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me-kado  asked:

Hi! May I request an ideal type headcanon for Koga, Ritsu, Eichi, Natsume, and Adonis? Like what type of person who think they would go for? I'm curious of what you think. Thank you if you decide to do it!

i’m answering that request so fast because i already have notes about everyone’s ideal type lmao… (also a bunch of ideas for AUs… sigh) i use these guidelines for matchups ! these are just my opinion though, and some of the boys are pretty flexible in their tastes~ so they could fall for someone a bit different ! keep that in mind ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Adonis :

  • this boy wants to date someone he can protect
  • weak to small and delicate people, they look like they need his help and he can’t look away !
  • he would find the good in anyone, no matter what they’re like
  • would fall for someone who reminds him of a small animal
  • he’s not at ease around scary or intimidating people, he likes nice and easy to approach people better
  • would like someone relatively simple but gentle
  • he’s so weak to smiles !

Koga :

  • he literally never thought about dating before, he lives in his own world, veeery far from romance !
  • that boy won’t notice anyone until they actually make a move on him
  • he wants to date someone he can impress with his Manly Man™ antics
  • would like someone smaller than him, it boosts his ego ! besides he can use them as an armrest
  • he wants someone he can Protect™, even though he might be the one who needs to be protected at times…
  • likes sensitive people, as opposed to his own insensitive and brusque personality
  • he’d get bored quick if they don’t have a quirk or two !

Natsume :

  • this boy has the highest standards
  • he absolutely wants someone he can tease and fluster, as he’s pretty sadistic and has a way with words
  • but they also have to be quick-witted and sharp-tongued, and he loves it when they tease back !
  • likes strong-willed people but they must have a cute side, which they may or may not keep secret
  • he’s weak to clever or well-read people
  • loves it when he knows they made an effort to look especially cute for him !
  • intrigued by quirky and/or unpredictable people

Ritsu :

  • he’s also part of the High Standards Club
  • looks are pretty important to him and he’d like someone who’s cute
  • wants someone nice and caring, who’d baby him and basically just treat him like their lap cat
  • likes easily-flustered people, he thinks they look really cute
  • loves it when he’s being pampered !
  • needs someone more down-to-earth than he is, as they’re pretty much going to constantly babysit him
  • he doesn’t have interest in flat or boring personalities


  • very high standards, part 3
  • this boy has everything already, so he wants to fall for someone unique
  • he loves people who set apart from the crowd and finds himself to be obsessed with them
  • weak to confident and charismatic people, who know their way through conversation
  • absolutely wants someone he could see as a rival, who’s strong-willed and refuses to bow down before him !
  • would melt if they have a cute and/or clingy side too
  • he likes people who dress sharply !