think location will affect that. This has nothing to do with that, this is more wanting to be where Hollywood needs us. LA is home base for many studios and production companies. I travel when I need to film, but everything else is held in LA. It’s just smarter if we stay here for now, it’ll save us traveling back and forth and give us more time with Jack. I’d give you a timeline, but I don’t know.”

“Well let me know when you know.”

“Trust me, you’ll be the first person I tell.” He winked and you smiled, picking your pizza up for another bite. “So how’s pre-production coming along?” He asked and you scrunched your nose, making him laugh. “That bad, huh?” He poured you both a glass of wine. “Pre-production’s always like that. Once you start filming, it’ll get better.”

“I’d agree, but I have to wear a beret the whole time so…”

“Right, the beret,” he laughed, slapping his knee. “You look so cute in berets though.”

“I know I look cute in berets, but I don’t like wearing your beret because it reminds me of the bet I lost.” You said and he laughed louder, throwing his head back. You tried not to laugh yourself as you took a sip of your wine. “Thank you though,” you lowered your glass and he raised a brow at you. “For pushing me to direct, for believing in me the way you do.”

“Are you kidding me?” He pressed one hand against your cheek, brushing your supple skin with the pad of his thumb. “Of course. But hey, it’s not just me. I can only do so much, you’re so stubborn that unless you want to do something- you won’t. So don’t just thank me, you got yourself here too.” You smiled, making Chris smile too. “I am so proud of you, Y/N. And not just because you’re finally doing what you said you’d do. I’m proud of you and how much you’ve grown in three years, hell- since Jack was born. Looking at you now, a wife, a mom, a director. It’s hard to believe  three years ago you were just a nineteen year old student writing fan fiction in an airport Starbucks.”

“It’s unbelievable, yes,” you nodded, chuckling. “You gotta blame that Chris Evans, he was the one who started all this.” You joked and he laughed, shaking his head. “Three years, wow. Time really flies, doesn’t it?”

“Only when you’re having fun,” he whispered as he leaned in.

“I must be having a ball with you then.” You whispered back, inches away from his lips.

“I love you so much,” he smiled, flashing his pearly whites.

“I love you too,” you grinned back then met his lips.

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“An unhealthy INFP with a Fi-Si loop can experience extreme withdrawal from the external world, while having a Te grip can cause harsh, aggressive outbursts of negative emotion and is likely to happen if they’ve suffered some kind of significant emotional turmoil, particularly if that turmoil involved a prolonged disregard of the INFP’s values, emotions, or identity.” (x)

star wars personality types → kylo ren, as of the force awakens ( insp. )