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(I almost don’t want to post this lol…because it’s bit of a weird, ooc alakou comic? -w-;;; please look at it with understanding (_ _) )

Modern day no magic AU and yes, I know it’s not Valentine’s Day xD

Aladdin is maybe 13-14 here…it’s not that Kougyoku doesn’t believe in Aladdin’s sincerity, but it’s more along the lines of “but what does a child REALLY know about love?” and she’s had her heartbreak with Sinbad and maaaaybe Alibaba in this AU lol She thinks of Aladdin’s love as a precious, but fragile thing, and due to her own experiences, she think it’s inevitable that she’s going to somehow hurt him like how she was hurt. so she shys away from him. Basically it’s not really a happy au I guess lol but I just had the urge to draw it. xD

I need more alakou…more alakou please….