might have been done before idk

i’ve been thinking about the whole “I’ll see you in 25 years” and how that version of laura who said it knew Cooper would go back in time and try to save her and that’s why she said it, almost like he has done it before and time is in a loop and it happens every 25 years. In the black lodge laura is screaming because no matter how much Cooper tried to save her its always going to happen and not only does it still happen but it keeps on happening.

Idk if this has been done before but I want to do it ^^

Harry: From now on we’ll use code names I’ll be egeal 1

Harry: Mal will be been there done that ain’t happening ever again

Mal: *sarcastically* gee thanks

Harry: Uma will be currently doing my wife


Harry: Jay will be it happened once in a dream

Jay: Okay …

Harry: Ben will be if I have to pick any Auradon brat it might as well be the king

Ben: just because I’m the king ??? Can’t it be for another reason ???

Harry: No

Harry: and Gil will be … egeal 2

Gil: oh thank God

So it might be a little while until my next comic cause I have to get that whole thing figured out. I do have a short comic that’s been sitting in my drafts for a couple weeks now so I can post that if you guys really really want

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You know what I was thinking? What if, in one of the net charity livestreams, they did a giveaway for merch instead of donating themselves? Like, you know how sometimes Mark donates to meet certain goals or to match what has been donated already, but if he turned that into merch giveaways with the money still going to the charity, people like me who can't buy merch/donate could feel a bit more included :') It was just and idea, idk if they have done it before, but it would be really nice :]

Yo! That’s actually a really good idea. If Mark somehow found out about it, he might consider it omg

That’d be really awesome :)

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For the Space Australian thing and it might have been done already, idk. BUT. BRACES. The aliens find out that not only do we have two sets of teeth, but we put metal in the mouths of those we deem most in need of the torture devices. Some have them for years, they might even have to get them more than once. On that note - palatal expanders. I was lucky, I got to skip that step, but imagine an alien finding out we have to make the mouth bigger BEFORE the metal torture devices are needed.

I’m going to be honest, I’m unsettled by that description of braces. Then again, I’ve never had braces, so that might be why. 

Honestly though? I’m not sure whether braces would be more or less unsettling to aliens after their function had been explained. I suppose it would depend on the alien, and how you described the experience.

(Side question though - are palatal expanders part of the ‘headgear’ (I’ve only ever heard it called “Dental Headgear”, so I’m not sure what it is) or are they some sort of thing that’s fitted onto the hard palate on the top of the mouth? Or both? I do not know enough about dental stuff to make much of a comment on this prompt, sorry!)

Chapter 12: Something Wrong

Fic Summary: “Everyone had a link with their soulmates, some could hear some of their partners thoughts, some had a tattoo that would appear with their partners name; for me, I knew when they got sick.” For a while Phil has thought that his soulmate might have an eating disorder and doesn’t expect to meet him in the restaurant where he works.

Genre: a lot of fluff, recovery, really fucking domestic, waiter!Phil

Warnings: eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, hospitals, panic attacks, references to past abuse, mentions of suicide, a lot of awkwardness, smut in this chapter. This is potentially triggering so for your own sake, please think twice about reading if anything this might affect you.

Disclaimer: I don’t have personal experience with eating disorders, but have done some research. If I have anything about them wrong, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll sort it out.

Word Count (for this part): 4.2k

[Uploads will be approximately every couple of weeks! (hopefully)]

A/N: Phanfic awards are open for nominations at the moment, so if you think any of my fics are good enough, feel free to nominate it. I’ve never been involved in them before so idk exactly how it works.


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Filming a video had once been a process that I’d gotten down to a fine art, but today seemed to be an exception to that. Even my breakfast had turned out a disaster. I’d poured the end of the milk into my cereal, just tidying up that extra little bit. When I came to make myself a coffee, I realised that I had in fact finished all of the milk. I had to make my trip to Tesco without a coffee in me.

As Dan was helping me with the video, I dragged him along to Tesco with me. We bought quite a lot of food, seeing as we’d been away for a couple of days. The trolley got filled with pizza ingredients, some milk, a little fruit, some yoghurts and a ton of other things. Dan seemed to be a bit self conscious about all of the food in our trolley, so I decided to keep away from the chocolate aisle for today. I could pop back in on my own in the next day or two to grab myself some snacks.

On the way home I decided to get my coffee the easy way and nip into starbucks. It was too early for any of their fancy sugary wintery specials, but a nice creamy latte seemed perfect. I was still drinking my coffee when we arrived back in our flat, but had finished it by the time we had all the shopping away; well apart from the pizza ingredients - we were going to use those.

I set up the camera on the piece of tape I had on the floor to mark the perfect filming position. I double-checked that we had all of the ingredients ready, and it was almost time to turn the camera on.

“You sure about this?” I asked Dan, sidling up next to him, “You really want to share all of this with a few thousand people?”

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Who’s up for hcs of matsuhanaiwaoi as babies?


  • Out of all of the four, he was the one that cried the most
  • There is at least one album filled with hundreds of pictures of him wearing cute outfits
  • Hajime is with him wearing matching outfits in like more than half of them
  • Every time he went to the beach he’d start crying because he absolutely hated the sand and sea water
  • He always played with his older sister and would cry his eyes out if she left to go to school or go out with her friends


  • He was seen either pouting, smiling, laughing or crying his little heart out
  • Hajime was tied for the biggest crybaby with Tooru for a while
  • His mom took so many pictures of him and Tooru playing, eating and taking naps together
  • He cried a lot when he was a baby, and he finally stopped when he turned 4. He stopped outright crying as he got older but he’d still shed a few tears. He actually cried for the first time in years when Seijou lost to Karasuno
  • He caught his first bug when he was two. It was a butterfly, which was cute until he started catching gross bugs like beetles, cockroaches and spiders. Showing them to his parents wouldn’t end well, but they don’t tell him to stop
  • When he first showed one of the gross bugs to Tooru he started crying. It scared the bug away and Hajime started bawling because his cute pet bug was gone forever


  • Chubby cheeks, chubby cheeks everywhere
  • His mom has at least five framed pictures of him sleeping on his face, cheeks squished and drooling
  • He looks like an angel when he sleeps, but he’s loud and probably screams when he’s awake
  • He was a happy kid but he cried sometimes, and he had so much energy that his parents found it a challenge to put him down for a nap
  • He was constantly falling down and getting injured, poor boy
  • Every time a relative came by to visit they’d coo over his cute cheeks


  • Cute chubby baby. He cried the least of them all
  • This boy ate with his face
  • He was the least fussy out of all of them. He didn’t care what he’d eat, as long as it was edible
  • He even started chewing on his toys when he was either hungry or teething, his parents had to get him a new stuffed bear when he ate some of the stuffing from the last one
  • Most of his pictures are of him eating, and he looks like a cute little hamster with his cheeks stuffed full of food
  • Too bad his stomach was too tiny to take in a lot of food, he’d throw it all up and cry afterwards. That’s like the only thing he cries about
  • When he goes out to a park or the beach he is found eating the grass or sand
  • He didn’t make too many noise as a baby and he didn’t say his first word until he turned 3

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Don't u think the alex/kara relationship is kinda unbalanced and unhealthy?

I think you can say that about a lot of fictional (and real) relationships. Specifically in terms of balance, because it’s pretty impossible to reach a perfect balance.

Alex has dedicated a large part of her life to Kara, but if she hadn’t it’s possible Kara would not have made it. She might have been discovered before the world was ready and wound up taken away from her family, experimented on, etc. We don’t know.

And Kara cares deeply about Alex in turn, and is grateful to her sister for all she’s done. Even if sometimes she is absorbed in her own issues, that’s more because she’s the protagonist and Alex is a supporting character. But idk, we saw her be supportive of Alex coming out and wanting her sister to be happy with Maggie.

So I’m not gonna reject a complex depiction of a female dynamic because it’s not perfectly balanced or healthy. As long as both characters actively care about each other and are not TRYING to hurt or tear each other down, you know?

god like. this thursday. we won’t hear from tres horny boys again. this has been a tradition for me for a year now and. taakos sweet horrible tones. magnus…….. and his self centered impulsiveness…… merle and his……. vine fucking……….,.. rip i’ll miss u

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i feel like this might have been done before, but have you ever thought of drawing death note characters as crystal gems? it would be super cool, especially to see the different fusions (if mello and near fused it would be frickin legendary)

(nears gem is on his right cheek, it shows when he twirls his hair)

and L would totally be a fusion of mello and near

the kira squad would p much b homeworld gems??? idk

i know it’s been ages since the last poster, sorry about that (i’ve had a lot of homework to get done) but here’s Rebooted’s poster! the next poster’s gonna be amazing, there’s something special planned for that one, but it might take a while before it’s ready! 

(more posters!)

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"Do you think that taylor has already filmed her next music video? Didn't we learn that blank space and shake if off were both filmed before 1989 was announced/shake it off premiered or am I remembering that wrong?" for your other anon, I think it might have been Style instead of Blank Space? I remember hearing about the Blank Space mansion after 1989 came out (like they saw Taylor there filming or something) and we have candids of Tay wearing some of the Style outfits from summer 2014

BS was filmed in like Sept. idk when style was done but yes i think Style and Sio were the first two done 

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Okay so, i broke up with my gf 5 months ago or something, and we didnt talk for a while but now we talk again, and we broke up before but got back together and i think she thinks that we are gonna get back together again like last time, but idk if i want that? I didnt have a lot of freedom + she got jealous really fast + i think i might like someone else (a straight girl lol rip me also a friend of my best friend help) but yeah, might still be in love with her idk, have any tips? + youre cute

hmmmm been there done that with breaking up and getting back together more than once. idk anon i mean i think you shouldn’t jump into anything if your not sure bc that’s not fair to her. you don’t want to lead her on if your not really into it. if you have doubts and you’ve broken up before i would probably say move on:/ + thank you

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Ikusaba’s eyes narrowed at the man before her as she steeled her nerves and shut everything else out. They way she looked at him was that of a predator ready to strike at any moment. She didn’t have any personal gripes with him but she wasn’t sure exactly how much All Might knew about where she’d been or what she’d done before coming back to Japan. 

Even if she was just visiting UA to check the place out she didn’t expect to run into him so soon. “All… Might…” Her words were emotionless, showing no nervousness nor admiration for the man as she stared him down. Ikusaba was really wishing that she had any kind of weapon on her right now to defend herself if it came to that. “I heard you were teaching here now…”