might have been gay

  • Kieran: You punched me because I'm gay?
  • Julian: What? No, I… Oh, come on.
  • Diego: That's not cool, man.
  • Livvy: That is really insensitive.
  • Julian: I didn't punch him because he's gay, I punched him… and then he happened to turn out to be gay afterwards.
  • Kieran: I was gay when you punched me!
  • Diego: In a weird way it might have been homophobic NOT to punch you because you were gay.

I have made the random and ridiculous decision to spontaneously begin binge-watching Switched at Birth and it’s your local lesbian popping in to say that I want the cliche switched-at-birth story but where the two girls who got switched in the hospital fall in love in the process of getting to know each other, thus solidifying the ‘big happy family’ into one unit.

Just reminding you of this. Because it must be remembered


“ From Lapis Lazuli “

But it’s Christmas! It’s the perfect time to be gay! Oh wait, or was it suppose to be Valentines…

I might have been more creative this week, but maybe not.

Dec 22, 2015 Lapidot Tuesday prompt: Presents

Peridot gave her a card that contains an indirect confession; and Lapis gave her a kiss.

Awwww…. How cheesy


D: Man, Obama’s gonna be mad because he forgot to take away all our guns and institute Shariah law. He left it ‘til the last minute and he ran out of time.

C: Oh, wow, I hate when that happens. You have something you really want to do and then it slips your mind.

D: And he forgot to turn us all gay.

C: Wait, he didn’t do that?

D: No.

C: Was that just me?

D: It might be just you. You think it was Obama that turned you gay?

C: It might have been him.

D: You’re gay for Obama?

C: I’m gay for Obama.


I’m so glad it’s canon that katsuki yuuri is genderqueer

Has there ever been a gay Socrates?
Has there ever been a gay Shakespeare?
Has there ever been a gay Proust?
Does the pope wear a dress? … A short answer, though a very incomplete one, might be that not only have there been a gay Socrates, Shakespeare, and Proust but that their names are Socrates, Shakespeare, Proust.
—  Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Epistemology of the Closet

Kakashi is a really chill guy, so he’s someone that won’t let you know that he likes you until he wants to. He’d probably be a really good friend of yours at first, and he’d really love spending time with you. The first person to even mention the idea that he liked you would be Gai, who would probably say that he needs to keep his head in the game so he can think clearly and be a good rival. If anyone would take note of this, they’d probably think that he’s just jumping to conclusions. The only way to really know for sure is when Kakashi starts to get a bit more hands on, though only after knowing you wouldn’t turn him down. He’d be sly about touching you; he’d leave his hand on the small of your back for a bit too long, exchange longing glances with you, and even go as far as touching your butt when he walked by. If things were to ever get a bit further, he’d even lean over in his seat to show you a page of Icha Icha to tell you that the part in particular is something he’d like to do with you.

Might Guy is the total opposite of Kakashi; you’d pretty much know that he has a crush on you from the start. He’s a bit like Rock Lee with the fact that he would want to impress you– nothing is too good for his sweet crush to have. He’d be a bit overzealous at times, but he really does mean well. Sometimes he’d shout that he needs to keep his mind clear of thoughts of you so he could face his rival with a clear mind, but it never really stops him from returning to wherever you’re at, be it your doorstep or training grounds, to give you flowers, or something else that you would like. Honestly he acts like a school boy with a crush, and he always exclaims that he’ll eventually Wow you with his youthful antics. 

bishakespeares replied to your post “haha, like obvs the only part of the superbowl im interested in is…”

D: D: i’m sorry

It’s fine. I mean it’s not fine, obviously, but I’m used to it? Like I’ve known the score here since I was 18, and that’s a good long time to get used to emotionally distancing yourself from something, right? (Right?) I’m really interested to see what she does when I Officially Come Out this year (I mean I’m 27 and independently financially stable and now live two states away from my parents, it is finally Time).

The only certainty is that there will be lots of crying. 

A LOOK!!!!! AN ICON!!!!!!!!

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You'd think that people behind working with Star Wars could at least respect a ship even if it might not be totally cannon #realmatureJJ🙄

Those who say that Luke/Mara is bullshit are mostly (MOSTLY) the ones who say that Luke is gay and in love with Han or whoever. EXCUSE ME. I’m not homophobic, but EU clearly states, that he was NOT gay and had a wife. That’s what bugs them so much. They almost shit themeselves when Jar-Jar Abrams kicked Mara out of canon. 

And they are going on that one time when Mark who (I love him to bits, but) doesn’t know shit about Star Wars Universe he wasn’t a part of (he said that himself) told one of them that Luke might have been gay. And that for them is a valid reason to hate Luke/Mara because it disagrees with their ships. But try telling them that you disagree with it, and think Luke had a wife. They will eat you alive and declare you homophobic, transphobic, whatever else phobic. Why can’t people just fvckich co-exist? 

Bloody Jar-Jar Abrams!

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2016 still has three months to go and it is an absolute wreck. kyle broflovski might have been gay for eric cartman, there are clowns running amok in the streets, homestuck ended, five nights at freddy’s got another fucking game, creek is canon, donald trump, a literal billionaire who has never had anything to do with politics is running for president alongside a woman who got a rapist out of jail and knew he was guilty and then laughed it off when asked like it was a joke, and after seven years of being strung along we get told dave strider and john egbert are not, in fact, gay for each other. the mayan calendar ended in 2012 but this is the literal end of the world

i was at a coffee shop just now, enjoying a sandwich and what not. the barista was a pretty cute guy [and probably gay?] and he might have been flirty [he might have just been charming] ANYWAY, i had to make some phone calls, so i ended up writing down one of the numbers i needed to call on a scrap of paper. no big deal. EXCEPT, i totally left that paper on my plate when i was done and it wasn’t until i was walking home that i realized how this might have been interpreted.
anyway, to the cute barista guy, i’m sorry i left you the phone number to a jewellery manufacturer in new york.