might change my url soon

gentlestudying  asked:

yemen, the netherlands (my country oi), and roman empire :)

yemen: what kind of art do you like?

i luv p much all the arts, esp music n i luv monet c: (even tho my main url is vincentvansgogh lmao i might change it soon hehe) i also really like manga style art but im not into modern art tbh

netherlands: most generous thing someone has done for you?

my parents have paid for my fencing classes and im really grateful bc its not cheap and i luv fencing so much.

roman empire: how would you like to be remembered?

mm well i definitely don’t want ppl mourning over me for too long but it’d be nice to be remembered as someone who was really kind and passionate about their work 

send me some countries!


in my eight months of blogging, i have seen a dashboard filled with beauty, color, passion and all sorts of pain. i started out with one post and a couple of reblogs that eventually urged me to reacquaint myself with fandoms i have left behind and explore those i’ve only vaguely heard about. within that span of time, i discovered new music, got myself obsessed with useless teenage boys, and more importantly, cultivated new friendships that cannot be replicated elsewhere. all that made twice as enjoyable because it happened with you guys! we’ve shared and exchanged a series of both pleasant and mind-numbing conversations that brought us closer together, constantly weaving through the realms of editing, screaming and geeking out. though i tend to be quite awkward and possibly odd, we still managed to spark that connection that led us to where we are now. i am genuinely glad that we met through this platform, and i’d like to use this opportunity to say that you are all spectacular! special snowflakes that i will cherish forever!

initially, i planned on writing gross individual messages for all of you, but was hindered by the lack of time. i only started making this a few hours ago, eep. also, sorry for suddenly disappearing from time to time, school can be really.. you know. to sum this whole thing up, thank you for making my 2014 as great as it was! thanks for sticking around, making this place worth sticking around for, and occasionally stabbing me right through the heart by sending unbearable photos of my biases when least expected.. i look forward to plotting each of your downfalls next year…. love you!! :-)


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and to everyone else that follows me: i don’t know what made you click on the f*ll_w button but i will forever be grateful that you did!! i’ll try my very best to make presentable graphics while simultaneously replying to messages and requests promptly! please don’t hesitate to talk to me if you want to c: haha my sincerest apologies for this long post!

jace aka @ouetro // btsgfx & winneos
p.s. i might change my url soon!

Cosplay update~

I have officially decided that it’s about time for me to retire my Bloody Sunday Russia cosplay. I’ve had it for over 2 years and it’s gone to at least 6 cons and worn at least 100 times for this blog and otherwise and increased in damage. Therefore, there might be a change in my url name soon. Not sure what yet but I’ll make another post when I decide. It’s been fun cosplaying this version of Russia, I’ve developed his characterization greatly as well as gained confidence as a cosplayer myself through this uniform. It’s been a blast~ 
Thank you everyone for your love and support so far <33

And don’t worry I’m still cosplaying Russia, just not this version anymore. I expect to make at least a few more cosplays of him in the future :33

changed colours on the blog, i like it better now. i might change my url soon. officialsjw is a fun url to have but i dont consider myself a sjw by any means and plus i have another one in the pipes thats a+ as well plus ties into my aesthetic choices.