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Do you guys ever people watch to see if you can find the other without the mask? If so, do you think you've found them once or twice?


but not intentionally.”

edit: im starting to do captions now as suggested by a follower so i’ll go back and put captions on my older posts ^^ thank you

“We both tried to grab at the last copy of that desired book at the same time and had a tug of war.” (from this post)

Sterek ficlet, T, ~1.6k words. Basically, I was going to just do a tiny little drabble as a warm-up for working on one of my WIPs, and then I was having too much fun with it to stop.

(Btw, if you couldn’t tell, I totally made up the book series in question. Any resemblance to any actual book is completely coincidental.) 

It’s definitely some kind of torture that on the day the seventh and final Path of Wolves novel comes out, Stiles still has to go to school like it’s not the most important day of the year or anything.

And okay, so it’s not like anyone else in Beacon Hills has even heard of these books except Scott, and then only because Stiles can’t shut up about them, but still. Stiles spends the entire day practically vibrating out of his skin with the anticipation. He’s pretty sure he hasn’t taken in a word any of his teachers has said today. The only reason he doesn’t try to make a break for it during lunch is that he can’t afford another detention on his record, and even so, he’s still sorely, sorely tempted to risk it. In the end, he has to get Lydia to hide his car keys from him.

(He was going to ask Scott to do it, but Scott would have caved as soon as Stiles started begging, and Stiles is definitely not above begging, so Lydia it is.)

The instant the final bell rings, though, Stiles is out of there, flying across the parking lot and gunning the Jeep. The bookstore probably only ordered a few copies, and if Stiles isn’t holding one of them by the time he leaves, somebody’s about to get murdered.

Not that he actually expects any competition, but it’s better not to let these things go to chance. He already messed up once by procrastinating on pre-ordering until they were sold out; he didn’t think it was possible for a Path of Wolves novel to be sold out. He was wrong, and now he’s paying for it by having to physically go to the bookstore to get it.

Either Stiles vastly overestimated how many copies the store was going to order, or else he vastly underestimated how many people in Beacon Hills read these books, because when he skids to a stop in front of the New Releases shelf, there’s only one copy left. One beautiful, perfect hardcover copy.

Lucky for him, one copy is enough.

Except that when he grabs ahold of it, someone else does, too.

For a long second, Stiles can’t even believe what he’s seeing. Another hand, on his book. Another hand that’s not letting go, even though Stiles has already clearly and unambiguously grabbed it by the spine and isn’t letting go, either.

Stiles turns his head incredulously to get a look at this usurper, and it’s Derek Hale. As in, made-of-muscles, leather-wearing lacrosse captain Derek Hale.

Until this moment, Stiles wasn’t even sure Derek could read, and now he’s trying to steal Stiles’ obscure eight-hundred-page fantasy novel. What.

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i’ve always wondered what it would be like to live inside the self titled album. how does color seep into a world that’s so devoid of it? sometimes i feel like the only color in my whole world is the hurricane of color raging behind my eyes.

if i find a way to calm the storm, i can paint a world of black and white.

but a hurricane is so easy to drown in.

Tips from my dad about buying a car

- Go in at the end of the month
- Buy the model of the year right before the model for the next year comes out (dealers get desperate to sell the old models)
- Refuse to put any money down. Say that if they ask you to put down money, you’ll leave
- Seriously. If they ask you to put down money say you need to go and walk out
- If there’s another dealership nearby, tell them that you’re walking there right after you leave
- If a deal seems unfair but you really like the car, tell them you’re going to another dealership and leave. Chances are, they’ll call back the next day with a better deal
- If possible, after the first call wait till the last few days of the month and they’ll likely call again with an even better deal
- Look around for family and friends that need a car. If you buy more than one car from the same dealership you’ll get a much better deal
- If a family member/friend is looking for a used car while you’re looking for a new car or vice versa, still get the used car from the same dealership
- If you decide to buy a new car after a few years, trade in the old car and buy a new one from the same dealership. Companies appreciate loyalty and will likely offer you a lower price

This is the part they didn’t show you in The Final Problem.

That rope was for Sherlock to climb down into the well to John. John had been struggling to keep his head clear of the water for a good while, and he was getting exhausted; hypothermia starting to set in. It was going to be another 10 minutes or so before the police arrived to unchain John and get all of them out of there, but that could seem an endless and fatal time for a fatigued man barely able to get a gasp of air. 

Sherlock was quite a bit taller than John, so he took it upon himself to clamber down into the well and take on John’s weight so his friend could rest. How overwhelmed with relief he must be to be able to finally save his best friend from that cursed well. At this moment, it’s just the two of them, nothing else and no one else mattered.

(Discontinuity Error: I forgot to add the skull and some bones; I might add them later but who knows)


Pages >right to left.

Inuoka isn’t ready to confess…!! But he is a pretty black & white sort of guy, so it isn’t a surprise his friends figure it out on their own. His teammates will root for him on the sidelines… Perhaps this story isn’t over for our pup amongst cats just yet… (I might continue this story at a later time, eventually)

What Roman poet should you fight

Who wins: ???
I don’t know who will win this but please, he is so egotistical. Beat him up. Do it.

Who wins: Nobody
No one benefits from this. Why would you fight Vergil? What kind of evil person would do that??? He’s not hurting anyone, he is too precious. Don’t fight Vergil.

Who wins: You
Dude is essentially a scrawny little white boy. if you punch him he will probably cry. Do it. Fight Catullus.

Who wins: You
BUT he will probably sass you so badly in one of his poems and you will never be able to live it down. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Martial.

Who wins: You
I know you want to punch him, hell I wanna punch him, but you’ll regret it. He’ll probably seduce everyone in your family after. Who cares though. Drop kick that son of a bitch. Fight Ovid.

Julius Caesar
Who wins: Caesar
I know his poems are shit and he deserves to get punched in the face for them but don’t fight him. Dude is a renounced general and is practically unstoppable. Don’t fight Caesar. He will kill you.

Who wins: You
Dude is so fucking old you can probably KO him in one punch. Do it. Fight Seneca.

Who wins: Horace
He was a fucking officer in the military. If he wanted to, he could kill a man. Plus if you fought him you would probably make Vergil sad. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Horace.

Who wins: You
Please look towards the entirety of De Rerum Natura. Dude is a weak ass fucking nerd. Do it. Fight Lucretius.

Who wins: Petronius
He is metal as HELL. He does basically anything he wants and chose to fucking kill himself before he could be sentenced and will probably not hesitate to punch someone in the gut. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Petronius.

Pliny the elder
Who wins: Pliny
He was a military officer and commander. He knows how to fight and stuff. He will most likely not hesitate to beat you up. Don’t do it. Don’t fight him.

Pliny the Younger

Who wins:???

Who wins this is irrelevant. Dude practiced law. He’s practically BEGGING for someone to punch him. Do it. Fight him.

Who wins: ???
I honestly don’t know who will win but he looks deeply distressed in every picture ever as well as completely punchable. Do it. Fight Quintilianus.

Who wins: You
Look he may have written about wars, but he didn’t do shit. You can punch him in the face easily. The only issue is that he’s a sweetie and you’ll feel super bad about it after.

you can probably…. tell i rushed this….. I feel like i kinda forgot How To Shade today and i went through like… three? different backgrounds before kinda giving up and quickly doing this one. Fix all your problems with an overpowering blue glow !! 

Ah well. Valkyrie from skulduggery pleasant, man. Hopefully I’ll draw her again in future and do her more justice.

Short Story 1

He could hear everything, but dared not open his eyes. The roar of the ocean, thunder booming overhead, and that terrifying roar. Gripping the piece of broken ship that was his only salvation for dear life, he prayed to whatever deity would listen that he would survive this day. His panicked thoughts continued to assault him as exhaustion took it’s toll, forcing the hunter into unconsciousness.

He awoke with a start, feeling something brush against his hand. Looking around, his fears were confirmed. He was the only survivor. The ship that was supposed to transport his party to Loc Lac was at the bottom of the ocean by now, taken down by the beast. As he observed the vast expanse of blue that stretched as far as he could see, there was a faint ripple, and movement. Shakily, he drew his blade, made from parts carved from a formidable wyvern, and stood ready, determined to outlast the leviathan. A pair of blazing red eyes rose from the depths to meet his challenge, as the hunter raised his shield in defiance. The beast burst from the waves and attacked like the storm from the night before, roaring, as the hunter roared back, using his shield to block the first hit.


Okai so, this isn’t my AU, I repeat, I didn’t make it up! I was streaming and someone came into the chat and just asked a very simple question: 

Did you ever think what would happen if kid Jesse met Reaper? Not Gabriel, really, REAPER. 

We started talking about it but sadly, the person left before we could discuss more. So, I decided to draw it ^^ if you recognize yourself, don’t be shy to say so! I really liked your idea and decided to draw it! ^^

I’ll start working on the ask/request now! I just needed to get this out of my head! Might continue later on ~

Celestial (Jimin x Reader)

“Every wish is important. Good, bad, simple, complex. And your wish brought me here.”

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17776 at the moment is just so… chill is the best way I can think to describe it. After the start with Nine learning to communicate with Ten, it’s just a story about AI’s and strange, immortal humans living their lives and using their seemingly infinite live spans to peruse the things they’re passionate about. It might get darker later (It will probably have to if it continues for 9 more upda7es) but for the moment it’s such a unique perspective on sci-fi ideas and I’m enjoying it so much.

Overthinking (Tim Drake x Reader)

A/N: This is set in YJ season 2! I might continue this later because its real cute.

Warnings: None!

Request: 18 with Tim

You and Tim had a strange relationship. You both had feelings for each other, and everyone knew it, but for some reason you were both holding back.

You weren’t a couple but were more than friends. It was an awkward situation.

You were sitting, watching TV with M’gann and Cass when Tim tapped you on the shoulder.

“Hey, can we, uh, talk?” Tim asked, glancing to the side nervously.

“Sure,” you replied softly, getting up and going over to Tim.

He shifted awkwardly before gently taking your hand, beginning to walk.

Good luck, you heard M’gann in your head. You shot a playful, disapproving glance over your shoulder, only to find Megan and Cass giving you thumbs up, before continuing to follow Tim.

He led you into the hallway, making sure no one was there before turning to face you and taking both your hands in his.

He didn’t say anything for a while, just looked at you with an expression you couldn’t read, before leaning down.

You stopped him gently. “Robin- Tim, are- are you sure about this? I thought you didn’t want to- want to-”

“I always overthink. Just let me do something thoughtless for once in my life.”

You nodded, standing on your toes and allowing your lips to meet his.

His hands let go of yours, one going to your waist, the other moving to the side of your face, while yours gravitated up to his chest.

Cheering and clapping startled you into jumping away from each other.

Mortified, you looked over and found the entire team applauding and cheering. You even heard some people talking about how “Nightwing won the pool.” 

You buried your face in Tim’s chest. This was not how you thought this would go.

Werewolf Headcanons

(Not all the characters are listed. Not because they were particularly tough characters for werewolf headcanons, or that I don’t like them and I think they’re stinky, but because I followed the ‘werewolf’ narrative of having the theme of ‘transition’. To have a duality to your identity and a sense for upheaval. Later, I might continue on this idea, and write vampire/etc characters)

McCree: The perfect image of a run-of-the-mill werewolf. He’s had lycanthropy since childhood, and has settled comfortably as both man and wolf. Fluffy, surprisingly cunning, and of an average size and build, he retains several of his wolf traits throughout his human image. His wolf form takes after the grey wolf breed of North America, and he’s got a unique, subtle hint of orange to his fur. Thanks to his experience and gentle nature, he’s largely passive and friendly as a wolf, and would only show aggression if he has no choice - and even then, it’s an assassin’s strike to kill or disable as quick as possible. But there’s still some conflict within him … sometimes he wonders if he’d be as successful of a killer if he was never bitten, and where that leaves him as a man.

Soldier: 76: Unlike McCree, Jack has lasting difficulties as a werewolf, but he’s the type of man who rarely lets his struggles known. He was already a trained soldier when he was bitten, and had to learn how to live as a werewolf while on duty during the Omnic Crisis. Thanks to that, he never got a proper chance to come to terms with his beast side, and although trained enough, his wolf form is naturally defensive and elusive. As a wolf, he has the vicious look of a large Doberman, and not the most charismatic-looking. On the bright side, being a wolf grants this old soldier the privacy and quietness he feels more comfortable with, rather than the spotlight Overwatch has shoved him into.

Reaper: Gabriel’s wolf form was born from conflict. He contracted lycanthropy in the midst of a neighborhood riot, one that left a couple people dead and him severely injured. But with proper family support and therapy, Gabriel lived to embrace his condition wholeheartedly. His form reflects that history; he shifts into a huge, 160-pound beast with the ghostly blank face of a Bullterrier, riddled with scars. But he displays amazing control over his strength and abilities, and in his eyes shine an acute awareness. One fateful day, when Gabriel died and Reaper was crafted from his ashes, only thing remained of his old self was his wolf form, which remained shockingly unchanged. Some wonder if this means Gabriel still remains, deep inside.

Hanzo: A werewolf since teenage, Hanzo was once preened and carefully trained into a proud and well-bred white wolf, with a tall stature and remarkable hunting skills. But when his family began to fall apart, so did his wolf, and eventually the regal wolf became an aggressive and wild bully out of fear and desperation, at one point shedding large amounts of its fur out of trauma. His transitions from man to beast became unpredictably wild and dangerous, to the point where Hanzo had to seclude himself out of fear. Years pass of living the fugitive life, and the wolf grew back silver-brown tufts of fur instead of its original white. One part of him wishes to return to his life of pampering and security, while another looks forward to his new, reborn self.

‎Lúcio: You wouldn’t guess this friendly young man was a creature of legend, but his passion for life comes straight from the wolf blood within him. Lucio contracted lycanthropy in-utero, so he’s only ever lived the werewolf experience, and lives comfortably and at ease. Being a world famous music celebrity doesn’t leave much room to be yourself, so few have seen Lucio as his bright-eyed, slim, and slightly-small wolf form. But make no mistake; the man who led a revolution burns with the same prey drive as any proud leader of a pack.

D.VA: If Lucio struggles being a celebrity while a werewolf, Hana Song even more so. She’s only lived with lycanthropy for a handful of years, and grew up in a country of national crisis. Her flamboyant, proud, and talented ‘D.VA’ persona was born from the expectation to perform as both a supersoldier and a pro-gamer. Hana Song, on the other hand, cracks with the violence and pressure expected from her. Her form is a haggard, young grey wolf, and her transformations are long and painful, which leads her to become snappish and anxious. As time passes, she learns to lessen the stress of lycanthropy and find proper time to adjust, which helps calm the wolf within.