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reader is a mermaid/merman as they got lost from the great sea, they end up in Zora's Domain, when they bump in to Prince Sidon, seeing as he is a shark they are scared at first but Prince Sidon are interesed in what they are, slowly they begin to trust Prince Sidon, so when Sidon ask them to meet there father, they get fluttered because they can't stand on her tail, and afther that fluff happen if you don't mind <3 <3 <3

Hey darling! I noticed you mentioned “her tail” on the request, but used mostly gender neutral pronouns elsewhere. So for now, I’m going to stick to gender neutral, but if you want me to change that, just say so and I can do some edits. Also, this is why I took so long yesterday, it wound up going for a lot longer than what I expected. if I get enough requests for it, I might consider making it a series in the future, it was a lot of fun to write! Hope you like it, I was psyched to write this!

-Mod Pinks

Mermaid/man s/o lost in the rivers (Sidon) (Warning: Mild Cursing)

No. No no no no nO NO!

Again the angry waves of the sea slammed down on them, forcing them deeper into the new territory than they had ever dared to go, all while the river tried to shove them back out to the treacherous sea.

A simple mission to find special river herbs to make some medicine, that’s all it was supposed to be. They hadn’t meant to take so long. They hadn’t seen the storm, how could they have known what was to come. 

More waves crashed heavily and they found themselves swimming harder upstream, trying to escape the dangerous waters. Suddenly, they felt themselves start to swirl. Oh no- the river joined with another, and the current propelled them uncontrollably away from the sea, and all they could do was scream and hope for the best, as the current dragged them further and further from the sea. 

That had been nearly 2 weeks ago, and ever since then, (Name) had been objectively and fully lost in these new waters. They had no idea where they were, and the last time they stuck their head out of the water, they had been attacked by the strangest green and red creatures they’d ever have the displeasure of coming across. 

Thanks the Wave-Bringer that they weren’t due back to their home for another 2 months- they had left on an expedition to get and study new medicinal herbs, and while (Name) couldn’t argue that the objective was certainly well-over completed, they longed to find the exit so as to be back in waters they knew.

Couldn’t deny that these new waters had piqued a bit of their interest. They were much sweeter, and the fish in them were as well, so starvation was far from a problem. And the sights in them-! Why, whenever they stuck their head out of the water and weren’t immediately chased away, they’d see sights they’d never imagine before. Green luscious mounds of some sort of plant, boulders so tall they looked like they could reach the sky- and beneath the river, scores of fish and plants they wished they had the time to study.

Perhaps when they managed to find their way out, they’d have to come back to map and study everything specifically in the rivers- there was so much to study and see and rUN AND AVOID IS THAT AN OCTOPUS FIRING BOULDERS AT THEM HELLS NO RETREAT RETREAT!!!! 

Time waits for no man, and right now (Name) assumed life waited for no lost merfolk who were about to possibly die, so with all their might they swam in spirals away from the horrendous creature of death, searching for a place to hid- THERE! With surprising speed, they rushed to a little hole in the side of the river, relieved they found shelter at such a time of fear- WHUMP.

Why was the Universe so vindictive? Did they unknowingly kill some orphan’s best seahorse on accident in another life to deserve this- this- HUMILIATION.

Twisting and turning, shoving and heaving, (Name) faced the terrible realization that there was no way in hell their lower half was going to fit. Coincidentally, there was no way their upper half was going to be easy to dislodge from the hole, not within their lifespan at least.

Damn it. They were going to die from getting a direct hit from a rock octopus to the ass after getting stuck in a damn hole. Maybe it was for the best that they were lost alone, goodness knows that if there were living witnesses they’d have to haunt their ass to ensure their silence.

Good bye, beautiful world. May the Wave-bringer bring their soul back to the sea-

Was that blood they smelled? Why did they smell blood? Why wasn’t it there own, did the octopus managed to hit itself oH GOODNESS WHY WERE THERE A PAIR OF HANDS ON THEIR TAIL?!

“Looks like you got yourself in a bit of a bind, friend.” Huh? “Don’t worry, I’ll have you out in a moment.” Rescue..? People?! Oh thank you Wave-bringer! Her temple was going to get a big donation of fish the second she got back for sending them a rescuer! (Name) excitedly pushed their hands against the dirt, trying to help their hero dislodge them from their badly-chosen prison, shoving and pushing with all their might as they felt as if their tail was being pulled out of existence. Just a bit more-!!!!

Whump. Freedom! Sweet glorious freedom! They heard a gasp behind them- right, the owner of the two hands still on their tail, they best turn and thank them for helping… them.

Huh. Suddenly, the rock octopus made a lot more sense. After all, could they really fault the poor creatures for having to evolve the ability to toss boulders when tHE SHARKS IN THESE WATERS SOMEHOW KEPT THEIR ORIGINAL BODY BUT ALSO GREW A TORSO WITH ARMS AND TWO EXTRA TAILS.


“Hey! Wait-!” Nope nope they were out of there, twisting in it’s grasp quickly forcing it to let go as (Name) booked it down the river, continuing the way they were going with much more rejuvenated vigor and determination than before. A trail of bubbles was all they left behind them as they swam with everything they had, praying they lost that…that….shudder Shark-being. If they ever made it back to the ocean, they would leave that part out. No need for stupid idiots to call them a liar over this, they wouldn’t believe them anyway.

Especially the part where they kept running into the creature for days on end. Every day, at least once, or sometimes unfortunately twice, they’d spot the red and immediately start swimming until their fins couldn’t move an inch, escaping the teeth just barely. Sometimes the creature would be strange, and throw a fish at them, as if trying to feed them right before they ran off. Other times, (Name) would wake from a daydream to see it swimming alongside them, smiling and watching. Those days were particularly terrifying. 

They hated to admit it though- they had grown somewhat used to seeing the red streak, and was actually growing - dare they say it- attached to strange little being. It was at least a presence they could interact with for a few moments everyday. 

Which made today so strange. No red, no sign of it anywhere. They should have been relieved, but they couldn’t shake the feeling that it was nearby, waiting, watching, for a chance to strike. Hours passed, and finally, finally, they no longer felt the sense of dread upon them, and they stopped…somewhere in the river. At least they weren’t retracing their steps, that’s the good news. They looked around them, listened and observed for what must have been an hour at least, waiting for anything, any signal to book it.

There was none.Whew.

But it was late. The shadows of night crept upon them, and if a sharkperson and boulder octopus were scary at daylight, there was no way they were going to gamble with running into them in the dark, absolutely not. 

After some searching, a few boulders moved and some seaweed gathered for a decent bed, (Name) curled up beneath the shelter of boulders they had made, laying on the cool seaweed. Today had taken its toll, and within moments, they were asleep, dreaming of making their way home safely.


Groooan…. infernal fish, with their incessant need to make so much noise in the mornings.


Hrmph. Dedicated lousy fish, couldn’t they see they hadn’t slept in ages?


….That’s not a fish, is it…?

Opening one eye, they hoped, prayed, that it was all some hoax, a late night illusion.

And saw a mouthful of grinning shark teeth.

“Ah, you’re awake, good. I was afraid you were hurt; the river bed is no place to rest-”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!” Not letting its startled reaction to their scream go wasted, (Name) launched forward between its tails, swimming blindly as their bleary mind struggled to make up from down this early in the morning- resulting in slamming straight into the river bed.

Well. That wasn’t exactly graceful. 

“I’m so sorry, I-I hadn’t meant to startle you- are you injured-? Wait don’t-!” Oh Wave-bringer below what was charging at them, they couldn’t see anything, their mind was too exhausted to see anything straight- what was it?!

“PLEASEDON’TEATMEIPROMISEYOUITASTEAWFULAAAAAAH!!!!” (Name) swam back into their boulder shelter, slipping between its arms and curling as much as they could as far back into the makeshift shelter as they could fit. This is it. This is where they die. Goodbye cruel world.

“Eat- Oh, so that’s why you- I’m very sorry if I gave you that impression, but I assure you I don’t eat people. They don’t taste particularly good- no no that was a joke! A joke!” The creature seemed more distressed as (Name) pushed further back into the shelter, not comforted one bit. The creature sighed, and swam up t the entrance, extending its hand forward gently.

“Let’s start over, please. My name is Sidon, Prince of the Zora people, and you are in my home-”
People? A-as in, more of you???”
“Yes, but I promise you, just like me, they don’t eat people. And honestly, I am sorry for scaring you, I just… hadn’t seen someone like you before so I was a bit tongue-tied at that time… Please, come out of the cave, I just wish to talk to you.”

Hmm… it sounded sincere… And upon closer exposure to it- his- hand, (Name) saw that whatever a ‘Zora’ was, it didn’t seem to have the skin of a shark… so maybe… maybe it wasn’t a shark.. person… And if it really did want to eat them, he could have done so so many times by now (daydreaming and swimming were going to be the death of them someday). 

“…How do I know I can trust you?”
“er… If at any point I scare you again, you are free to hit me and run- I will not chase you and will never bother you again.”
“…You swear this?”
“Yes. On my honor as Prince.”

….It’s not like they had a whole lot of better options… If anything else, if they died, at least it would be quicker than starving in a shelter as someone circled above waiting for them to starve to death. Hesitation wrecked their body, doing little to stop them from slowly edging to the exit of the shelter and even more slowly exiting it.

Getting a good first look at the crea- man before them, (Name) finally saw him beyond the terrifying teeth and head shape. Red, brighter than more fish in the sea, danced on his skin. Deep yellow eyes, metal necklace and a strange… poofy white thing on his person. And huge. Can’t forget his huge height.

All in all though, not *quite* as terrifying as they had first seen. Still, they kept their distance as this Sidon sized them up as well. 

The man had a very nice smile, (Name) had to admit that. Even if the teeth were still making sure they stayed a nice few meters away from him. 

“Oh. Sorry, I had not meant to gawk but… I’ve never seen anyone quite like you before. Who are you, and what are you?”

“…(Name), Scholar of the North-sea merfolk clan. I’m a merfolk. A… pleasure to meet you. S-…Sorry for screaming.”

“Likewise (Name), and apology accepted.” Strange. Their name sounded… somehow warmer when they said it. Damn it, they really needed to get back, this isolation was not good for their soul at all. “If I may ask, what brings you to the Zora domain? The sea is weeks away.” 

“I assure you, I had no idea I was in anyone’s domain. I’ve been lost in these rivers for weeks trying to get back to the sea.”

“…You’ve been trying to get to the sea, and you wound up here?”
“In the Zora Domain?”
“…Listen, if you’re going to sass me, at least use real life stuff to do it-”
“-You really are lost, the sea is in the exact opposite direction of us.”



“…Beg your pardon?”
“The Zora domain’s stronghold is a lake, not a few hours continuing this way in the river-”


The sea, by river at least, is at least 2 weeks of navigating the rivers away.”

“…I…I….see…” Take a deep breath, (Name), deep breath. Aaaaaand try to figure out the right thing to say now to Prince Sidon, this awkward silence really isn’t helping in the “not crazy” argument more than likely going on in his head. “Thank you, for…clarifying that Your, uh…Your High-ness, is that the right-? Okay, good.” Awkwardly drummed their fingers against the sides of their tail, really unsure as to what to say. Half a month really had done no favours to their people skills at all. “Soooooooo…., I had best be getting on then. 2 weeks of swimming and all. Again, sorry for the whole ‘screaming my head off thing,’ won’t happen again-”

“Perhaps I can help you/So see you later/Oh sorry you go first/No, you/I-”
“Please. I gave you more than a difficult time earlier, and I can see this is something that distresses you. Allow me to make it up to you.”
“…What exactly did you have in mind?”



…. Looking back, maybe having an actual bed to sleep on and a water-proof map of all the rivers wasn’t as worth it as they had thought. Not that being surrounded by more Zora sharkpeople (minus the fin, what had happened to the fins, were they chopped off, what-) was bad, though it certainly didn’t help out a whole lot, what with their intense staring and all. It’s just…

Most people prefer to be surrounded by stuff they can actually move in, that’s all. 

“Allow me-”
“No no, I can do this, just give me a mom- A-HA! There we are!” It was wiggly, “standing”, as the prince put it, on their tail, but it was something. Even if it was faaaaaaar from dignified. “As you were saying, you said you believe your father can be of assistance to me?”

He nodded enthusiastically. “Of course! Father knows our rivers like the back of his hands. If anyone can find a fast route to the sea, he can. And he’ll no doubt want to know of our new neighbors in the sea.” 

“ ‘New”  is a strong word, but I can understand that-”Splash. 

“Surely you’ll let me help you, you can’t just move like this in these waters, they’re too shallow.” (Name) politely waved off the prince’s outstretched hand, wobbling back into an upright position. The shallow water forced them to, which was relatively demeaning, but with a bit more practice, they should be able to somewhat navigate it. 

“Help me how exactly? Don’t worry, I’m getting the hang of this “standing” stuff, it’s the uh… what’s that other word-”
“Yes, that! Just give me a moment, I can figure this out-” Splash. “Just, one moment, so jumping didn’t work, what about” Splash “…If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”Splash. “…About that help…” They did their best to feel no offense as the prince stifled a laugh at their clumsy attempts to walk with one tail. No doubt it did look rather silly. He knelt down towards them, his arms outstretched. 

“May I?”
“…Sure.. what exactly are you doiNG?!” From demeaning to just undignified, the little squeak at the end they gave at the sudden shift of position was just not respectable in any way. Nor was the way their arms tightly gripped ‘round Prince Sidon’t neck any way close to being ‘respectable,’ they hadn’t been held like this since before they learned how to swim. “…Guess that does solve the problem, even if the solution is rather… unorthodox.”

“Have you never been held like this?”
“I’ve never been fully above water, period. This is…strange, but nothing some time can’t help.”

Secure in his arms, (Name) finally had a chance to take it all in. Arcs high above, silver blending into the water and lit up by the brightly-colored people in its very inconveniently shallow waters. Were they an artist, they could argue it was objectively stunning. 

(Name) was in a whirl. Stunning sights all around, people with knowledge that back home they hadn’t even begin tapping in, incredible culture and people that were kind of terrifying but also so strange and new. And charming in the case of some particular individuals.

They looked up at their red rescuer, and couldn’t help but give a bit of a smile.

Maybe they would enjoy those extra two months after all.

Why Pledis isn’t a Problem, or why Seventeen won’t be Nu’est

I decided to write this post a little while ago, because even though I didn’t get an actual anon on it, it’s something that comes up in conversation a lot. People are always mentioning Pledis’s previous failures, and how they’re worried for Seventeen’s future, and then they’ll comment on how I don’t seem to be worried at all. And that’s because I’m not, and I wanted to explain why. Also, while I was writing this out, I found this post by @persephonebasilissa​ (who runs a super tight, really really great blog, by the way) and it makes a lot of really good points, so I edited it a bit to reference to it. It might seem like I’m contradicting her, but bear with me for a bit, because I’ll explain it all. That post also outlines some really good ideas for Seventeen’s future and how they can continue to ride their momentum, so definitely go read it, but this post focuses a bit more on why After School and Nu’est failed, and why Seventeen isn’t doomed to the same fate. 

When I first got into Kpop, I was actually very interested in business. My mother had a job working in social media marketing, and my sister had just started dating an entrepreneur who pretty much just starts businesses and then sells his ideas to people who can keep them going, and it fascinated me. And then getting more and more into the culture and the world of Kpop, I learned a lot about how to have a successful product, and the first thing that you have to realize is that the music is the product and the company is just trying to sell it. The artists image, the talents of the group, even the people themselves can be in the eyes of a businessman as just a product that needs to be sold. In the past, Pledis products do not have a good track record, and they need to completely rebrand. So to understand why Seventeen isn’t going to fail, we need to understand why their other groups did.

After School debuted in 2009 with a pop style and a concept of adding new members and graduating out old members. In their first year, they opened for The Pussycat Dolls, and although their initial debut wasn’t too popular, they became more well known with the release of Because of You. They won on Inkigayo three times for Because of You. The next year, they released Bang! which featured a concept with a marching band, which was developed into Let’s Do It, in which they work as a functioning, actual drumline even for live performances. They debuted in Japan in 2011, released Flashback in 2012, and then First Love in 2013 where they brought a concept of Pole Dancing to the stage, but even though they remained fairly well known, they never won another music show after Because of You. Now, from After School, we can figure out that Pledis artists problem isn’t because they aren’t hardworking or talented. Turning your group into a functioning drumline requires an insane amount of sync, and pole dancing is very physically strenuous and painful and is as much of a sport and a workout as it is a dance. So it can’t be said that Pledis artists fail because they don’t work hard.

Nu’est debuted in 2012 with a “Urban Electro” style. Their debut song, Face, actually had very good numbers and sparked hopes for Nu’est’s future success. Currently, Face is at over 46,900,000 views on 1theK. But if you look at their following songs such as Action, released in the same year and currently only at 13,800,000 views, Hello and Sleep Talking released the following year with 10,000,000 for Hello and then only 5,800,000 for Sleep Talking, Good Bye Bye with 5,400,000 in 2014, and then just under 1,400,000 for I’m Bad in 2015, it’s clear that Face’s popularity was a fad that died quickly. What we can deduce from Nu’est is that Pledis artists don’t fail just because they’re from a small company, and they don’t fail because no one is interested in them. In fact, Ren is an extremely recognizable face in kpop, and among reaction fans and video fans he’s a favorite to show to newcomers to the fandom because of his feminine features. The potential is there, so why isn’t the popularity?

There are other Pledis artists of course who failed, such as Hello Venus which was a collaborative with Fantigo who has since been split from Pledis, but these are the two I want to focus on in relation to Seventeen because these are the ones that prove that Pledis artists are capable of gaining fans and of being well known and being popular. Probably Pledis’s most well known group, Orange Caramel, is a sub-unit of After School, set apart by their unique concepts and fun songs. So it’s not that Pledis artists aren’t unique and they fail because they’re the same as every other artist. So what is the problem? Well, circling back to the product example, to sell a product, you have to make your product worth selling and then you have to prove that it’s worth buying with marketing. And in the past, this has been a big problem with Pledis, marketing and promoting their artists correctly. For Nu’est, they were rushed to Japan to try and become a worldwide group before their place as a Korean group was established, leaving most casual viewers to fall prey to “Yeah, there was one music video I really liked… I wonder where they went to because I haven’t seen anything with them since” syndrome. The point of a subunit is to gain new followers for the main group, as well as to express a side that hadn’t been seen of the group before. But Orange Caramel’s success was harmful to After School, as people began seeing them as Nana, Lizzy, and Raina of Orange Caramel and After School fell away from the spotlight, even in group promotions when the MCs would recognize Orange Caramel and give them more time than the actual group due to Pledis’s bad promotion of Orange Caramel as part of After School and not an entirely new group with an entirely new concept. 

All of this can be incredibly worrying. But the main point of this post is why we don’t have to worry about the same thing happening to Seventeen. After all, it’s not a different company. It’s still Pledis, so why won’t they screw over Seventeen? And the fact of the matter is, they probably will. They kept this one group locked away for three years in the Pledis basement before debuting them, as if they didn’t have much confidence in their ability to save Pledis. But I think that’s almost the key, is realizing that if Seventeen succeeds, it’s not going to be because Pledis has changed at all. It’s not going to be because suddenly they’ve figured out how bad they are at certain things and fixed it. It’s going to be because of who Seventeen is as a group.

To highlight my point, I’d first like to go to Seventeen project, episodes 2 and 3. In these episodes, there are similar situations. Seventeen is given a performance to do, they’ve prepared, blah blah, they’re on their way to the venue to perform. In episode 2, the PD announces that they sent out the venue name and time at noon the same day, and Seventeen’s reactions are immediately skeptical, understanding their target audience age and the time of year around exams where many fans might not be able to come, especially with short notice. As it turns out, they’re right, and very few people show up. This is what Pledis’s problem is, bad marketing. But then, the situation plays out differently in episode 3, where the PD announces that this time they announced it 3 days before, and Seventeen comes back with a response that no one expected. Clearly, in the last episode, they expressed their disapproval with the way it was handled and the announcement having such short notice, however they didn’t just expect the PD to do it differently this time. Instead, they took matters into their own hands and directly looked the PD in the eye and said the equivalent of “If you won’t promote us, we’ll promote ourselves” and went out with the stickers Mingyu designed by hand, their variety skills, and went to the crowd and drew them in instead of expecting the PD to be any different. Seventeen has seen Nu’est fail, they’ve seen After School die, and they are smart because they know exactly what they have to do. They have to expect the same thing to happen to them and they have to fix it themselves. How many people do you think would’ve come if they hadn’t seen the boys walking the street and inviting them? What kind of an impression does it leave to meet an idol on the street who personally raps for you and asks you to come to see his group instead of one handled completely by corporations who tell you what time to be there if you care? The fact of the matter is, Seventeen isn’t going to sit there and let themselves be screwed over, and if they have to they’re going to throw away dignity as idols and go get their own fans from the street, willing to work for it and do everything themselves, and that’s one of the main reasons they won’t fail.

Also, and here’s where I want to reference that post I linked earlier, Seventeen is extremely strong as a group. To quote Hoshi, they really are all better when they’re together, probably because they’ve been together so long. They’ve all been together through the painful, hellish amount of waiting. Coups had been promised into groups so many times just to be burnt, and then he finally gets his own group and they don’t even debut. How does he know this one is real? All of them had to go through that nervousness, and all of them had to face that uncertainty, but more than that they all had to face it together. As she pointed out, Seventeen wasn’t formed in a rush and thrown out the door. Despite it being probably awful and uncertain for the boys in the years predebut, it also helped them grow to have more time to be mentored in singing, dancing, variety, and even in leadership and it shows. Seventeen are a machine with a solid leadership program, they do everything themselves including producing and writing and choreographing, and they work as a team with an insane group dynamic that is so strong, even down to the units and the personality types within. The “conversation time” they do is because of a misunderstanding, I can almost guarantee, that could’ve broken the group apart because both sides weren’t expressed. In a large family, things need to be cleared up immediately or they spiral out of hand with people taking up sides and internal arguments, and the fact that Seventeen realizes this and once again takes matters into their own hands and does their little meetings every night to discuss things just brings back their level of maturity. They’re so solid, as a team, as a group, as friends, and (I’m actually going to quote the bible, amazing) a cord of three strands is not easily broken. 

You can also see it in One Fine Day, as the boys are left without their staffs. Coups says it, I think. He says something along the lines of “No matter what happens, as long as we work hard, we can be happy” and I think that really puts Seventeen into perspective as this group that is really strong because of what they’ve had to endure. Because they suffered predebut, and they still came out of it to debut and their debut and follow up was great coming from a tiny, broke company, they’ve already conquered so much. If they were going to give up, why didn’t they do it then? Because they didn’t, now they can face anything. They can face it strong and ready, they can face it together, and as long as they work hard, they can be happy because they’ve already survived that.

And then… Worst case scenario… Pledis completely falls apart as a company, and they break Seventeen and disband them. The truth of who Seventeen is doesn’t change at all, even as individuals. Vernon, for instance, is already very anticipated as a rapper. Assuming Seventeen breaks and he goes to pursue his own career, his own success won’t be entirely because of his talent but also because of what he learned from Seventeen. Because he knows how to promote with nothing and he knows how to take matters into his hands, he knows how to communicate and function in a group and he knows what it’s like to go through being a nobody and desperately wanting. He’s not from a privileged background in a big 3 company where, when he goes out on a solo career, he’s just popular because he is and sure, he’s talented enough, but he’s also a brat to people because he’d had everything handed to him and he doesn’t know how to be humble in the face of fame. And that goes for every single member of Seventeen. Are they perfect, flawless angels who have mastered everything? Of course not. They’re going to make mistakes and be humans. But Seventeen has a lot of experiences that most groups don’t have, and a lot of strength for it. Even some groups that have been around for years aren’t on their level in determination, teamwork, respect, humility, and most of all, the readiness to screw the system and do it themselves, to go out and get what they want with their own two hands. Did Pledis change? Did they successfully rebrand? Maybe, maybe not. But more than that, because of who they are as people and as a group, Seventeen almost can’t fail. And that’s why I am not worried at all about my boys.


Hey, look everybody! I made a userbox for the first time! 

I think it turned out really well and I enjoyed making it a lot. I’m even considering making a new blog just for making userboxes. 

I hope that you enjoy my usebox and the ones that might be coming in the future! 

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just so you know, i really love your kh video with kangaroo court, ITS SO GOOD -dreamqin-aes (the video insp ir ed me A LOT)

I can’t believe people actually enjoy my shit woW!! Might do another one but w/ another song in the future! But im still new to editing so that video video was basically me testing out more things at once. thoaHHH IM SO HAPPY PEOPLE ENJ O Y E D 

P.S. I really like the way you draw the characters its so cool combined with cute aaaAAA!!


I love these two far too much so I wanted to do a little edit with them. I had a lot of fun with this, might do more quick ones for the other OW heroes in the future c:

Also?? Tumblr’s video player can go sit on a cactus, it never wants to work so I have to upload to other sites >:[

Song is Jamie Berry - Out of My Mind

Dear Future Husband / Part 3

Previous Chapters

Word Count: 1938

disclaimer: might be a lot of spelling mistakes but I will edit it tonight! I just got it all ready and have to leave the house! :)


A sharp knock at the door pulled you from your work.

“Yea?” You yelled.

“Come over to my place in a half hour.” Chanyeol’s deep voice rumbled through the door, making your roll your eyes. “I mean it.”

You let out a huff, setting your laptop down as you got up to get ready.

Exactly a half hour later you were knocking on Chanyeol’s door. You folded your arms over your chest as you waited, too long, in your opinion, for him to answer the door. You were surprised by the sight you took in as he swung the door open.

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“Well, it might sound crazy but I want not to want. And I know that sounds nuts. I want to be present, and I know that sounds crazy too. I think we very often live in the future. Very often you spend a lot of your life looking ahead thinking about the future, thinking about your past and this separates a lot of consciousness and spreads you out and adds more stress and worry when the fact is all that we really have is right now, the only thing that is real is this moment and I think when you are really in that moment, it’s blissful.”


♡ Happy Happy Birthday to My Most Precious & Bestestest Friend whom I love the most dearly, Olga

I hope this day as well as every day from now on will be full of sunshine and happiness for you! Every day with you is like a gift to me, i guess that’s why i cling on you so much aha TT i’m sorry! We might change a lot in the future, but i truly hope that our feelings won’t. So please don’t push me awaaaay ~ I never want to lose you! ♡

Words can’t explain how much you mean to me ♡ ♡ ♡ Thank you for being my friend, my best friend! ♡ Let’s be friends for a long time, for a long long time ~ not any less than forever!!! ♡
I love you so so sooo very much, to the moon and back ♡ Happy Birthday Again! ~ my sun, my queen, my soulmate, my one and only partner in crime, my best friend! /huge hugs and kisses/ xo

When any actor starts they just want to get a job, but as you become more experienced you can get a bit picky, and think about what type of movie you need to do or what an audience might like to see you in next. Because I’ve done a lot of drama up to now, I know I want to do a comedy at some point. So I have that in my head for the future, but at this stage I think it’s important for me to play people not at all similar, because it seems to me that a lot of actors fall into that trap

Ok, but are we ever gonna get official videos of Rio? The gif ban has to be temporary, right? I mean, they have to upload the whole thing on the Olympic channel eventually.

If not, this is beyond sad. I mean ok, it’s taking away our fun of making gifs, but imo it’s more than that. It’s taking away a lot from (future) gymnastics fans. I didn’t have a clue of what was going on when I watched London live. I googled gymnasts’ names and found tumblr and all gifs and edits people were making and fell in love with the sport and the gymternet. I found the London youtube videos and watched them about a million times in the last four years.

Just saying, it sucks for people that might fall in love with the sport right now bc of the no Rio videos/gifs policy. It sucks for people that watched TF or AA, liked it, and want to rewatch or learn more about the sport.


Hampton court in the making!

I have been very quiet lately, mainly due to personal problems, but I’m finally getting my creativity back and restarted my own Hampton Court for my Tudor SImmies to live in.

It is no way near finished yet. It will have the great hall, chapel as well as being furnished in a complete Tudor Style.

As you can see I have attempted to create the fountain, I wish i could make it better, and might edit it in the future but for now, it is recognizable enough. 

The one thing I am gutted about is the scale, anyone who has played the SIMS3 before will know how small the largest lots are, so I have had to downsize the scale of the palace and I’m unable to fit the back of the palace on the lot, but I will try my best to capture the accuracy as much as possible. It’s not such a problem with the back part of the palace as that was not Tudor so I have been looking at old blue prints to see where everything goes.

More Pictures will follow the more I create. 

Elsword 4th Job Path Ideas: Elsword

Wow, I haven’t done one of these in a very long time. But people have been asking me to start up this chain of posts again, so here we go!

In this mini-series, I create my own fourth job paths for each character. I make story lines for them and generate what skills they might have. I’ve done 5 already, but the last post was several months ago. A lot of stuff has been happening with life, and then Elsword got that big revamp to throw off my skill trees lol. I might edit and repost some of my old fourth job paths to keep up with the new system.

Anyways, here’s my fourth job path for Elsword! I’m going to be using the new skill tree format in this post and future posts. I won’t make skill enhancement options though. Hope you enjoy!

Other 4th Job Path Ideas: [Aisha] [Rena] [Eve] [Chung] [Add]

Knight –> Bastion Knight –> Shade Lord

Storyline (BK): The ElGang managed to stop Wally No. 8 in an intense castle fight. After the battle, they investigated the remaining wreckage, and Elsword found something interesting. He didn’t know what it was, so he consulted Echo.

“Hmm, it looks like a Nasod defense core. Many Nasods are equipped with these to protect themselves. I wonder if we can combine it with your sword to enhance your defense”

Elsword and Echo worked together to craft a sword that had the core embedded in it by using salvaged Nasod parts from Wally No. 8. The new weapon allowed Elsword to cast energy shields and barriers just by swinging his sword. He was ready to continue his journey with his friends as the “Bastion Knight”.

Shield Generator (level 15 passive)

  • Gives Elsword the ability to cast an energy shield around him when using certain skills
  • Stores up to three shield charges
  • After casting a shield(s), it takes 5 seconds to recharge one shield (15 seconds to recharge from 0 to 3 shields)

Quick Guard (level 15 active, center)

  • Elsword swings his sword in a short arc to create an energy shield around him
  • Shield lasts for a certain duration, reduces received damage by 10%
  • Consumes 1 shield charge
  • No cooldown, but can only be casted if there are shield charges (and enough MP)
  • Can repeatedly cast to upgrade shield to level 2 and level 3 if there are enough shield charges. Each additional shield increases damage reduction by 5% (10+5+5=20% maximum damage reduction) and slightly extends the duration of the shield
  • Cannot be used to enhance the shield further if shield is already at level 3

Leading Wave (level 15 special active, right)

  • Elsword swings in a wide arc to send out an electrical shockwave forwards
  • Pressing the skill key again causes Elsword to fire another shockwave that costs no MP, but is weaker and consumes one shield charge

Forward Incision (level 25 special active, center)

  • Elsword summons four energy swords that surround the nearest enemy in front of him and slash at the target simultaneously

Rear Cover (level 30 active, center)

  • Creates a shield that follows Elsword around for a certain duration and always stays behind him
  • A certain chance to negate damage from behind, starting from 50% and increases as Elsword levels up
  • Requires one shield charge

Dream Curse (level 30 active, locked)

  • Places an energy bubble around the nearest target that reduces their movement, jump, and attack speed for a short time
  • Requires one shield charge

Dreaded Implosion (level 35 special active, left)

  • Elsword raises his blade, which opens up to reveal the Nasod core inside. The core glows red and sucks in enemies. As they’re dragged in, they receive continuous damage
  • If an enemy is sucked in far enough and makes contact with Elsword, they won’t be able to move or attack for 1 second

Defense Restoration (level 40 passive)

  • Slightly decreases the amount of time it takes to recharge shields

Storyline (Shade Lord): Elsword was pretty happy with his Nasod sword and its defensive capabilities, but a certain friend of his felt it could be improved upon. Eve, the Nasod queen, suggested he could upgrade the Nasod core to enhance his skills.

“You know, Nasods are not only famous for being able to take hits. Many units are able to avoid hits altogether. If you can do that, the defense core will not be strained during battle,” said Eve.

Eve made some adjustments to his weapon, giving Elsword the ability to create alternative types of shielding. With the new skills at his disposal, Elsword continued his quest to retrieve the El, defeat the demons, and protect Elrios!

Seismic Crasher (level 35 special active, center)

  • Elsword leaps up and throws his sword into the ground. The sword then creates a chain of explosions that travels forwards extremely fast and drags enemies

Retreating Slash (level 35 active, right)

  • Elsword quickly slashes with his sword, then leaps backwards
  • Super armor while casting

Risky Guard (level 35 passive)

  • Reduces the chance of receiving critical hits while being attacked

Heavy Slicer (level 45 special active, center)

  • The Nasod sword becomes coated in energy, greatly increasing its size. Elsword then swings it in front of him multiple times to deal tons of damage
  • As the sword hits targets, it creates explosions that can also damage opponents

Controlled Chaos (level 45 special active, locked)

  • Elsword holds up his sword, which creates a red flash
  • The flash deals minor damage to enemies while debuffing them. The debuff increases the amount of damage their receive by 5%
  • The flash also creates a shield around Elsword and any nearby allies. The shield will initially reduce incoming damage by 50%, but as time goes on, the shield weakens until it reaches 0% and dissipates
  • Requires 1 shield charge, but will consume all shield charges
  • For every shield charge consumed, the durations of the debuff and the shield will increase by a certain amount

Static Shield (level 50 active, center)

  • Elsword projects a large barrier in front of him that blocks enemy projectiles
  • Enemies cannot run through the barrier; they have to walk through it
  • Requires 1 shield charge

Crimson Ray (level 55 special active, center)

  • Elsword points the blade forwards and fires a red laser that lasts for a few seconds

Magical Screen (level 60 passive)

  • Increases all elemental resistances

Wonder Guard (level 60 passive, locked)

  • When being attacked, gives Elsword a small chance to quickly teleport backwards a short distance and provide super armor for a short duration

Hyper Active: Impenetrable Prison

  • A massive shield dome surrounds the area, preventing anyone from escaping. Elsword then starts running around extremely fast, bouncing off of the shield walls while slashing at enemies. After dealing dozens of slashes, the dome glows with a bright light and explodes, dealing one final burst of damage