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Hello! my name is Tomas and I draw!! I’m also rlly poor lol

but I want to start doing commissions mostly to challenge my drawing abilities and make some money out of doing something I love!

I am also going off to college soon and I need to rack up some money in order to pay off school and be able to eat and such.

if you’re not interested reblogging and spreading the word would help me a lot!!

if you would like to see more of my work it’s available here!



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             Presenting Grace’s Fan Script Special: VIBE

My Special Project is finally here! I’ve been sitting on this project for some time now, and I’m very excited to be able to share it with all of you guys!

Firstly, I’d like to thank @vitess for supporting me and helping me through some of my ruts when I was working on this. If it wasn’t for Misha, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to finish this. If no one else enjoys this series, at the very least I know you will Mish. The same thanks goes out to the rest of my squad, @alwaysxlate, @offorensiics, @offrostyexpressions, @chainedwitch, & @im-a-hawker! You guy’s enthusiasm really got me going in this fandom, and helped keep my steam rolling.

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juuuuust popping by to say that i’m still not feeling super great about any of my blogs atm, but i might try to do some replies after i get off work.  but i’ve also fallen back into the pit that is bleach so i’m a little… distracted by that, too.  idk.  i’m in a creative rut atm, but hopefully i’ll claw my way out of it soon.

Hey there and welcome to my art blog thing! Go check the description to why I decided to start such a thing but anyway here’s my first pic, just a drawing I made to start things off here. I plan do more very soon and also get into animation. But in the mean time I might share some doodles I make on paper here and there

( ooc ) sorry guys I haven’t been active in reply & making starters, work is taking so much of my time & when I do get bac home it’s usually just to sleep, only to go back to work when I awake.

So thank you for your patience.

Good news do I have 3 days more for my next off so I’ll be finishing those replies soon! For the mean time I might just send out memes to you guys, asks or my usual random bugging.

What’s your kingdom?

Everyone builds kingdoms. That’s a fact of life. Every action we make supports one kingdom or another. It turns out, though, that more often than not we build in the wrong one. Why do I say this? Because we either build in the interest of ourselves, or in the interest of the Kingdom of God. 

Do you want examples of earthly kingdoms? Fortune. People work their entire lives building a financial empire, but their sand castle will wash away as soon as they die. Fame. You might work your butt off to be in Hollywood’s spotlight, and you might even be able to stay there for a little while, but when was the last time you heard your friends talking about Madonna’s new album? She’s still alive and well, but fame will wane nearly as soon as it waxes. Again, your sand castle is washed away. Feelings. Is your whole life devoted to having one good relationship? Is a boyfriend or girlfriend the center of your world? Then you’ve devoted your life to a kingdom that is doomed to wash away. Relationships break. People die. If that is the investment you have made, it is doomed to return void.

Instead, build up the Kingdom of God! It is the only kingdom you can ever build upon that will have eternal significance. We have little time on this world, use it to make a lasting impact. Do things for others, spend time in His Word, share the amazing, wonderful news that He loves you with a love without condition, and desires a personal relationship with you. Build that relationship through prayer and meditation. This is the only way to assure that your life is used to the fullest, is by living for the Kingdom of God and abiding in Jesus.