might do the other girls tonight too

Henry might have been empty, but at least he was having fun doing it. Pretty girls were candy and alcohol was punch and a couple times a week he’d choose a different flavor. Tonight was no different, him and his friends getting out of Henry’s car in lot next to one of their favorite bars –he’d get an uber home if he got too drunk. That was a routine he was pro at. Pocketing his keys and shoving his fists into the front pockets of his jeans, his footsteps fell in line with the two other guys he was with, slipping through the bar doors as his buddy held it open for him. Instantly, blue eyes scanned the crowd for opportunity, though his feet took him straight to the bar to order a drink. Loosening yourself up was key, he found. “’Excuse me,” he muttered, pressing past the crowd with his friends who were being completely idiotic, almost yelling about a hot brunette they saw when they came in. 

Drink ordered and a shot taken, Henry found a seat at one of the sparse barstools while the other two males stood near him with beers in their club like hands. If Henry would have been told his two best friends were jugheads in college, he would have been shocked. “Hen, there’s that girl who you never called back over by the door,” one of his friends told him, pointing over not so inconspicuously in her direction. But Henry shrugged, not interested. She wasn’t anything special. Just another “not like other girls”, all Kylie Jenner lipsticked out and contoured from head to toe. Sure, good sex was good sex, but he could get that anywhere. But then that same girl seemed to disappear in the crowd as more people ushered themselves in, trying to spend their Friday night some place that didn’t suck. Hmm, maybe I should text her, he thought. He would too, knowing that she was there –that is, if he didn’t see anyone else that caught his eye.