might disappear for a while

I look around and I realise that I’m just a small piece of a big puzzle. So much is bigger than me, trees, buildings and so much more. I’m so tiny. I might be a big part of someones life while some might not realise if I disappear. I am so tiny and a part of such a big puzzle, who knew that even the tiniest things could have such a huge impact on something as big as the world


I hope you don’t mind that it’s a head-bump instead I struggled with trying to draw them hugging for some reason.

Lets hope something like this will happen at some point in the finale, instead of, you know…one of them dying a fiery death that has been foreshadowed an unnecessary amount of times throughout the show. :)))))


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A/N: First time I’ve ever posted something I’ve written, so please go easy on me, but if you’ve got any tips for me feel free to let me know. I love me some feedback. (Sorry for any mistakes… it’s late.)

Summary: Jughead hasn't seen or heard from you in a while and he’s suspicious, but there’s a chance that’s not the only thing he’s feeling. 

Word Count: 2,359 (I have no self control.)

Warnings: ANGST but that’s it 

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I thought I’d start a little series called Tips and Tricks, just some posts that could give some pointers to Naruto OC creators in terms of names, world-building, clothing etc. This is not to say everything in here is 100% accurate, this is just what I’ve learnt myself, or that it will automatically make your OC perfect. You can use as much or as little of these tips as you want. Maybe you’re just curious and bored and that’s fine too. If you want to talk more about any of these topics, just send us an ask :D 

OK, so let’s talk about character looks. In this post I’ll talk specifically about physique and genetics (or at least as much as I know about it lmao). The next T&T post will concern the outfit. Of course, given that it’s Naruto, I’ll be applying principles that aren’t necessarily applicable to the fantasy world, so uh, pick and choose what you follow from here, as always.


BODY SHAPE: As a ninja, your character will either be a well-rounded fighter or a specialist, meaning there are a variety of body shapes your character could possibly have. With the exception of characters like Akimichi clan members, they will likely be athletic, but here are some more narrowed down options for different specialisms:

               General on-duty ninja: meaning chuunin level at least active ninjas like ye olde background ninja. Could also apply to ninja who haven’t chosen a specific specialism, like Naruto or Kiba. These body-types will usually be slim, but not exactly lithe, with an average amount of muscle. They will be built in a way so they have access to a good amount of speed and strength and agility, while not favouring one over the other.

               Strong Fist/Physical characters: mainly taijutsu specialists or those with a lot of physical brunt-force attacks, people like Kisame or Gai. Neither Sakura nor Tsunade count in this one, because their strength comes from routing chakra rather than building muscle. These characters will be broad-shouldered with obvious muscles, probably tall and tanned from working out outside (although Rain or Mist ninja wouldn’t necessarily be tanned, because of the lack of sun in their homeland). These types of characters will also likely have a lot of scars and callouses, as well as chiselled features. Also prone to eating a lot or very fast, to rebuilt the energy they expended training.

               Gentle Fist/Medic/ninjutsu specialist characters: likely built for general field work but with a small focus on speed and agility. Likely with a reasonable amount of muscle mass but mainly focussed on the legs. Likely not with a large amount of scars or callouses. Gymnasts build rather than a runner’s build.

               Speed characters: Shisui, Sasuke and the like. Lithe muscles with focus on building leg muscles most likely. Shisui needs high speed for his body flicker technique and Sasuke and Kakashi need speed for their Chidori technique and the like. Again, these types of characters tend to be taller, but less tanned that Physical-type characters.

               Genjutsu specialists/desk ninja/not active duty characters: will have softer body-types. Shikamaru would probably fit into this category too. These ninja don’t move much in the field – they usually work in the background, relying on their teammates to protect their back. They will have the least amount of muscles, but will likely have a high agility with hand-signs/deftness. Least amount of scars too, and probably the palest out of the lot, since they mostly spend their days inside studying or in off duty ninja cases, teaching or fetching Tsunade more sake. The slowest and physically weakest. However, likely, jounin level Genjutsu users will still have a passable amount of speed and agility (like Kurenai is obviously field-capable despite being a Genjutsu-type).

               Special cases: As I mentioned, some ninja don’t really fit precisely into these types. Chouji, for instance, has a naturally large body size which works to his advantage with his family jutsu. Ino diets and whatever, but it doesn’t necessarily make her bad ninja material since most of her time spent in the field is in another person’s mind anyway. People like Gai and Lee, although Physical-types, are also Speed-types. Tenten would normally be a Genjutsu-type/long distance type of character, but since she’s also a weapons specialist, she would likely be a General-type too.

Take your ninja’s speciality into account when thinking of their body-type.

NOTE: what body type your character has will affect their weight. The more muscle they have, the more they will weigh. Hence, a Physical-type character of the same age and height as a Ninjutsu-type character will weigh more, even if they’re not over-weight. Do not be afraid of weight figures.

LOOKS || SKIN: The majority of characters we see in Naruto are light-skinned, with the exception of Kumo nin, who seem to be split roughly evenly for light and dark-skinned characters. And, while I know this isn’t canon, I would strongly suggest that if you make a Suna nin, you make them at least tan. They live in the desert, the amount of melanin in their skin is gonna be way high to protect them from harsh UV rays (however, if you do want to make a light-skinned Suna character, no-one’s gonna stop you, bc they are McWhiteys in canon for some reason). But, you know, if you have a character in any other village, if doesn’t mean their skin has to be white (see: Iruka is dark skinned, but lives in The Whitest Town).

LOOKS || EYES: Ok, so yeah, the Naruto world has a whole host of what-the-fuck eye colours, and that’s what makes it fun. While I would stay away from colour changing eyes, especially when it’s due to emotion changes, have fun with the weird colours eyes can be otherwise (e.g. orange, violet, red etc.). Here’s a helpful eye-colour chart though if you want to work out the colour of offspring/parents eyes with IRL colours.

Otherwise, you have a few options for the way characters’ eyes look – does the character have a double eyelid? Do they have prominent lashes? Are their eyes more rounded or more pointed? Do they have a pupil and iris (Sakura), iris and no pupil (Ino) or just a pupil/black eyes (Kiba)? Do they have partial/full heterochromia?

(Also, do note that Kishimoto himself has said that, in the highly unlikely event that a Hyuuga and Uchiha had a kid, they would have one Sharingan and one Byakugan, just to get that outta the way).

As for other dojutsu, I would say go ahead and make some up for yourself – the Sharingan, Rinnegan and Byakugan are all considered the ‘greatest’, so other types are in existence. Just make sure not to copy any of the canon dojutsu and not to make them more powerful them them.

LOOKS || HAIR: Ah, goody. Well, hair colour is uh, a horse that has been happily flogged around the Naruto fandom I think, so I’ll keep this brief: it can be basically any colour. It can even be two colours, but keep it to two and with a clear divide (not a gradient, unless that just happens to be your art style) and no streaks, if you want to fit into canon. Also would suggest no neon colours – stick to desaturated/pastel colours.

(I’m not even going to talk about how dumb Gaara’s hair colour is – the fact that his hair is red, and he’s pale af in the desert, from a long line of desert-dwellers…no. We’ll leave Pheomelanin concentration out of this.)

Take into account the ninja’s speciality when considering hair length – if they are physical/close-range attack ninjas, cut it short, or tie it up. Even tied up, I wouldn’t suggest hair past your shoulder-blades, unless your character is a sannin or kage level ninja whose hair isn’t likely to be caught or tangled in a fight. If your character is a mid to long-distance fighter, they automatically have a lot more lee-way for how long/styled their hair is (see: Kurenai and her sea of luscious locks, Ino and her incredibly inconvenient Spinnaker Tower). They aren’t likely to let enemy ninjas near enough to them to get a hold of their hair, so that’s alright. Someone like Neji, while a close-combat specialist, is a protégé and therefor unlikely to get his hair caught easily.

Another thing to consider, is where you stick yer darn fringe. I would suggest not putting it in front of your eyes if you’re a short to mid-range combat specialist. You can basically get away with it, again, if you’re a long-range kind of person, but really, just…think about if for a sec.

Some ways of stashing away long hair on missions is plaiting it, wrapping it in bandages like Yugito Nii, or tucking it down the back of a top. Idk why Neji has his hair tied like that, it seems ridiculously precarious tbh.

LOOKS || OTHERS: let’s face it; physically distinguishing features are one of the most fun part of designing characters. In the world of anime, where everyone’s faces basically look the same, having a way of telling which character is which even if they’re wearing different clothes is a super helpful thing. Some canon examples would be Lee’s spectacular brows (and Gaara’s weird lack of them), Kakashi’s mole, Naruto’s whiskers, Raidou’s scar and Tsunade’s forehead seal. These are all things that wouldn’t change even with a costume change (ok the seal might disappear, but only for a short while before it comes back, so sort of moot point).

Tbh, scars, I find, are the best, and most realistic, way of making your character stand out – they’re ninja, and are therefore very likely to collect scars as they go (or even choose to keep them as a tribute or whatever). Other characteristics might be pupil-less eyes (yes, this occurs in multiple characters, but it’s uncommon enough to stand out), generally otherworldly features (see: Orochimaru’s general creepy face), maybe weird teeth, tattoos, things like freckles or boils (like on Jiraiya’s nose) etc.

Hmm, other than that, what else…oh yeah, I would stay away from lots of piercings. I mean, apart from the completely terrifying prospect of getting a lip piercing caught in a fight and ripping your mouth open, the only character we’ve seen with more piercings than the average ear piercings, would be the Paths of Pein, and those weren’t even really piercings. So, yeah, earrings are fine, but I would suggest not going overboard with the additional piercings thing.

But yeah, that’s that for now, check in with me or Alice if you would like something covered in ore depth or if I wrote something completely wrong here.

Happy creating, folks!

-Mod Hal.


Darkness. Never-ending darkness and cold surrounding your shattered soul. The panic swept through you like a tornado, your fists balling together and pounding on the barrier around. Your skin ached from splinters, your lungs burned from the rapid breathing, your throat hurting from all the screaming.

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Thank you so much to those who went to bat for me today - and the other authors who were victims of theft. Amazon has gotten back to me and they have assured me that all of Krissy Reynolds’ work has been taken it down. They said it might take a while for her page to disappear, but I can’t find it anymore so it must be gone as well. Please keep me updated as I have found out that she has also posted my works on Goodreads as well. 

Thank you again for everything. I am feeling extremely humbled at how many people I have on my side.

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hi bea! i read ur Hot Takes wrt: depression/suicide and friendship and i was wondering if you would clarify something for me. what's the line between honesty and abuse? is it better not to bother friends with that info until it's resolved? like if i said "hey i think i need to check myself into the hospital," would that be bad since i might not have phone access after and would disappear for a while? sorry if this seems obvious but i have autism and nuances like this are hard for me. thank you!

i would think about your intent behind the message. as long as your intent is to inform and not cause deliberately cause worry, the distinction between a threat and a statement meant to soothe and just let people know where youre at is like night and day.

conversely, i myself did the “dont open up to people until the storm has passed” method and it went terribly so i dont recommend that at all. keep your friends informed and open up to them about your struggles. the problem is when you monopolize their lives and attention to be mostly, almost entirely about your care and needs.

A Long Awaited UPDATE

hello my beautiful people!! it has been SO LONG. i’m so sorry for my absence. this blog has always been a joy to moderate and watch grow, but it is also a side blog for me and therefore, i have trouble consistently staying up to date with it. i might disappear for a while, but i do hope to come back to it whenever i can.

coming back now, i am overjoyed to announce that we’ve surpassed 900 followers and are getting very very close to 1k!!!!!!!! that’s 1000 people out there that potentially identify with autochoris! AMAZING!!!

as an update about me, i’ve officially finished my junior year of college, meaning that i am a SENIOR. holy shit, that’s scary. i’m 21 now and a lot has happen during my absence which i’ll try to tell you in another mod talk eventually. 

either way, hello! i’m back for now, and i’m going to try to answer all the leftover questions in my ask!

please let me know how you all are doing!!!! i’m so curious, i haven’t spoken with you all in ages (so so so sorry again!)

Land of All | Chapter VI

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You’ve been told that the Land of All is a myth. A place of beauty that could never exist in this cruel world you call home, but you believe that there is always something beautiful in everything that is ugly. But your life held nothing but ugly, and it would be nothing but ugly. You would never belong in the Land of All, yet you somehow found yourself in that beauty. Such beauty existed, and you hated the idea of being the one to destroy it.

Word Count: 2416

Group: Bangtan Boys

Member: Kim Taehyung

Genre: Romance and Angst

A/N: Finals are coming up. I might disappear for a while. If any of you guys are getting ready for finals, I hope you all do your best. Pass those classes with fucking flying colors! -Hartwood


Jimin laid the cards down on the table, a look of triumph on his face. “I’ll just take the win and walk out here like a fucking champ,” he said, leaning back cockily.

You glanced up from your cards to Jimin. Behind him were Namjoon, Jungkook and Taehyung. A look of anticipation on their face as their eyes met yours. You stared down at his cards.

He had a four of a kind. All aces and one king.

You stared down at your cards, then glanced towards Yoongi who was behind you on your right. He had the biggest grin on his face. Seokjin and Hoseok were practically patting one another on the back.

Hours ago everyone was playing poker, throwing in chips, and basically—as what they called it—talking shit to one another. You were learning from the group around you, and you somehow ended up winning until it became a one-on-one with Jimin.

It’s been around three months since you came to the Land of All, and slowly, you became close friends with some of the guys. You were basically still working on Yoongi since he stayed in his apartment most of the time, but you felt like you were slowly getting to him.

Jungkook was closest to you—along with Seokjin. When the rest of the group was told your secret, Jungkook was a little curious. Eventually, you told him about your hand-to-hand combat training you had, and that seemed to have reeled him in. You first trained him in Taehyung’s apartment, but Jungkook accidentally broke one of his lamps. Taehyung was mad, and you didn’t want Jungkook to take the blame for teaching him something that shouldn’t be taught indoors, so you told him you broke it.

Taehyung still lectured Jungkook, and the two of you decided to practice in his apartment. You never got into trouble with Taehyung.

Namjoon always had conversations with you about other worlds, and Reflection. He taught you many things about All, and what was the trend at the time.

Hoseok was just a nice person.

Jimin was always with Taehyung, so getting along with them sort of happened since you lived with Taehyung.

And Seokjin always let you help him cook. You were learning, and the conversations between the two of you were always interesting.

Finally, you laid your cards down, watching their reactions. You watched the four of their eyes widen, and the cheers come from behind you.

“Read ‘em and weep,” you said, remembering Jimin saying those words several rounds ago when he took all of Hoseok’s chips. Fingers crossed it was the right time to say that.

“A fucking straight flush,” Jimin murmured in disbelief.

Hoseok laughed in triumph. “I am so fucking glad we made this bet, and I’m really glad I sided with the lucky charm over here,” he boomed, ruffling your hair.

You fixed your hair. From the look of defeat from the group across from you, and the cheers happening behind you, you guessed you won.

“I can’t believe you lost. You’ve never lost before, hyung,” Jungkook said, shaking his head.

“Did you lose on purpose?” Namjoon asked.

“Yeah, I totally lost on purpose. I want Hoseok hyung to embarrass me because we made this bet,” Jimin said, rolling his eyes before getting up from his seat.

“You’re not stuck with Yoongi hyung,” Jungkook mumbled, picking up the cards and chips.

You began to help the younger one clean up the table.

“I actually might have to cook,” Namjoon sighed.

Seokjin scoffed. “I’m never letting you step into a kitchen, Namjoon. You’d poison everyone before they did anything stupid to get themselves killed.” He began to pick up the chairs, heading towards the kitchen where he originally grabbed them.

Namjoon and Hoseok grabbed the rest of the chairs and followed Seokjin into the kitchen, Namjoon complaining that he can cook the entire time. Jimin, Yoongi and Taehyung began to clean up the mess around the table.

Every now and then you would glance at a sulking Jungkook as he stacked the chips. You couldn’t help but giggle, catching his attention.

“It’s not funny,” he whined, putting the chips in the box. You laughed a little harder. “I’m never going to leave my apartment again once Yoongi hyung figures out what he wants to do to embarrass me.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the poor kids struggle. He really didn’t want Yoongi to give him the punishment for going against him, but with the grinning Yoongi behind him, you knew Jungkook was in trouble. 

“You’re going to be in for a surprise,” Yoongi said, draping an arm around his shoulder.

“I know self-defense,” he said, looking away from the grinning elder.

“Oh, so you’re going to try and fight me?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

“Maybe,” Jungkook mumbled.


The sound of knocking woke you from your slumber. You cracked open your eyes. Disordered, you climbed out of bed. However, with your mind not fully aware, the blanket caught hold of you, tangling you up and causing you to fall to the floor.

With a whimper, you crawled to the door. You opened it, swinging the door open, and practically lying down on the ground. You fell back asleep.

When you woke up again, you felt more alert. Opening your eyes, you met Taehyung. He was lying down next to you, his phone in his hands as he browsed through it aimlessly. He turned his attention away from his phone and towards you.

“You’re finally awake,” he said, putting his phone down next to him. He sat up.

The only real reason you were awake was because of the discomfort the floor was bringing you. “What time is it?” you asked, sleep in your voice.

“I think around three,” he said, fully getting off the floor.

“In the morning?” you asked in confusion. Taehyung nodded his head as he stared down at you. Slowly, you pushed yourself off the ground, clutching onto the blanket wrapped around you. “Why are you awake so late?” you asked.

“I’m more of a night owl. The world is more alive at night.” He shrugged. There was silence that followed for a second before he snapped his finger in realization. “Let’s go out,” he stated.


He nodded. “Yeah. No one is really out at this time, and you’ve been cooped up in here since you basically got here. No one is going to stare, so you should at least see what All is really about.” Taehyung made his way towards his own room, disappearing for a brief moment before reappearing with a black jacket on. He turned towards you expectantly. “C’mon,” he said, making his way towards the door.

You were unsure as to what you were supposed to do, but with Taehyung staring at you, you threw the blanket on your bed and followed him out the front door.

You were expecting to see Jimin or Jungkook waiting outside the complex, but surprised to see no one. Following Taehyung to the familiar red car, you got in the passenger side. He brought the car to life with the twist of his wrist before driving the car away from the complex. The familiar buildings you had seen months ago, passed by as you stared out the window.

“Where are we going?” you asked, turning towards Taehyung, watching him as he ran one hand through his blond hair.

“Don’t know,” he mumbled, making a left on a random street. “Is there anywhere in particular you want to see? You were taught some iconic places in All, right?” He glanced at you.

“I never really…” you trailed off, averting your eyes towards your lap. “I never went to school.”

He let out a hum. “How did you learn about All?” he asked, stopping at a red light.

“Because people didn’t like us in Reflection, when I was little, some kids told us that monsters like us could never belong in a place like All. That was the first time I’ve ever heard of All, and I asked my father about it. That’s how I learned about the Land of All.” When you looked back up, Taehyung was staring at you. Nothing was said between the two of you as he continued to stare at you. You could feel your heart quicken and face begin to heat up.

The sound of honking brought the both of you back to reality, and Taehyung stepped on the gas.

After half an hour of driving, Taehyung finally spoke up, “Let’s go camping.”

You frowned. “Camping?”

He nodded. “Everyone needs a break, and practically every year we go camping. We can go sooner rather than go in a couple of months. How does that sound?”

“I’ve never been camping before. Is it fun? What do I have to do? Is there specific things you have to do beforehand?” you bombarded him, turning your body fully towards him.

Taehyung chuckled. “You have to do nothing but show up in the morning before we leave.”

“That’s it?”

He smiled. “That’s it.”

“I can do that,” you told him, watching him as he came to a complete stop, turning off the car.

“Good.” He got out of the car. “Let’s go.”

You looked out the window to see nothing but darkness. Slightly off into the distance, you could see water reflecting the moon. You got out of the car. You really couldn’t see anything.

“Where are we?” you called out towards Taehyung, wherever he was.

You heard footsteps before he appeared before you. “The beach.” He shrugged. “More like an isolated part of the beach no one really goes to.”

“It’s dark. How can you see anything?” you asked, glancing around you. Any source of light came from the moon.

You heard him chuckle before you felt his hand take yours. It was really warm. “Come on,” he said, pulling you in the direction towards the water. You held his hand rather tightly as he led you in the darkness, the sound of the waves filling up the silence. It sounded soothing.

The ocean was just a few feet in front of you, and with the light of the moon, it looked beautiful.   

“How do you know where you’re going?” you asked. “It really is dark to see what’s in front of me.”

“I come here all the time, so I know the surroundings of this beach,” he told you, leading you closer to the water.

When the crashing of the waves became louder, he finally came to a stop. You stood there, feeling his hand leave yours, and you couldn’t help but feel a little saddened by the lack of warmth.

“What do we do now?” You turned your head towards him, seeing nothing but his outline and his facial features—barely. You watched him sit on the floor, patting the sand next to him.

“We wait until the sun rises.”

You sat down next to him. “You do this all the time?”

He hummed in response. “When I can’t sleep, I’m always here.”

You began to run your fingers along the sand. “I’ve never seen the ocean before,” you shyly confessed. You could feel his eyes on you, and it made you regret even confessing such a stupid confession to him.

“What have you seen?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. You could barely hear it over the crashing waves, but it was clear.

You grabbed a handful of sand, slowly letting it slip through your fingers. “Nothing, really. We mainly lived underground—seeing the sun was amazing.” You laughed, trying to lighten the mood. When he didn’t join you, you lowered your head in embarrassment. “What’s the best part?” you asked, somewhat changing the subject.

“Both,” he replied, going along with the change of subject. “When the sun hits a certain part of the ocean, it’s breathtaking. The pink and blue sky, the water reflecting the sun, and the big, white clouds. It’s amazing.”

From the way he described a simple sunrise, and the look on his face, it made you a bit eager to see something that is described to be breathtaking.

“I’m excited,” you confessed, turning your attention back towards the illuminated ocean.

From the corner of your eye, you could see Taehyung remove his jacket. “You should go to sleep,” he said, folding his jacket before placing it on the sand behind you.

You shook your head, grabbing his jacket and handing it back to him. “I’m okay,” you replied.

He sighed. “You’re tired, and I know you’re going to fall asleep.” He put the folded jacket next to him.

“I’m not,” you defended, trying to sound confident in your decision.

He shook his head. “We’ll see,” he whispered.

Turns out he was right because you woke up to a poking on your cheek, and a hand moving strands of hair out of your face.

You opened your eyes feeling groggy. Slowly waking yourself up from sleep, you finally noticed the ocean.

The blue water, the pink and blue sky, and the big, white clouds. And the sun coming up from behind the horizon. 

You shot to your feet. Never have you seen something so beautiful.

So mesmerizing.

It just proved that someone like you should not see something this perfect.

But you didn’t care today. Right now, you were here, watching the sunrise, and you couldn’t be happier.

“What do you think?” he asked, getting to his feet.

How do you describe something so beautiful?

How can you put it into one word?




Then you remembered what Taehyung had said hours ago.

“Breathtaking,” you whispered.

He wiped the sand off your arm and shoulder, his fingers brushing along your neck. You suppressed a shiver.

“This is just the beginning,” he told you.

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I got some work done on Day Five and I’m a few steps closer to finally finishing the story. I know I should keep the ball rolling, but the Summer Steam Sale has arrived and I’ve got $41 in my Wallet. I can get five games on my wishlist for about $20. I’m not saying I might disappear into the gaming void for a while, but… that totally might happen. Distractions! *jazz hands*

based off of my earlier post

saved as ‘surprise bitch’ on my computer because i figure that after the series ended, and after ishiyama, Oga might disappear for a while (maybe to the demon world) and Furuichi would settle down into an ordinary, if not boring, life for a few years before Oga would suddenly come back to drag him into demon related shit

because oga is, and always will be, a selfish little shit

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 14)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

15+ for swearing. Spoilers for Days 6 and 8 of Jaehee’s route.

The sixth day. 11:52pm.

You check your watch again. Reconfirm that the door is locked. The cabinet is pushed in front of the window Unknown smashed through back when Zen… well.

You wait. This will be the true test. Is it possible for the days to continue if you don’t go to Zen’s house?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Jaehee messaged you a few hours ago to say she was headed to Zen’s place. Zen logged on around eleven and told you how nice it was to have her at his apartment with him.

That was me, once, instead of Jaehee.

Tick. Tock.

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I might disappear for a little while and i’m so sorry about that but i had a really traumatic experience today and i’m still shaking. i might be around on skype or IM though. just hit me up or something. 

Hey, everyone! Anyone miss me? It’s been a week of hell with work (no, like I had a 45-hour week not counting time driving between offices), which is why I haven’t been around. I’m finally through, though, with some help from my coworker and his dog. I’m heading out on Wednesday to see my dad, and unless I get myself a new laptop before then I might disappear for a while. 

But in the meantime! Here I am!