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here’s the last thing i’ll say on all the drama going around since last night bc honestly it’s silly and not needed but some of you are throwing around some rude or legit hurtful things so uh let me give my opineeon real quick!

  • the It miniseries is not any more of a legit canon than the 2017 movie is. it’s not above it, it’s not the end all be all for character portrayals, you can’t tell people they don’t “know” the characters if they don’t like a certain version, even if we’re talking about the book. all three canons are just that: different canons. some people have a solid favorite, some take inspiration from all three canons and make it their own. you don’t get to dictate how people enjoy things. period.
  • reddie is not a bad ship because it became popular. every complaint i see being thrown at reddie shippers (tagging the wrong things with the ship name, shipping two white boys together) are things the entire fandom does. people annoyingly tag things wrong ALL the time, it’s coming from every side. and i’ve seen some of you argue shipping things like eddie/bill etc against reddie as if you get brownie points for it, and like, you realize that’s just another ship with two more white boys?
  • (which, basically, it only goes to show how some of you at the end of the day are just angry reddie became so well liked. that’s it.)
  • on a side note who cares if you dislike reddie. i don’t. i’m just talking about this certain side of the fandom that’s developed an almost kind of obsession with hating on it, acting like it’s the satan of the fandom. reddie is an important ship for people, whether it’s them getting to see an actual mlm ship have a lot of content to back it up or see a borderline canon gay character have a good relationship (stephen king might as well just announce eddie is gay already like come on) OR they just like it as a ship. the shippers aren’t hurting anyone by doing that.
  • on the topic of ignoring or erasing mike, bev, and ben: i get why anyone would be upset over feeling like they’re forgotten about. but let’s be real here for just one quick second. just one.
  • some of you (keynote: SOME) like to use these characters for your fake tumblr persona. you don’t treat them as actual characters any more than someone else who ignores them does. you use them as props to get your daily woke points, and that’s it. it’s honestly unsettling.
  • a huge part of this issue comes from minorities not being included in the ACTUAL media. it would be awesome if there wasn’t just one black character to love. it would be great if there were more girls. it would be totally cool to see more than just skinny people in movies.
  • but someone on tumblr who enjoyed richie and eddie’s dynamic and loved richie the most and are having fun with the new movie? they’re not the big bad evil in the world you need to worry about.
  • (and obviously NONE of this is about people who are actually being gross or sexist or racist or anything like that.)

tldr: i don’t know what’s up with some of you gaining the most snotty and pretentious attitudes around, but you’re not going to decide how people enjoy It. leave the actual harmless people alone and get off your high horses.

Love how ant!s try to debunk reylo at all costs with no evidence on their side writing all these long ass posts. They try too hard I think that it’s laughable. Also, they’re calling out grown women who enjoy shipping by not having lives or not taking care of their families.. like bitch I’ve been shipping for years now and I do take care of my family, personal life, and professional life. Leave those bs stereotypes behind. Shipping is just for fun and there’s no age to police others on what to ship or not. Swear these people take it eveything too seriously 😒

Good versus Nice.

I think people sometimes confuse “nice” people and “good” people.

Good people are the ones who reach out when you’re struggling and listen, offer advice or insight from their experiences. They talk things out with you when you have problems and they compromise. If they feel strongly about something, and you don’t feel as strongly or cannot take action the way they choose to, they understand that you do your best. Good people try to do better so when given a critique, they take it to heart and keep it in mind for the future.

Nice people are friendly and like laughing with you, but when you do something they don’t approve of, your stock plummets in their eyes. You see them lash out over small things or perceived slights, they say things like “I don’t care if my words hurt, I tell it like it is.” Nice people don’t care about you as person, they solely care about being right and winning you to their side. Nice people don’t notice your feelings or apologize when you point they’ve been hurt. Nice people will dish out complaint and criticism to others, but when you offer it in return they tell you you’re unsupportive and a bad person.

Good is not necessarily nice and nice a lot of times isn’t good. I’d much rather know not nice but good people than the opposite, personally.

Also  if you’re constantly insisting to people you’re either good or nice…you’re not. You don’t decide that…the people around you do based on your treatment of them. 

sometimes I have the inexplicable urge to eat the cheap, trash version of something. like no, I don’t need scrambled eggs made outta real eggs. I don’t want that mac and cheese made with actual good cheese. I just want the instant shit you make with powder. make me regret having a digestive system. do it. dO IT.

we’re putting up the christmas tree today cuz idk when i’m gonna be home next before christmas break if at all and so i’m gonna try and come out to my mom while we do that

The Signs as Things That Don't Exist
  • Aries: death
  • Taurus: self-confidence
  • Gemini: the gender binary
  • Cancer: your 13 year old self
  • Leo: fursona? what fursona
  • Virgo: sparkly vampires
  • Libra: chinese dragons
  • Scorpio: civil discourse
  • Sagittarius: robot horses (yet)
  • Capricorn: happy endings
  • Aquarius: nice fuckboys
  • Pisces: dictatorships that don't kind of suck

I’m sorry for all of the memes and zero (0) quality art, so please have these wips that I’ll finish for valentine’s day (hint: pair skating practice and bad pickup lines)

FILL IN THE BLANKS if you’d like (and then we can compare pickup lines hahah)

Weird Human Things


Jaal: Human females seem more… Curvy than their male counterparts..

Ryder: Are you asking why we have breasts?

Jaal: …Perhaps.

Ryder: *Laughs* They’re for feeding babies.

Jaal: What?

Ryder: Our mammary glands produce milk for babies!


Baby teeth

Jaal: Humans have multiple sets of teeth?

Ryder: Well, kind of. We’re born with no teeth, we grow a set of ‘baby’ teeth. Then in childhood all those teeth fall out and our permanent set grow in. It can be painful and bloody.

Jaal: That sounds terrifying. 

Static hair

Jaal: Ryder your hair is floating

Ryder: Oh, yeah that happens sometimes.

Jaal: *confused cat face*…What!?!


Jaal: Ryder! Your colors are changing!

Ryder: It’s just hot Jaal. Humans turn red sometimes.

Jaal: So, this is normal?

Ryder: Kind of. Blushing can signify distress, but It’s usually no big deal.

Jaal: Distress? Are you not well? 

Ryder: I’m fine Jaal, it’s just hot here 

 *Sometime later after certain saucy scenes* 

Jaal: Ryder, Are you in distress?! Your colors! 

Ryder: *Laughs* No Jaal, I’m fine. 


Jaal: Why do some humans have spots while others do not?

Ryder: Spots?…Oh, you mean Freckles.

Jaal: Freckles?

Ryder: Yeah, just genetics. Some human’s just have…spots. *Ryder smiles*

Talk and Walk

Jaal: Why is Liam pacing the ship?

Ryder: He’s on a call Jaal.

Jaal: ??????

Ryder: Oh, human’s like to lap their homes while on calls.

Talking to animals

Pyjak: *squeak*

Ryder: *Squeak!*

Jaal: What are you-

Ryder: Shhh! I’m talking to my child.

Jaal: ?!?!?!


*Liam sprints desperately to the kitchen*

Jaal: What’s going on?

Ryder: *dead serious* He has to stop the microwave before it hits zero or it explodes.


Ryder: *Laughing*

Jaal: an…Idiom?

[Trans] 170906 Jimin on RM on Serendipity


내가 자랑하려고 했는데 왜 먼저 얘기했어 ㅋㅋㅋ
모니형이 좋은곡 만들어줬어요
많이 들어주세요 ㅎㅎ

What is this

I was going to brag but why’d (he) say it first ke ke ke
Moni-hyung made me a good song
Please listen to it a lot haha

Trans by @bangtoori