might have actually fallen for you a little there


Dean had been trying to explain to his brother what this case might have been, for once actually doing his job. He showed him the paper from that morning but Sam seemed to be distracted. Too distracted and that’s why Dean turned and looked. And that’s when he saw you.

A smile broke out across Dean’s face.

“She’s a pretty little thing isn’t she?” Dean said breaking the silence that had fallen over the two brothers due to Sam’s lack of concentration.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Go over there and get her number, dude,” Dean urged still glancing over at your smiling form.

Sam dropped the paper ever so slightly and looked up at his brother, nerves started to run through his body. “What? No…I can’t. I don’t…” he stumbled over his words trying to form a complete sentence, reminding Dean very much of when he was younger and he would try to talk to girls.

“Okay then, how ‘bout you go ask her about our victim? She looks like she knows a thing or two,” Dean suggested.

Sam dropped the paper and ran his sweaty palms on his jeans trying to dry them off.

“Yeah…okay,” he agreed.

The smile on Dean’s face only grew bigger. “Great! If you’re not back by ten tomorrow, I’ll call the cops.”

But Sam was already half way across the room.

“Yeah, go get ‘em tiger,” Dean said as he picked up his beer and watched as his brother tried to pick you up.