might change the coloring when i have time

And the Sammy Lawrence pre-game has been decided upon!

I had been tossing around a few different designs about what I wanted him to look like, but after discussing with some folks in my stream I really settled upon one of my first thoughts. What if Sammy had been black? 

Certainly it wasn’t common for that time period but it was the starting point for change where rights were steadily being pushed further for people of color. It was a difficult time historically speaking, where racism was far more accepted than it is today. Might add an extra layer of grump to an already barely held together man when you put into perspective that his dreams may of been far higher than what he achieved Even with that fact to have gotten a job at a ‘silly cartoon show’ as the Musical Director may have been a massive achievement for him as well despite how he resented the circumstances. 

Must be irritating when your boss starts messing with the whole studio jeopardizing the very foundation of what you have worked yourself to the bone to get huh? 

Autumn Ask Prompt

by @white-pumpkin

September: What’s your favorite kind of weather?

October: Did you go trick-or-treating on Halloween when you were younger?

November: What are five things you’re thankful for?

December: When is the proper time to start listening to Christmas music?

Apples: Have you ever been to an apple orchard?

Pumpkins: Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern?

Leaves: When the leaves change, what color looks the prettiest?

Rain: Do you wear a Rain coat or carry an Umbrella?

Sweaters: What does your favorite autumn outfit consist of? (e.g. boots, tall socks, dungarees, a pullover, a scarf, etc.)

Candles: What’s your favorite way to cozy up on a rainy autumn day?

Pumpkin Pie: Share your favorite autumn recipe.

Apple Cider: Do you drink your apple cider hot or cold?

Wind: Have you ever been outside your own country during Autumn? Tell us about your experience.

Books: What was the last book you read? What did you think of it? (and/or) What is your favorite book?

Socks: What kind of socks do you like? Do you wear matching socks, fuzzy socks, tall socks, or no socks?

Coat: Is Autumn your favorite season?

Jacket: Have you ever gone thrifting?

Gloves: Is the weather finally feeling more like autumn where you are now?

Campfire: Do you like going outdoors for activities like camping, hiking, or mountain biking?

Cinnamon: What’s your favorite autumn drink?

Forest: What are five of your favorite things about autumn?


Vampire!Taehyung X Sorceress!Reader

Rated M: Smut 

Notes/ Warnings: Blood, Vampire!Seokjin, Implied TaeJin

Word Count: 4655

Request: Hi there! Can I request a Vampire!Taehyung au? (i’m also really particular to his red hair from Save Me, so could you mention something about that?)

A/N: Anon here’s your request for redhead Vampire Tae. This was such a good request.  If there’s anything I love more than werewolf Yoongi it’s Vampire Taehyung. It was the only request so I took a week to really think out a nice story.  You didn’t say if you wanted smut or not so I hope it’s okay that’s where I went with it.  Let me know if you liked it!!

Kim Taehyung has never been a normal vampire right from the day he was turned.  Not simply because of his unique personality.  Rather because of a genetic mutation he was unknowingly born with.  A type of Hemogenic Melanin disorder.   

Thirty four years ago your friend Kim Seokjin came banging on your door at quarter past one in the morning.  The first mistake of that evening was letting him in.  You blamed it on the rude awakening and not quite having proper brain functions when you opened the door.  You can’t even say you’re surprised to see him standing on your doorstep with an unconscious man on his back.  It hadn’t been the first time.  

Your old vampire friend has a terrible hobby of turning pretty boys into one of his kind.  Every once in awhile Seokjin will find a charming boy that suits his fancy.  Taehyung is the thirteenth or fourteenth victim from your estimates.  

Jin told you it’s to make the future heir of his fortune seeing as vampires can’t produce their own progeny.  Beside the good looks you haven’t bothered to ask what the other criteria are and you’re not sure you want to know.     

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@te-al-latte replied to this:

And you have to understand, as someone who’s studying animation, an episode could take 9 months to more than a year to make (from storyboarding to line testing then final editing) especially if it’s traditional. So the ask telling you that it’s just a “coincidence” can go read a book about animation cause they had months to go over it again and again yet they never seem to have the need to change it out?

Oh, I know all of this, it might not have been my major, but I went through the process. *Flashback to sitting in front of Premiere and figuring out if this particular board should go now, or two frames sooner.*

And it’s not only that. It’s also the fact that the Avatar team has always been very insistent on everyone wearing their nation’s colors.

The times anyone isn’t wearing their own colors are:

  1. When they’re in disguise (the Gaang in the Fire Nation, Iroh and Zuko in the Earth Kingdom),
  2. When they’re trying to fit in (the Gaang in Ba Sing Se, everyone at the end in Iroh’s tea shop),
  3. Jet and his Freedom Fighters, who dress into whatever they manage to steal from Fire Nation camps and wherever else.

The fact that they put Oma and Shu, the very first earthbenders, people who are such a crucial part of Earth Kingdom history and folklore, in not-Earth Kingdom colors cannot be anything but a deliberate choice.

It’s just not possible for it to be anything other than a deliberate evocation of some other characters.

But lmao, Bryke said it’s not like that, so let’s believe them and like, accept that the animation team were hacks who knew nothing about color schemes, symbolism, and consistency in visual language.

Seriously though, I’ve only right now figured out just how much they’re throwing the rest of the production team under the bus when they lie about this stuff.

aw mAN HAHA firealpaca’s a really good program honestly!

this is the pen i made that doesn’t use pressure! to make a new brush you click that little sheet of paper at the bottom of the brush palette! if you want this pen then just change the settings to this! (the width doesn’t matter, that’s just the size of your brush)

i also use the the pen tool which is a default brush, and the airbrush tool! my only customized brush is the no pressure pen but you can experiment all you like!

in firealpaca i really keep stuff simple though! i don’t tend to use effects or do anything fancy. the fanciest stuff i do is changing settings on the layers to do cool lighting or shading sometimes! that would be kind of a longer tutorial though which i might do at a later time for coloring and stuff

maybe when i have some more time i’ll do a few different posts about different cool stuff in firealpaca you can do! but honestly there’s a lot on firealpaca i don’t use or have even figured out–everything i’ve learned has been through experimenting! but i can share stuff i’ve learned or stuff i’m currently learning in the future when i got some more time for tutorials!!

i’ve only drawn angelite like 3 or 4 times so i drew her again

i changed her hair because i have too many gemsonas with floofy hair, also i gave her a color palette 

anonymous asked:

hi! can i ask how do you color gotham gifs? i've tried giffing it many times but i can never make a coloring that works for it

*Two years later*

Hi! It always takes me some time to answer, but you can ask me whatever you want because I’m here to help <3 I made a very basic psd so you can take a look. It’s a base, so you’ll need to change it a bit depending on the scene. Under the cut you’ll also find a few tips that you might find useful. Let me know if you need anything else!


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Color Me Happy As Long As You’re Mine

(I can write apparently. Thanks to @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx and @clarkeisinlovewithbellamy

@bloggingbellarke @queencas @somethingmorecreative1 you might wanna see this?)

The gang goes back to the house once they saved the world. Bellamy and Clarke finally have a moment for themselves.


Oops guess we have to share a bed?


They returned to the house three months after leaving it. They figured they deserved taking a break away from camp after saving the world again. Some people were against it. Complaining that everyone should be working on building back Arkadia and that a new war could start any time. “We need to be ready, we can’t just have half the kids running off on a vacation. And we all deserve time off!” Thankfully, Kane and Abby had defended them saying that they had fought more wars than any of them and that they could manage without nine pairs of hands for a couple of weeks.

So, they took a rover, some supplies and made their way back to the island. For fun. For once, they were together for fun and no another suicide mission. It made Bellamy smile, feeling truly happy for the first time in a while.

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Pink and Yellow: The Blog of a Flower Shop Girl

By Skyler10

Summary: Rose Tyler is a lonely florist, resigned to her life of expertise in assisting those who have what she never seems to: a date for Valentine’s. Luckily, she has a blog with loyal followers (you).

Notes: For @timepetalsprompts​ fourth wall break and @doctorroseprompts​ AU prompt: flowershop AU Valentine’s meetcute. Note the dates and the changing colors of the flowers. ;)

Thursday, February 12

Those of you who have been reading my little blog here might remember me saying before that the mechanics of floral care are only the beginning. Sure, you have to know about cutting technique and the types of arrangements and even the extensive etiquette around which types of flowers belong at what kinds of events. But there is an art to it as well, beyond cultural knowledge and botany.

When I started The Rose Garden with my friend and colleague, Lily O’Martin, we spent so much time joking about our names and learning the science and studying for our business degrees at night school that we thought we knew what we were doing on opening day. But what we didn’t know is that working in a flower shop, you have to know just as much about people as you do about flowers.

Take, for example, our signature product and my namesake, the English rose. Eternally common and identifiable to even the least educated of buyers, and yet, to the recipient, a dozen roses can mean a thousand things. And not just red for romance, yellow for friendship, pink for that first blush of new love…

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Jey the Demon-Hybrid (E)

Spirit Name: Jey

Spirit type: Demon-Hybrid

Pronouns: She/Her, They/ Them

Age: Old, but looks 29-33

Vessel: no

Hobbies/Interests: reading, writing, playing with the elements, creating energy balls and explaining what is inside them. They enjoy teaching but that isnt all they are looking for in companionship.

Magick Abilities: hexes, Curses (but just because they know how doesn’t mean they will use them) plant magick, elemental magick.

Looks: standing at a lovely 5'8 with very pale skin, Jey actually wants to write this part themselves… I have long black hair with silvery strands through it. My skin is very pale but not for lack of trying to get a tan, i just dont tan. I have a fun, unique, thing about my eyes as one is solid black and the other solid red, but they do change colors from time to time. I am 5'8 and even though that is tall i find myself to be short. I am fairly thin but, curvy? Thats as best as i can describe my body.

Personality: well as for this Jey would like to take is away. I am a rather quiet person but i do have my opinions, if you want them i will give them. But i will put my two cents in when i feel you might be endangering yourself. I enjoy reading and learning new things and i do practice my magick even if i dont cast them. So i do practice hexes and curses but they never leave when i begin them. I prefer to try and find the other side of things. I do have somethings i am willing to only share with my companion but i wish to be open about one thing. I was… abused before and have overcome it through my own ways before meeting Mod Eclipse, so i do have a past but i want to be open about it. I am over it and have put it behind me.

Special Requirements: must be 18 to apply, Jey will have random check ups per her request and i will have a companion pick her up to bring her home for said check ups.

Dozimon Plush!

Dozimon is the very first form of my digimon OC (Baby/Baby I).  

She’s finally done!  For right now anyway.  I might add more to the mouth to give her more of an expression, but I pinned one on earlier and I didn’t 100% love it so I left it off for the time being.

The picture above was done through the lovely @frolis-maneuver, I highly recommend commissioning them!  I ended changing the color of the beak even though I have the perfect color of fabric to match the picture.  I actually made the beak out of it, but when I pinned it to the body…it just looked like a wonky nose lol.  The color changed worked best, and over all I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

If I had had the body fabric first i probably would have made that first and then the hat, but I was impatient to get a start on this baby.  It actually fit together just fine!  Plus the cloud at the end of Dozimon’s hat makes an excellent pillow for her partner too :)

anonymous asked:

Ham and Eliza w/ n or w.

The color green.

Eliza stepped out of the carriage, shifting Phil from one hip to another and looked up at her home.  It felt so good to be back, to soon get to hug the other children and be in Alexander’s arms, that it took her a moment to realize that the stairs leading to the front door were freshly painted.  When she’d left, they’d still been waiting for the end of winter before painting the bare wood.

Well, Alexander had promised her changes around the home.  

The front door opened and a handful of her children raced out.

“Mama!” Billy said as he nearly tumbled down the stairs to wrap his arms around her waist.  James reached to take Phil from her while Alex went to the carriage to collect her chest.  

She hoisted Billy up, though he would be six in August and was nearly too big for this.  Eliza did not care.  She would hold him close as long as he wanted.  

The others took their turns giving her hugs of relief and gratitude upon her return. 

“How’s Grandfather?” Angelica asked.

Eliza cupped her face.  “He’s a strong man.”  Eliza looked to her older boys.  “And he’s excited for the help of his grandsons over their summer holidays.”  

None of them groaned and she was again, as always, so very thankful for such good children.  She’d spent so much time while away wondering if she’d been a good child to her mother.  She believed she had.  Yet, every scolding she’d ever received kept coming back to her.  And even now, while her sisters and brothers stayed with their grieving father, Eliza left, the need to be with her own family too overwhelming to stay.  

“Where’s your Father?  And Eliza?” she asked the children as they ascended the stairs.  Alexander had a way, by his mere presence, of making all her decisions feel right and good. 

Angelica and Alex exchanged a look.  “They have a surprise for you.”

“This beautiful railing wasn’t enough?” 

“Mama, it’s just the start.”  

“Go into his study,” Johnny directed, pulling Billy out of her arms and plopping him down. 

“Did your Father start his book?”

Angelica giggled behind her and Eliza opened the office door.  She almost turned to remind the children they were not to do as she’d done, that they must always knock so as not to disturb Alexander at work, but something caught her eye immediately and all other thoughts were gone.

A very bright, rather gaudy green now covered all the walls of Alexander’s study. 

“Say ‘surprise’,” she heard Alexander instruct to someone, though Eliza could barely concentrate on anything but the color.

“It’s green,” she said. 

“Eliza, tell Mama ‘surprise’,” he said, sounding somehow excited.  Eliza stared at him. 

He kissed her cheek and deposited their little Eliza in her arms before leaving the room to capture Phil for kisses.  

“Did you choose this?” Eliza asked her daughter. 

Eliza shook her head. 

“It was all me,” Alexander said.  “Do you like it?”

“It’s green.”

“There’s green in the parlor, darling,” he said, as if the colors she chose were at all the same as the one he had. 

“Are you trying to keep me out of your study?” 

“No,” he said,  “Your chair is where it’s always been.” 

Little Phil kept blinking, adjusting to the harshness of the color.  She better get him out of here, least he go blind. 

“I should have him put down for a nap.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“Do you?”

“It’s a good, energizing color.  Might make me work faster and get out of here sooner to be with my children.”  Ever the attorney, if she wasn’t going to like it, he could move to a different argument, as she knew. 

“I suppose this might be a bad time of day to be seeing it for the first time.”

“And you’ve been traveling.  Your eyes might be tired.”

“Perhaps.” They were not. 

Alexander also knew when to change the subject if he was close to getting away with something.  “Now, tell me of your father.  We missed you terribly here.”  He put his arm around her and led her out of his office. 

She glanced back at the office.  “I should hope so.”  

“And we have more surprises for you.”


The Lucky Ones (Michael Clifford)

an au in which everyone is born with heterochromia – your right eye is your own natural eye color and your left eye is the color of your soulmate’s (x)


“Lukey!” you beamed, bouncing over to your best friend, “Sorry I’m late!" 

"Hey, babe!” he chirped, giving you a hug, “It’s okay. You’ll have plenty of time to meet the boys after the show, but I’ll introduce you to them now anyway.” You nodded and he grabbed your hand pulling you over to a small group of three boys, all holding instruments. “Guys!” Luke said, making them look at him, “This is Y/N. Y/N, this is Ashton-” he pointed to the boy with the drumsticks. “Calum-” he pointed to the boy with the bass hanging off his shoulder. “And Michael,” he finished, pointing to the boy with a black guitar. 

“Y/N!” Ashton cheered, “It’s so good to meet you! Luke talks about you all the time!” He pulled you into a hug as you giggled. 

“Good things, I hope,” you commented. 

“Mostly,” Calum chuckled, hugging you as well. You then hugged Michael, but he didn’t say anything – he was just watching you. 

You hadn’t really looked at him too closely, but he definitely noticed how your left eye looked an awful lot like his right one and your right one looked an awful lot like his left. He didn’t know if it was just some sick coincidence, but he couldn’t deny that his heart was racing at the thought that someone as beautiful as you could be his soulmate.

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Last image for Inktober! Happy Halloween with Vampire!Chat Noir and Sorceress!Ladybug. Her design is more based on a Jiangshi, or a Chinese “hopping” zombie even if she’s not a zombie herself. I would’ve made her more Witch traditional, but I ended up liking this design.

Also yeah… don’t startle Chat when he’s talking to his Lady. Maybe I’ll color this later? Come back and draw more for it? @cynicalsleeper and I have worked out ideas for this AU and she might write something for it but we’ll see.

Jeremy: I’m the only main fake that does it! Besides for me though I think the only two I’m aware of are Meg and Mica, and I don’t change my hair color nearly as frequently as either of them do. (Meg’s hair is a different color every time I see her.)

Jeremy: Even though I think there might have been one time where Meg convinced (forced) Ryan to dip-dye his hair, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t remember seeing it, but it’s possible.

Jeremy: I hope your hair dyeing goes well!! As for me, I’m not sure what color I’m gonna dye mine next or when I’m gonna do it; I really like the green. I’m thinking about light blue, but who knows when that’ll happen?

unforth-ninawaters  asked:

Hiya! Your articles on writing skin tone are awesome and tremendously helpful. I've been wondering - what's your thinking on russet? It's included in the post where you give a lot of ideas for colors, and I've been using it, but every time I see it, I think of russet potatoes, and it makes me nervous re: food comparisons. So, just was hoping for more of your thinking on it as a color word to use for describing skin tone. Thanks! Your Tumblr is an amazing resource.

Describing Skin as Russet: Food Connotation?

”The name of the color derives from russet, a coarse cloth made of wool and dyed with woad and madder to give it a subdued grey or reddish-brown shade. By the statute of 1363, poor English people were required to wear russet.[7]
so says the wikipedia.

I’m pretty sure russet potatoes also got their name from their rough texture and resemblance to russet cloth, because they’re not actually that reddish-brown in color.

When I see ‘russet’ by itself (Stella here), I definitely think of a reddish-brown color, and I don’t think of potatoes (or apples! There’s a variety called russet apples). I don’t see a problem with russet (it’s an established color name) but if an individual author would prefer not to use it, I think that’s peachy-keen.

I think of russet (Shira here!) as being far more saturated of a color and redder than actual russet potatoes, but it doesn’t matter what russet “really is” — if someone else is likely to make the same mistake, and imagine potato-colored skin, it may not be the safest word choice. There isn’t any inherent problem, but a problem may come up if a reader’s mind makes that same leap to potatoes that yours did.

Like the others (Tis Colette) I picture a reddish brown and potato didn’t even cross my mind, but if it bothers you personally, perhaps you shouldn’t use it as the association may be hard for you to detach from your head. This is also why I mentioned at that portion where “russet” is in the skin color guide: “Some of these have multiple meanings, so you’ll want to look into those to determine what other associations a word might have.” I also used it as an example + the guide itself…so there’s my thinking on it. It hasn’t changed!

When you write you’re making a gamble on whether the reader’s experience is like your own. No one word will be perfect, and there’s always someone who will interpret it differently, even if you’ve had it beta-read. For instance, my (Elaney) Black Hair tutorial posts have been reblogged so many times, and roughly 99.8% of the time the responses are positive, but there is a .2% that objects to the word choices I have made (and have had beta read).  At a certain point you gotta make a decision whether to say something or nothing at all.


Candy skin in different colors

I’ve been asked a few times about this, and lately i’ve seen messages of people throwing a tantrum for that ? ( let’s be brave and say “again ?” 8D; )
The way people always assume i dont care of anything and that they have to scream, boycott, “harass” me with messages or whatever to get what they want is really not motivating nor encouraging at all ._.
Even if i’ve said it so many times already, but i guess, it’s no use…
(Also, as i could read, no its “not” my job to check around forums, tumblrs etc.. for everyone’s opinion. You’d be surprised to know how any times i’ve been told not to check at anything of this sort so it doesnt affect me etc, etc.. I do it because i like what i do and i want to try my best for you and the game. )

Well, let’s get over that, that’s not the topic anyway :)

So yeah, i’ve been asked a few times on this, and i didnt throw the idea away, not at all.

I want to do it, and it will be done but it just might take a lot more time than you expect, so sorry for that, we’ll be testing your patience again.

Why ?

  • Because when i began with AS i had no experience in anything, and the skin was not done with the idea to change its color.
    So yeah, changing the body color is not so much time consumig, but all the eyes, and mouth are shaded with the base skin color, so I’ll have to do all that again. (the skins we have made lately dont affect the face if you look closely :) )

  • There will be indeed some developement to do on top of that to change everything etc… (devs also have lot of things to deal with all the time. )

  • We have a very tight schedule, we dont have lot of free time to do other things than the episodes work so that we can keep a correct timing for those.
  • Right now schedule is even more difficult with events coming all one after one at this time of the year, halloween, christmas… who took lot of time too (working on those for both AS and Eldarya )

  • -To top it all at the moment, (even if that’s my problem ) i’m dealing with a broken ankle, and even if i dont draw with my feet (i know some of you might think so è_é ) i work from home, and im not at ease staying on a chair all day + some medical apointments etc… so i try my best not to get late on the episodes and halloween/christmas.

Plus some other things, but the most important reasons are listed !
So yeah.. be patient please ? QnQ”