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Are you seeing anyone?

In a romantic sense? No. I am aro/ace. I have had a few of what I thought were crushes in my life, but in retrospect they were all quite platonic. I just wanted to hang out with the person for a long time. Like possibly the rest of our lives. I never did anything about them, either, I think because deep down I knew I didn’t really want it.

I’ve had a couple of people in my life try to ask me out and start a romantic relationship, but as soon as I realized what was happening I panicked and made some excuse to get out of it. If I had known what aromanticism was at the time, it might have been a clue, haha. Recently a coworker tried to approach me, too, but I already knew I was aromantic and did my best to gently turn him down.

I’m happy with my life. I have great friends, a great family, adorable pets, and an obsession with a silly Netflix series that makes me happy all day long, every day. I kind of still want to have one special person to hang out with forever, but I’m okay with the way things are, too.

Shuuichi Saihara - SHSL Detective - Hidden intentions.

I thought I was the only one here to distrust Shuuichi at least a tiny bit, but that’s not really the case. I’m impressed that a lot of people also started to suspect him recently. I don’t blame them. In the first game, the Ultimate Luck and the Ultimate Detective were both the hero protagonists. In the second game, the Ultimate Luck turned out to be a secondary antagonist. Therefore, something similar might happen to Shuuichi.

Warning: VERY LONG POST!!!

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[Please note: I have not checked this for typos or awkward phrasings yet. I might also need to flesh them out? Maybe? depends. I hope you all still ENJOY]


can i have headcanons for jotaro and bruno, and how they would react to their lover being under the effects of a Stand that warps their perception of people? so now the people that are their friends/loved ones are now frightening strangers to them?

Jotaro couldn’t understand how he let them get hit. Even though they were right by his side, even though he saw the attack coming, he some how couldn’t make it by a hair’s breadth. His s/o had been hit right in the chest by the enemy stand’s projectile, and had immediately passed out from the impact.

So did the enemy thanks to the swift rage that consumed Jotaro.

After the enemy was taken care of, Jotaro had picked his s/o up and tossed them over his shoulders. Not really knowing what else to do, he made his was back to the hotel everyone was staying at, and had his s/o checked by Joseph and Avdol.

After it was concluded that they’d more than likely be fine, Jotaro noticed their eyes start to open, and almost immediately, his s/o screamed and summoned their stand. While Joseph tried to calm them down, they only backed up more towards the wall.

“P-please don’t come any closer! Get away from me!”

While Joseph’s first instict was to get closer to make sure you were okay, Jotaro would grab him by his shoulder and tell him to -piss off- leave.

When Joseph and Avdol left, Jotaro immediately went to the other side of the room to give his s/o as much space as they needed.

His s/o looked so scared of him, they couldn’t stop staring at him and jumping when he so much as breathed.

‘Give me a break. I should’ve broken his other arm too, the bastard.’

“Look. It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. You were hit by an enemy stand, and you aren’t in your right mind. Now just calm down and–”

“How am I supposed to trust you?! JUST STAY THE HELL AWAY!”

“Give me a fucking break…”


  • As stated above, Jotaro wouldn’t know how he let this happen. Even though he tried to protect his s/o, he still let them get hurt. Worst part was the stand had lingering effects, and the guilt of not knowing when they’d get better would eat Jotaro up inside.
  • Seeing their eyes widen in fear as they woke up broke something in Jotaro. Even worse was when they begun to scream, as if his mere presence was a threat on their lives.
  • Pushing the pain and guilt aside, Jotaro would try and calm them down, to explain what happened without losing his cool and making the situation even worse. But as they kept screaming and screaming for him to stay away, he just couldn’t take it anymore.
  • His s/o would be so scared that they couldn’t breathe anymore. They were having a full blown panic attack and Jotaro could only blame himself. He began losing control of himself, to make clear judgments, and tried to get close to them, to try and help them in case they really couldn’t breathe, but his s/o would get even worse.
  • At some point his s/o would try and make a run for it, and as much as he didn’t want to scare them, he sure as hell wasn’t letting them go out. Not as they were now.
  • He’d grab them from behind and try (not that it was hard) to drag them back in the room, but doing so, as expected, had made them scream out in bloody murder. They were screaming, crying, and acting as if their lives were truly on the line. Jotaro couldn’t help but hold them tighter, wishing there was something he could do to make it all stop, for both of their sake’s.
  • At some point, someone would kick the door down believing Jotaro’s s/o was in trouble. It would be at this point that Jotaro decided he’s had enough of this game. He would knock the living daylights out of whoever entered, and would hit his s/o in just the right way to make them lose consciousness as well.
  • After, he’d gently lift them up and carry them back to their bed. When Joseph finally came by to check how things were, he’d see Jotaro hovering over you. While Jotaro would still seem stoic to anyone else, Joseph could see clearly in his eyes just how much pain and guilt he was in.
  • He’d see that Jotaro couldn’t stop blaming himself for letting this happen.


  • Just as an extra because I couldn’t find a place to put this in above.
  • If his s/o somehow escaped and encountered an ally of DIO, Jotaro would go absolutely insane. They would approach the enemy as if they were their savior, begging them to please save them…
  • They’d go missing, but Jotaro would have a good idea on where he’d find them.
  • Seeing them tied up upon entering DIO’s mansion, bloodied and bruised, Jotaro would finally snap. There’d be no more stoicism in his face, just pure rage as he immediately set out to find DIO and have him pay a 1000 fold for what he did to them. Let’s just say the DIO in canon would have had it easy compared to the rage fueled time stops Jotaro would unleash.

I wanted to practice some poses with a random generator and this is the result. I have been meaning to draw these two together. The DreamCatchers are seriously fun to draw. These two would probably be best friends if circumstances allow them to meet. So to be creative with the poses let’s just say DC is making a new charm with his magic and Dreamcatcher is balancing/dancing on something. I probably messed up on lot’s of stuff but, hopefully you guys like it.

Dreamcatcher @sugartalesans

Dream Catcher Sans (DC) belongs to me.

Field Trip

“I just think I’ve… earned the benefit of the doubt, here.”

It is a long drive to the airport, all the longer because they spend it in awkward silence. When they’re assigned seats three rows apart on the commuter flight to Charlotte, neither of them makes any attempt to ask for a change.

Mulder is disappointed more than angry, but he won’t lie; there’s a little anger there, too. She’s just so goddamned stubborn. Any progress they might have made with their baseball outing has been completely undone in the week that followed. Scully seems almost pathologically determined to distance herself from him, and if he thought she were doing it because she truly wasn’t attracted to him or interested in him romantically, then he could respect that. He’d be sad, but he could accept it and try to pick up the pieces. He is 100% certain, however, that that’s not what’s going on here.

No, this is about control or fear or Catholic self-sacrifice or something. Probably a combination of things. But not one of them is genuine disinterest. He’s sure of that.

He promised himself he wouldn’t push, not least because he’d thought it would absolutely backfire, but now he’s beginning to doubt the certainty of that. Maybe they at least need to talk about it openly. If he can get at the root of whatever’s holding her back, maybe he can put forth a convincing counter-argument. He’s certainly already convinced himself.

Either way, whatever’s going on between them now has to stop. It doesn’t even feel like she’s his friend anymore, and that just straight-up sucks.


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ok i just wanted to share something fun

someone might have made a post about it already or whatever but i’ll make my own anyway. i noticed that peridots proportions are off, but pd pointed out to me that it looks like its possible for her to have normal limbs inside her robo parts. if you measure how her proportions should be, her actual limbs would end exactly at the black stripes on her robo limbs, so this is totally possible for them to fit inside. here’s regular peri:

the shins are the most ridiculous in their disproportion, but the arms are also slightly too long. i decided to go ahead and edit the pic so that her limbs end exactly at the black stripes. THE RESULT…….


what if she made those legs so that she woudn’t feel so small


[Image description: Two nearly identical images of which one has a beige and one a blue background. There’s text on them saying “A blank face is a beautiful face”, and it’s surrounded by doodles of lips and noses. They are not very ‘extreme looking’ expressions.]

I recently made this thing (which took way too long bc of a slow computer) and put it up on my Redbubble! It’s available as shirts, hoodies, etc.

My description on there:

“Some positivity for those who are often called “angry”, told they have a “resting bitch face”, are made fun of for not reacting with the “right” natural expression, etc.

Image is made with autistic experiences in mind, but might just be as relatable to other neurodivergent or disabled people, or simply people who often get remarks based on weird beauty standards / social norms.

If models can be seen as beautiful for having a ‘neutral’ expression, then sure can you.”

I’m not sure if this issue is relatable to many people (I worded it simplistic in the description but was definitely referring to bullying), but it’s something very close to heart for me. I’ll put up more neurodivergent themed items on my store soon, so keep an eye open for that in the future.

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You are wonderful. 💕 Anonymously compliment 5 people of your choice.

Ahhhhh!!! (*≧∀≦*) You’re wonderful too anon!!
Okay—5 PEOPLE!? THAT’S IT….MAAAAAAANN no pressure….These are in no order, but I’ll put them under an read more ‘cause it might get long. I ramble about the people I love lol 

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There was something about the rain that made them homesick. They didn’t know what it was; couldn’t pinpoint it. The memory was long gone. Ah, well. Nothing to dwell on.

They leaned back in the cockpit, and watched the raindrops scatter across the glass. What had home been like? Was there rain? Did it have a hangar, like this one?

It didn’t matter. Home, wherever that might’ve been, was long gone. Whoever might’ve been waiting was long gone too. Just like this home. Unfortunate that they had been discovered camping in the unused X-wing behind the hangar. Now this home was vacant.

They inhaled deeply, closing their eyes and listening to the rain grow heavier. They loved the rain. They couldn’t remember many things, but they did remember that.

They loved the rain, and nothing could ruin it for them.

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What about headcanons (or scenario again if you think that be better ) for Tfp team prime would do if they came across the klutzy decepticon!reader again but there a bit worse for wear (I wasn't sure what could of happened to them) and they sort of been abandoned by the other decepticons. (I sent in another one, Icouldn't resist )

Hope you’re okay with another scenario.I might be too long.

If only you didn’t have to left pedes this wouldn’t of happened. During a mining expedition were Megatron himself was in attendance; a cave in occurred. From a fight with the Autobots or something Starscream did was unknown to you. All was known that everyone was evacuated but you. After helping the Vehicons get out safely you made one last quick check for anyone else with the cave. Making a deathrun to the entrance you like usual tripped over nothing legs getting pinned and crushed under heavy rocks. You had cried out and seen someone look back and scoff before walking off. The Vehicons you saved even tried to free you but was pulled away by the superiors. You were pretty sure that Megatron was leaving you on purpose. Placing your helm on the ground trying to not let the lubricant fall from your optics; from both the pain and sadness of abandonment.. You turn off your pain senors of your lower half before falling into recharge.

A soft voice was hear in your unconscious state pulling you from your recharge. Optics onlining you hear let out a sigh of relief from the person you think was calling to you. You optics focused to let you see the person properly. Jumping when you see an Autobot symbol on the mech before forgetting the large boulders pinning you down. “Woah, woah take it easy we aren’t going to hurt ya,” the blue and yellow mech said. He turns to his partner, “Arcee I think we should com the others.” She nods, “On it.” Turning back to you concerned, “Want happened?” You hesitated unsure if you should talk to the Autobot against your Decepticon instinct you tell him, “There was a cave in I made sure all the Vehicons were out before leaving myself but being the klutz I am I fell leading to being pinned under a pile of rubble. With possibly broken legs. Everyone left.” The mech pouted, “That’s a terrible thing to do but they are Decepticons. You are a Decepticon a really weird one at that.Anyway I’m Smokescreen and that’s Arcee. We’ve seen you before but never got your name.”  Pausing once again you looked into his eyes which were sincere something you have ever experienced before, “(Y/N)” Smokescreen was a little shocked but smiled. You tried to returned the gesture but didn’t know how. Venting you crossed your arms on the ground resting your helm on them and falling into recharge after a while.

You felt yourself come back out of recharge once again. You had felt uneasy falling to recharge around the Autobot skill thinking they would hurt you from the Vehicons’ stories but it you are waking up that meant you aren’t offline. That was somewhat good. Optics flicker not really wanting to online but agreed to after a few tries. “ You’re wake finally,” it sounded grumpy but not meant to be harsh. He seemed tried to you. Looking around you spot the mech who was talking and an unfamiliar place. “Where am I !?!” he could tell you were frightened and tried to calm you down to no avail. However you soon ran out of energy and stop fretting. “Who are you?” you ask another question slightly calmer. The old mech sighed, “My name’s Ratchet and for your other question you’re  at the Autobot base.” You gripped the sides of the medical berth, “What are you going to do with me?” Ratchet looked confused by answered, “I’m a medic I’m gonna heal ya of course.” You turned to him, “What are you going to do when I’m better?” The medic shrugged, “That’s Optimus’ decision.” Millions of things flash through your mind of what the Autobots will do with you: a lowly Decepticon but none of them good. Lets hope what the Vehicons said wasn’t true.

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I've been here a week and another rper has made me extremely uncomfortable with his advances and I'm not sure what to do..

(( oh gosh uhh.. I think the only best thing to do is to like tell them it makes you uncomfortable? It might be hard to do and I can understand completely.

I don’t have any personal experience of note with this. So I hope my advice is good. It’s the best I can think of, I mean it might hurt feelings but sometimes you have to be honest cause waiting too long might make things worse? I duno.

I can definitely offer a hug or two.

If anyone knows better advice definitely chime in. I don’t really get hit on ever (being a dude I guess heh)

In the end, he stands alone among the ruins of the once great city. 




All of them gone. Lost in an effort to win back the dawn. Prompto stands bloodied but alive in the shadow of the palace, watching the sun rise for the first time in a decade. Feeling his skin sear as it climbs higher and higher, banishing all the lingering monstrosities once and for all.

He extends his hand. Palm up. Offering it to the Gods to take, to let him be with his brothers. He feels the brush of ethereal fingers, reaches for them with all his might -

But it’s denied. They pull back, ripped from him once and for all.

The sun burns Prompto’s skin, but his soul remains whole. 

While the Gods cannot punish the monster they made, they can force the monster he begat to suffer and atone in his place.. but Prompto feels as though the Gods have meddled in the affairs of man for far too long. He retreats, abandoning the calling they demand of him, allowing his prize of a reunion and eternal peace to disappear from the table completely.

The tale fades to legend. History becomes fiction in the minds of man. The world moves on, time moves on.

Yet they say a ghost haunts the land of Duscae. Late at night, in the ancient ruins of an old ranch in a forest that’s long overgrown and claimed a life of it’s own, lost and tired travelers claim to stumble across a young man who provides them food and water and a story of when daemons roamed the Earth. He claims to care for the chocobos - but the stalls are long empty, the birds long dead, but still he remains. 


I’d always made it an event with Max. We…. Well.

I’d tied my hair up into pigtails. He’s always smiled at the sight of them, and i thought to surprise him with the elegant, flowing outfit he’d expressed his fondness for, a good many moons ago.

I awaited, with cakes and cookies i’d ordered from the Bismark at the foot of the bed. I thought we might sit and eat them, between other activities.

It wasn’t long, until the door went.

I was expecting to surprise him, that he might have forgotten the sun, and it would be a pleasant surprise for the two of us.

But… I was wrong. And delightedly so.

The way his hair, now unbound, graced his shoulders as he paced the floor towards me. The way his eyes made his way to mine, and that smile my soul craved to see every moment we met.

He looked wonderful. The attire was fetching, too.

What little of it there was, anyway.

I’d… Gotten a few gifts. Besides the cake, and the appearance, and… Well? Everything else. Quietly, we perched on the bed, and…

I wasn’t so sure what to get him. For a man who can build anything and everything given the right parts, for the wonderful, beautiful mind he has… What could i possibly get him, that made an impact?

It was then, that it dawned on me. The thing he’d lamented frequently, in our time together.

Since the accident, certain treasured memories of ours had… Eluded him. And whilst i had no skill in conjury, what i did have was means to paint a picture with my words.

So… I did.

There was a travelling man, in the Hinterlands. A creator of curiosities, and a maker of memories.

He told me he engraved crystals, that when flooded with aether, created a show of lights, and sounds… And should i describe something to him, he would engrave the arcanima needed to show what i wished.

A little more than coloured lights, and sound… But is that not what memories are, when you take away the sentiment behind them?

I had five made. Five key points in our life. We… Observed the one at Sweetbloom Pier, together.

Our first kiss.

There was another, much smaller one that i’d made from speaking with the man, working according to his instruction. It was little more than a five tick long loop, of red and blue light dancing with eachother, but… It meant something, at least, to us.

He smiled. He smiles, called me brilliant, and we just…

This was all i wanted, for this sun. I care not what else comes of it…

But he smiled. And that was enough, for me.”


Take care of them, Steven

hc: sometimes amy will bring baked goods for shadow. at first she was nervous, thinking he’d turn her away and so just left them at his door saying she knocked but he wasn’t in. the next few times she, knocked and he thanked her before going their seperate ways, but after that he sort of awkwardly asked her if she would like to come in to which she agreed and they had tea and pastries together. since then they sit and chat whenever they can.

Just some nightly rambles..

OOC: I somehow have started hating on the fact that people use other people’s art in their icons. I did it sometime too, but after I’ve read this long psa on one mutuals blog’s long archive on using them I highly doubt that anyone who does it has a separate page for links to the arts used.on their icons for their original makers.
But then when someone posts and art of their muse that’s not made by them without a link they get shit on their backs. Even if the original link to it might have been forever gone it’s always better to say that you found it from Google linking that link and say that you take no credits for it than leave it blank and just post it cause you think it looks pretty or your muse can relate to it! If you find the link to the original and it says “don’t use/don’t use without permission” RESPECT IT! I’ve seen many posts with things that’s originals said not to steal them and repost as your own and it’s extremely sad! 😢 Also what comes to edits ( mostly gifs ) Do not use them! There are lovely rph blogs who make separate icons and gifs upon request so rather than go stealing people’s gifsets make your own, request someone to make them for you or just rp without icons! It’s more than okay these days and I bet everyone is okay with it. 😊

my aesthetic list
  • rain
  • jazz music
  • blush pink
  • skulls
  • arrows
  • jason grace
  • brown and grey
  • off-white
  • jagged
  • shy kisses
  • interlacing fingers
  • black glitter
  • blood dripping
  • button pins
  • Hoobastank
  • your mom jokes
  • pomegranates
  • calling people ‘beyotch’
  • pastel ribbons
  • heavy metal music
  • salt
  • freckles
  • sea foam
  • yellow rubber boots
  • flannel
  • shaving your legs
  • chewing ice
  • grass stained jeans
  • newly made beds
  • radio static
  • repeating things that have already been said
  • holding hands with someone’s hands that are way too big for yours
  • loud guitar music
  • making unrealistic long term plans
  • “lets go scale a mountain”
  • being energized one moment and tired the next
  • bipolar disorder
  • the adrenaline of horror movie jumpscares

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Damn you made me laugh so much :P Your reaction of Jiwon possibly in the new drama is totally mine XD No seriously I missed her so much when I saw the news I thought my heart was gonna explode. And me too I have a long blacklist of male leads I can't stand. It would be a torture to see them near Holy Queen Jiwon. But YES Park Seo Joon is okay (even if his drama choices are questionable). He can act and he's good looking too :)) but damn please the drama better be good if she's the lead !

Yeah he’s probably not chosen the best projects (at least lately). He never seems to take a break between dramas, that’s probably been to his detriment. 

And yeah, the synopsis for 3rd Rate My Way is so.. basic. But at least his character is not a chaebol, it might be okay. I’m still good if she passes on this. Or if she takes it. Either way.