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I missed you

Loki x Reader


Word Count: 1,383

Summary: You find out that your husband, Loki was still alive after falling from the Bifrost, and you were determined to see him. Although, when you do, it is not hugs and kisses like you expected from reuniting with the love of your life.

AN: mmkayyy, so my first shot at actually writing something, tell me if you like it. I just needed some good and frustrating ANGST. If y’all like it, maybe I’ll write more. If not, I’ll probably hide in my shell and never write again. Feedback is always welcome tho 

“I command you let me through!” You were yelling at the two guards blocking the path to the dungeons, or as you thought, your path to Loki. “We have orders from the Allfather, Lady Y/N,” they replied. “I don’t understand why I am forbidden to see my own husband.”

You had been arguing for almost an hour before you heard a familiar voice boom through the hallway. “Let her pass!” Whipping your head, you saw familiar golden locks and a sympathetic look from Thor. “He has already been sentenced to life in those dungeons. No need to keep him from reuniting with his dear wife" 

Thor put an arm around your shoulder and interrupted the guards before they could speak again, “Come! I will escort you to my brother”

After passing through the large doors and turning a corner, Thor stopped to look at you and sighed. “Lady Y/N, I know you must miss him but you cannot just bother these dungeons. He cannot be trusted. He is not the same Loki you grew up with centuries ago… that Loki fell from the Bifrost” He held your shoulders and you know that he means well but you couldn’t help but feel anger start to bubble up inside you.

“How is he different? He’s made mistakes but don’t we all? Thor, I lost him once but I know he is still my Loki.” You looked at Thor hoping he would understand, and sighed. “And even if he weren’t… I’d love him all the same.”

 Thor let out a second deep sigh and let go of your shoulders. “I hope he knows that.” You continued walking until you and Thor reached a rather large and furnished cell and saw the raven hair you missed running your fingers through.

“I must go now. I might need to speak to father before the guards do.” Thor turned and walked away before stopping to shortly look back between you and Loki. After Thor had left, you walked closer to the cell in front of you.

“Loki,” You spoke quietly but loud enough for him to slightly turn his head to the side.

His hair was much longer from the last time you saw him. From what you could see, his eyes looked sunken and his face was a sickly pale color.

“Loki,” You repeated and he furrowed his brows before standing up and turning to you. “What are you doing here?” He spoke harshly and glared. You were confused for a moment. He seemed angry and ashamed all at once but you still missed the sound of his voice after it had stopped flowing from his lips.

“I wanted to see you.” You continued keeping your voice at a whisper. He scoffed and looked away. You didn’t understand what you were feeling. You wanted to kiss him and punch him all at once. He left you but he’s here now. You started to feel the tears prick at your eyes and you looked down at your feet, from being so overwhelmed, you assumed.

“Did you miss me?” You heard Loki’s voice mock and you looked up to see his back turned to you once again.

Your tears subsided and whatever you were feeling turned into anger. Angry at him for everything; for leaving you and letting you cry at night, for mocking you now and for not seemingly missing you at all. At the same time you were angry at yourself for still wanting feel his lips against yours.

You furrowed your brows and raised your voice a little louder, “No, Loki. I didn’t.” Loki turned back to face you and looked taken aback, all you could do was let out a laugh and wipe the tears away. “I didn’t miss you at all. I didn’t miss the one person I called my friend. I didn’t miss the person I married. Gods, I didn’t miss having someone hold me at night or comfort me when I cried!” You were screaming and tears were falling hard at this point and you were trying to look anywhere but him.

“Y/N, I-” He started but you quickly interrupted him, not caring how much your voice cracked. “Of course I missed you, Loki” Your voice was back to a whisper and you looked back at your feet. You didn’t realize you had walked as close as you could to the cell. “I died when I heard what happened.” You let out a sigh and continued, “All I wanted was to see you again…” You looked up to see he looked… Sad. He had tears in his eyes but his mouth was turned downward like he was disgusted, not with you, but himself.

“I’m sorry, Y/N” Two words from his lips and all you wanted to do was hug him.  You just missed the feeling of him. You didn’t realize you were crying now just looking at his face.

“Why did you leave me? Why didn’t you tell me that you were okay? That you were alive?” You just wanted to know and every part of you was relieved that he was alive but hurt that he kept himself away from you and let you mourn.

“I couldn’t, Y/N.” he turned away again and started to walk towards his bed and you wanted to throw your slipper at him. “Why not!?” You yelled and he stopped moving completely. You saw his body stiffen and he let out a deep sigh.


“Did you not want to be with me?” You didn’t even understand what was coming out of your mouth. You wanted an answer. Something to explain why you didn’t eat for months and cried yourself to sleep, wishing you had fallen from the Bifrost. You just wanted him back with you.

“Of course I wanted to be with you, Y/N!” Loki yelled and interrupted your thoughts quickly. “Everyday, I wish to be beside you again. To hold you while you sleep. To be out of this accursed cell and be wherever you are!” He was running his fingers roughly through his hair, causing the slicked back locks to fall out of place. “But I couldn’t…”

“Why not!?” You yelled again

"I’m a monster, Y/N!” He looked at you full of rage. Not particularly at you but at everything. He wanted the world to melt away. “I couldn’t take it and especially after what I’ve done, I was too ashamed to even think of holding you again.” He sat on a small chair and put his head in his hands. You know what happened in Midgard but frankly, didn’t care when they told you he was okay.

“Did you at least try?” Your voice was cracking, you weren’t even sure if Loki could still hear you. All he did was sigh again before speaking up, not moving from his spot. “I wasn’t strong enough to try… I was too weak.”

“Were you too weak… or too selfish” You were hurting all over and your chest felt like a sack of bricks. It worsened when you saw a tear slip past Loki’s palm. “I don’t deserve you, Y/N…” He was near sobbing and it made your heart burn and caused you to choke back a sob yourself but you were just as mad.

"Loki, please… Just look at me” Your voice was still cracked but you had managed to cease the tears that were falling from your eyes. He looked up at you and you saw the tears that covered his cheeks.

“I’m not strong enough to try anymore, Y/N” He started to whisper, afraid that he wouldn’t be coherent if all you could hear was sobbing when he raised his voice. Hearing his words, your tears pushed out once more. You could feel your heart tearing itself to pieces. It felt worse than when you heard about his “death”. You felt hopeless. He was not the monster he believed himself to be nor did you believe he ever will be, but it seemed like he was the shell of your Loki.

“I missed you, Loki” you whispered one last time and turned around to leave when he put his head back in his hands and started to choke back his sobs.

“I missed you too, Y/N" 

Part 2 “Safe”

lakritzwolf  asked:

A bad accident involving a bus full of kids (6 years) happens in a large city. I guess ER turns into a madhouse when suddenly ca 40 kids come in, a lot of them severely injured. 3 adults were on the bus, two severely injured, one DOA. How are procedures for identifying kids and getting them reunited with their families when the waiting area fills with panicked parents? Some of the kids are unconscious/not able to tell staff their name. MC is the dad of one kid, how might things happen for him?

Hey there! Welcome back. 

You’re making some assumptions about the way kids are distributed after a crash like this which aren’t exactly true. Let’s walk this back to the scene and talk about triage

First, the kids who are DOA don’t go to a hospital. If the crash is this bad, and some kids aren’t breathing, EMS will try to position their head. If they don’t start breathing, they’ll give them a few quick breaths with a bag-valve-mask (BVM). If they still don’t start breathing, that child is “black tagged” and EMS moves on to people they can save. They simply won’t have the resources to invest in unsalveageable children when there are others – the severely-injured-but-still-living – who can  be helped. 

Covering the bodies with a sheet is polite, here, but are often hard to come by. These kids may simply be laid out and exposed. 

Next are the “red tag” children. These are kids who can’t follow commands or who have severe blood loss, as demonstrated by their vital signs, or have some severe life-threatening injury (e.g. evisceration). These kids will be airlifted or driven to the closest pediatric trauma center. 

All of this depends on exactly where this happens. In or near a big city, these kids will go to a pediatric trauma center, where specialists can care for them. If there are two around, no one center will get overwhelmed. 

All infants go to trauma centers, injured or no, full stop. 

Next are the “yellow tag” kids. These are ones who are hurt and cannot walk, but are not life-threateningly injured. These will be distributed around to other receiving hospitals. This is the first group of kids who aren’t in immediate, life-threatening danger, so they’re more stable, and will go further to keep the pressure off of the trauma centers. 

Finally are the “green tag” kids, those who either are uninjured or have only minor injuries. These kids can, and absolutely will, wait. They can be packed off to the hospital multiples at a time – you can fit up to 4 in an ambulance – but only after everyone else (save the dead) are evacuated first. 

What this means is that hospitals will get steadier streams of kids. First the red tags, then the yellows, and finally the greens. The reds need immediate attention and surgery, the yellows need beds, the greens can sit and wait in the waiting room with staff to keep an eye on them. 

This same procedure, by the way, goes for any mass casualty incident, whether that’s an active shooter event, a landslide, or a bus crash: the dead stay still, the nearly-dead get balls-to-the-walls care, and everyone else can wait at least a little. 

However, you ask, what does this mean for my dad character? 

Dad’s gonna have a hard time with this. 

Kids will be asked by responders on scene who they are, and the unconscious or unable to speak will be identified by peers or adults; EMS will track the names and units and destinations and relay.

Incident command will be established at the scene of the accident, but no system is perfect, and which kid goes to which hospital with which crew can be hard to track, especially with the critically ill – you don’t always know their names. Typically, the bus company will coordinate with the incident commander and the hospitals to find out what kid went where, and someone – the school, the responding agency (police or fire, whoever has command in this region), or the bus company will have a hotline for parents to call. That doesn’t mean anyone actually knows anything. These incidents are chaotic, misinformation always spreads faster than the truth, etc. 

So your dad’s kid might have been airlifted a hundred miles away and no one knows that in particular. They might know a kid was airlifted but not whose

At the hospital itself, they’ll make every effort to identify the kid, from EMS, from the kid, etc. Backpacks, if they came, can also be used for ID; the name on a notebook might be all they have at first. (What if the notebook is borrowed? Interesting question. Misidentified kid.) 

Hopefully, by the time the kid’s dad shows up at the ER, the ER will have an idea of who’s who and what’s what; kids might have phones and “Mom” might be called (almost always “mom,” because reasons that are too much to go into right now on this already hella long post.) Dad will be asked who his kid is, and that name will be compared to a list; docs might ask him for a description if they have an unidentified, or some identifying feature (clothing, hair, eye color, etc. all matter). 

Worse comes to worst, Dad might have to travel to different hospitals. Hospitals get very tight-lipped over the phone after major incidents because of privacy concerns and the sneaky, bastardly ways media tries to get information. 

So the general procedure will be: 1) Call the hotline, 2) Call the hospital, 3) Go to the hospital, 4) Provide info and description of kid, 5) Find kid OR go back to Step 1 and start over. 

Hope this helped!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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The Future Looks Good: Prologue

In the end, there is no other choice. Aelin sacrifices herself for Erilea. But when it seems that all is lost and she will never draw breath again, something miraculous happens. A few months later, Aelin and her court discover the unexpected consequences from that miracle. Apparently, not everyone stays dead forever.

Word Count: 2042

Read on AO3



An intense, skin peeling, hair singeing, earth melting burn.

That’s the only sensation Aelin knows. The only one she’s known for a while now. For all of the five months she’s been in Maeve’s grasp.

The burn of her iron box, iron chains, and iron mask. The burn of whip across her back, her shoulders, and her legs. The burn of her fire, restlessly waiting and building under her skin.

A sudden BOOM and the shaking of the earth beneath her reminds Aelin of where she is. In her box, next to the battlefield. So close to Rowan, to her mate. Her husband. She can feel the bond between them, more alive than it’s ever been. She knows he’s fighting to get to her. She almost cries out with the joy of it, with the joy of knowing she’s within his reach. But she can’t get distracted. She has a job to do.

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Circles and Squares | Yutae (NCT)

Originally posted by iloveyuta

Genre: Soulmate! AU, Werewolf/Wolf! AU, slight angst, fluff

Word Count: 1802

Summary: Circles and square tattoos defined your worth in the world you lived in. Yet, once you met Yuta and Taeyong, you no longer cared about the standards that your people had set for you.

Warning: Poly relationship, mild violence, brief mentions of bullying.

Since you were young, you were always told that werewolves were dangerous. You were told to stay away from them; they were monsters, freaks of nature, aggressive creatures that wouldn’t hesitate to attack. You had always nodded along, promising that you’ll stay away from the boundaries that separated the werewolves from mingling with humans.

Yet, the gray tattoo on your wrist told a different story.

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With You By My Side - Ten (finale)

A/N: FINAL part you guys.. Thank you so much for sticking with me trough this series.  You are all amazing! And I’m sorry….. Shout out to my beta @thorne93.

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: ALL THE FUCKING ANGST. Character death. Entire part is Jensen’s POV

Worcount: 1660

*not my GIF*

Originally posted by the-tres-geckos


It had been a week since we came home from the hospital. The first couple of days she had been fine, moving around in the house, watching movies with me on the couch, but on day four we had to move everything down to the guest room since she was no longer able to climb the stairs. Yesterday she didn’t manage to get out of bed at all, and the doctors are now talking hours, maybe a day.

As I sit by the breakfast table, alone, I call my mom to let her know what’s going on. We don’t talk for long because dad are already packing their bags. He had loaded them in the car before we hang up. My parents love (YN), they always have. I still remember the lecture my mom gave me after I brought (YN) to Dallas for the first time.

“She’s special to you, Jensen. I can tell by the way you look at her and how she looks at you. You should just tell her how you feel now so that you can start your lives together, I guarantee you’re going to regret it if you don’t.”

The all too familiar lump forms in my throat as I replay her words in my head. I know that my mind should be here, in the present, that I should savor every moment we have left, but it’s hard not to dwell on all the things we’ve missed out on in the past, and the things we will miss out on in the future. I shoot a quick text to Jared, telling him that she’s nearing the end of her life, letting him know that if they want to say goodbye they should probably come over soon.

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{ cater to you }

pairing: thomas x james x aaron x reader

prompt: Hi! i love your writing so much! Can you do a smfdr smut where reader uses her safeword and fluff happens? Thank you! - @givemeallthepie

t/w: smutttttttt, sex toys, use of safeword, also subdrop (i never write smut how do you tag these??)

a/n: hope this is okay!

inbox || masterlist

Thomas: Want you naked on the bed, baby. Wait for us to get home.

You stared at the text from where you sat in your desk at work. You started to respond, fingers tapping over the screen.

Yes, sir.

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@the-queen-of-thedas submitted this: “ A Titan from Greek mythology in our modern day/ era.” Which I thought was pretty swell!

I thought I’d fill it (though I’m not entirely sure it was a prompt, haha)

The world is filled with untold stories, Rhea knows. She’s one of them, walking through downtown Chicago like a human, winter coat barely able to stave off the chilling breeze. If she is a story, untold or not, she would be a closed one. She has pressed her covers together, hiding her contents, and welded her spine shut.

Some of the humans think that they’ve lost Gaea to asphalt and concrete, steel and iron, industry and pillaging. They’re not wrong, but they’re not right either. Rhea can feel her mother thrumming under her feet just fine, just as her father still shines bright and silent above. 

Magic is not gone, it has evolved, it has become elusive to the ways of Titans. Rhea is fine with that. She’d lost the right to the world a long time ago.


Her name is Rhea in this new age, Rhea again, Rhea always. They don’t know the stories anymore (hers is untold even in the divine) and there’s no risk.

So her name is Rhea and she is as human as someone like her can be.

She works in a coffee shop.

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snackplanetsims  asked:

Hi Sandwich! I have a recolors question regarding kids/toddlers hair. I've been playing the NSB challenge and when I try to change the hair colors as toddlers or kids, the recolors of the hairs don't seem to stick? Like the game automatically changes it back to EA defaults. I'm not sure what's going on but I hope you might be able to help! Thank you so much, and I really want you to know that you're one of my favorite creators!

Hi! Unfortunately that’s a known bug that’s existed since the release of the game, it’s not any CC in particular that does it but rather all CC and for some people (like myself) it even happens without any CC installed. So far there’s been no fix from EA because they claim it’s a CC issue and they don’t offer support for that and no modders have come up with a way to actually fix it permanently.

There are a few “workarounds” (they don’t fix the problem permanently) but I’ve found the best way to deal with it so far is to create a single recolour of the hair in the colour I want to use for my toddler/child, because if the hair only has one swatch the game can’t change it on you!

Hope that helps somewhat =D

kkenobi  asked:

So over the past (day, two days? idk) I went all the way to the end of your blog and LOVE ALL YOUR WRITING! honestly, I adore all your writing! Out of curiosity, how do the clones react to vampire!Obi-Wan when he was turned as a padawan? OR if they somehow get stuck on a planet with no way for obi to "feed" and the clones are all "let me help general" or something. cheers!

“Well…at least we survived?” Waxer offered rather cheerfully. Boil just slowly looked at his vod and then back to the slowly sinking shuttle that the storm had brought down. As they looked at it, a large creature in the swamp circled it, its blue coils swiping up and down as it swam around.

“We need to find shelter.” Their General offered, effectively cutting of whatever Boil had been about to say or do. “With what little supplies we do have we should be able to wait out the storm I hope and the atmosphere is breathable and…” He stuck out his tongue, sharp canine on display for a few seconds before he closed his mouth and nodded. “The rain is drinkable.” He smiled and turned, started to walk.

Cody took a deep breath and shook his head before following quickly, gesturing for the rest of the troopers to do the same. ‘Trust him to just stick his tongue out, could have been dangerous…’ Cody thought fondly if a bit exasperated by his General.

No survival instinct.

They trudged on slowly, Obi-Wan occasionally stopping before leading his men in either the same direction or in a different one. Best they could tell, the Jedi was using the Force to find them a safe place.

They were all even more soaked then the swim through the swamp had done when they finally reached a dark cave. Even more blissfully was the dried up shriveled roots inside the cave that allowed for a fire to be started and the smoke to drift out the cave opening.

“I imagine we should get out of this wetness but we don’t really have anything to provide cover. At least we’re not on a planet with a freezing climate.” The Jedi chuckled even as thunder rolled across the sky and lightening hit somewhere in the swampy marsh.

He then started to undo his armor and belts.

“Sir?” Cody blinked at him.

“I’m soaked to the bone and I’m going to wring out the fabric at least Cody.” Obi-Wan offered pleasantly. Then he peered at him. “I highly doubt we’re going to get attacked Commander, if anyone wants to take off their armor then that is fine by me. The furthest risk we have I believe is the local wildlife.”

“I…imagine you’re right sir. Alright, if anyone wants to take off their armor and wring out their blacks, this is the time.”

He turned his back to give the Jedi a measure of privacy, though not before Obi-Wan was sans his tunic. He was surprised that despite the broadness of the others chest, Obi-Wan was almost slim beneath the armor and robes.

‘Perhaps its the gear that makes him seem bigger somehow…or just him.’ Cody mused as the men from 212 followed their General’s lead. Trapper was much to happy to get out of his armor and blacks for a few moments and Cody absently shook his head with amusement. ‘Nudist.’ He grinned at his vod who grinned back and started to wring out the black fabric with no shame.

It didn’t take long for someone to take advantage.

That someone was Waxer, his eyes lit up with mischief as he twirled his own blacks together until he could ‘towel’ whip Trapper over the rear. Trapper gave a shrill scream then rubbed his ass as everyone laughed. “Oi!”

“The moon was shining so harshly I felt the need to pull down the blinds!” Waxer laughed.

Someone would most likely have answered if it wasn’t for the quiet, different chuckle joining their laugh.

Cody glanced behind himself and knew he wasn’t the only one who ended up staring. It was one thing to wake up to a face like your own, with the same dark skin and the same eyes. It was something totally different to see Obi-Wan’s pale and freckled skin, legs, groin, chest and armpits covered with copper colored hair.

Absently Cody noticed there was a constellation of freckles covering the right side of the Jedi’s hipbone.

“A holo might be better if you’re all going to continue staring.” A teasing drawl drew Cody’s attention away and there was a lot of coughing after that as several ears turned red.

Obi-Wan just laughed and finished wringing his tunics out before putting them back on with undergarments and leggings following. “I do still wish I had dry socks.” He sighed before settling his boots upside down to let them dry out, legs folding in a lotus position.

The troopers quickly went back to their own things, some pulling on their entire gear and others settling in the blacks.

Cody settled for his blacks since it was nice to be out of them.

Or it was until the General took a sharp breath and Cody’s first instinct was to reach for his blasters with the assumption they were under attack.

But no. He glanced to the General in confusion to find the man holding his belt, a pouch open. Slowly the General turned it around as a mass of red, almost congealed sludge ran out of it as the General stared at it. “Oh no…” He whispered before quite firmly tucking himself against the cave wall. “Well…oh dear this is not good.” He breathed out.

“General?” Cody stood.

“Cody, it would appear my feeding capsule broke when water was applied to them and I’m…without my required synthetic…meal.” The General’s tone wavered before firming. “It would be best if you all remain as far from me as you could.”

“I…kark it sir, you mean to say you’re going to get blood hungry?” Cody blinked, stepping towards him while eyeing the sludge on the cave floor. He’d seen the man either swallow the capsule whole or dissolve them into water before but it was clear from the ruined mess that they wouldn’t work now.


He did a quick calculation in his mind. The last time he’d seen the other feed was…

“General, when was the last time you had one of those?” He nodded to the sludge.

Obi-Wan closed his eyes tightly. “…Two days.”

“Karking…okay, fine.” He turned to his men who looked back with quiet, understanding faces. “I’m first, if he needs more then we’ll set up the line.”

“What?” Obi-Wan looked like a rabbit in headlights. “No, no I refuse, this isn’t nes-”

“With all due respect General, shut it. You need it, we’re willing. Beside, you’re gar cuyir Mhor, cuun alor, cuun cyar'ika. Gar kar'taylir ibac.” He gave vicious grin as even in the low light of the fire they could all see Obi-Wan flush. “We want to take care of you.”

Cody took the chance to get closer, tugging the Jedi’s legs out of lotus pose and firmly straddling the others lap. He smiled when hesitant hands settled on his hips. “I’m not sure about this Commander, its going to hurt you have to understand.” Obi-Wan offered quietly.

“I understand that sir.” Cody tilted his head to expose his neck and closed his eyes, hands firmly caught in the Jedi’s tunic. There was a breath against the skin, the hands tightened on his waist and then Cody’s world exploded into whiteness.

A quick sketch inspired by the book “Tides of Darkness".

Look we’re going further in their story. But I might often go back to their teens cause dkjhfd I love it when they’re just having a simple life ?? xD

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh last headcanons were so sad! *cries a million tears* (still beautiful though) I think we all need a feel-good headcanons now! Like, what would happen if Candy met the boys again years after school has ended? They're single and some lingering feelings are still there for both parts? :)

(in reference to this)

Sorry it took so long for this to be up but I hope you like it, i feel like something is missing from it but idk what to add… But thanks! And sorry that Kentin and Armins are really short i didnt intend for that to happen


  • I feel like Nate would just kind of freeze up and stare at you for a while, like “wait is that actually her??”
  • Depending on whether or not you guys ever got back on god terms after the break up, his approach would be different. If you were on god terms he’d probably just walk up to you like “Is that you y/n??” but if you were on bad terms he might wait until you approach him first. He asks what you’re doing lately, if you’re in college then what you’re currently studying. Small talk.
  • He didn’t really think much of you after high school had ended but after seeing you again he gets this feeling in his chest that he just can’t get to go away.
  • Doesn’t realize he still has feelings for you until maybe a little while later. Maybe a week after seeing you.
  • Let’s hope you two exchanged numbers when you ran into each other because he would definitely work up the courage to call you and invite you out for some coffee to “catch up.” He really is just testing the waters to see if his feelings are real or if it was just the shock of seeing you.
  • He’s totally realizing the feelings are real when he meets up with you. He still gets that spark that he felt when he dated you in high school.
  • He honestly would take forever to admit to you that he still has feelings for you, you might be better off confessing first tbh. But he wouldn’t just rush into the relationship though. He’d want to take time to get to know you again because you’re bound to change after a few years. I’m sure he would change too, so he wants to make sure you clash well together.
  • After a while he questions why you decided to end things with him so suddenly. He just wants to know if it was something he did or not.


  • I could actually see Castiel dating a bit here and there but never getting too serious with anyone. Just some flings. When he sees you he automatically feels that same surge of affection he felt back in high school. Not like “I love her” but like “wow she’s still so beautiful”
  • He hesitantly will approach you. If you were on good terms throughout school he’ll just go p to you like “Wow, after all these years you’re still an ironing board.” He’s acting casual but he’s actually really hot and feels like his chest is about to burst.
  • I could see him changing his appearance a bit after high school. He might dye his hair back to its natural color and wear it in a cute half up half down ponytail, he would keep the dark clothes but he’d just dress a bit more like an adult. He would compare how much you’ve both changed since then.
  • After seeing you he catches himself thinking about it a lot, and even when he tries to think of something else he thinks of something else he finds himself thinking of you once again
  • He only calls you after he actually can’t take it anymore. He’d be trying to convince himself that there was no point in trying to rekindle old fires, blah blah blah but then he sees your number and he’s like “fuck it.”
  • He would be very cautious about the whole thing, trying to feel you out, see how things go. He doesn’t want to get into something that he knows won’t work.
  • After a while, if he feels like it’s worth it to try again he’s probably going to just confess to you whether he wants to or not. He doesn’t want to think about what could have been, so he’s just going to take the chance.
  • After a long time, when he’s secure enough to know you won’t leave him again or anytime soon he’ll demand an explanation as to what the hell was going through your head years ago when you broke it off with him. He’s not mad, but he was really hurt at the time so yeah…


  • Lysander would be in a momentary state of surprise when he sees you. His eyes would go a little wide when he sees you and he would slowly walk over to you. “Hello y/n.”
  • He would talk to you for a while but he’d probably keep the conversation a bit short because he doesn’t want to take up too much of your time. But if you keep it going he’s happy to stay there.
  • He’ll find himself randomly seeing something and then thinking “That reminds me of y/n…” and he’ll just keep thinking about you without realizing it. He’ll even start to mention you indirectly in conversation while talking to Leigh or Rosa, but it just slips out.
  • He probably wouldn’t even pursue his feelings if he realized they were still there. “It’s been years, they probably have another partner.” Or “They broke up with me for a reason back then so why bother now?”
  • He honestly won’t even confess to you so if you want to get back together that bad then you better just confess to him yourself or else you’ll never get him. He knows he still has feelings for you but he just doesn’t want to impose on your life or ruin your friendship.
  • He takes the relationship slower than any of the other guys. You did break up with him very suddenly and he never got a good explanation, so he’s just being careful in order not to hurt himself again.
  • He falls for you once again but even more deeply than before and he makes sure to cherish every moment he has with you this time. He’ll always wonder why you ended it so many years ago but he won’t ask you until waaaaay later in the relationship. He doesn’t see the point in talking about something irrelevant now, but he’s also curious.


  • I could honestly see him keeping in touch with you over social media through the years. And even if you don’t talk he’ll occasionally pop up in your notifications with a funny comment, or you see him liking your pictures.
  • He’ll see a really attractive photo of you and its then that he decides to message you, probably on facebook or something. He always still found you attractive but he never acted on it until then.

  • If he was too shy to approach you then Alexy more than likely messages you without telling Armin, and asks you to meet with him somewhere. He brings Armin along who has no clue you’re going to be there and now he’s shook asf cause he wasn’t prepared.

  • You guys talked online for a few months before he began to take a real interest in you, and that’s when he decides to invite you out somewhere. You guys basically just start off as really close friends and it progresses from there.

  • Once he realizes he has feelings for you still he just confesses straight up, as long as he’s gotten some signs that you might feel the same way. If not then he’s cool with it, he’ll just like you from afar.

  • He doesn’t really intend for the relationship to go that far in the first place but after a bit he finds himself falling more and more in love with you.


  • I feel like you and Kentin would still talk here and there once school was over. He’ll text you every once in a while, and you’ll occasionally get a random phone call from him, just wanting to catch up. He’d probably be the only one of the guys to keep in close contact with you after the break up and such.
  • He probably already knew he still had a slight crush on you but he just never realized it until one day you decided to invite him out for breakfast or lunch, and when you walked in he way just like “….Woah.”
  • He starts to hang out with you more and more after that. I feel like with time he would have gained a bit more confidence so he wouldn’t be as nervous around you but he’d definitely be a little shy once he realizes his emotions towards you. You start t notice he’s always red-faced when he’s around you.
  • He tells himself not t mess this up and just stay friends. It would take a lot of obvious signs form you for him to realize that you just might return the feelings as well but he’s pretty oblivious so yeah.
  • He kind of just blurts it out after he just cannot take it anymore. Like maybe you’re hanging out again and you just look so beautiful that he can’t help himself. He takes the relationship slow but he’s very sweet and clingy even in the beginning but will back off if you ask.
  • He always wonders why you broke up with him but I could see he just deciding not to ask for fear of what your answer may be.

First off thanks!!! I tried to make a tutorial but it ended up extremely vague and more of a step-by-step of a headshot i drew today for this purpose whoops;;; oh and I use manga studio 5 for drawing and painting but the hair thing works in sai and photoshop too.

This is one layer but If it’s a complicated drawing then i’ll draw it out and line it with a thin brush with no pressure sensitivity, and then bucket fill the shapes on separate layers, usually 1 layer per character and one layer for the bg.

I also might do color adjustment layers and merge them down as I go but I got lucky this time and didn’t have to make any adjustments. 

I work on one layer but every 30 minutes or before I begin a new stage (hair, the eyes) I’ll duplicate that layer and paint on the topmost one. This way I can check to see if I over-rendered by hiding the top layer. If i over-render or mess something up, then I have that back-up layer that I can go back to and start that part again. 

Some additional things:

  • lost edges are where the edge of a shape bleeds into the other without any visible separation between the two. If you don’t need an edge consider getting rid of it for a more painterly look. Zhao Ming Wu does this beautifully.
  • The very very darkest shadows on skin are almost always warm. Even if the light source is cool, the nostril will be a warmer color than the rest of the skin.
  • warm light: cool shadows
  • cool light: warm shadows
  • Vary the hue here and there with little flecks of bright colors that harmonize with the local color of the object to make things pop
  • If the background is dark, draw a very thin orange or dark pinkish line where the skin meets the bg. This is called a corona and will make the skin look like it’s glowing but without looking like you slapped an overlay filter on top
  • you don’t need to use pure black AND pure white in the same image every single time
  • The eye is drawn to hard edges, so use them where it counts!! 
  • Read Richard Schmidt’s Alla Prima for more of this kind of stuff. I got most of these ideas from that book 
  • and proko’s youtube channel
  • ps that’s makoto 

That’s all I can think of right now!! 

shinee as colors/color gradients

shinee as colors/color gradients

Lee Jinki: A bright orange that turns into a pastel yellow. His personality resembles power and tranquility both at the same time. Like when the sunshine is appearing at the top of the morning and everything is a little bit more beautiful, the buildings in golden colors as the rays of the sun hit the concrete. His smiles are bright, his determination is noticeable, but the softened side of him still exists, loving a good blanket around his body and a few cuddles here and there. He’s warm and his kisses are an explosion of emotions, starting from a sweetened tone that matches a slow song and following a passion that appears out of nowhere. A chaste kiss on the cheek has you seeing the most beautiful of summers and the need of ice cream was present, only imagining how this summer was going to be.

Kim Jonghyun: Dark pink that blends into a peachy color. Jonghyun is extravagance, elegance, sweetness and sexiness both at the same time. The cocktail that he moves with his hand is placed over the table as he looks for no one in specific, his hair is sleeked back and from a distance, he looks like another player. One step closer might show the beauty of his smile and when you start a conversation, the tone of his voice is the sweetest of pastries that you’ve tasted. His lips are pinkish when he takes a sip of the drink and the color of his hair only manages to convince people more and more that he’s the color pink, a good representation of it.  However, the shade on his cheeks turn brighter with the amount of alcohol he has and without knowing, his swollen lips turn into a deep shade of pink –almost looking like red- after a deep kiss.

Kim Kibum: A turquoise shade that turns into a pastel blue. Kibum is natural with elegance and he has that edginess that brings a comforting tone to his personality. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing his beautiful figure in front of the sky, the beach moving in front of him as the waves collided against one another, the droplets of water falling from his chest as the blue sky behind him functioned as a good background. His smile is just like the sea, deep, with millions of secrets but warm…divine in some way. Just like the waves that moved, he looked for adventure and a new way of looking at life, loving those who were around him like it was his last day. His voice brought people closer and he deserved to be called the epitome of a god of water, calling out for a lover that was right by his side.

Choi Minho: Brown shades blending into sweet, creamy beige. The color of his skin shined brightly under the light that passed by the curtains and the fingers that trace the outline of his back only think of how he was just like a fallen angel. His body moves slightly and he turns around, his face deep in sleep and his lips puckered up, perhaps because he tried to say something but he forgot in his sleepiness or because he was asking for a kiss. The brown strands of his hair move slightly and he opens his eyes groggily, showing the color that looked much like wood with a spark that looked like the stars. Minho yawns as he wraps his hands around his lover, pressing a kiss to the lips he loved to call his before closing his eyes once again. Waking up was never easy when you had someone to cuddle with.

Lee Taemin: Purple in shades from dark to light. Taemin was born to be the epitome of darkness and light, his movements sharp but sweet, his words in conversations softened but in his songs completely strong. His eyes look up from the dinner table as he bites his bottom lip, running his eyes over their features before looking down once again. There was something about loving Taemin and that was that it was unexpected. One moment you were wrapped in his arms, swinging to a song that none of them knew and the other you were pressed against the wall, sweet kisses trailing for your neck to your collarbones. Perhaps, the danger that came from Taemin was nothing more than just a line from the story he wrote, but the dark glint behind his eyes was innocently covered by his delicate smile.

Seen- Chapter 4

Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 

A/N: this was supposed to be 5 chapters but I think it’s actually going to be 6 or 7!

    “So,” you said as you and Kiseok sat down in the restaurant. “Are you going to tell me?”

    He smiled. “Let’s just order our food and then I will.”

    You shook your head. “I think you’re going to put this off until you leave LA, aren’t you?”

    “No, I promise I won’t!” he said. “As soon as we order I’ll say.”

    “Okay,” you said skeptically, reaching for your menu. You chose what you wanted quickly, and as soon as the waitress came and you ordered lasagna and Kiseok tortellini (though he had quite a hard time pronouncing the word), you turned to him with an expectant look on your face.

    “Okay, okay, chill!” he said and you sat back slighlty. “So, I told you I’m a rapper and stuff.”

    “Yeah,” you said.

    “Well, I’m actually a successful one,” he said, his fingers flipping his fork over repeatedly.

    “Okay…?” you said, your brow furrowed. How successful did he mean, exactly?

    “Like a celebrity,” he clarified.

    Your eyes widened. “For real?”

    He chuckled. “Yeah. Look me up. Simon Dominic.”


    “My stage name, yeah,” he said.

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Gabriel & Red

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 <3

Word count: 290

Warnings: Fluff

(gif is not mine)

Gabriel loved it when Sam and Dean were gone.  It gave him more time to spend with you.  He loved nothing more than being with you, even if it was only for a few minutes.  You always managed to brighten his day.

When he opened your bedroom door, his eyes went immediately to your bright red hair.  It was as if someone took a red marker and colored your hair with it.  He forgot he had left a bottle of shampoo with bright red hair dye in the shower.  It was meant for Dean, but apparently he knew better.

Before Gabriel could turn around and leave, you faced him, crossing your arms over your chest.  “Gabriel, what did I tell you about the hair dye prank,” you scolded.  “How many times am I going to have to go through this?”

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Personal Performer

a G-DRAGON scenario, where it’s his day off but he can’t seem to relax, so you try your best to distract him, requested by sun-beam05

Originally posted by jiyonggifs

“What are you doing?” You jumped beside Jiyong and took a glance at his phone. 

It’s been 30 minutes and he kept checking out his phone while you were cooking breakfast. He seemed anxious. 

He looked at you for a while then turned his attention to his phone again. “I was just checking the details for my next concert.” 

“Ah..” You touched his hair and played with it a bit. “But you already checked that this morning.” 

“I was just checking if everything’s fixed or if there’s any changes.” 


As always, he wants everything to be perfect. 

“Also, I checked Youngbae’s comeback. If there’s anything I can do to help.” 

You nodded. “But how about you rest for a while?” 

He suddenly turned his attention to you for a while. “I just want to make sure that everything’s going well.” 

“And they are.” You assured him and rubbed his arms. “It’s your day off today. You should relax, okay?” 

You stood up and took his hand. You pulled him towards the dining room and made him sit down. 

“I cooked breakfast. Plus, there are fruits for you to eat.” 

He nodded smiling. “I just can’t seem to relax.” 

“I know and I understand, yeobo.” 

He ate a lot but he kept on checking his phone once in a while. He’s really a workaholic. He can’t seem to relax for a while and kept checking on his work. You don’t know how to make him relax. This might be because his tour is still on going and there’s so much more work to do. It’s really understandable but you really want to make him relax a bit. He needs the rest or else he might get sick or too restless. 

“Hey, love.” You sat down at his lap and rested your arms on his shoulders. 

He raised an eyebrow at you and smirked. “Hey?” 

“I love your hair.” You touched his hair and brushed it towards the back. You felt how soft and smooth his hair is, no matter how many times he colored and styled it. “You take care of it really well.” 

“You’re the only person that I allow to touch my hair, and my stylist.” He muttered while staring at you. He rested his hands on your hips and lightly rubbed it. 

You slowly stood up and pulled him to stand up too. He looked confused for a bit as you held his hand and pulled him towards the room. 

“I love your thin and long fingers. They hold my hands really quite well.” 

“I’m glad you do.” He chuckled. “They’re the only hands you’ll ever gonna touch for the rest of your life.” 

You giggled and faced him. You’re now in front of your bed and you motioned for him to lie down. 

“Why?” He smirked. 

“Come on, Yeobo. Stop it with what you’re thinking. Lie down, face down.” 

His left eyebrow rose up but he followed. You slowly helped him remove his shirt as you sat down on his back. You slowly rubbed his back as you put lotion on it. You plan to massage him to help him relax. You heard him sigh. 

“I love your tattoos.” You whispered as you smoothly massage his back and pass by one tattoo. “I feel like you define this tattoos too uniquely that I fall in love with them too.” 

“Stop.” He groaned and he suddenly turned around. He’s now facing you. He pulled your hand and made you lie down on his chest. “Stop. You’re making me feel like I’m drunk.” 

“What?” You chuckled. 

“I feel like I’m high just because of the words you’re showering me.” 

You moved a bit to his right to properly cuddle with him. “But it’s true. I’m so in love with every bit of you.” 

“And I am too.” He whispered to your ear before kissing the side of you head. “Ahhh, thank you for this. I feel really light and relaxed more than ever.” 

“Anything for you.” 

Sorry if it took too long. AGAIN. My laptop broke :( I’ll be accepting scenario requests soon! 

A Start Up List of Working Latina Actresses who reasonably *could* play Henry Mills’ Love Interest and Lucy Mills’ Mother

So I saw a few people yesterday trying to come up with actresses who might play next year’s “Mystery Woman” (who I think we are all for the moment predicting will be Princess Elena of Avalor). Anyway, I meant to do this yesterday…. but life, you know?…. so here are Latina actresses in their late 20s/very early 30s who could reasonably audition for the role.

In general, I try to keep up with Latinx Hollywood, but still this list was harder than I thought! Most of the more well known working Latinas are too old for the role, the famous ones who are the right age are OBVIOUSLY WAY TO EXPENSIVE for Once (Selena, Demi, I’m looking at you!) or currently working in large, mainstream roles (Stephanie Beatriz, Aubrey Plaza, etc). 

But here’s a starting list of roughly 10 or so potentials that I came up with, mostly former child stars looking for a “transition role”, a few from edgy streaming dramas who might be interested in the stability of a mainstream network paycheck, one who is so perfect I can’t imagine anything else now. I will put this out there, in case anyone is interested or curious…

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anonymous asked:

What I've wondered for a while now: Where were all the Senju in Naruto's times? There were enough Uchiha to fill a district, but only one living Senju: Tsunade. Did something happen? (Might explain Tobirama's actions if it happened early enough.) Did Hashirama pass them around like the Bijuu? "My clan marries into your clan/your clan heirs and takes your name to strenghten ties." = Everbody has Senju-blood somewhere. (Kato Dan as Tobirama's grandson? Hair-color would fit. Special jutsus too.)

Right??? This is one of the greatest mysteries in Naruto, imo. Just…where could they go? Did they die out? 

I mean. The loaned-them-out-to-other-clans-and-never-got-them-back-whoops thing could work, but then one would think Tsunade would be less wrecked in the aftermath of Dan’s death if she actually had family? 

(And while we’re on the subject did she even have parents?? Or was she born and Hashirama forgot and then decided she was his granddaughter??? I’m so confused by this family.)

Tickle Me Pink

Imagine a pocket-sized you pressing a tuft of pastel pink cotton candy to your chest, nibbling on bits and pieces of it as you drone out the bland voice of the weatherman reporting today’s weather conditions on the TV. Nothing particularly exciting is currently airing at the moment, so all you did was change the channel to the weather. Now, you lean against the remote control, careful not to lean on any of the buttons that could disrupt your mindless TV watching.

Some time later, the front door opens, and in comes the resident Jimin, who quickly throws his bag to his side and plops his body onto the couch behind you. Running his fingers through his newly-pink fringe, Jimin leans back comfortably and slowly takes in the information about today’s weather conditions. Seeing as though there is finally something, or rather someone, to divert your attention from the boring weather, you quickly rise up from the side of the remote control and make a 180-degree turn.

That is when you finally notice the difference in the hue of his hair. His hair has definitely taken a turn for the better. You never considered pink to be a color that Jimin might go for, as his other concepts usually left him with darker hair. It seems after Yoongi’s hair finally returned its natural color, Big Hit had to find another victim for their endless hair dyeing.

It didn’t really occur to you the moment you first landed your eyes on Jimin’s pink hair, but the locks actually reminds you of the cotton candy resting between your arms. The lightness of the color resembles a pastel pink, very similar to your current snack. Lifting the small bunch of pink sugar, you plop it on the top of your head and strike a pose, your arms in two triangles as your hands rest behind nape of your neck. After doing so, you call for the BTS member’s attention.

“Look, Jiminie! I dyed my hair pink too!”

Glancing down to your figure, Jimin spots you posing dramatically with the piece of cotton candy stuck to your head. The pink fluff almost resembles an afro, and you just look so darn silly with a pink afro that he can’t help but attempt to stifle his laughter. Of course, he fails and his adorable giggles escape as his upper half bends over. His entire body falls to the side, and he’s consumed with laughter.