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What the Main RWBY characters DO and DO NOT know going into Volume 5

Since Volume 4 had six separate plotlines going on, we the audience know a lot more than each member of team RWBY. It’s hard to keep track of who knows what, so I decided to compile everything that the characters do and don’t know. That way we can be properly prepared for Volume 5. For the sake of brevity Jaune, Ren, and Nora have the same knowledge pool as Ruby.

For reference, the six main plots or stories of Volume 4 were RNJR, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Oscar, and the Villains. I might make a post for the villains later, but I do not have enough information to say anything meaningful about the confusing Ozpin/Oscar situation, and the RWBY girls are the most important in any case. Let’s get started!



  • That Qrow and the rest of RNJR are ok
  • The basics about Salem, the Maidens, the Relics and the “Gods”
    • Since Qrow did not describe the Gods as being interventionary
    • I will assume that they are not until canon states otherwise
    • They are more backdrop than characters at this point
  • That Mistral is likely target for next Attack
  • That she is wanted by Salem for Silver Eyes stuff


  • That Yang has a new arm
  • That Yang is coming to visit her
  • That Blake has Sun with her
  • Why Blake left
  • That Blake might be coming
  • That Blake intends to take over the WF
  • That Qrow and Raven can shapeshift
  • That Raven is the Bandit Chief
  • That Weiss is coming to Mistral
  • The extent of Weiss’ awful family
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • That Watts or Hazel are bad guys
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Raven might have the Spring Maiden
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition
  • Anything about Ilia
  • Anything about Sienna Khan
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup



  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • That Ironwood does not trust Lionheart to be decisive
  • That Mistral is the likely next target


  • That Ruby and RNJR are in Mistral
  • That Ruby is wanted by Salem
  • That Yang has a new arm
  • That Yang is en route to Mistral
  • Why Blake left
  • That Blake is with Sun
  • That Blake intends on taking over WF
  • That Qrow is in Mistral
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • The basics of Salem, the Maidens, Relics, and “Gods”
  • Anything about Raven
  • Anything about Qrow’s Semblance or shapeshifting
  • That Hazel, Watts, and Tyrian are baddies
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • Anything about Ilia
  • Anything about Sienna Khan
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition



  • Something about Sienna Khan, surely
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup
  • A LOT about Ilia
  • That Mistral is next target


  • That Ruby and RNJR are in Mistral
  • That Yang is en route to Mistral
  • That Weiss is en route to Mistral
  • That Yang, Weiss, and Ruby were all separated from each other
    • That those three have been lacking each other’s moral support for months
  • That Yang has a new arm
  • That Qrow is in Mistral
  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • Anything about Raven past the Vol. 2 talk
    • No knowledge about bandits
    • No knowledge about portals
    • That Raven saved Yang from Neo?
    • You would think that Yang would tell her, but since the scene does not appear in canon I will assume that she does not know
  • That Hazel, Watts, and Tyrian are baddies
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • The basics of Salem, the Maidens, Relics, or “Gods”
  • That Ruby is wanted by Salem
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition



  • That Ruby, RNJR, and Qrow are in Mistral
  • That Mistral is the likely target for the next attack
    • Either Ruby told her or she deduced it from Ruby’s location
  • That Raven is somewhere around Mistral
  • That Raven is driven, ambitious, dedicated, and a steamroller both in battle and in life
  • That Tai blames Raven for the breakup of Team STRQ
    • as well as emotional damage to his family
  • That Raven is dangerous BUT ONLY IN A VAGUE SENSE
  • That Adam is a high-ranking WF member
  • That Adam was Blake’s partner
    • Blake says as much in Volume 2, chapter 10

MIGHT know:

  • That Blake is on Menagerie
    • She sailed on the same ship as Blake
    • With the same gossip-loving captain
    • Who might have told her about the Sea dragon
    • And the Hunters that saved him
    • Since the scene was not shown in canon, I leave it at a maybe
    • It is too important to Yang’s arc to happen offscreen


  • That Ruby is wanted by Salem & co.
  • That Weiss is en route to Mistral
  • That Blake is en route to Mistral
  • Why Blake left
  • That Blake is safe
  • That Blake may be coming to Mistral
  • That Blake had her family and Sun to look after her
    • Again, Blake could have told Yang about her parents, but since we have no canon scene I will presume she has not
  • That Blake is planning on taking over the WF
  • That Raven is a Bandit Chief who has killed entire villages 
    • Or ordered their deaths
    • Or left them to Grimm
    • In any case, Raven claims responsibility herself in her conversation with Qrow
    • Tai or Qrow could have told Yang off-screen, but since this discovery is so important to her character arc, I severely doubt it.
  • That Raven can shapeshift
  • That Raven has a “family” that she apparently values more than her biological family
    • Her tribe
  • That Raven is still playing “the game of thrones,” for lack of a better word 
    • despite her isolation
  • Whether Team STRQ broke up before or after Summer’s death
    • We don’t know either
  • That Raven may have the Spring Maiden
  • The basics of Salem, the Maidens, the Relics, and the “Gods”
  • That Winter is in Mistral
  • That Ozpin is in Oscar
  • That Atlas is preparing for war
  • Anything about Sienna Khan
  • That Adam is planning a WF coup
  • That Hazel, Tyrian, and Watts are baddies
  • That Lionheart is compromised
  • Anything about Qrow’s semblance or shapeshifting
  • Anything about Ilia
  • Anything about Cinder’s condition

That’s everything I have! I hope that I helped clear up any confusion. At the very least I helped myself be less confused. Here’s to Volume 5!

My Thoughts on Sun Wukong : Why he's starting to annoy me

So what’s my problem with Sun ? Almost Everything even his ship with Blake is problematic in my eyes since he lacks consistency. Which is a shame because Sun was introduced on such a good and funny note. Add on that his voice actor is Micheal Jones whom I love as a person and in general. I feel like his character had a lot of potential but it was sadly wasted.

Sun Wukong—this little monkey boy has been plaguing me ever since volume 1, and it has taken me years to finally comprehend why. If it wasn’t obvious, I don’t have anymore love for him or his team of misfits. Perhaps it may not seem notable at first, but there also appears to be a line that segregates the community when discussing him.  

Character and Development

Sun was introduced in chapter 15 of volume 1, and he was admittedly given a fairly minimal amount of screen time compared to the other character that we met in the same episode—Penny Polendina. In fact, Penny gets three times the screen presence than Sun (I know, I timed it). And while this doesn’t prove anything, it gives very little time to process that Sun even existed before having a more interesting character put in front of the audience.

However, chapter 16 is where we get to experience Sun in all his glory. Plus, we are told quite a bit from Blake concerning her background in the White Fang, giving reason to her actions in the previous episode. Keep this in mind, as this event is a very important detail that I’ll bring up later on.

To summarize his presence in the chapter, he comes off as a conceited, ignorant, light–hearted monkey faunus with tendencies for theft. If you think that’s being harsh, I can promise you that I am being generous in his description, giving him the benefit of the doubt like I did when I first watched the episode. Oh, and he has abs. This carries the same importance as Yang’s midriff… Which is none at all.

Moving on to volume 2—after the initial reintroduction of Sun and the premiere of Neptune (whom we will get to later), the pair are brought along on team RWBY’s secret mission. If I could ever find a good way to explain how shoehorned SSSN is, this would be it. I’ll give you a moment to let you remember the events of the next few episodes. Can you see where I might be going with this yet ?

To give a quick rundown without making you look at Wikipedia—Sun goes with Blake and Neptune goes with Yang; Ruby and Weiss are independent of the following events until later on. The purpose of their inclusion is unknown since both Neptune and Sun fail to contribute to the progression of these episodes. If you don’t believe me, then rewatch Chapter 4: ‘Painting the Town…’ for yourself and come back.

Sun says something quite notable in the first few minutes : “I don’t get it. If you believe what you’re doing is right, why hide who you are ?”

Again, I want you to keep this little interaction between Sun and Blake in mind, since it will become very important as we proceed. I promise, all of this will become relevant and culminate in your understanding of my stance on the matter.

Blake and Yang go about their task as they had planned, dragging Sun and Neptune around like dead weight. At most, the two contribute comedy to the episode, and I have no qualms with that act alone. It is the fact that it is ALL that they do. Can you see it yet ?

Even after everything goes down and Roman starts chasing after Blake and company in a prototype Paladin, both Sun and Neptune completely disappear for the rest of the chapter. Team RWBY then fights Roman and loses him after Cinder and Neo’s rescue. Where were the other two skilled huntsmen, you ask ? Eating noodles. Perhaps that was for the best.

I’ll skip to the end of this volume, since the whole school dance is irrelevant. There is no mention of team SSSN until the final episode of the second volume. To which they (again) are the butt of a joke and overshadowed by other characters—team CFVY.

Two down, two to go. I’ll be faster for these, for your sake and mine.

Volume 3 has the entirety of team SSSN, and it makes sure to show them off in the fight against team NDGO. They present Scarlet and Sage’s fighting styles, a swashbuckler and Monster Hunter Greatsword user respectively, and make more jokes. If it wasn’t obvious by this point, Sun and Neptune exist only for comedy. When there are no hijinks to be had, they aren’t accounted for.

Only in the last episode—I’m starting to see a pattern here—does Sun show any sort of character growth. He acts like a mature person, though only saying about three lines before being set aside for the real characters of volume 3 to do their thing.

In volume 4, Sun serves much of the same purpose (at least at the time of writing). Sun helps Blake fight the Sea Dragon, shows more of his ignorance to how the people around him function, acts all cute when he buddies up with Blake, and makes dem jokes. Seriously, I don’t have a problem with a character being funny (like Yang), but when your whole personality revolves around it. Well, I just don’t find you interesting.

And if you wanted to consider his bromance with Neptune as character development, you can include that too, but I would merely consider it a “Beavis and Butthead” situation; they’re both just stupid, regardless of their relationship.

Thus sums up the development and character of Sun… NEXT!

A Catalyst

So far, I’ve had you remember certain interactions between Blake and Sun. Well, this is where I use all of those things together. But, fear not, there is still another section after this one. Sorry, I know you wanted it to be over.

Throughout every volume and most episodes, Sun has been paired up with Blake. This has been a good thing… for Blake. See, back in volume 1 Sun was there to help Blake’s feeling of being alone when she thought that she couldn’t trust her team. In volume 2, there was the dance (which was irrelevant). In volume 3… well, not much. However, volume 4 is where the crux lies.

Blake left to do her own thing in volume four, abandoning her team and life at Beacon. Now, we can speculate the reasons all we want, but the fact is that she didn’t do it to track down Adam. Blake is a very mysterious person, and she often has a very self-destructive pattern in her actions. If you remember in volume two, she overworked herself to the point of exhaustion. This is where Sun comes into play.

In the series so far, we can conclude with evidence that Yang and Blake are extremely close friends, more so than any other combination of team RWBY. Whether you want to take that and run with it or dismiss it in favor of the monkey boy crush is irrelevant. Yang has kept Blake in check but is no longer with her in this volume. Sun is required.

The problem with the setup is this—Blake can play off of Sun, but Sun cannot play off of Blake. If you want my reasoning, recall the things that I asked you to remember. Blake’s character grew and matured through Sun and his attributes, but Sun has not changed at all. This is what we call a “static character”. But—in this case—he is simply a catalyst for Blake.


I’ve spent the better part of the month trying to find people’s opinions on team SSSN, whether that be through places like Reddit, Tumblr, or even going so far as to seek out fanfics with Sun as a character so that I could ask the author some questions. I’m not entirely happy about that, but I was desperate for information. Surprisingly, it wasn’t often that I got a straight answer.

See, in this respect, team SSSN is an anomaly. Their presence throughout the series has been constant, making several appearances in multiple episodes across every volume; however, their presence in the community is comparable to team ABRN. Yes we talk about them, but we don’t have a lot to say… Here’s a quote : ”No human ever has become interesting by not failing. The more you fail and recover and improve, the better you are as a person. Ever meet someone who’s always had everything work out for them with zero struggle? They usually have the depth of a puddle. Or they don’t exist.“ ~Chris Hardwick

Of course you could say, “Sun is a fictional character and doesn’t exist; therefore, it’s okay.” But at that point, I think you’re missing the purpose what what Chris is trying to get at. Anyway, I doubt that most of you are saying this, so I’ll move on.

I believe that this quote accurately represents what it is that I am trying to prove—team SSSN sucks. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that is as simple as I can break it down without removing the meaning. Oh, and before we really get into it, you should know that I am NOT telling you that you cannot like these characters. Opinion is opinion, and you are reading mine; if you disagree, please let me know.

Depth of Puddle

This section will pertain to team SSSN as a whole. While the quote I gave you only somewhat applies to Scarlet and Sage, they both must be looked at since they’re a part of the team.

Can you tell me a time where Sun was told “no“ ? Perhaps you bring up when he was denied the dance with Blake. However, he was able to go with her anyway. What about the times when he broke the law ? He never faced any repercussions. Has Sun ever been beaten in combat ? Not even once.

Sun is a living representation of a joke character with the attributes of a Mary Sue being forced into a role where he must not be any of those things. His character is so underdeveloped and flat that—at the current moment—having him with Blake actively works against him.

Look, I want Sun to be a better character for the sake of the show. I want him to be interesting and great, but I believe giving Sun the role that he now possesses without him ever showing any form of dynamism is a horrible mistake. And you can make the argument that he will grow as a character later on in the volume, but I have had three years to watch him make no progress.

His character is being given the role of an ocean while Sun only has the depth of a puddle. Speaking of water, Neptune is a person that exists !

Because of his nature, I don’t have as much to say about him as I do with Sun. He’s an egocentric but has redeeming qualities that tend to outweigh his faults (unlike Sun). He’s a flat character used for jokes, yet his quirks make him at least a little bit likable. And the fact that they haven’t used him in volume four (please let it stay that way) is a good thing.

Scarlet and Sage are much the same, though they’re less used for comedy. Still, they’re flat and uninteresting, but that is through no fault of their own. They played their part and didn’t come back, and that makes them neutral in my book.

My problem with BlackSun as a ship

So, like I said earlier Sun as a character only exist to further Blake’s character but only does so in volume 1 and 4. This is bad character writing Sun is either comedic relief or a catalyst for Blake’s character development and sometimes even fails as both of those. I was hoping they would explore him more in volume 4, but they didn’t which is saddening. Volume 1, he serves as a Faunus that Blake can open up to only to be forgotten in ch16 because Blake should be opening up to her friends not a random guy. Volume 2 Sun is useless and serves as a punching bag of disinterest that Blake continuously uses. She goes with Sun to the dance because I guess Sun asked so why not that’s my best explanation cause Blake sure didn’t show any interest in him beforehand. Mind you Yang also had to convince her not Sun. Don’t worry though that’s not the only time Yang does something that Sun the person who is in love with Blake could and should be doing.

Sun’s Disinterest

Does Sun even know who Adam is ? Why doesn’t Sun the person who loves Blake go out looking for her ? Why wasn’t it Sun who saw Adam instead of Yang ? Sun was pretty useless in the mech fight. Hell the students that were there were already enough to handle it especially after Weiss summoned. Soooo ? Sun ? You’re love interest ? They legit shoved Bumblebee in our faces by showing that Yang cares about Blake way more than Sun does considering he never even asked about her. Remember that wonderful scene that Bumblebee defenders always bring up where Blake grabs Yangs hand and cries and says “I’m sorry” ? Did you guys know that Sun was pretty much right behind them when this was happening ? Cause he was. Don’t comfort you’re love interest who just got stabbed and is now laying on the floor crying next to her unconscious teammate. This could have been a Bumblebee AND Blacksun moment but Sun literally didn’t do anything. She’s on the floor CRYING !!! Ruby and Weiss couldn’t do it cause they had to go save Pyrrha and Jaune. Ren and Nora were injured. So Sun why can’t you comfort her ? 

God forbid you comfort her

It infuriates me that he didn’t do anything especially since he’s shown to not care about personal space considering all he does is stalk Blake but when a Grimm out break happens you don’t stop and wonder “Hey where’s that girl that I constantly stalk ?” It makes Blacksun look like such a stupid ship when the guy who’s supposed to love Blake fails to love Blake and what makes it worst is that’s his only job in the series so he’s failing as a character by not stalking Blake. Note that he also has a scroll so he could have just called Blake. By the way Yang remembered to call Blake and yes, she did call Blake cause Blake takes her scroll out of her pocket and talks to Yang immediately. Again Yang does things that Sun the person who loves Blake should be doing. This is why there are some many Bumblebee shippers cause Sun failed to stalk Blake at the most important time.

Sun is Easily Replaceable

This is gonna come across as me supporting Bumblebee but this really can be applied to a lot of ships with Blake that involve her with a human girl It’s just that Bumblebee has the most things backing it up than say Ladybug. So let’s look at the positives of Bumblebee and assume it happens. What do we get out of it ? Well at the current state of the show we can expect BOTH characters to develop from it. Mainly Blake but Yang too which is a department that Sun fails at he develops Blake but can’t develop himself. It can tackle interracial and homosexuality at the same time which could make for some really nice plots if done correctly. Sun has so far been such a useless character in this series that It’s like why even have him. Or if we are gonna have him WHY CANT HE BE GOOD AT LOVING SOMEONE ? 

Yang and Blake together can bring way more than Blacksun because of how they have handled Blacksun so far which is horribly. It feels forced on Blacksun’s part because of how much Blake goes from hating Sun and slapping him to downright showing affection for him. Don’t get me wrong I actually really liked the talk between Sun and Blake in volume 4 it was really well done. BUT you wanna know who else could have delivered that speech just as good ? The girl who lost an arm for Blake. Or Blake’s father who was about to give Blake some valuable advice about friendship before Sun stalked his way into the conversation. Also I feel like Blake’s overall attitude would have been better without Sun which is something that I see a lot of people complaining about. Yang never angers Blake and they get along well consistently throughout the series until Blake leaves her, in fear of Yang getting hurt. Even then It’s less jarring than Blake hating Sun because Sun is invading her personal space almost all the time.

This is so accurate that it’s sad

In The End

Sun is funny and charming….in the first and second volume. Afterwards he becomes infuriating which is sad cause he had potential. They try to make Blacksun look like a possibility but fail by not having Sun care for Blake in crucial moments. He has been shown to infuriate Blake more than he has had her show affection. Then when his job which is to further Blake’s plot fails he’s just left there looking like useless. So many people turned on Sun this volume because of this. HE FAILED to further Blake as a character she would have been better off without him in volume 4 because he did nothing but take the conversation that she could have had with her dad and then the other thing he did was just flat out anger her throughout the volume. I’m not gonna say Sun is what was wrong with Blake’s arc in V4 cause he wasn’t but he was one of the factors that made it bad. Blake’s arc in V4 was BAD with little things that made it good and I feel comfortable in saying that it was the worst arc in volume 4 without a doubt in my mind. Sun tacked on to the already existing problems.

Sun almost ruining the family portrait

After reading this, I hope you can understand why there may be somewhat of a divide in the community when on the topic of team SSSN. Half of the team is lifeless and flat, while the other two are often used for comedy yet also forced to be characters that they aren’t. Sun is—from my experience and questioning—more of a problem than Neptune in many regards.

Sun and Neptune felt shoehorned into most things that happened at Beacon. Their presence contributed more than a laugh or two, but their characters never grew out of the “we’re just comedy relief” phase. It’s a problem that seems to be mirrored by the many people that I’ve talked to in the fandom.

The truth is the BB shippers who hate Sun for things like these are so vocal about it everyone thinks we’re all like this, but in reality, most of us are not. Personnally, I am a Bumblebee shipper and I personally like him… well I used to like him but he’s starting to annoy me. My main problem with him is the same anyone (shipper or not) has, and it’s been adressed by other users here: his lack of development or even character. I’ve never hated him, I just want him to become himself, and not some faunus-love-interest who serves as nothing else as that and comic relief.

I’ve hope he may get at least some development (and maybe mature a bit?) in this new volume, because if that’s not the case, it will only make many of us dislike him. Which I don’t want because again, when he’s himself and is around Neptune, for example, I like him.

The poor guy basically suffers from being a comic relief who can be very nice but whose biggest trait is… having great abs. And wanting to smooch with one of the Main Characters. And you need more than that to be actually liked. I only don’t like Sun X Blake because to me, it is incredibly boring. The 2 main Faunus that we have seen and they end up getting together seems incredibly cliché to me and not that cool, really.

If you’re reading this—and you haven’t just skipped to the end—then I sincerely thank you for going through all of it. I want to know what YOU think in the comments, and if all you have to say is “I agree/disagree with you” then that is already more than I could ever want. The whole point of writing these is to start discussion in the community. And if there isn’t any discussion, then I have no reason to keep making more.

Again, I hope you’ve enjoyed ! Thanks for reading !

Bee’s at the beach

It was a fresh hot day in Beacon and the light and dark haired duo decided to spend it relaxing at the local beach. A fresh scent of seaside salt water mixed with the cool wisp of fruit flavours from the nearby vendors truly made it a vibrant summers day. The pair were laid out side by side on reclining deck chairs, sporting nothing but their fashionable bikinis. Yang had her shades with her and a glass of strawberry sunrise in one hand and Blake had a cold bottle of iced tea, with one of her favourite books in the other.  

“Y'know I finally figured out why you like to read so much.” said Yang.

“Oh? why’s that?” Blake still focusing on her book as she shifted her head slightly towards her direction.

“It’s a distraction. Without it you’d never be able to take your eyes off me.” she teased taking a sip of her drink.

Blake sniggered into her book as she looked over to her partner. Yang raised her eyebrow as she smiled into her partners eyes now putting on her shades.

Blake quickly adjusted herself and cleared her throat slightly.

“And I figured out why you wear those shades all the time.” she said.

“Go on hit me.”

“It’s so that you have an excuse to NOT take your eyes off me.” Blake now with a smug grin as she further giggled into her book.

“Yeah, you got me.” conceded Yang.

The blonde smiled as she now wanted to be even more playful.

“Well you got me with the shades but I figured out the moment I met you, you were into some strange things.”

“What? What do you mean?” Blake sounding quite concerned.

“Your weapon. It has a long silk black bondage rope. I never thought that such a quiet bookworm could be into…those…kinds of things.” she sniggered now taking an further sip of her drink as she tried to innocently stare out into the ocean, her partner’s shocked mouth glancing back at her.

Blake’s mouth then grinned as she enjoyed the tease. She tried to come up with her own reply.

“Well what’s with those pounding fist gauntlets of yours? A metaphor for something? I guess I’m not the only kinky one.”

Yang peered down at her partner through her shades as her mouth wrenched open.

“Ms Belladonna! Did I really just hear you make a sex reference just now?” said Yang trying to sound over-dramatic on purpose.

Blake giggled again into her book as she turned her head fully to her partner and closed it up, placing it down to the side.

“Maybe. Maybe if you keep talking I might show you just what my “ropes” can do later on.”

Yang scoffed hard and took off her shades. The warm sunlight was blinding but she didn’t care, her gaze became solely fixed on her partners amber eyes.

“Oh is that so? and what about your shadow clones..do you make them do kinky things too?”

“I could make them dance for you.” Blake laughed. “But I hope you don’t burn up too quickly before the main act.”

“Wow you really know your way into my heart don’t you.” Yang said astonishingly. “I’ve never hear you talk like this.”

Yang now moved over to her partners chair and straddled her. Blake gave a concerned glance from left to right to see if anyone was watching. Her fear couldn’t help but wash away when racing red eyes moved in closer to her face.

“Yang should we…I mean..like this?”

“Who cares?”

Yang now moved in and pecked her partner on the lips. The soft scent of strawberry dancing on her tongue.

“You’ve awoken the beast now. So tell me how you plan on keeping it under control?” now taking a soft nibble of Blake’s normal ear before she shuddered her away.

“That tickles!”

“I know.” grinned Yang.

Blake put her hand up to her partner’s cheek. She felt the soft warmth of her aura tingle on her fingertips.

“You really do burn brightly.” she said, smiling into her partner’s eyes.

“And you still haven’t answered my question kitten.” now going in for another nibble.

Blake felt helpless to resist as her partner’s soft lips sent a shiver down her neck. She quickly brought herself back into reality before she completely lost herself to the full view of the public.

“Fine then. Let’s go back to the dorm for a little while.” she smiled, grabbing Yang off her to reach for her book.

“I swear to god if Ruby or Weiss burst in unannounced again I really will murder them.” said Yang.

“Well we’ll just have to be extra careful then won’t we?”

“You can be careful all you want…I’m letting the beast loose on that bed.”

Blake slapped her partner on the arm and gave her a disapproving grin.

“Yang you are the worst.” she laughed.

“And in half an hour I’ll show you why I’m the best.”  

Over a Cup

Yang brushed a leaf from her hair as she stepped into the little coffee shop across the street from her apartment. Unlike her best friend and roommate, she didn’t really like caffeinated beverages all that much, but this little shop also had a really delicious line of muffins and a special protein shake that she would actually consider killing for, if she was completely honest. After busting her butt for an hour at the gym around the corner, nothing felt quite as good as sitting outside on the patio, letting her hair air dry as she enjoyed her reward before heading back to her apartment. Aside from the chance to people watch and enjoy the outdoors, it gave her some much needed time to clear her mind.

About three years ago, her sister posted a video online, one taken very sneakily from the door of her bedroom as Yang raged over a lopsided multiplayer match in a first person shooter game. Between the two of them, Ruby had more technical proficiency in video games overall, but her elder sister could be stubborn and very creative when it came to coming up with ways of venting her frustration. Apparently, that combination appealed to many people and, before they really knew it, the sisters had a thriving gaming channel. Sometimes, it was Yang raging over a game or Ruby doing a speed run, and they’d even gotten to a point where they had reviews and demos and the like. On the upside: a steady gig they both enjoyed. Downside though? A lot of time spent indoors, which sometimes chaffed at the elder of the two. Given something to fiddle with, Ruby could stay inside for days, but Yang absolutely needed a breath of fresh air, hence her morning trips to the gym and the coffee house before heading back to the apartment and sitting down to record for a few hours.

Heading up to the counter, she checked her watch and grinned a little wider when the door chimed behind her, a sure sign that the woman who seemed to have a similar morning schedule had arrived right on time.

At first, Yang hadn’t noticed. More interested in her reward, she hadn’t thought to notice who ordered after her, but after a month or two, it occurred to her that the same voice placed the same order almost every day, and she’d snuck a few peeks at who seemed to always be behind her in line. The woman was tall, probably a little older than herself with white hair pulled into a tight bun and sharp blue eyes, always dressed in a crisp suit of white or some shade of blue, and ordered a grande mocha latte with an extra shot of espresso to go every day in a crisp, precise tone that brooked no room for argument. If Yang had to guess, she probably worked as a lawyer or an executive at some big name company, because for as often as they both frequented the coffee shop, she couldn’t be convinced that she’d ever seen the woman wear the same suit twice, and they definitely didn’t look like the bargain ones the sisters would occasionally wear to online media conventions and the like.

But aside from all that, she’d taken notice of one aspect in particular: the woman was drop dead gorgeous. Like, ethereal beauty wrapped in a satin glove, or one of those famous depictions of an ancient Goddess, maybe even a Maiden herself.

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RWBY Next Gen: Yin and Mai Xiao Long

Say Hello to my two little faunus babies, The Punny Faunus Twins: Yin and Mai Xiao Long. (And before you ask yes the newest baby she will be added later on right now I’m focusing on the main ones I have done)  

The twins of the pun queen herself and the illusive book lover: Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna. 

When creating these girls I’ll admit I only had Mai in general as a design for my final creation but Yin’s design came out first and the more I looked at her the more her design became appealing to me.

Yin is a spitting image of Raven which in turn makes her a little distant with Yang and even Taiyang. She gets an odd sense of not feeling like she belongs whenever speaking to her grandfather even her uncle tends to get a little tense in her presence. But even with this she does have a bond in a different sense.

While she might not be the closest with her grandfather, Yang does make an attempt to connect with Yin and to some extent it does actually work. Yin’s relation to Blake is a lot more connected but for a lot of wrong reasons. Yin likes to delve into the darker history of Remnant. From Salem, The bandits and all the way to the White Fang Yin tends to take a personal interest in anything that goes from bad to worse. While trying to sway her away does little good, she is a firm believer of “Learning from your mistakes.” 

Yin also has a bit of a dark sense of humor, it’s more of a realist sense which doesn’t make it all that funny but she seems to think so.

With Mai she is more of a “Let loose and time heals all wounds” kind of person. While she tries to see the good in people she does have limits. Her heritage is a big no no. Anyone who mocks faunus tend to get a swift kick in the teeth. She is also a bit more jokester and often is the one who starts making jokes and pulling pranks aside from her sister though they both tend to get out of hand when it really starts.

Mai has the closest connection with Blake and Yang out of the two sisters. She’s able to connect with her mom (Yang) on a more crucial and joking level and with her mother (Blake) tends to connect more through her belief in the faunus rights. Even after all the hard time her and Yin go through even with there faunus heritage it doesn’t change what Mai believes despite what Yin thinks.  

Both also inherit the Branwen eyes which makes them come off as more of an intimidating to others both faunus and humans. They like to use it to there advantage even if it doesn’t work on everyone. As you can see I also have placed there scars. Yin’s torn ear and Mai’s scar on the bridge of her nose. 
______________________Bio Info Added________________________

Name: Mai Xiao Long *Design is DONE*

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Cat Faunus

Parents: Blake and Yang Xiao Long

Siblings: Yin Branwen/Xiao Long (Twin Sister)

Semblance: Aura absorption: Much like Yang she is capable of taking hits but due to a birth defect instead of getting stronger she is actually capable of absorbing the opponents aura and using there own aura to fight back.

Aura color: Dark Red

Weapon: Unknown yet (Ideas are welcomed)

Personality: Mai is a stubborn and brash individual. She forces herself into harsh situations in hopes of getting stronger. She is also a bit too prideful in who and what she is which can cause quite a bit of spats between those who aren’t as supportive of what she is. Mai is also a bit of a sassy type. She isn’t afraid to throw insults or jokes even in a rather dire situation. She tries to use humor as a means to try and make things easier for both her and the people around her. So yes in this regard she is a lot like Yang, loves to make jokes and puns at any given time.

Character Description: Mai is a dark blonde haired cat faunus. She is about roughly 5'7 with a fair complexion. Her eyes resemble a dark red color which is similar to that of blood. She might come off as looking a bit intimidating but in most cases really is just a trickster. Mai also has a somewhat thick scar over the bridge of her nose. (Though I’ll explain that later)

Crush/Love Interest: Keira Arc

Relationship with Yang: From the moment Mai was born Yang had been pretty protective of her, when she got to a certain age it soon became apart that she took a lot more after Yang then they expected. Needless to say they we’re constantly pulling pranks upon each other one going as far as Mai hiding Yang’s arm somewhere in the house and refusing to tell her where for a full day maybe two depending on her mood. They do throw constant jokes at each other. She has a similar to relationship to her as Yang had with her father.

Relationship with Blake: Given being born a faunus set Blake a little on edge and worried her greatly, she was always a bit concerned that Mai would be mocked for her heritage. However they bonded rather well over it. Mai showed just as much pride in who she was as Blake did but that didn’t stop her from worrying. Of course Mai was picked on and hassled for her species but that didn’t stop her from fighting back either. They both also share a love of fish and a great irritation towards lasers but that was due to a past error made by Yang that she’ll probably never do again.

Relationship with Yin: Despite what people might believe Yin and Mai had a really close relationship growing up. Very close, pulling small pranks on one another, playing video games and even fighting together. Yin was protective of Mai just as Mai was with Yin but sadly there bond kinda ripped later on in life. (Will explain later.)

History: TBA

Fun Fact: Mai takes a secret sin of her own and secretly enjoys reading though prefers to keep it a secret from her mother, it was a secret she’s kept to this day.

And for those who are curious as to how she labels them.
Yang is Mom
Blake is Mother


Name: Yin Branwen/Xiao Long (Changes her last name to Branwen later in life) *Design is done*

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (Older then Mai by about 2 minutes)|

Species: Cat Faunus

Parents: Blake and Yang Xiao Long

Siblings: Mai Xiao Long (Twin Sister) 

Semblance: Shadow clones: Difference between hers and her mother’s clones. Yin has more of an ability to move them and use them to her will. Even has the ability to change places with them in a desperate situation but that takes up a lot of her aura and can at best only do it twice.

Aura Color: Dark Grey, almost black

Weapon: Unknown (Might be a sword but feel free to add an opinion I’m open to it)

Personality: Yin is in some ways similar to Mai but has a bit of a darker side. Where Mai does tend to try and think in a logical stand point (Sometimes) Yin just jumps in, she thinks but while she acts not before and not after. She doesn’t hesitate in a decision and once she’s made her mind up on something there is no going back. Yin is a lot harsher and a lot more crude then Mai. She can come off as rude and often hurtful with her blunt behavior. She also tends to believe to see things in black and white. She goes to any length to get stronger even if it means harming others in the process.

Character Description: She pretty much has the same body height and size as Mai. Only difference is her skin is pale as that of a porcelain doll. Almost pure milky white, her hair and ears are a ashy black and long but she does have the same eye color blood red. Many find her more intimidating then her younger sister.

Crush/Love Interest: While she doesn’t show it much and has kept it a secret rather well. Her crush is on young Aquarius Vasilias.

Relationship with Yang: In the beginning the two we’re rather close, shared quite a bit of trust but as she grew up she began to push herself away. She refuses to get as close as she use to be for personal reasons and it worries her mom.

Relationship with Blake: A bit more diverged. She and her mother shared a passion of reading but after a while they even divided from that. When Yin started to show interest in white fang business Blake grew a little worried. She was starting to see a side of her daughter she was scared of both her and Yang didn’t know what to do or how to react to this change in Yin.

Relationship with Mai: Yin loved her sister, the two of them we’re close and grew up rather connected, maybe not as connected as Lillie and Lotus but still connected. They hung out all the time and when Yin started to get older she found Mai was too lenient and innocent to the world. She saw more to the future and Mai just wanted to run with it which didn’t settle with Yin thus soon the two of them grew bitter towards each other.

History: TBA

Fun Fact: A fact both shared by Mai and Yin they both enjoy reading but her choice of reading is a little more diverged then Mai. She prefers to books that revolve around history and fairy tales. More so history but she also enjoys playing chess that’s a personal pleasure for her.

And for those who are curious as to how she labels them.
Yang is Mom
Blake is Mother

Next up in our Next Gen: Keira Arc

The art was done by CartoonMoviesFan
Designs we’re done by Azerae. 

Something about Sappy Nicknames (Bumbleby)

Blake had heard, somewhere, about people sometimes waking up with a sudden start.

On Saturdays, she tended to wake up with a sudden stop.

At least the solution was simple, if prolonged. All Blake had to do to fix things was groan at the indistinct blurs that made up the world until they decided to coalesce into something solid.

Uuuuuuuuurgh.” Like that.

“Woah.” The particularly golden blur at the corner of Blake’s eye spoke up. “You’re not even up and at ‘em and it already sounds like today’s kicking your butt.”

“I hope that’s Yang I’m hearing.” Usually Blake punctuated her sentences with raised eyebrows. Today, sniffles would have to do. “I’d really hate to have get bloodstains on the school’s bedsheets.”

“Aw, I knew our Blake was somewhere beneath all that fluff and grumbles!”

“Sorry, sorry.” Blake sat up as best as she could. She imagined it looked something like a drunken attempt at pitching a tent made of gelatin, but it was what she had to offer. “Hrm. What’s up?”

Yang giggled. Blake didn’t blame her. “Oh, nothing much. Just a little something to turn you from 'mourning’ to 'morning’!”

“… what?”

“Ta-da!” Yang didn’t do things with a flourish. Yang did flourishes with things attached. Pressing the object from behind her back into Blake’s waiting hands was one of those things. “One steaming hot cup of tea – with a spoonful of honey – for all your caffeine-addict needs! Just the thing to get you rising, shining and, dare I say, radiant! Back to your normal Blakey self.”

It was an interesting experience, thinking in ellipses. But Blake didn’t know what else to, for lack of a better term, say.

The cup was lifted to her lips. The heat spread throughout Blake’s body. She sighed, to vent the excess.

This girl was a saint. What else did you call someone who handed you salvation?

“Thank you, angel.”

At that point in time, somewhere in the wide, wide world of Remnant, someone dropped an expensive plate, which shattered into several pieces. Blake could be certain, because the room was suddenly quiet enough for her to hear it.

Apparently, you called them … your platonic friend … angel.


There wasn’t much time to think anything more than that, because Yang was giggling, and it was turning Blake’s heartbeat into a very nervous rollercoaster. “It’s no problem, sweetie-pie!” Blake didn’t even need to look at her to see the smile. “Anything else I can do for you, honeybun?”

Oh. Oh, a challenge.

Well, then.

“If you’re offering, shnookums, I could use an extra pillow.” Blake took another sip of tea. “Maybe a shoulder massage, if my sweetheart is so inclined.”

“Your wish is my command, dearheart!” The pillow appeared behind Blake’s head as if by magic, and the hands appeared on her shoulders as if by divinity. “Anything else you want me to do for you, sugar lump?”

“Mmm.” That was a lower pitch than Blake had intended. Onwards and upwards. “Just keep being yourself, apple of my eye, and we’ll have no problems whatsoever.”

If Yang’s laughter was the sun, her voice was a dainty handkerchief trying to blot out the sky. “Only if you’ll return the favor, darling.”

“Hardly a fair trade, heart’s desire.” Blake wasn’t doing much better disguising her own giggles – they bubbled up even through the sip of tea. “Up against you - bright eyes, shining star, angel in disguise - however am I to compare?”

“Are you kidding me, baby doll?” Yang’s hand ran through Blake’s bedhead without, apparently, much difficulty. “Between this gorgeous hair, that killer bod and your razor-sharp wit, you, temptress, are just about perfect!”

Blake had to stop herself from leaning back into the sensations. And from giggling some more. “You’re too kind, my one and only.”

“Only because you deserve it, buttercup!” Yang grasped Blake’s chin between thumb and forefinger, and turned her head so that they might see eye to eye, and rubbed their noses together, and oh, Dust. “I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure that from now on, your time here is as amazing as you are. Love of my life.”

Much later on, when her thoughts weren’t otherwise occupied, Blake would blame a combination of sleepyheadedness and amethyst eyes for the way her errant lips found their way to Yang’s own.

And then, after that, she’d remember. Like living through it all again.

She’d remember the way her breath and Yang’s own crashed into each other, and then ceased entirely. She’d remember her heart seeming to stop and accelerate at the same time. She’d remember lips that didn’t need to form words to make poetry. She’d remember a taste like honey in the teapot of life.

But most of all, she’d remember what it felt like when Yang kissed her back. In that blessed moment, all the indistinct blurs of the world coalesced into something solid - particularly that golden one in the corner of Blake’s mind.

She was more than awake. She was more than alive. Blake was aware.

Separation, inevitable, happened in gradations – Blake was so desperate to take the moment back with her – and when she opened her eyes, Yang was there and blushing and bright. “So, uh. Wow. Okay.” And smiling. “You win this round, kitten.”

Maybe all Blake really needed was something worth waking up for.

  • *Darude - Sandstorm starts blasting out at 3am*
  • Weiss: What on Remnant is going on?!
  • Yang: Come on Weiss, join in!
  • *Yang and Ruby are jumping up and down with the music waving glow sticks as multi-coloured rays of light flash on and off across the room.*
  • Ruby: Yeah it's fun! You too Blake.
  • Weiss: ...
  • Blake: ...
  • *five minutes later*
  • Yang: When do you think they'll let us back inside our room?
  • Ruby: Not until morning my guess. We might as well get comfortable on the corridor floor.
Okay. Enough is enough.

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There are other culprits, but you are the culprits freshest in my mind. There’s also a metric fuck tonne of shipping rants happening and this goes for them to.

Just. Fucking. Stop.

RWBY’s community used to be incredible. Tumblr used to be a fun place to come and hang out and just waste a day reading cute fanfics, seeing awesome fanart, learning about other people’s interesting theories. But somewhere in the midst of Volume 3, all of that changed. People became social justice warriors for the males and the POCs, and everyone just HAD to have an opinion on everyone else’s ship and the likelihood of it becoming canon. And this whole community has turned toxic.

Why are you making these demands of RWBY anyway? There are so many more companies in the world that you should be levying these criticisms toward. Shaft for one. Where are the strong males, or the people of colour in Madoka Magica? What about ef? Also Trigger, where the two most powerful characters (four, counting the main antagonists) are all female, and not one of them, nor the Elite Four or Nudist Beach are POCs. Sure Wolf’s Rain technically has Tsume but he doesn’t seem to really represent any given cuture or colour. He could just be tanned. So what about Sword Art Online? Or K-On!? Or Love Live? Where’s the representation in anime itself? Why do those shows all get a free pass? Is it JUST because you think you can bully the RT community and RT itself?

You were given voices; a privilege to speak directly to the company and actually have that company listen. When you started watching RWBY, it was with the specific knowledge that it would be about four white ciswomen. You didn’t even have the promise of LGBT representation. Fast forward and suddenly you’re pissed at the strong female characters that are put in pivotal roles and at the males and POCs who unfortunately weren’t. But what in the world made you think RWBY would be perfect? That it would have the time? The story so far quite honestly shouldn’t have had any of the POCs in it. Bad as that might sound, they really didn’t have the time. They just didn’t fit in. Could they have perhaps made Blake black, or Weiss male? Perhaps, but a male character being shuffled into RWBY might have ruined the dynamic, and would you have really been happy with them making Blake - an ex-terrorist, and a victim of abuse who frequently runs away from her past and her issues - a black character? Something tells me you’d have lynched Miles and Kerry over that as well.

Why the fuck is the outlet of your rage an up and coming company who might actually include all of that later down the line now that they’ve set the stage? Why is it the smallest dog in the anime yard? Why do you praise idol anime, and Madoka, and Wolf’s Rain, and Elfen Lied, and Symphogear, and Sword Art Online, and the Big Three, and Fairy Tail, and just WHY? Need I remind you that this very fucking company just cast a black actor in a black lead role in their very first live action movie? Or that they’ve dropped potential hints of a lesbian romance blossoming between Blake and Yang (and they’ve also laid plenty groundwork for Yang and Weiss, Weiss and Blake, and maybe even Ruby and Weiss)? Or that they did show a cameo gay character? There’s only so much they can do right now, so just calm yourself, and remember that 5 of the 8 secondary characters in Mistral are POCs, and 6 out of those 8 are males, and that Ruby just so happens to be heading to that very place – with two male characters, including one who is Asian-coded?

Just STOP the fucking hate. You’re damaging the community. You’re damaging each other. You’re damaging the show. Just fucking enjoy it! IS IT REALLY THAT FUCKING HARD!? WAS IT REALLY SO IMPOSSIBLE TO ENJOY ANY OF THE ANIME LISTED ABOVE? OR CODE GEASS? OR GANKUTSUOU? OR FATE STAY/NIGHT? OR SOUL EATER?

I get your frustrations. I get that it grows tiresome to see anime sometimes tip toe around LGBT issues, and for their not to be POCs in pivotal roles, not just in anime, but in comics, and movies alike. And yes, we’d all like to see that change. But THIS isn’t how you do that. We have to put faith in Miles and Kerry, and hope that that faith is rightfully placed. And we have to be willing to wait. Just like we’ve been waiting for the last three volumes to increase in writing quality, and animation quality. But PLEASE stop thinking that you’ll change that by targeting one another. All you do is damage one another further.

Can You Read?

Yup, wrote a quick fiction of Yang with glasses. Bumblebee/Bumbleby. 

Summary: Yang secretly wears glasses and has been trying to keep it hush, hush. However, it was inevitable that her teammate, Blake, would find out. 

Words: Maybe 1,000.


Eye twitch.


Another eye twitch, accompanied by a flick of a feline ear.



Blake almost thanked the heavens when the accursed thumps finally stopped as Yang answered her. “Yes, Blake?”

“What are you doing?”

A sudden tidal wave of blonde took up the right side of her peripheral vision, an up-side down teen with lilac eyes locked on to her. “Bouncing a bouncy ball on the ceiling. Why?”

Without looking up from her page, she reached over and flicked the center of Yang’s nose with pinpoint precision. “Mind being a little quieter? I’m trying to read.”

Yang rolled her eyes as she rubbed her now tingly nose. “When aren’t you reading?" 

"When are you not not reading?” Blake shot back.

“When are - not… what?”

It was almost ridiculous how often Yang made her want to laugh, but, with years of practice under her belt, she easily kept her guise of stoicism in tact. “I never see you read.” She looked up from her book, eyebrows slightly furrowed as she realized what she said. “Actually, I can’t recall you ever reading anything before.”

Yang’s yellow curtain slowly began to ascend as she chuckled nervously, retreating back to her own bunk. “Oh, well, that’s ‘cause… uh…” The mass of curls vanished with a swoosh as she suddenly disappeared. “I’ll stop with the bouncy ball. Goodnight Blake!”

Blake scrunched her eyes in confusion. As if that wasn’t suspicious.

“No, hang on a second.” Blake put her book on the shelf at her bedside and stood up beside the bunks, hands on her hips as she confronted the lump under her partner’s covers. Yang, using her bed sheets. Now she knew something was up. “How come you never read? In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you study.” Blake blinked. “Do you study?”

“What?” Yang cried indignantly as she threw off her blankets. “Of course I study! I have good grades, thank you very much!”

“I know you do. But that doesn’t mean you study.” Blake grinned at Yang’s reaction, the girl falling for her trap. “Care to prove me wrong?”


“Unless… You don’t study?”

“I do!” Yang claimed.

Blake twirled around on the ball of one foot as she began to pace away. “Unless… You don’t read?”

“I read!”

“Unless… You can’t read?”

Blake smiled at the venomous tone that burned her hearing in response to her outlandish accusation, Yang’s teeth clenched as she hissed her words to Blake’s back. “I can read just fine, thanks.”

Normally, Blake knew that what she had said had crossed a line at some point and may have even come across as harsh, but she was having a little too much fun to care. Since Yang found out she was a Faunus, she refused to cease and desist with the cat puns. Therefore, she saw no reason why she could not turn the tables, just this once. Besides, she knew Yang could read. She would not be at Beacon if she couldn’t.

She quickly snatched up the novel she had been reading previously, presenting it to the startled blonde. “Prove it. Read something from this out loud, and I’ll stop teasing you.”

Yang eyed the book and her partner with distrust, leaning back wearily. “How about no?”

She still wouldn’t give, eh? Blake decided to pull out her trump card, the one line she knew would get Yang do to just about anything. “Yang Xiao Long, are you… backing out? Are you… chicken?”

Blake could almost feel the heat of Yang’s fire from the relative safety of the floor. Although, it felt as if her hand was a little to close for comfort as she swore she could hear it beginning to cook with a sizzle. “No one calls me chicken.”

“Then read me the book.”

“Fine." Yang swiped the novel, spine cracked open to a random page.

Seconds ticked by with Blake staring at the motionless blonde, waiting. Yang continued to stare dumbly at the book in her hold, noticeable beads of sweat beginning to form on her forehead.

Blake began to feel a little worried, one of her jet black eyebrows raised in concern. "Yang…?”

“Give me a second! I can read!” Yang snapped, shooting her a fiery red glare.

She raised her hands in surrender. “Okay. Take your time.”

As the seconds bled into minutes, Blake began to consider taking back what she said and dropping the subject, before she heard a sigh of defeat. “I give.”

Blake blinked in surprise. “What?”

“I give. I’ll read it to you.” Blake did not say a word as Yang hopped down from her bunk, landing on the floor with a thud. She quickly trekked to the travel bags stored in their shared closet, digging through them briefly. She shouted 'Ah-ha!’ as an object was raised in her left hand. A small rectangular case.

Yang ambled back slowly, fiddling with the case’s clasp for but a moment before it opened with a an audible snap, revealing…

A pair of glasses.

Small, rimless, thin. A simple set of round reading glasses.

Yang put them on and blinked as she adjusted the lenses to get used to the new world her vision had been gifted with before she looked back to the book. Face beginning to flush as she refused to meet Blake’s stunned gaze.

She began to read, “And so, there they stood over the cliffs of -”

“Whoa, stop the train.” Blake held up a hand, interrupting. “Are those reading glasses?”

Yang winced. “… Maybe?”

“You’re farsighted?”

“Look, Blake, I…” Yang fumbled for something, anything, to say that would not make her out to be distrusting.

“They’re… adorable…”

She barely caught the whispered words. “Could you just not - I’m sorry, what?

Blake approached her newly bespectacled partner, looking her over. "You know, I never thought glasses would make much of a difference, but I think you’ve proved me wrong.”

Yang smirked, a small thrill of excitement shooting through Blake at how the glasses made her smile seem all the more seductive, secretive, as though she knew something she would never tell. “Really now?”

She coughed into her fist, reigning in her feelings. “Well, I may have exaggerated.”

The blonde teen began to creep toward her partner, hands behind her back as she leaned in close. “I take it you like the glasses?”


“Are you sure?” Fingers, oh so lightly, oh so delicately, trailed up Blake’s arm, the Faunus flicking her ears and shivering from the teasing touch. “Not even a little?”

Yang yelped at the sudden tackle, landing on Blake’s bed with a warm weight atop her.

When she looked up again, Yang grinned in satisfaction at the contracted pupils within a longing golden gaze. Hands not her own cupping her face as Blake absently said, “Maybe a little…”

~Small Bump~

Pairing/s: Bumbleby, hint of Arkos

Words: 1,500+

A/N: Warning; this is based off the song Small Bump by Ed Sheeran. Keep that in mind before deciding whether to not to read this story - Kitty. (I’m so sorry; someone please request fluff so I don’t have to keep writing sad things.)

Yang still remembers the very day it happened. She awoke to the empty side of the bed still warm, an easily recognisable stench coming from the bathroom. Rubbing her eyes, the brawler threw off the covers, rushing to the bathroom to help her wife. She held back raven hair with one hand, the other rubbing soothing circles on Blake’s back as the Faunus emptied her stomach for the sixth time that week.

“I think we might need to see a doctor Kitten,” she soothed softly once Blake had ceased her vomiting. “I don’t think this is food poisoning, the symptoms don’t last this long.“

Blake had protested the past five times, almost denying it to herself that something had happened to her body. Instead of saying another word, she could only shake her head, amber eyes shut. This caused her wife to sigh softly, before eyes widened in realisation.

"D-Do you think you might be…”

Yang didn’t need to say anything else; Blake knew exactly what she meant.
The thought was bound to have crossed her mind sooner or later. Their wedding gift from Weiss had been an invention from the Schnee Dust Company. Although it was still a work in progress, the goal of it was to allow two women to naturally conceive a child. After all, the two had been married for almost a month now, and even before they were married Blake and Yang had often dicussed the possibility of a family. The reality of it however, seemed a little more daunting.

The five minutes after the test were the scariest moments Yang had faced since proposing. Over and over Yang kissed Blake’s forehead, holding her close and mumbling everything would be okay. Blake could only cling to her wife, not sure how things would play out.

The torturous time finally passed, hearts stopping for a moment as the alarm went off. Blake took a deep breath, hands visibly shaking as she reached for the test. Gripping it her hands, amber eyes widened before her grip slacked, the test falling back into the sink.

“Y-Yang…” she whimpered softly, causing the brawler to immediately rush by her side. A steady hand taking the shaking one of the Faunus, Yang kissed Blake’s forehead, before finally setting eyes on the test which decided their future.

"We’re gonna have a baby…” the brawler muttered in disbelief, lilac eyes wide as she turned to her wife. Blake stood with a blank stare, eyes glassed over and hands trembling. As the Faunus went to say something, her voice cracked, the blonde springing into action. Quickly, she cupped her cheeks softly, kissing her for a moment before leaning their foreheads together.

“Hey…” she hushed, tucking raven hair behind her ear as Blake began to sob quietly. She drew her wife in for a warm embrace, strong arms around Blake’s waist as the dark haired beauty sobbed into her wife’s shoulder. Yang felt her heart twinge. She had imagined this moment to be one of joy, but wasn’t sure how Blake felt about this whole situation.

“Kitten, d-do you not want the baby?” She asked softly.

“N-No! O-Of course I-I do,” the Faunus whimpered, finally gaining the courage to look up at Yang with glassy, amber eyes. “I’m j-just so scared Yang. I-I don’t know to do and-”

“Blake,” Yang cut her off, quietly but firmly. “I promise you that we can do this. Together. This is what we wished for, remember?”

Blake nodded softly, wiping her tears away. In her fear, she ignored the fact that starting a family with Yang was something she had wished for on so many shooting stars she had lost count. She smiled softly through her tears, wrapping her arms around Yang once again. Yang breathed a sigh of relief, chuckling silently.

“We created a little miracle Blakey,” Yang laughed softly, one arm wrapping around her waist with her free hand resting gently on Blake’s stomach. Blake laughed through the now happy tears that began to fall, arms holding Yang close. Yang scooped up her wife and spun her around, the two giddy and giggling like their days back in Beacon. The brawler eventually set down her smaller wife, kissing her sweetly.

“I promise you I’ll never leave your side,” the blonde whispered. “I’ll be with you every step of the way.”

“I know you will,” Blake replied with a light giggle.

However, it was far too good to last.

Blake was roughly four months  into the pregnancy when she was crippled with stomach pains. She had a feeling something wasn’t right, and Yang noticed right away, immediately driving Blake to the hospital. Both of their hearts were racing out of fear, not quite knowing if something had gone wrong and happened to the baby or it was just a stage of the pregnancy that neither of them had been warned about.

But it wasn’t.

Everything had all gone wrong.

The Xiao Long’s little miracle no longer had a heartbeat.

Blake was numb, and didn’t make a sound. Not a cry or a whimper, not even a word to her wife who had immediately wrapped her in her embrace after hearing the news.

It wasn’t an uncommon thing, the doctor told them. Apparently in first time pregnancies many women miscarried, and he was surprised they had come so far. He blamed it on the invention, of course, trying to console the almost mother in some way. Yet Blake didn’t say a word.

For the next two months, every apology and condolence was met with a sad smile that was barely there and a light nod, not even a word. Many of their friends had asked Yang about how Blake was coping, but Yang couldn’t respond. She knew that losing the baby had affected Blake more than imaginable; she knew her wife. Yet, she didn’t know why Blake hadn’t said a word. She couldn’t understand why after two months she had refused to grieve, scream, shout or even whimper. But Yang had noticed that Blake clung to her a little tighter at night.

Roughly two weeks later, Blake sat silently on the couch once again. Ignoring the TV that played reruns of a cheesy sitcom, the Faunus scrolled absentmindedly through her scroll, barely paying attention to any of the things that popped up on her social media. 

Save for one.

It was a notification on both Jaune and Pyrrha’s page, unsurprising since the two married not long after Blake and Yang. The caption was a single heart, the photo causing Blake’s own heart to break all over again. Hands trembling, Blake liked the post, before promptly throwing her scroll across the room, the device smashing as it collided with the wall.

“Blake?! Are you alright?!”

Yang instantly dashed out from the bathroom, stopping as she saw her wife shaking. Taking slow steps toward the Faunus, the brawler gently rested a hand on the small of Blake’s back.

“What’s wrong Kitten?” she asked almost silently. Blake finally turned to her wife, amber eyes glassed over, trying to keep her composure with a sad smile.

“P-Pyrrha’s pregnant…”

Not five seconds after the words left her mouth, Blake broke. Her hands covered her mouth, stifling her cracking voice as she crumpled to the ground. Yang sat down beside her, immediately  scooping her wife into a bridal hold and setting her in her lap, gently swaying back and forth.

For the first time in two months, Blake cried. And she cried pathetically. Yang’s soothing words were unrecognisable as Blake sobbed, feeling her heart break all over again. The Faunus wailed and howled like a Banshee, releasing all grief which had been stored over the past two months. Yang began to cry herself, both from the loss of their child and the fact that the one she loved with all her heart and soul was now reduced to a sobbing mess in her arms because of something she couldn’t fix or control. She hated seeing Blake like this, yet she knew there was no other way. Blake howled that life was unfair, and asked whatever was in the heavens why their little miracle had to be torn from life so early. Were they not ready? Were they not worthy? Or was life just so cruelly unfair to give two of their closest friends the very thing that so many wishes on shooting stars had been apparently wasted on. 

The wailing screams took what seemed like an eternity to finally subside into hiccups and whimpers. Once the tears finally stopped, Blake had fallen into a deep sleep. Smiling sadly at her wife, Yang stood up and headed into their bedroom, lightly setting Blake down on the bed. The brawler sat on the edge of the bed, clutching the no longer trembling hand of the Faunus, watching her sleep.

Not long later, two familiar faces entered their apartment. It was obvious that Jaune and Pyrrha would have heard the cries of the Faunus, even living 8 floors down on the apartment block. No words needed to be said; the husband and wife knew exactly what had happened. 

“I’m so sorry,” the gladiator mumbled, hand subconsciously ghosting over her stomach. Yang smiled softly, knowing Pyrrha and Jaune would never mean harm to them.

“There’s nothing you could have done. Dust, we  don’t even know what caused it,” Yang assured them. Looking to Blake, she kissed her wife’s knuckles.

“Maybe our little miracle was needed up there.”


Here’s a few pics from the Christmas Blake and Yang pictures I did with @acciofeztive yesterday! I have now realised we are sillys and didn’t actually get any of Yang and Blake in the same picture but oh well. I might do some more Christmassy pictures later cos I now have a huge velvet bow and nothing to use it for other than this. I also now have large quantities of gingerbread

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Oh hey, I have a prompt for the gaming au. Everyone forgot about Weiss' birthday, and she's really upset about it. She decides to try to cheer herself up with some online gaming. When she logs on she finds that her online friends all remembered. They even tried to do something special for her, despite not being able to see her IRL.

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