might do another character tomorrow

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Could u do a prompt with six characters?

Unfortunately, prompts with six characters tend to be really niche and it’s hard to apply them to any fandom, so we don’t have a lot to offer. Off the top of my head, I know of one post that contains exactly six characters: Six Stories from the End of the World AU (one of my favorite AU’s).

There’s also…

Hopefully that gives you some ideas to go off of! I will definitely look at getting a six character prompt put out tomorrow though.

-admin chamomile


((The stream’s been over for almost an hour but I wanted to finish these up..

Character fusions are sooo much fun. I might do another stream tomorrow night and do more. 

Here we have the adorable fusions of Wreck Gar and Elita One. And Ratchet and Arcee. All their TFA counterparts. I had more trouble with the Ratchet/Arcee one than I did with the other simply because their colors are essentially the same so making it look not completely like one or the other was very difficult. 

Thanks to tfawreckgar and olympianlicketysplit for coming and inspiring me to do these!