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[Trans] 170906 Jimin on RM on Serendipity


내가 자랑하려고 했는데 왜 먼저 얘기했어 ㅋㅋㅋ
모니형이 좋은곡 만들어줬어요
많이 들어주세요 ㅎㅎ

What is this

I was going to brag but why’d (he) say it first ke ke ke
Moni-hyung made me a good song
Please listen to it a lot haha

Trans by @bangtoori

161108 RM’s Last Broadcast FC Post // Trans

Last Broadcast Rain.

Bangtan had their last broadcast. We had the last broadcast, and it’s raining.
It’s almost feels like the rain was waiting to come down.

Since I learned a bit of what loneliness is, or whenever it was I don’t really remember but, I’ve ended up really liking the rain. Even though no one would know, I would often do things like go around by myself chasing the rain without an umbrella. (Honestly, I still do sometimes.)

Rain is very similar to music. Depending on the background, the situation the expression changes and the nuance can be different. Sometimes you definitely feel the perfect sadness and sometimes it’s a complete opposite, and other times it’s purifying, rest, a bitter smile, and other such things.. But my likeness for the smell of rain is never changing. Maybe it’s because the dust is being cleaned down.

In the last few years, I’ve always wanted to write a song relating to rain (we do have ‘Rain’..but a version is that completely my own). Although I haven’t really thought it through, of the songs I like, a lot of them are about rain. Epik High hyungs’ Umbrella, Let it Rain, Younha noona’s Sound of Rain, X-Japan’s Endless Rain, FreeTEMPO’s Rain, Razah’s Rain, Teacher Kim HyunShik’s Like Rain Like Music, etc..it’s really a lot. That’s how much rain has gladly become someone’s muse.
And the world is a little bit more liveable thanks to the rain.

The contents we learned as a child from a science book - that fact that, the volume of Earth’s water is constant and it can become the sea, become the river, become the rain and so the Earth continues to spin - was so so fascinating. The idea that the rain droplets that are tapping against my window could be from the far Himalayan mountains. Ever mixing and being shared..I would think I too want to live like a rain droplet, but I also wonder what would happen if rain droplets understood loneliness.. It’s a bit sad. I keep going back and forth.

Anyways, Like the falling rain, a lot of things passed by like a panorama in one month. I still can’t believe, as much as I try, that we already had our last broadcast. I know it’s cliche but it really was like that this time. For you and me, it was a 4 weeks where the rain came down like none other before.

The world calls that rain ‘Korea’s Best Rainfall in Years’, ‘The First such and such Rain’, ‘_00mm’* and with words similar to these people will record and of course this is a very happy thing but, we can’t simply use such numbers to represent our rain. This is something just we know. Before this rain, there were a myriad of other rains that fell and in our eyes, in your eyes, whenever we’re standing on stage, and on my body rain is always falling. In every moment the floods and waves are collectively hitting.

In this moment I’m not at a faraway place, but I really like that I’m here with you guys mixing and falling together as rain droplets. And so I just really wanted to say that I didn’t want us to be remembered just by several numbers.

They say singers follow their song titles. As the song title says, this rain contains mine and all of your blood, sweat, and tears.

Listen carefully to the rain sounds right now!
What is it saying to you

P.S. Sorry of this was a bit cheesy. But since it’s the last broadcast! Here was my last broadcast thoughts.

Trans by @bangtoori

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With the downworlders of New York on the brink of an uprising, the Clave contact the Dublin Institute to request the transfer of one of their most promising young shadowhunters. Despite her young age, Danielle Trevelyan is one of the most learned shadowhunters in the history and inner workings of Seelies and their cultures, and its for that reason that Dani is instructed to act as a mediator in the peace negotiations. 

But book smarts can only get you so far, especially when you’re up against the Seelie Queen.

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