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Calling all lore buffs (again)

Okay I know I do this a lot BUT once again I find myself in need of some info that I am not getting simply by scouring the wiki, and the ol’ gw2 tag has never let me down before. Specifically I’m looking for some comprehensive info on The Mists. Even more specifically I’d like to know (for no… particular reason…):

- How commonly do people travel to and from the Mists? What parts are the most trafficked (ie Mad King’s Realm), and what parts are the most forbidden?
- Is it possible for someone to accidentally enter the Mists, such as through a rift, portal, spell gone awry, idk something like that?
- Aaand… finally, did(do?) the White Mantle/the Mursaat have any direct connection to, or influence on the Mists? (That might not actually have anything to do with the other info I need but it might come in handy later)

[EDIT] frostwyvnirthings sorry I can’t answer your mail directly but thanks for the reminder, I had completely forgotten that pvp/wvw/fractals were all considered part of the Mists, so of course it’s pretty well-traveled! So that answers that question at least lol

Important Questions For Gravity Falls

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Pip FiM bio

Name: Pip Aino/Little Pip
Race: Centaur (with ¼ unicorn blood)
Age: Only a couple hundred years old, young for the immortal power-draining centaurs. His exact age down to single digits is unknown.
Personality: A naive and easily controlled or confused stallion, Pip is quite vulnerable to corruption and influence. He is unsure of things for himself and often seeks the approval of others. Pip has however spent much of his life away from other more intelligent beings, and as such has a rather snotty and uppity attitude regarding most other creatures excluding dragons and centaurs. Pip does deep down have good intentions however, despite how twisted and manipulated his intentions might become.
Bio: Pip’s entire life has been spent in the Everfree forest, and outside of occasionally crossing paths with, he has not come into contact with ponies. Pip does know of the existance of Ponyville though, however does not wish to go anywhere near it. He has everything needed to sustain life in the forest and could care less. Pip due to being part unicorn does have the potential to earn a cutiemark, but has no knowledge of how to do so, nor does he really care. He is also chasing the wrong destiny.
Abilities: Pip is realitively strong for his size and can bite, kick, and fire small blasts of energy. Pip has the ability to drain the untapped magic from ponies that have not yet found their destiny/earned their cutiemark, but is not strong enough to drain magic from ponies with regular mastery over their magic potential. Upon draining magic his body will gain more muscle mass and he will increase in size.
Other info: Pip will automatically side with another member of his own species, or someone who shows quite a lot of concern for his well-being. However race will always win out over personality and he will join forces with another magic-drainer even if they treat him poorly.
Pip has tiny under-developed horns that resemble unicorn horns that are much too small to poke out from his hair. They are however where his magic is wielded from.
The fact that Pip is a jouvenile, yet also an immortal being makes him both a child and an adult which varries in different aspects. Most notably, Pip is the size of an adult pony but behaves much more like a child.
Pip’s grandmother (a unicorn pony) Was an astronomer from Canterlot, her magic specialty was energy-manifestation and fortune-telling from sky phenominon. This is all that is known of his ancestry.

The Butterfly Photo?

I’d just like to mention that Chloe IS in possession of the butterfly photo since the middle of Episode 1. Perhaps that might come in handy later, now that everything’s gone to shit in Episode 4? Then the real question is where she has kept it since Monday, of course, but this could still be valid. I feel like Dontnod had her take the photo from Max for a reason.