might change the coloring when i have time

And the Sammy Lawrence pre-game has been decided upon!

I had been tossing around a few different designs about what I wanted him to look like, but after discussing with some folks in my stream I really settled upon one of my first thoughts. What if Sammy had been black? 

Certainly it wasn’t common for that time period but it was the starting point for change where rights were steadily being pushed further for people of color. It was a difficult time historically speaking, where racism was far more accepted than it is today. Might add an extra layer of grump to an already barely held together man when you put into perspective that his dreams may of been far higher than what he achieved Even with that fact to have gotten a job at a ‘silly cartoon show’ as the Musical Director may have been a massive achievement for him as well despite how he resented the circumstances. 

Must be irritating when your boss starts messing with the whole studio jeopardizing the very foundation of what you have worked yourself to the bone to get huh? 

i’ve only drawn angelite like 3 or 4 times so i drew her again

i changed her hair because i have too many gemsonas with floofy hair, also i gave her a color palette 

aw mAN HAHA firealpaca’s a really good program honestly!

this is the pen i made that doesn’t use pressure! to make a new brush you click that little sheet of paper at the bottom of the brush palette! if you want this pen then just change the settings to this! (the width doesn’t matter, that’s just the size of your brush)

i also use the the pen tool which is a default brush, and the airbrush tool! my only customized brush is the no pressure pen but you can experiment all you like!

in firealpaca i really keep stuff simple though! i don’t tend to use effects or do anything fancy. the fanciest stuff i do is changing settings on the layers to do cool lighting or shading sometimes! that would be kind of a longer tutorial though which i might do at a later time for coloring and stuff

maybe when i have some more time i’ll do a few different posts about different cool stuff in firealpaca you can do! but honestly there’s a lot on firealpaca i don’t use or have even figured out–everything i’ve learned has been through experimenting! but i can share stuff i’ve learned or stuff i’m currently learning in the future when i got some more time for tutorials!!

Color Me Happy As Long As You’re Mine

(I can write apparently. Thanks to @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx and @clarkeisinlovewithbellamy

@bloggingbellarke @queencas @somethingmorecreative1 you might wanna see this?)

The gang goes back to the house once they saved the world. Bellamy and Clarke finally have a moment for themselves.


Oops guess we have to share a bed?


They returned to the house three months after leaving it. They figured they deserved taking a break away from camp after saving the world again. Some people were against it. Complaining that everyone should be working on building back Arkadia and that a new war could start any time. “We need to be ready, we can’t just have half the kids running off on a vacation. And we all deserve time off!” Thankfully, Kane and Abby had defended them saying that they had fought more wars than any of them and that they could manage without nine pairs of hands for a couple of weeks.

So, they took a rover, some supplies and made their way back to the island. For fun. For once, they were together for fun and no another suicide mission. It made Bellamy smile, feeling truly happy for the first time in a while.

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Pink and Yellow: The Blog of a Flower Shop Girl

By Skyler10

Summary: Rose Tyler is a lonely florist, resigned to her life of expertise in assisting those who have what she never seems to: a date for Valentine’s. Luckily, she has a blog with loyal followers (you).

Notes: For @timepetalsprompts​ fourth wall break and @doctorroseprompts​ AU prompt: flowershop AU Valentine’s meetcute. Note the dates and the changing colors of the flowers. ;)

Thursday, February 12

Those of you who have been reading my little blog here might remember me saying before that the mechanics of floral care are only the beginning. Sure, you have to know about cutting technique and the types of arrangements and even the extensive etiquette around which types of flowers belong at what kinds of events. But there is an art to it as well, beyond cultural knowledge and botany.

When I started The Rose Garden with my friend and colleague, Lily O’Martin, we spent so much time joking about our names and learning the science and studying for our business degrees at night school that we thought we knew what we were doing on opening day. But what we didn’t know is that working in a flower shop, you have to know just as much about people as you do about flowers.

Take, for example, our signature product and my namesake, the English rose. Eternally common and identifiable to even the least educated of buyers, and yet, to the recipient, a dozen roses can mean a thousand things. And not just red for romance, yellow for friendship, pink for that first blush of new love…

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Last image for Inktober! Happy Halloween with Vampire!Chat Noir and Sorceress!Ladybug. Her design is more based on a Jiangshi, or a Chinese “hopping” zombie even if she’s not a zombie herself. I would’ve made her more Witch traditional, but I ended up liking this design.

Also yeah… don’t startle Chat when he’s talking to his Lady. Maybe I’ll color this later? Come back and draw more for it? @cynicalsleeper and I have worked out ideas for this AU and she might write something for it but we’ll see.

Jeremy: I’m the only main fake that does it! Besides for me though I think the only two I’m aware of are Meg and Mica, and I don’t change my hair color nearly as frequently as either of them do. (Meg’s hair is a different color every time I see her.)

Jeremy: Even though I think there might have been one time where Meg convinced (forced) Ryan to dip-dye his hair, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t remember seeing it, but it’s possible.

Jeremy: I hope your hair dyeing goes well!! As for me, I’m not sure what color I’m gonna dye mine next or when I’m gonna do it; I really like the green. I’m thinking about light blue, but who knows when that’ll happen?

leonardslee  asked:

ALL THE QUESTIONS that no one else asks

ALSO from almost three weeks ago! Thank you Anna <3 

  • 1. describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing
    • For someone who took up so much space, it was easy to forget she was there. In certain settings you might never have seen her, except as a vague impression of rounded lines, dark colors, and silent, guarded reserve. It was startling to see the transformation when that reserve dropped, as quickly as a muffling cloak to reveal a dramatic costume change. The heavily hooded eyes lit up, noticeably for the first time. All that inert mass was suddenly focused, like a continent determinedly sculling away from the rest of the landmass to find a new and interesting future. 
  • 2. is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing?
    • I think I answered this one? but the answer is not really, unless yelling at myself to stop clicking random things and just get started counts :P 
  • 3. what is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?
    • I may have answered this too? but lighthearted, humorous fics are most fun to write, emotionally charged fics are the most satisfying to have written. 
  • 4. are there any other fic writers you admire? if so, who and why?
    • Well there is this one person, she’s pretty good, she does slow burn really well and her writing is understated and funny and witty and her characterization is really great, you may have heard of her stuff, @upthenorthmountain? check it out ;D
  • 5. how many words can you write if you sit down and concentrate intensely for an hour?
    • my record is 4k but 2k is doing well in my book. 
  • 6. first fic/pairing you wrote for? (if no pairing, describe the plot)
    • my absolute first fanfiction ever was a fic about The Phantom of the Opera not having a name (bc I was idk thirteen and only vaguely aware of the book, so I was going off the musical, which I hadn’t seen although I had the soundtrack memorized)
  • 7. inspiration, time, or motivation. choose two.
    • TIME AND MOTIVATION no contest!

Meme! Thanks, @eulaliasims . I think I might have done this one before, but yeah, it has changed.

The Rules: Tag 9 people you’d like to know better

Tagging: anyone interested in it, I’m serious. I’m super tired but I want to get to know EVERYONE better this is one of my issues in life and has always been, I remember thinking about it when I was like 4. So if you want to do it, please do, and tag me!

Relationship Status: Married

Favourite Color: Oh heck I’ll choose one this time, though I don’t really have one… cherry blossom pink.

Lipstick or Chapstick?: Chapstick

Last song you listened to: Whoo boy. You caught me on a hyper-political day, even for me. Punch a Nazi by Chris Ray Gun. It’s satirical and anti-punching, but be warned: clips of real-life violence in the video.

Last movie you watched: Rebecca, the Hitchcock version. Last movie I watched in a theater was… jeez, I think the first Iron Man.

Top 3 Characters: This is like favorite color – I dunno, I have trouble thinking this way. Let’s say Aerin from Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley, Emma Wodehouse, and Miles Vorkosigan.

Top 3 Ships: HMS Beagle, Adventure Galley, and Boaty McBoatface.

Books and manga you are currently reading: Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. Kinda random and a re-read, I need a big library list soon.

Top 5 Musicals: West Side Story, The Pirates of Penzance, Labyrinth (enough songs to make it a musical right? I’m counting it), Gypsy, Show Boat


Woo, I haven’t been around here in a good while!

I got a pretty new theme though, and Twitter doesn’t leave much room for me to ramble about the random concept art and stuff I post, so yeah.

Anyway, this is a character concept that might not be set in stone, but very little will be changed if anything. (In fact I think it’s just the eyes I’m unsure about. They might even just change color randomly in-comic, that could be cool!)

His name is Azrael, and he’s the same type of being as Mephistopheles, who’s concept art was posted ages ago. Their origins are going to stay mysterious for a long time, but Azrael here will make an appearance in Time Land, a comic I’ve been conceptualizing for years and looking forward to working on when I have some energy to spare from working on WOE.

While he doesn’t personify death as his name implies, (the EthereaVerse has it’s own version of the grim reaper, but that’s a character for another time,) he does have a peculiar role in a certain aspect of it that I’ll reveal after more of WOE has been completed.

(Oh and I didn’t do the background for this one, it actually comes from a cool site called Pexels!)

unforth-ninawaters  asked:

Hiya! Your articles on writing skin tone are awesome and tremendously helpful. I've been wondering - what's your thinking on russet? It's included in the post where you give a lot of ideas for colors, and I've been using it, but every time I see it, I think of russet potatoes, and it makes me nervous re: food comparisons. So, just was hoping for more of your thinking on it as a color word to use for describing skin tone. Thanks! Your Tumblr is an amazing resource.

Describing Skin as Russet: Food Connotation?

”The name of the color derives from russet, a coarse cloth made of wool and dyed with woad and madder to give it a subdued grey or reddish-brown shade. By the statute of 1363, poor English people were required to wear russet.[7]
so says the wikipedia.

I’m pretty sure russet potatoes also got their name from their rough texture and resemblance to russet cloth, because they’re not actually that reddish-brown in color.

When I see ‘russet’ by itself (Stella here), I definitely think of a reddish-brown color, and I don’t think of potatoes (or apples! There’s a variety called russet apples). I don’t see a problem with russet (it’s an established color name) but if an individual author would prefer not to use it, I think that’s peachy-keen.

I think of russet (Shira here!) as being far more saturated of a color and redder than actual russet potatoes, but it doesn’t matter what russet “really is” — if someone else is likely to make the same mistake, and imagine potato-colored skin, it may not be the safest word choice. There isn’t any inherent problem, but a problem may come up if a reader’s mind makes that same leap to potatoes that yours did.

Like the others (Tis Colette) I picture a reddish brown and potato didn’t even cross my mind, but if it bothers you personally, perhaps you shouldn’t use it as the association may be hard for you to detach from your head. This is also why I mentioned at that portion where “russet” is in the skin color guide: “Some of these have multiple meanings, so you’ll want to look into those to determine what other associations a word might have.” I also used it as an example + the guide itself…so there’s my thinking on it. It hasn’t changed!

When you write you’re making a gamble on whether the reader’s experience is like your own. No one word will be perfect, and there’s always someone who will interpret it differently, even if you’ve had it beta-read. For instance, my (Elaney) Black Hair tutorial posts have been reblogged so many times, and roughly 99.8% of the time the responses are positive, but there is a .2% that objects to the word choices I have made (and have had beta read).  At a certain point you gotta make a decision whether to say something or nothing at all.


Candy skin in different colors

I’ve been asked a few times about this, and lately i’ve seen messages of people throwing a tantrum for that ? ( let’s be brave and say “again ?” 8D; )
The way people always assume i dont care of anything and that they have to scream, boycott, “harass” me with messages or whatever to get what they want is really not motivating nor encouraging at all ._.
Even if i’ve said it so many times already, but i guess, it’s no use…
(Also, as i could read, no its “not” my job to check around forums, tumblrs etc.. for everyone’s opinion. You’d be surprised to know how any times i’ve been told not to check at anything of this sort so it doesnt affect me etc, etc.. I do it because i like what i do and i want to try my best for you and the game. )

Well, let’s get over that, that’s not the topic anyway :)

So yeah, i’ve been asked a few times on this, and i didnt throw the idea away, not at all.

I want to do it, and it will be done but it just might take a lot more time than you expect, so sorry for that, we’ll be testing your patience again.

Why ?

  • Because when i began with AS i had no experience in anything, and the skin was not done with the idea to change its color.
    So yeah, changing the body color is not so much time consumig, but all the eyes, and mouth are shaded with the base skin color, so I’ll have to do all that again. (the skins we have made lately dont affect the face if you look closely :) )

  • There will be indeed some developement to do on top of that to change everything etc… (devs also have lot of things to deal with all the time. )

  • We have a very tight schedule, we dont have lot of free time to do other things than the episodes work so that we can keep a correct timing for those.
  • Right now schedule is even more difficult with events coming all one after one at this time of the year, halloween, christmas… who took lot of time too (working on those for both AS and Eldarya )

  • -To top it all at the moment, (even if that’s my problem ) i’m dealing with a broken ankle, and even if i dont draw with my feet (i know some of you might think so è_é ) i work from home, and im not at ease staying on a chair all day + some medical apointments etc… so i try my best not to get late on the episodes and halloween/christmas.

Plus some other things, but the most important reasons are listed !
So yeah.. be patient please ? QnQ”

saturday july 30, 23:25

I know it’s not autumn yet, but it’s my favorite season, so when it was time to change my desktop photo(s) I went for more autumn-themed ones. I just love the colors! I will miss the many hours of daylight though…

Oh, and for those of you that have followed me for a while, you might notice something; my Christina quotes are back up! (There’s a reason why I have What are those Christina Yang quotes above your desk? in my FAQ)

RWBY OC creation tips and tricks

Hey guys! Misty and I are making this post upon the request of a friendly anon (whose ask I didn’t screenshot because there was two and Misty deleted one and I thought she posted it and I deleted the other BUT ANYWAY) who asked us if we could share some tips to making RWBY OCs.

Now please don’t think that this is some sort of “if u don’t make ur rwby ocs like this then they obviously suck!!1!” kind of thing. We may be assholes but we’re not those types of assholes. This is a pretty long post so we’re going to be sticking everything under a cut.

Any text in italics is Misty’s input.

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deathbird5316  asked:

Hi hi! Love ur blog~ just wanted to maybe change ur mind bout Izaya not being a sociopath. He is a textbook sociopath, in fact. He has no guilt or remorse, is prone to violence, is extremely aggressive and egotistical, and also blames others to rationalize his own conflict with society -like how he basically blamed the whole war with the colored gangs when he was the mastermind, he separated himself from society in the name of "loving his humans." Also sociopaths aren't diagnosed til 15-18.

Hi there and thank you!

I hope you don’t mind my replying to this ask public so I can express my thoughts to others who read what I wrote and might have thought the same thing in relation to it. But I’m afraid you’re going to be hard pressed to change my mind on this. I’ve pretty much seen all the arguments in favor of it over the years but I guess that was technically my first time posting publicly my thought on the matter. Because of that I guess it’s best if I elaborate on it so people can understand where I’m coming from when I say that I do not believe Izaya is a sociopath. 

With that said I must express a need for caution for anyone who has not read the novels (this includes yourself, if you haven’t, since I noticed you used anime only examples) That if you are going to read this please be prepared to be completely and utterly spoiled for a good majority of durarara’s ending as this post is going to be filled to the brim with spoilers ranging from at least volume 9 all the way up to volume 13.

Please, please, please read at your own risk.

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anonymous asked:

hey this is a v stupid question but do you know if junhoe is really that pale? sometimes i see pictures and he has beautiful tan skin (those make me cry like forreal he looks so good with tan skin) but then i see other pictures were he looks like casper the ghost himself but i'm not sure if it's edited or his real skintone but in mix&match he looks pretty pale too but he still has a strong yellow undertone omg this is kinda stupid i'm so sorry but i want to know bc i hate whitewashing so much

First of all it is not a stupid question AT ALL. It’s actually a really good question cause there are tons and tons of fansites who tend to make the boys look super pale and try to fake their beautiful tanned skin tone into smth that looks like white paper. So it’s hard to tell what’s their real skin tone when you only look at fansite pics. Second, NONE of the iKON boys have “pale” skin. None of them. They all have beautiful natural tanned skin. But there are a lot of reasons why their skin tone sometimes looks different: 

  • The picture is edited (do not trust HD fansite pics when it comes to skin color)
  • It’s because of the lighting (changes when it’s not natural light like on stage or from cameras)
  • They have heavy makeup or lighting cream on (that might me the reason why he looked a bit pale during m&m or in some bts videos)

Most of the times I like to depend on fansite PREVIEWS or pics that were taken with the phone. Especially look for unedited previews where the boys don’t have makeup on and aren’t on stage but in natural light. Here are some pics that (what I think) show junhoe’s natural skin color (you can also trust unedited press pics)

+ other members

6 Months…

We found out that she had cancer on Christmas day, December 25th. That means that yesterday was Mom’s 6 month anniversary as a Pancreatic Cancer Fighter.

That’s something to CELEBRATE…so we did so by finding her some new hair. 

Losing your hair (or for me…watching her lose her hair) is no picnic. There’s an emotional element about it that can’t be described until you’re in that situation. That woman right there? She’s handling it really well…the best she can. She’s awesome (and so are her pretty new locks). 

But let’s be real for a minute…those smiles in that picture above? Those were F-O-R-C-E-D and as fake as can be. BUT!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll never stop reminding you (or myself) that IT’S A CHOICE. You are in control of your emotions and have the power to change them. Try to smile. Always. Because if you try really hard and hope for the best, your emotional disposition might just catch up with your reflection. The beginning of the hair hunt kind of sucked but by the time we found the right fit, color, and had it styled..the confidence and smiles were nothing but authentic. 

Back to the 6 month milestone…

When we first learned of her diagnosis, people would say “every day is a gift” and I hated it so much. I know that it was said with love and for comforting purposes but it had this melancholy undertone that simply didn’t sit right with me. As time has passed, it’s become more evident that the cliché is, in fact, true. In the last 167 days, I’ve learned more about my mom than I have in the last 30+ years. I’ve learned more about relationships and the importance of communication. I’ve learned how to be a a good supporter (and still working on it). I’ve learned that having control isn’t the most important thing in the world and even more importantly, that losing control can sometimes bring unexpected (but much needed) growth. Those lessons may not have come in pretty packages with bows…but they’re the best presents I’ve ever received.

Here’s to the next 6 months…another 189 days of gifts. 

(*I see that it says “NO PICTURES PLEASE”…and that’s why I strictly adhere to a better to ask forgiveness than permission approach to life. Gotta thank my Dad for that one.)