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Any idea how many gay jokes there are?

I just want to point out something. A joke is only funny when it isn’t used ad nauseam.

So, basically, when can we say this isn’t a joke but that there’s serious intent? How many times before we can rightfully say: this isn’t a joke, this is a pattern. This isn’t a bonus, this is the heart of the text?

10? 15? 20? One per episode? Twice per episode?

(Brace yourself)

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drunk history :: new orleans [ sentence meme ]

“He was just really badass. Stabbing in weird, fun new ways.”
“We live in the color portion of The Wizard of Oz, and everybody else is in the black-and-white section. It’s all Technicolor here.”
“Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Oh, no. Hello.”
“He was very smooth and suave.”
“I’m putting a $500 bounty on ______’s head. Not his head. I don’t want you to bring me his head. I want you to bring him in alive. But seriously… I’ll give you $500 if you capture him and bring him in, okay?”
“Okay, you got me.”
“Maybe you could free me and pardon me of all my crimes?”
“Nobody can defend you better than we can.”
“I’ve been shot. I have dysentery, which is the worst category of diarrhea that you can imagine. No big deal.”
“Don’t let my pooping disease make you think that I’m not gonna defeat them, ‘cause I fucking am.”
“I’m telling you, I got the goods. I got the ammunition, I got the weapons, I got the men. You need me, and you’re not admitting it to yourself.”
“I’m fucking fucked up.”
“You’re my guy. Let’s party.”
“Whew. We really did a number on these guys. We really… these guys… you know, we really killed a lot of them.”
“Excuse me, what is this penis-looking thing?”
“Oh, my banana dropped!”
“… Wait a minute. I could just do this all myself.”
“If we’re gonna do this, I need my dudes.”
“These guys are bad MFs. And I’m talking about motherfuckers, if you didn’t know what MFs meant.”
“Thanks, dead people?”
“I figured we’d make something that was a New Orleans tradition, so we’re gonna do the Sazerac. This is absinthe. You might hallucinate a little bit tonight.”
“Come into our family. We’re gonna feed you and treat you like one of our own.”
“Go get you a prostitute. Get you some whiskey.”
“Hey, let’s be honest. We’ve been through a lot.”
“If you heard the crowd getting into the music, give them a little bit more, right?”
“Sure. I’m drunk as fuck. I’ll do whatever you want. I’m so drunk.”
“What you want now?”
“What was I talking about?”

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There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world tonight. When I feel scared, I try to take a step back, close my eyes, and feel my place in the universe instead.

The problems and challenges we face are indeed intimidating and significant, especially when some people fear for their very lives. But there is a future worth heading toward. The universe is so immensely vast. It will endure. And so will we.

“I believe in humanity.”

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I don't know if it's because of their natural chemistry or because this blog has me totally biased when it comes to SuperCorp (I'm guessing both), but I was like 65% sure that Lena was going to try & kiss Kara when they were talking on the couch at the end of tonight's episode.

I second this!! I’m gonna throw out there that it also might be the magical powers of the couch or everyone including the cast recognizing that supercorp is gonna be endgame. I mean the way lena and kara interact is just explosively gay. I can’t help it, my lil gay heart goes gay-gay gay-gay whenever I see them interact. 


Pairing: Victoria x Reader

Genre: fluff

REQUEST:  f(x) Victoria fluff She sees you in the front row at an f(x) concert wearing all the merch and cheering your heart out; the others might notice and tease her. When you see her later backstage or at home, your voice is almost gone but you’re too happy and proud of her to care

A/n: I´ll propably take a break for a while, just to regain som energy and then you can expect me to open requests again! This blog will also go through a bit of a reconstruction, as I will have to edit a few things, including masterlist. Anyways, enjoy! xoxo - G

*gif not mine unless stated*

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“We´re going to have such a blast tonight!” Jackie, Amber´s sister screamed excitedly while she put on her shoes in the hallway of your apartment. Since Amber gave Jackie two spare tickets to f(x)´s concert, she decided to have you, her roommate and Victoria´s girlfriend, tag along. For the whole day the two of you couldn´t shut up about it, constantly letting out squeals and inchoherent noises. 

“I honestly can´t wait anymore, hurry!” You rushed Jackie out of the door, immediatly making a bee-line for the staircase. You were way too impatient to wait for the elevator to come. 

You got into passenger´s seat in Jackie´s car, waiting for her to sit behind the wheel and start the engine. During the entire car ride you listened to f(x)´s songs, getting yourself in the proper mood. It felt surreal that in just a few minutes you would hear those exact songs live and see them in their full glory. There was nothing more you wanted than to finally see Victoria do what she loves with your own eyes, and now you had the chance to do so from the very first row. Although you were a bit worried about getting suffocated in the crowd of ecstatic fangirls, it was nothing compared to the happiness you held inside you. 

“That must be Amber, she said she would text me if she´ll be able to get us backstage.” Jackie said when she heard notification on her phone go off, not taking her eyes off the road. You reached inside the small pocket in her backpack, pulling her phone out and reading the text she received. 

“What did she say?”

“She said that after the concert her manager will be waiting for us by the entrance.” She nodded and pulled into the parking lot of the arena they were performing in, cursing at the sight of thousands of cars. You were circling around the lot, carefully scanning every square inch to see if there was at least one free space. Nothing. 

“You know what, I´ll just park by the back entrance and tell Amber to let everyone know.” She did as she told, getting out of the car with you. With a wide grin on her face she said,

“It´s happening. I´m so stoked!” 

Everything was much better than you thought it would be. From the moment the girls came on stage, you couldn´t stop smiling. Your cheeks were beginning to hurt but you couldn´t care less, really. Your eyes were focused on Victoria and her every move. She had you in awe, completely mesmerized by everything she´s done. So far she hadn´t noticed you, all thanks to the hands of the other fans that were reaching out to touch them. With Jackie´s help, you screamed a little louder each time her part came on, finally getting her to look the right way.

For a few seconds her eyes scanned the crowd, looking for you. She swore she heard your voice, but she couldn´t see you. Amber noticed and walked over to her, whispering in her ear and pointing at you and Jackie. Victoria´s eyes followed Amber´s finger, eventually landing on you. She blew a kiss in your direction, a spontaneous action that made everyone go crazy, thinking the kiss belonged to them. Then she once again started paying attention, getting ready to perform the next song. 

The rest of the concert went phenomenal, with you and Jackie cheering your hearts out (and voices of course), absolutely delighted with everything. As they bid their goodbyes, the two of you didn´t wait around and made your way to the front of the arena when Amber hinted at you. Sure enough, Amber´s manager was already standing there, smiling brightly when he noticed you. He told you to follow him and led you to the very back of the bulding, only stopping in front of the dressing room. He let you in and disappeared, leaving you to greet the girls in peace.

“You were incredible!” Was the first thing you said, your voice cracking a little from all the screaming. Soojung laughed a little, making a comment about your almost gone voice. 

“Seems like you enjoyed the performance more than I expected.” Giving you a quick hug, she moved past you to get her make up removed. All of you talked for a bit before you realized the person you wanted to see the most wasn´t there. You looked around the dressing room, your brows furrowed. Sunyoung noticed and understood your confusion, telling you about Victoria´s whereabouts.

“She went to take a shower, she should be here soon.” As if on cue she walked in, her eyes lighting up the second they landed on you. She ran towards you, not caring about the water dripping from her hair. Other cooed as you hugged, reunited after a long time. You pulled away from her, the words of praise spilling out of your mouth almost immediatly. Though your throat was scratching and parts of the words weren´t heard because your voice was slowly disappearing. Even Victoria tried to stop you from talking, not wanting you to hurt your vocal chords any longer but you didn´t listen. There was too much pride in you yet to be expressed, that you couldn´t care less about losing your voice for a few weeks. Way too much. 

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This is Arthur/Adam, not sure what you all know me as. I’m Jean’s husband. I figured I should go ahead and write this now while I’m still emotionally numb and in shock I suppose.

Jean died earlier tonight from suicide. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this account. I doubt I’ll use it. You can unfollow it. I might still run his positivity blog. I know he had shit scheduled to post and it’d be something good to keep up in memory of him.

Anyways, yeah. If you have any questions I guess just message me or send asks or whatever. I don’t care. I might not answer. I’m not answering anything really personal or sending pictures of him because that’s his personal information and my personal information and it’s weird. That’s all. Good night.


Went to the gym this morning and took Ry to the daycare. I have 2 hours a day where he can stay but I’m usually done after an hour and a half, so I like to get him when I’m done. When I walked in, he was playing with two little girls and pulling toys off the shelf as if he was showing them his cool toys 😂 when I called out his name, he saw me then got the biggest on his face as he ran to me saying “Mama mama!”. I picked him up, was saying my Thank Yous to the employee who handed him to me, then he started waving and said “Bye-bye friends!” over and over again. My heart melted. He was so happy to see me but I can tell he had such a fun time. The woman even told me he was getting groovy to the chicken dance or some fun dancing song and I just 😭😍 I was gushing over his sweet farewells to the little kids who weren’t paying attention and not waving bye back (what can you do lmao).
I think the morning time is best for Rylan to be the happiest in the daycare. He is freshly woken up, he has the most energy, and he seems more excited to go play in the mornings than the evenings. So while we’ll go maybe two times a week in the evenings with my husband, I think we will mostly stick to mornings.
It has been a fun little experience transitioning to some gym time. We got home today, I did some schoolwork and cleaned, then Ry and I took a nap on the couch. It was nice. If we keep the morning workouts going, daily naps might be a thing for us.
Now I’m refreshed for some drinks tonight, sit out back by the fire, and enjoy the end of this absolutely gorgeous day with my family.
Staring at my sweet little boy, I’m always in such awe of the perfection he is and that he brought to our lives. The sun has shined for three days in a row now; hopefully it shines on Sunday for the tulips 🌷

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r u gunna do a review of the newest vids?? bc i always look forward to reading them n i just want u to know i check ur blog every day lmao n ur my fave 💚

my life is kind of a mess right now lmao!!! i’m like in the middle of moving out of my flat and then going on a 10 day trip abroad so i think my ability to post is going to be vvvvv sporadic from today till june 1!!!! i loved this vid tho, it was cute af!!!! might get a moment to do some quick thoughts later tonight. thanks for checking in and saying such sweet things i am rly overwhelmed that u look forward to my thoughts so much,,, my Mind Does Not Compute hahaha <3 ily have a great day babe

Too Subtle (Part 2)

+ I did it! my first smut! phew, this is like. no. joke. bro.

anyways, hope you guys enjoy. I’d love some feedback!!! thanks

:: Prompt: Hi there, I’m new to your blog but I’m enjoying it. Can I request numbers 62 and 94 with Spencer please? 😉 Thank you. Xx

62: It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.

94: I bet I can make you scream my name.

Requested by: @tippy06 ::

WARNING: smut smut smut +

Part 1

“We might have to pull an all-nighter. Can we discuss it in your room tonight?,“ Morgan asked, absent-mindedly going through the files in front of him. Spencer’s breath hitched. He didn’t antecipate that. 

A genius, a strategist, an IQ of 187 and three PhDs, and yet he did not see that coming.

Of course Morgan would want to discuss the case, he always did. The young doctor scolded himself, trying to think of a way to get out of the situation he was in, mentally arguing with himself. Why did he say he didn’t need a room? Of course he needed one. And he couldn’t possibly tell Morgan he was sharing a room with… her

‘Ah,’ he thought, as though suddenly remembering why he ignored the receptionist’s offer of a new room. 

At that moment, across from the precinct, he could see (Y/N) writing down notes on the board, having a discussion with Emily about the case. Spencer looked at her hair and remembered how they felt against his skin. Her fingers, now holding the marker lightly, reminded him of where they had been the night before. As she licked her lips, nodding in agreement to something Prentiss said, Spencer almost lost it. It reminded him of that sound, that damn sound she made when he teased her. 

(Y/N) breathing had become shallow in mere seconds. 

Always someone to overthink things, she was surprised to find herself thinking about absolutely nothing.

His stupid lips on her stupid neck, the way that idiot whispered on her damn ear, his stupid teasing. She couldn’t believe it. 

Fuck Spencer for making her feel that way. 

Fuck… Spencer.

Oh, fuck. 

He stopped kissing her neck and moved to look at her straight into her eyes. 

“Spencer…,” she said, breathlessly.   


“I’m so glad they lost your reservation.” (Y/N) smirked, kissing him passionately. Spencer chuckled into the kiss, trying to keep his emotions at bay. He failed miserably.   

“Me too." 

When the doctor looked at her, he saw something he could only describe as fire. Actual fire, pure lust radiating from the woman in front of him. A woman about whom he spent a large amount of his time thinking. In various situations, even.   

He thought about taking her to their first date, opening the door to the restaurant to her, receiving from his date a smile, her cheeks flushed. He also thought about how awkward the date might go and how they would take their time trying to find their pace. He thought about walking her home, a chilly air forcing them to stand very closely to each other. If Spencer was feeling somewhat confident, he’d picture them holding hands coming back from said first date. Then he’d drop her off, she would linger in front of the door and they would finally, finally kiss. A chaste peck on the lips, maybe. And maybe a second kiss, with a little more passion, but not too much. It was only their first date, he would think. He thought about returning home from the date with a thundering happiness. Then maybe they would go on second, third dates. From then on, they would be a couple. The thought of that turned the genius in his thirties into an adolescent. 

He was never one to want, Spencer. He had his job and he had his family, which included his mom and the BAU. But upon meeting (Y/N), he realized that there was this emptiness inside him he had never had before. And what a exquisite thing it is to have this terrible need for someone right after you meet them, even if you feel like you have been empty all your life. Empty and waiting. As if the desire would appear suddenly after the discovery of this new thing. 

He thought about many things. But he never thought he’d find himself in bed with her before he ever kissed her. How they would actually be in bed together during their first, and second, and third kiss. How they would stay like that, moving so rapidly and yet, everything so motionless. Like the world stopped spinning just so they would have that moment both awaited for for so long.   

Spencer thought about how the Earth standing still just for him and (Y/N) was an impossibility that felt so real. And he wouldn’t waste a second.   

His lips touched her lips one more time, and it was like they were doing that for ages now.   

Spencer’s hands travelled through her body, finding the perfect spot: right under her boob. Just resting there, as if to tease. To say: ‘I’m so close and yet.‘  

At least that was how (Y/N) felt. She begrudgingly let his hair go and placed her hand on his, bringing the doctor’s fingers exactly above her nipple. Spencer’s breath hitched and he managed to disguise it as a chuckle. She was dressed in her Harvard shirt but no bra. He could feel her hard nipples through the fabric and found himself having trouble concentrating on her lips, so his own lips travelled.   

They found their new beloved spot on her neck, and still he couldn’t concentrate. She was moaning while he played with her nipples and all the time Spencer kept thinking how his lips and tongue would be so much better at that.  

The doctor placed his hands on the hem of her shirt, taking it off for her. And there she was, the woman of his dreams, her naked torso the loveliest and sexiest thing he had ever seen. Her skin so inviting, her perky nipples so desperate for touch. He kissed her one more time, trying to convey as much love and lust as he could while their tongues fought each other. His lips travelled down until he found her nipple.   

"Oh god, Spencer,” she moaned, her back arched to give him permission. More than that, she was explicitly demanding that he take some action. Spencer flicked his tongue, sending a shriver down the spine of the both of them, her nipples hard at the touch. 

“(Y/N)…,” he moaned her name, while sucking and licking her breasts, taking time with her nipples. He was propping himself up with one arm, but decided there was a much better use for his hand, so that hand went straight to the hem of her panties, caressing that area with just one finger tugging it lightly from the inside. 

The genius heard another lovely sound coming from her, like squeal, but muffled. Like she was trying to contain her reactions. Spencer laughed again.  

“You know, (Y/N)…,” he said, still kissing her body. All he heard from her was a reluctant mumble. He smiled to himself. “I have been thinking about this moment for so long now.” She moaned again. “It would be a shame if you censored yourself." 

“I’m trying… not to… Oh, god. Not to be… loud,” she said, in between moans. 

In one swift movement, Spencer’s finger stopped playing around with her panties and the skin right below her belly button and touched ever so slightly on her clit. (Y/N) breath hitched. He chuckled. 


While he kissed her stomach, his tongue trailing circles around her belly button, he slowly removed her already very wet underwear. His lips trailed down her body, but instead of going to where (Y/N) really, really wanted them to, they went to the inside of her thighs, kissing it lightly. 

(Y/N) struggled to speak. “You know, I never imagined you’d tease me so much,” she sighed.   

He said nothing, just stopped kissing her thighs, waiting for her to look at him. When she did, Spencer licked the entirety of her, his tongue flat on her hot, wet pussy. And then she was loud, with her mouth and her body. (Y/N) moaned and lost her breath quite audibly while her entire body shook at the touch. 

“What did you imagine I’d do?,” he asked, looking at the sight in front of him. He’d never seen anything quite so beautiful. The woman, if he was being honest with himself, he loved shivering at his touch, begging with her whole body for him. Spencer gave her almost no time to answer before he started kissing and sucking her clit, while his hand joined his lips, with one finger entering her tight, swollen opening. 

(Y/N)’s hands held the sheets tightly. "Exactly… what you’re… doing… now”, she moaned, in between breaths. 

Spencer was thankful he was wearing loose pyjama bottoms. Had he been wearing his work attire, the tightness on his pants would make it impossible for him to breathe.   

When one of her hands began touching her own breasts, Spencer, without ever stopping what he was doing with his mouth, removed her hand slowly and resumed the work himself, touching and caressing her nipples with his thumb and squeezing her boobs lightly. It had become too much for (Y/N) to handle. After a minute, she was panting hard and screaming his name. 

When (Y/N) released herself on him, she realized she had been thinking about nothing that entire time. Not the case, not the overwhelming pressure of working at the BAU, not leaving or staying in D.C. Nothing.

Her body had been having a hard time as it was believing that Spencer, Dr. Spencer Reid, the shy, timid and cute genius, was going down on her hard, and that the sweet, unassuming bookworm was giving her the best orgasm of her life. Especially when ten minutes before they’d never even kissed. 

She felt him kiss his way up to her, leaving on her body traces of her own release, like breadcrumbs that would lead the way home. When Spencer reached her face, they locked eyes and she could’ve sworn there were no need for words, which seemed useless at that point. And yet. 

“I’m in love with you,” Spencer breathed. (Y/N) felt like an adolescent, butterflies swarming in her stomach. She pulled him towards her, kissing him and tasting herself on his lips and tongue. Her hands went from his hair to his stomach, and (Y/N) could feel Spencer squirming. Her hands travelled lower until she could feel him. His hard, throbbing member, already completely aroused. 

“I’m quite in love with you as well, Spencer,” she said, after they’ve broken up the kiss. 

It was difficult for Spencer to point out what it was he was feeling at that moment until he realized it was nothing. Rather, there was absolutely nothing wrong with his life. Sure, his mother was ill, he didn’t know whether he’d go down the same road himself or not, he had a high pressure job. But that’s not how it felt. At her touch, he felt as though nothing was wrong in his life and nothing could ever be as terrible if he had her by her side. 

And below him. And on top of her, which she was in a matter of seconds. 

“Now, Spencer… Are you gonna let me take care of you?,” (Y/N) purred, kissing his neck and his chest and his stomach, stopping at the hem of his pants, his bulge practically jumping out of the genius’ garments. She removed his pants and, when it was time to remove his boxers, she just looked at him. When Spencer nodded, wordlessly, she took them off as well and licked the tip of dick subtly, making him twitch. 

“Oh, god, (Y/N),” he begged, anticipating she’d tease him as much as he teased her. When he looked at her, she licked her palms and began working him slowly. Spencer thought he might die seeing the smirk and devilish look on (Y/N)’s face. 

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m not a tease,” she said, kissing the tip of his shaft. “I’m a total pleaser.“ 

Then (Y/N) open her mouth and took him all in, her lips reaching as far as they could down Spencer’s member. 

He wouldn’t last long, not like that. Not feeling her warm, wet mouth working their way up and down the most sensitive part of him. Not feeling the vibrations on his dick when she moaned. It wasn’t long until Spencer released himself on her, the frustration of months working alongside her and dreaming about her finally letting itself go. 

When she took a final lick of his member and laid down beside him, both panting and extremely happy and satisfied, they looked at each other and giggled. Like teenagers. 

“So…,” (Y/N) began, resting her head on his chest and making lazy patterns on his torso with her fingers for a minute. Spencer interlocked his hands with her and kissed her forehead. “How long until you can go again?" 

The doctor laughed out loud, and (Y/N) was quite pleased with herself. Making Spencer happy was a special thing she treasured so much. “Eager, aren’t we?" 

“Well, yes!,” she exclaimed, making him chuckle once again. She look at him straight in the eyes and said with a smirk, her voice low: “You haven’t been inside of me yet. That’s something else I’ve imagined you doing." 

Spencer took a deep breath, feeling himself harden one more time. “Jesus Christ, (Y/N).” He took her hand and placed it on top of his member, looking at her intently and seeing the proud look on her face. She began caressing it and feeling it Harden more and more. “This is your fault.” 


With that, she straddled him and kissed him deeply, the kiss rushed and full of want. When she descended onto him, both moaned audibly. Like two pieces of a puzzle, they fit in. Both romantically and physically. 

“Fuck, Spencer,” she moaned, placing her hands on his chest and bouncing on top of him. Spencer’s hand was holding her waist as if it were holding for life itself, while he thrusted onto her. His other hand moved to her swollen, red clit, his thumb making circles on it. (Y/N) yelped at the touch. 

She could feel him inside of her faster and faster, the feeling creating a knot in her stomach and she knew she wouldn’t last any longer then he would. In a matter of minutes, they both released themselves, the sensation sending them through the roofs. The unexpected and yet dreamed of sensation of (Y/N) and Spencer’s intimacy. 

“Fuck, Spencer.” She laid down on him again, resting her head on his shoulder, seeing his chest rise and descend rapidly, his own breathing shallow, like hers.   

“Fuck, (Y/N),” he said, feeling his eyes droop. The exhaustion of the day finally catching up to him, even though he was trying so hard to stay awake. (Y/N) saw it and smile, placing a light kiss on his lips and snuggling tighter. 

“Goodnight, love,” she sighed, feeling herself tired, the coffee having had no effect on her. Either that or Spencer was that good. 

“Goodnight, love,” he mumbled sleepily, managing to kiss the top of her head before falling fast asleep. 

"Um. Actually, Morgan, I finished all the coffee in my room,” he finally said, giving a tight-lipped smile to the agent in front of him. “We can talk about it in the hotel bar, if that’s okay with you. But not for long." 

"Why not? Are you tired? Are you having nightmares again?” Morgan asked, worried. Spencer smiled. 

“Nope, no more nightmares. I just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, that’s all.” He began arranging the files in front if him, readying himself to give the precinct the profile. When he looked outside the room, he saw (Y/N) staring at him, a mix of love and fire in her eyes. 

From the looks of it, he wouldn’t get a lot of sleep that night either.

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how to beat the winter blues or the .... whatever: treat yo’self edition

just making a little master post because i know how easy it is to get into this kind of rut in the winter. and i know how easy it is to feel depressed and blue and all of that, so i wanted to share my personal tips for feeling better. if you had a bad day, i highly recommend all of this.

  • step one: run a hot bubble bath. like, scalding water. put candles all along your tub. drop in some lush products. don’t know what lush is? google it, my lovely followers. order yourself some bath bombs and bubble bars and lotions and face masks. got any christmas candy? bring it to the tub with you. like to read books? bring a new one to the tub with you. 

Originally posted by wonderfullyisaac

Originally posted by delusionalxmind

seriously. you will not regret it.

  • okay so after a nice long soak, now that you’re all perfumed and lotioned and oily and clean, get out of the tub. you can’t live in the bathtub. i tried, it doesn’t work, eventually u gotta charge ur phone. etc. 
  • step two: make yourself a drink. and a snack. (if you’re of age/i don’t care if youre of age/do what you want) put lots of ice in it so its really cold and have it in your favorite glass. and drink it with a straw, because that makes it more fun. add little fruit garnishes and shit. or little sprinkles around the rim, or salt or sugar. or vegetables, if youre into savory drinks. TREAT YOSELF. have fun with it. it doesn’t have to have alcohol, just make yourself a really tasty drink ok?? hot cocoa, expresso, tea with honey and lemon. whatever makes you smile. whatever floats your boat baby.

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  • step three: the snack. it can be a healthy snack if you’re into that or it can be some comfort food. shit, it doesn’t even have to be a snack! order takeout if you like. this is all about treating yourself, so make yourself something really delicious that you know will make you happy. like I’m having roasted almonds because that’s what i feel like tonight. the really good kind with salt and garlic. fucking delicious. i might have some cheese with the almonds. because cheese is also fucking delicious.

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  • step four: netflix. now you can watch whatever you want, and as a pll blog i should probably recommend that you watch pll. but no. i am going to recommend something else.

gossip. girl.

  • it’s set in the beautiful city of manhattan. ok, manhattan is the island. whatever. new york city tho. it’s beautiful and everything is luxurious and you can live vicariously through everyone.
  • it’s like PLL, but better. 
  • hot guys. hot girls. great plots. lots of drama. a little sex. anD THE FASHION DEAR GOD. and lovable characters. 
  • blair waldorf for example. she is everything.
  • chace. CRAWFORD. aka nate archibald. oh my god.

Originally posted by miamcneil

Trust me, you won’t regret it. Enjoy your snack. Enjoy your drink. BINGE WATCH GOSSIP GIRL. And enjoy being all clean smelling. all of these things are a very good cure for whatever’s ailing you. i mean, they won’t fix the flu, but they are a good way to feel better on a monday night.

just wanted to share this with everyone, i hope youre all doing well. i love each of you little babies. if you want, inbox me with your tips for how to get over a bad day and ill share them with everyone.

ps: if youre new to gossip girl and love it after watching, let me know. trust me… its amazing. its everything you wanted PLL to be.



Full Moon: Remus Lupin

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Could you do an imagine where YN is a (born)animagus and she saves Remus and Sirius during a full moon but they just discover that is her because she gets hurt and Remus really freaks out and everybody get scary because he likes YN? ily and your blog

“Remus, do you think it’s safe to go out tonight? The headmaster says that there have been sightings of dark wizards in the forbidden forest,” Remus and I were seated in the vast open space of the clock tower courtyard and silently whispering to each other about the full moon approaching tonight.

“I can’t stay in the school (Y/N). I might hurt you or other people, I would never forgive myself if others were to die on my watch,” He says, cold lanky fingers running soothing circles in my palm. His sandy brown hair fell in front of his eyes and with a small smile on my face I reach up with my free hand and brush it away.

“I want you and the guys to be safe then. I know you’re all capable of protecting yourselves but please watch each other’s back,” I suggested, standing when I saw other students beginning to fill the vacant space and smoothed out my house robes.

“Hey,” Remus whined, grabbing my forearm and making me turn to look at him midway. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I nod my head and he gives me that dazzling smile that I love so much and release my arm, allowing me to go off to my next class.

For the fifth time since I had gotten underneath the covers I twist and turn before finally staring up at the enchanted ceiling. Groaning underneath my breath I threw the warm blankets off of me and slip on some pants and my combat boots. Even though sneaking out was nearly impossible I manage to make it out to the forbidden forest without being caught or seen.

I could hear screaming and shouting along with the occasional howls coming from the dense environment and I clutch my wand in my hand tightly and descend into the thick fogged forest. My head never stayed in one direction and I use the light from the tip of my wand to direct me through the dark and towards the increasing sounds.

Suddenly, green light burst through the large trees and I ducked behind a large oak just in time to miss the curse that was thrown my way. My heart thumped against my ribcage painfully and my conscience was begging me to turn and run for the hills but I knew better than to leave my friends at the hands of Voldemort’s followers. I push my wand in my back pocket and close my eyes before focusing on my animagus form, a white wolf with black streaks.

My bones crackled, popped and rearranged themselves into the form required and when I opened my eyes again everything was gray. Bringing my face low to the ground I sniffed the moist dirt for traces of any of the boys and luck be my way Remus and Sirius were in the direction the dark wizards were in too. I continue to sniff the floor repeatedly and followed the scent trail until I came to a surprising sight.

Remus was laying on the ground whimpering as his body went through the stages and Sirius was protectively standing in front of his form with a snarl on his face, froth foaming around his snout. A growl rumbles from deep in my gut and the wizard spun around and raised his wand at my form, another growl passes and I step forward threateningly and show all my shiny sharp teeth. Before he could mutter a spell I had already attacked and was snapping at every fabric and skin I could reach. Tearing off a big chunk of skin I was thrown back against a tree and a small whimper fell from my lips. He soon disappeared with a wave of his cape and I gave a wolfish smile, black dots clouding my vision until my sight was gone and in the distance I could heard masculine voices shouting and rustling.  

My eyes felt like they were glued shut and my throat was scratchy and dry. Slowly and painfully I pried my eyes open only to shut them once more when the light from the windows hit them. I heard a chair scrape against the floor and then the curtains in front of me drawn and close.  I open them once more and at first everything was blurry but after about five minutes it cleared up and I saw Remus sheepishly staring down at me.

He had a large gash across his cheek and a few more miner scratches but other than that he looked just as always. He helps me sit up in the bed and fix the pillows behind my back before handing me a glass of water.

“Thank you for saving us,” He suddenly says and I give him a small smile before shrugging my shoulders as if to say it was okay. “Everyone was worried about you, the guys conquered up a lot of potions and even snuck out to Hogsmeade to get you candy. Lily scolded us for about four hours and then cried, hitting James repeatedly when he went to comfort her.”

I laugh underneath my breath and give him back the now empty glass and clear my throat. “I told you guys to be careful,” I say, my voice scratchy and it took a lot for me to talk.

“I know, but it was a good thing that you came. I didn’t know you were an animagus, when did this happen?” he questioned and I laugh before leaning back against the bed.

“I’ve been able to do that for as long as I could remember. My parents say that I was born that way, gave them quite the fright when they woke up one morning and found a wolf pup in my crib instead of me. No one ever knew because my family was scared the Ministry would take me away and do experiments on me since that doesn’t usually happen.”

Before he could say anything all the other Gryffindor came in and bombarded me with questions and gave me large teddy bears and tiny sweets. Remus simply sat back and watch the most important people in his life dot over the girl he’s been crushing on since he was fourteen. I watch James nudge him and then lean down to whisper something in his ear which caused Remus to blush brightly and playfully push him away.

“(Y/N)! Remus has something to tell you!” James shouted and I giggle before turning to give Remus a questioning gaze. He gives me that awkward smile I love so much before standing up and coming closer, magically pulling a bouquet of flowers from behind his back

“I was wondering, like after you get out from here, that you maybe want to go on a date with me,” He says and then quickly adds,” you don’t have to feel like you have too!”

“I would love to Rem,” beaming with a smile I slowly leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek. Everyone immediately began to cheer and madam Pomfrey had to usher them out so that the other patients could rest.

“See you later Mrs. Lupin!” Sirius shouts as he was pushed into the hall and I laugh before sending the nurse an apologetic smile.

“Got to love that boy.” 

au week: soul mates

hey howdy friends! it’s time for our first au week! this week’s au is soul mates au, and under the cut (after I explain the rules) you’ll find the all the match making and what their soul mate marks are. 

here’s how this gonna go:

  • you don’t have to participate, but you should, cause it’s going to be fun.
  • i’d appreciate putting a pause on non-au threads for a bit, so there’s not a whole bunch of confusion happening on the dash
  • when you tag starters this week, also tag them syf:soul mate au so people know! it might also be helpful to have a way to tag all au week posts on your blog so navigating is a little easier
  • soul mates don’t have to be romantic, but if things do go that way, make sure you’re remembering to keep nsfw content under a cut and tagged appropriately!
  • this au week is starting tonight, sunday @ 9pm est and will continue until saturday @ 9pm est. after, you can resume old threads (or start new) and we ask that you wrap up au week posts within a few days, so the dash isn’t confusing

any questions, don’t be shy about sending them to the main, or reaching out to me or raine on k*k!

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